T-Mobile 7t Pro No video on DirecTV App via OnePlus Community App

  1. klwillis , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 18, 2020 :
    OnePlus 7t pro McLaren edition is unable to show video on the DirecTV app but my 6t has no issue with it why is that?
    ATT&T technical support said this is an Oxygen OS issue and they cannot fix it must be addressed by OnePlus if it is to be resolved at all. I am running Build 10.0.31.HD61CB

  2. goslice
    Eclair Apr 24, 2020

    goslice , Apr 24, 2020 :
    Same issue with OnePlus 8 pro. No video. It's a real bummer! AT&T or OnePlus? I don't know.