Tesla Bot - Your jobs might be in danger (Not really)

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    yashonagori , Aug 22, 2021 :
    For as long as I can remember, humanoid robots have been the go-to figures to portray the future of technology in all forms of media, be it movies, TV shows, books, games, or any other form of entertainment. I was always fascinated by them, and low-key wanted to interact with them if I would ever get a chance.

    There have been many of these humanoid robots in the past, the most popular ones being “Sophia” and Asimo from Honda. Though these robots weren’t exactly built for the same purpose, they do stand at the forefront of where robotics are headed worldwide.

    On August 20, 2021, Tesla and Elon Musk announced that they will be venturing into the space with their brand new announcement of “Tesla Bot”, a humanoid robot meant to take over the task of helping humans with menial tasks like going out for groceries, doing the dishes and whatnot. They don’t aim to make the bot an evolution of humans, rather a complimentary being that supports our existence (or at least not that they mentioned, yet).

    As per Elon Musk, physical work would be a choice in the future. The ordinary tasks of day-to-day life like bending over to pick up a fallen object are meaningless and better eradicated from our plate. Their bot is announced to weigh 125 lbs and walk at a staggering speed of 5 miles per hour, which is meant to give humans a running chance IF it decides to go all iRobot on them. The robot is intended to be a friendly, cooperative, and non-dangerous figure who helps us accomplish said boring, repetitive, or even dangerous tasks.

    Source: Tesla announcement

    As it goes with pretty much anything in this vast blue world, even this story does have a flipside. Movies like Wall-e have already showcased the immense consequences of completely eradicating physical movement from human lives and I personally stand with that perspective. Though on paper it sounds fun to have such a marvelous piece of technology, it could potentially reshape entirely how things are carried out everywhere.

    Musk believes that in the future, a universal basic income would be a must since robots taking over would have a fierce impact on all economies of the world, with the need for labor being wiped out completely if said robots were to exist.

    With that being said, at this point, this is entirely a side project that Tesla is just beginning to take over and has nothing in production yet. They did have a human wrapped in spandex dancing away on the stage during the presentation, which sums up how seriously we should be taking this right now. Musk however states a viable prototype can be ready as early as 2022.

    What are your thoughts on robots completely taking over physical tasks from humans? Let me know below!

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    C1624788922607 , Aug 22, 2021 :
    On the one hand, it is very good. But on the other hand, it is equally important to take care that such things do not harm human beings in the future.

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    Have you seen the Boston Dynamics robots doing Parkour.

    It can be scary stuff if one day they rise up to terminate us or maybe they become Ed 209 to enforce the law

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    I have seen the movie iRobot a couple times so let's hope it doesn't end with robots getting their own will ;)

    I could see the robots having their uses, especially combined with the space missions. Maybe building and maintaining bases etc.


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