Tell me with your words... and get an invit.

  1. because21
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014

    because21 , Sep 22, 2014 :
    "Tell me with your own words"

    What would you like to do to help the world be a better place ?

    Religion? environment ? Education ? Politics?

    "Tell me with your own words" is about you being part of the world. It means talk freely, dont worry about writing an essay that is grammatically correct the whole way. If english isn't your first language, it's okay, It doesn't have to sound perfect. Make as many mistakes as you want. More importantly, speak your heart.

    Whoever reply ' One+ ' can forget about getting an invit within this thread because this is seriously not a hard question.

    2 invits to share ! Looking forward to read you all citizen of the world !

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  2. Milad
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2014

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  3. Deactivated User
    Sep 22, 2014

  4. Silverchaoz
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2014

    Silverchaoz , Sep 22, 2014 :
    politics. fck netherlands politics. corruption, i hate them :). i only like geert wilders lol. he is doing the right thing :)

  5. derenhale
    Honeycomb Sep 22, 2014

    derenhale , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Education! But as an Engineer, I would like to add an additional aspect: Experience. Only with these two can we create a constantly improving environment. 6 billion brains can't fix the Earth? I doubt it! It would only happen* when everyone is given the opportunity to learn and experience.

    That's my take on global improvement.

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  6. Xero
    Jelly Bean Sep 22, 2014

    Xero , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Lol.. true that

  7. jimmyolsen
    Eclair Sep 22, 2014

    jimmyolsen , Sep 22, 2014 :
    I would like to equal the playing field between all humans.
    All humans around the world are equal. This is the way that we were made. Each of us are different, yet we are all the same. We are unique, yet we are one species.
    Though we all have our differences; skin colour, race, religion etc, we should all see that humans are equal and should be treated that way.
    This is why I believe that we should give money to worthy causes that help to level the playing field between us and those less fortunate than us. One such example is Compassion.(http://www.compassion.com.au/) They seek to help others from a young age to have a better life. A life that is fair and enjoyable.
    That is what I would like to do to make the world a better place.

  8. GoldenBoyRB
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2014

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  9. wideke
    Donut Sep 22, 2014

    wideke , Sep 22, 2014 :
    everyone should have the chance to go school. There is much tallent lost

  10. Xero
    Jelly Bean Sep 22, 2014

    Xero , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Chill brother. Corruption is the soul of politics. It is present in every country. Every part of the world.

  11. Deactivated User
    Sep 22, 2014

  12. wildf1re
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2014

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  13. Silverchaoz
    Lollipop Sep 22, 2014

    Silverchaoz , Sep 22, 2014 :
    but my country is really really bad. more and more people from other countries are coming in and they are only making trouble. what is our politics doing? nothing, only more adding more stupid stuff in this country what is total useless. the violence is so bad here. especially in a few citys. there are more people living from marocco then from the netherlands lol. and some marocco groups are thinking to take over a city part lmfao.

  14. beennaa
    Cupcake Sep 22, 2014

    beennaa , Sep 22, 2014 :
    I think we could make the world much better by doing simple things like helping each other out with small things like carrying grocery bags and opening doors, even by just smiling to strangers. these small things will probably make some peoples days so much better and they will hopefully make other people happy too just because of that. of course there are things lika global warming, crime and war etc. but i still think the best way to make the world a better place for us humans is the little things :) i would really need the code, thanks :)

  15. manshyworld
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2014

    manshyworld , Sep 22, 2014 :
    in my opinion Religion is the best way its take pl to the next level of respect and all good qualities

  16. 1983_james
    Froyo Sep 22, 2014

    1983_james , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Let everyone reap what they sow.
    Good things happen to bad people,bad things happen to good people and it's not fair.
    That's all I have to offer!
    Nothing can be done to change this, but I guess that's where religion comes into things. A massive can of worms that I'm not intellectually poised enough to open :)

  17. Bertti
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2014

    Bertti , Sep 22, 2014 :
    true... and send them too me... :D

  18. Xero
    Jelly Bean Sep 22, 2014

    Xero , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Lol.. I know, it is really a PIA. But, you can't really restrict people from moving there. But then again, your country should have proper rules to put the migrants in check and make them one amongst its citizens.
    Many countries are facing this issue. India is one of them.

  19. parthav
    Gingerbread Sep 22, 2014

    parthav , Sep 22, 2014 :
    No racism and law's go common for everyone no matter which race he/she belong, this is for the start......

  20. oup
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 22, 2014

    oup , Sep 22, 2014 :
    Ever considered an iPhone? You fit the fake hipster perfectly well