[Survey] How should we revamp Alert Slider?

  1. Hussaini Abdul
    Donut Mar 30, 2018

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  2. Kishore_Priyadharsan
    Froyo Mar 30, 2018

  3. GaryCoates
    Froyo Mar 31, 2018

    GaryCoates , Mar 31, 2018 :
    Always been a fan of the 'profile' idea. Creating 3 profiles, and assigning to each mode on the switch.

    Allowing for more than audio customisations. For example, creating a 'bed' profile which as well as silencing and turning off vibrate, turns on night mode.

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  4. Televizoralb
    Cupcake Apr 1, 2018

  5. jm_paulin
    Froyo Apr 3, 2018

    jm_paulin , Apr 3, 2018 :
    1. Keep the slider. This is the best option to make your phone go silent when you just realised you forgot to switch it off, like library, cinéma, meeting...
    2. The vanilla oreo DND software is doing a pretty good job with DND time and stuff. I don't use the DND position because I mostly forgot when I go bed. This is where the software timer helps.

    Oh, and bonus points, you keep your DND settings when you move from another brand, and can still change them, unlike when I moved from OPO to OP3 and couldn't cancel/change my migrated DND settings...

  6. hims.rajput
    Donut Apr 5, 2018

  7. johnedavisii
    Cupcake Apr 6, 2018

    johnedavisii , Apr 6, 2018 :
    maybe an option to completely disable it so we can stop accidentally turn silent on while putting it in our pockets?

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  8. palc
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 7, 2018

  9. JohnCarlyle
    Froyo May 19, 2018

    JohnCarlyle , May 19, 2018 :
    THREE options:
    Top - Silent
    Middle - Vibrate
    Bottom - Ring

    Just like the volume up/down buttons worked pre-Lollipop until Google decided to break it.

    Looks like this has already been done on the OnePlus 6, I'm rather hoping the 5/5T also get this update to the alert slider too.

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  10. siamer
    Gingerbread May 20, 2018

    siamer , May 20, 2018 :
    I'm using a lot slider. when in work always sliding to vibration and is great... never didn't use silent mode (op3 user)

  11. Prashant kumar sangwan
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

  12. artloverjv
    Ice Cream Sandwich May 22, 2018

    artloverjv , May 22, 2018 :
    I think surveys are a great way to know what the Community wants from OnePlus devices. More people can take part in these compared to the Votes via posts. Keep these Surveys coming guys.
    About the Alert Slider, I think I like it the way it is right now and I use it multiple times during the day.However, I don't mind if any other customizations can be made to the slider, while keeping the current functions intact.

  13. BiswajitB
    Gingerbread May 22, 2018

    BiswajitB , May 22, 2018 :
    I would also like a customable switch. Maybe you can remove the Hardware Switch and let the user set the requirements from the settings itself

  14. PTuT
    Jelly Bean May 22, 2018

    PTuT , May 22, 2018 :
    I would keep the hardware switch, it's something unique to OP like its signature but make it fully customizable so user cwn decide how to use it.

  15. Sarang Manzoor
    Froyo May 22, 2018

    Sarang Manzoor , May 22, 2018 :
    It should be customizeable when we press it down or up, not thrice.

    Pressing Up, should open up menu with user interaction to select from option, which already are available with current Alert Slider. I means all options should be like this way.

    options should be

    1) Silent with vibrations (increasing ring)

    2) Vibrations only (No Ring)

    3) Silent without vibrations

    4) Loud or Normal

    6) Custom (User's Choice)

  16. PTuT
    Jelly Bean May 26, 2018

    PTuT , May 26, 2018 :
    Some time went after the survey was announced but I didn't hear anything about any changes or implementations payh. It would be nice to see some follow up.

  17. Circazm
    Cupcake May 30, 2018

  18. elanglois
    Lollipop May 31, 2018

  19. elanglois
    Lollipop May 31, 2018

    elanglois , May 31, 2018 :
    Note that each option let's you configure each switch position to your liking as well, and you still have scheduled DND for specific times, calendar events, etc

  20. elanglois
    Lollipop May 31, 2018

    elanglois , May 31, 2018 :
    The whole point of the slider is that you don't have to turn your screen on

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