[SURVEY] Do you use your OPO in public transport?

  1. Dikkedinoo
    Froyo Jan 10, 2015

    Dikkedinoo , Jan 10, 2015 :
    Thanks for the feedback! I'll remember that when extracting all the data

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  2. dreniacdre
    KitKat Jan 10, 2015

    dreniacdre , Jan 10, 2015 :
    Candy Crush Saga :D

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  3. Osama626
    Cupcake Jan 10, 2015

  4. sbfisher
    Eclair Jan 10, 2015

    sbfisher , Jan 10, 2015 :
    I use my phone on transport quite a bit since it's an hour+ each way to work and back. No one really talked much on public transit before smartphones (reading books, staring out the window). Maybe it's a little less now, but people are always suspicious if you talk to them since often people who talk to strangers just want something like homeless people wanting money, or dudes harassing women since they think they're Don Juan. No one wants to be harassed or approached by people like that and so people are hesitant to talk since most normal people don't strike up conversations too often and they don't want to be harassed.

    I agree with the other poster that some people use their smartphones to pretend not to see the old people or handicapped boarding when they're sitting in the seats reserved for handicapped people by the door. I don't think they really don't notice, I think they're mostly pretending so they don't have to get their lazy 25-year-old butt out of the seat and let the 76 year old lady sit down. I hope they get their bad karma back when they get old.

    The other big change I see is that people will try using their smartphones instead of asking other people for directions more when they're in an unfamiliar area. Well, that, and there are some people who stare at their phones while walking and expect everyone to get out of their way because they're more uncoordinated and oblivious than people who are falling-down drunk.

    I've stopped getting out of the way of people who don't pay attention to where they're going and walking while staring at their phones. They can bump into me. I'm tired of having to make up for their lack of attention and walking into people and objects--it might be the only way they'll learn. Plus those oblivious people are better targets for crime and phone snatchings.

    At least it hasn't gotten as out of hand as Hong Kong here yet. Everyone is shuffling along slowly while staring at some video or soap opera the whole time on the MTR and in stations, and in malls, and on the street. They even have PA announcements "Do not stare only at your mobile phone," but no one pays any attention to them.

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  5. oojafink
    Jelly Bean Jan 10, 2015

    oojafink , Jan 10, 2015 :
    agreed 100%!

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  6. Dikkedinoo
    Froyo Jan 11, 2015

    Dikkedinoo , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Just like @oojafink I agree with this for a full 100%

  7. forgetfartuun
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

  8. Lorenzod1
    Gingerbread Jan 11, 2015

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  9. HiiP0WER
    Gingerbread Jan 11, 2015

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  10. scwei
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2015

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  11. Marcus Solano
    Donut Jan 11, 2015

    Marcus Solano , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Of course, If only I HAD ONE. Jk, but I do use my current phone in public transports, attending college in a small city, where most of the population is made of students, it isn't really a problem to carry your devices around.

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  12. macem29
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

    macem29 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    I use the phone when it needs to be used...wondering if there's a reason why someone would not do so on public transit?

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  13. Dikkedinoo
    Froyo Jan 11, 2015

    Dikkedinoo , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Well, some people use it like 24/7 without it needed to being used. Some people only use it when they need a call and the rest of the time they do other things or talk to people. :)

  14. Dikkedinoo
    Froyo Jan 11, 2015

  15. miicker
    Eclair Jan 11, 2015

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  16. miicker
    Eclair Jan 11, 2015

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  17. oojafink
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

    oojafink , Jan 11, 2015 :
    Did you fill in the form?

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  18. Edbit33
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

    Edbit33 , Jan 11, 2015 :
    The use of phones in public transport is tantamount to an invitation for it being snatched away. Think before you click

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  19. miicker
    Eclair Jan 11, 2015

    miicker , Jan 11, 2015 :
    I did,
    And this question: 'What is your average travel time with public transport?' needs to be edited.
    There is no timeframe given. This could mean anything. Average travel time, per what? year, day, month?

  20. oojafink
    Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2015

    oojafink , Jan 11, 2015 :
    This is also another thing...on a train last week i sat opposite a young girl (college age) who had her laptop out (i guess school work), with a tablet next to it watching something that was making her smile, and then she kept pulling her phone out. There was at a guess £1500 of gadgets on display. Had I of been a certain type of person, I could have grabbed the phone and tablet and got off the train with no issue. I'd like to say it's just young people, but adults also seem to not realise that they are effectively holding £500 in cash in their hand when the pull out their iphone etc and are happy to leave it on a table outside a cafe/wherever or walking about unknown area with the phone out so they can find their way about using maps.

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