Taking weeks for rolling out updates is total BS...

  1. TheMystic
    Lollipop Apr 3, 2021

    TheMystic , Apr 3, 2021 :
    When smartphone companies update their OS, it is essentially a 3 stage process:

    1. Closed Beta
    2. Open Beta
    3. Stable Build

    Closed Beta is the 1st stage where only a limited number of users who signed up for it are given access to the latest software. These users are required to actively report bugs so they can be addressed. Updates here happen very frequently, often multiple times a week.

    Open Beta is the 2nd stage where the software is made available for all users. The software is reasonably stable and usually good enough for daily use. Updates here happen once every 15 days. Interested users willing to deal with bugs (and ideally report them) in exchange for quick updates (security updates and new features) can download the OS from its dedicated thread in the forum/ the official website.

    Stable Build is the 3rd and final stage where most bugs have been ironed out and supposed to be the best version of the software.

    Important thing to remember is that the Stable Build is not a separate software of its own. It is the same software as the Betas but one where the bugs have been ironed out.

    So if your development team is doing its job properly (and I don't think they do a great job honestly), the stable builds should roll out to everyone at the same time ideally, as Apple does. But if infrastructure doesn't support the required server load, a week's time should be the maximum before it is made available to everyone.

    If it is a stable build, you shouldn't talk of bugs (even if they are there, they shouldn't be of the type that can cause too much inconvenience). Otherwise, you shouldn't call it a stable build.

    Making users wait for weeks, even months some times, to get the update is total BS.

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