OxygenOS Switching from iPhone 6 to OnePlus 6T

  1. Flembot95
    Cupcake Aug 16, 2019

    Flembot95 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Hi Everyone,

    I have a friend who is open to (finally) seeing off her iPhone 6 for a new OnePlus 6T she has.

    However, she uses iCloud to backup her photos, WhatsApp, contacts (and god knows what else) on there.

    How can she easily make the switch and carry all of the data she needs from her iCloud across to the Google equivalent?

    I understand OnePlus switch can be useful. But does it have any limitations when migrating from iPhone in this case?

  2. drl431
    Lollipop Aug 16, 2019

    drl431 , Aug 16, 2019 :
    Hi, this thread in the general OP6/6T forum might be of help:

  3. johnhart
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 17, 2019