System Update for OnePlus TV Q/U Series[OTA6]

  1. Sophie Z.
    TV Software Product Manager Staff Member Oct 23, 2020

    Sophie Z. , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Hi Everyone,

    We released OTA5 around the time of our launch event in July, bringing several new features. Some highlighted features are Shared Album, Data Saver Plus and Kids Mode. We would, of course, like to thank the efforts of all Product Ninjas in making it possible.


    Now, with the sixth OTA update, we have to thank them once again for their contributions on some of the amazing ideas that came true in the Connect App. You will find the co-created work in features like User Metrics, Power-Off Timer and Clean Background Apps once made available.

    In addition to updates on OnePlus Connect, we’d like to introduce an interesting method of casting called MultiCast. As you may know, MiraCast and Chromecast enable us to cast from one screen to a bigger screen, but what if we can cast multiple screens to one TV? This feature can help us with sheet comparison while working, enjoy multi-player gaming on one screen, and if you're daring enough, even binge-watch several movies at a time. And now MultiCast on OnePlus TV can support up to 4 devices. We think this is a great tool to help us bring change into our entertainment consumption and also with the way in which we connect with others.


    What's more, we will bring a new tag page – “My Videos” to OxygenPlay, making your binge-watching experience smarter. In the new tap page, your personal watch history, watchlist, and reminder wil be marked. You'll be able to freely resume the episode you stopped a night ago, and easily catch up with shows and movies that were added to your watch list. You will also be reminded of popular TV series when new episodes are available.

    For more details, please check the following change log:
    1. Support new features on OnePlus Connect: User Metrics (check Screen time and Data usage), Power-off Timer, other feedback points
    2. OxygenPlay: add a new page - "My Video", which provides a more personalized watching experience.
    3. Optimise screen casting with Miracast and MultiCast (casting up to four devices to the OnePlus TV)

    The new system update will be available in November on the OnePlus TV Q and U Series. Meanwhile, we are also working on the third system update for Y Series, please stay tuned for more information.

    Update on Dec. 7th.
    To offer you a stable system, we are planning to push OTA6 as below. It may take a little long time for some to get the update, but we are looking at a better user experience as it is there:
    12.4 - Accomplish 40% of TV units
    12.11 - Accomplish 30% of TV units
    12.18 - Accomplish 30% of TV units
    All the TV units will receive the update by Dec. 18th, anyone who doesn't have it after that day, please sent out your SN number to me via private communication, we will help as soon as possible, hope all is well.

    PS: Here are some changes on features you need to know:
    1. Miracast is not ready this time, now it's basically a Mirroring Cast base on Connect app.
    2. MultiCast can only support 2 devices casting to OnePlus TV in this stage.
    But anyway, we won't stop achieving the complete feature, we hope we could bring the Miracast and 4-devices MultiCast in the next system update, thanks!

    Never Settle.
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  2. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Lollipop Apr 20, 2021

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    Yash Pratap Singh. , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 20, 2021 :
    System Update OTA7

    New version: OPTVIN.2.A.01_GLO_060_2104090507

    Update package size: 845MB

    Update notes:

    1. Add a built-in Camera app: allows you to take photos or shoot videos and share them to your phone.

    2. OnePlus Watch: you can now control OnePlus TV using "TV Connect" app on OnePlus Watch.

    3. OxygenPlay: add Republic Live Channel, Sports Zone, content rating, etc.
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  3. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Oct 23, 2020

    Venky61 , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Thanks @Sophie Z. for providing a glimpse about the upcoming update.
    Really happy that the user metrics and personalized recommendations that I really wanted are making it's way :D
    I am also really hoping that along with these, a focus is put on the existing bugs resolution too as that's more important to most of the users.
    Fingers crossed.

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  6. Hammad1234
    Eclair Oct 23, 2020

    Hammad1234 , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Thanks OnePlus

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  11. suveerupadhyay
    Gingerbread Oct 24, 2020

    suveerupadhyay , Oct 24, 2020 :
    Thank you Sophie for the heads-up for OTA6 update. Hope this will also have fix for remote connectivity issue with the TV which stops working randomly and TV needs to be restarted everytime to fix it.

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  16. ashish960 , via OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue , Oct 24, 2020 :
    does any one know when oneplus u1 55inch coming on sale
    asked oneplus ,amazon,flipkart no one give answer about it
    waiting for it since the launch ,went through worst experience
    its not about covid restrictions as all other brand tvs are being delivered
    should i settle with other brand?

  17. exterminatordg
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  18. Venky61
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    Venky61 , Oct 25, 2020 :
    No one here knows about it's next availability. You can grab the Q1 during the sale time instead, as it's superior and also value for money.

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