[SURVEY INSIDE] Oxygen OS Open Beta 4 for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro

  1. Advvinay
    Gingerbread Jun 10, 2020

  2. ssagheer
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 10, 2020

    ssagheer , Jun 10, 2020 :
    It clearly says that in the instructions:

    "Moving back to the Official OTA path from the Beta path will require a full install and clean flash (full wipe of all data and cache)."

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    Jelly Bean Jun 10, 2020

    ASCHENTE_V , Jun 10, 2020 :
    Those are "beta testers"...


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  4. 7Star
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    7Star , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Hey Everyone, my first post : )

    I have a big problem I think but it will take a minute to sum up, sorry about that!

    Firstly, I've been lurking for a loooong time, love the OP community. I've been hooked on OnePlus since my first OP product, the OP3 when it first came out. Unfortunately, in the first week of April this year my beloved, storage-challenged OP3 lost a fight with gravity and needed to be replaced. That's when I jumped in to a 7T. I'm from Canada but I've lived in China since 2003 so buying OnePlus products locally was pretty simple. At the time a few years ago, as some of you may remember there was a 24 hour online service center who allowed online appointments to help users switch from Hydrogen OS to Oxygen OS so it was pretty slick for guys like me who aren't so tech savvy.

    So, my Hydrogen OP7T arrived first week of April and I immediately downloaded the most recent stable version of Oxygen OS so I wouldn't need to deal without google in my life but when i tried to install, I got that message saying 'my selected version is lower than my current version' so i knew i would need to a) wait for the next update and b) turn off automatic update so Hydrogen OS doesn't continue to hijack me.

    Waited I did, checking every week for new updates and that's when I saw the OB4 update. 10 weeks I had been waiting for this glorious moment! I downloaded, and installed. It said installation successful! just Reboot! Well, the reboot took 3 hours and when it turned back on it there were two notifications:

    1st: System update failed
    2nd: Please upgrade to Hydrogen 10.0.09

    I tried again, same way, 3 hours again, failed again but didn't even tell me so lol. Just the 'upgrade to hydrogen' message again. That was two days ago.

    Yesterday: Still stuck on Hydrogen, I began to search again for new solutions I hadn't discovered yet and that is when I saw #5 on this thread: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/faq-oneplus-7t-oxygenos-beta-stable-update-guide.1229015/

    No VPN so no ability to get Oxygen Updater, not even sure it would've worked in my situation anyway. Official OP site still behind the times for stable upgrade so I can't just do a simple flash. So I went to third option, "Repo of Oxygen OS Builds (xda-developers.com)"

    That's when the trouble began. Right or wrong, I downloaded and installed this:
    10.0.11: OnePlus7TOxygen_14.O.13_GLO_013_2005192145
    Mirror: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261822198
    MD5: B842E6ABEB6CCE30AAC2F915B70CDD80

    It said it was installed successfully and all I needed to do was reboot. So, I rebooted. But now, 23 hours later I am still watching the two little white dots spinning around the larger red dot stuck in reboot mode. Yes, 23 hours hours lol.

    Now I am asking the community your opinion on what I should do next next. I'm almost afraid to touch it lol.


  5. S1581645481006
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    S1581645481006 , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Wow I really like this custom ROM and I want to have a developer that porting this ROM to my device. I think the owner of Hapeku site can help me.

  6. vlite
    Donut Jun 11, 2020

    vlite , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Whenever you change from H2OS to O2OS or vice verse, you should make sure to wipe data as well. You should still be able to go into Recovery mode and wipe data from there, then restart the phone.

  7. 7Star
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    7Star , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Thanks very much for your reply.

    I just read that you must power off the phone before going in to recovery mode.

    Is it safe for me to power off while it appears to still be 'rebooting'?

  8. vlite
    Donut Jun 11, 2020

    vlite , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 11, 2020 :
    yes you can.

  9. 7Star
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    7Star , Jun 11, 2020 :
    okay, i am in front of 3 choices:

    reset system setting
    wipe cache
    erase everything


  10. vlite
    Donut Jun 11, 2020

    vlite , via OnePlus 7T , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Erase Everything. Good luck!

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  11. 7Star
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    7Star , Jun 11, 2020 :
    I've got Oxygen!!!! Finally I can breathe lol. Woot woot! You're a shiny golden god. This community rocks.

    Thanks very, very much.

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  12. 7Star
    Cupcake Jun 11, 2020

    7Star , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Update: Out of the frying pan and in to the fire lol. Now I'm on Oxygen while living in China but unable to continue setup because the phone can not communicate with google servers. Sigh. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful : )


  13. Chinaboy5216 , via OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition , Jun 11, 2020 :
    i'm also on oxygen and living in China. There is only 1 way to get google connected, you need a vpn

  14. pmanaktala
    Froyo Jun 11, 2020

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  15. harshil1903
    Jelly Bean Jun 11, 2020

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  16. Nonochiken47
    Froyo Jun 11, 2020

  17. Nonochiken47
    Froyo Jun 11, 2020

    Nonochiken47 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Jun 11, 2020 :
    Not for the moment. the dedicated thread generally appears the next day. first they offer the download then if the rollout goes well it publishes the thread

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  18. krishnansasi
    Froyo Jun 11, 2020

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