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  1. mido25
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 11, 2016

    mido25 , Oct 11, 2016 :
    Hello guys,
    I was trying few N based ROMs recently as I was bored with OOS. With that said, there is nothing wrong with OOS but I just got bored with 2 months of usage and couldn't resist to taste Nougat.

    About Tesla
    Tesla is an offering from Ground Zero Roms. This is the first N build from GZR team. If you do not know about GZR, they are the makers of Tipsy, Validus and Tesla.

    @martinusbe is the official maintainer of Tesla. Trust me, this guy knows what he's doing. I started using his ROMs since my Oneplus 2. He was one of the few 'Original Devs' we got for that

    ROM features
    You cannot find 'Bells and Whistles' you find in other ROMs here. Just few basic customizations under the section 'Tesla Coil'.
    Screenshot_20161011-151355.png Screenshot_20161011-151351.png Screenshot_20161011-151343.png

    This is what I liked most in this ROM. I can prove it is more smooth than OOS with this experiment. Given below is the FPS artifact from OOS 3.2.7. Take a look


    The horizontal green line shows 60 FPS which is the threshold limit of smoother animation. The spikes that goes above the line will result to animation stutter.

    Take a look at Tesla-N artifact
    . Screenshot_20161011-150335.png
    You can see that the animations are so smooth here and are well below 60 FPS. I used the same set up to test both OOS and Tesla

    DiscoMark Test
    I do not usually believe in Benchmark tests as the scores can be easily manipulated. Here I'm doing a test of app opening timing comparison. I have installed same apps in OOS and Tesla and conducted the test.

    Result from OOS 3.2.7

    Result from Tesla

    You can easily see that Tesla blew OOS off in this test.

    Battery life
    OOS has an upperhand in this section as I was getting a slightly better battery life in OOS 3.2.7 than Tesla. But idle drain in Tesla is better than OOS.

    Idle time in tesla is like 0.5% per hour and OOS has like 1% per hour. Device was connected with WiFi when I sleep and I have used Betterbattery stats to pull out this comparison. Also I have seen wakelocks from Google play services in Tesla. That can be fixed in latest Gapp. But the drain due to that is negligible and I do not think that cannot be taken to account.

    Camera Quality
    I'm not a good photographer and I honestly have no idea about this section. The built-in snap cam can take pictures and also we have OOS camera port 100% working in this build. I can say that video recording quality is not good. This is the case with all ROMs out there now. Will be fixed only when CM finds a way to solve the recording bug and make it working with HAL3.

    Bugs in Tesla
    I'm not saying Tesla is perfect. It has its own set of bugs. I am using the ROM for 3 days and these are the bugs which I came across.
    1. Video camera not working. The built in snap cam can only takes pictures. This is a universal bug and will be fixed sooner or later when CM finds out a way to make hal3 works properly. Happy news is OOS camera port works perfectly with this ROM. video quality is not very good but it's okish.
    2. Multiple APNs found in settings menu
    3. Cannot switch mobile network mode to anything other than 'Global'. If you switch that, you will end up with no network.
    4. No option to disable SIMs. No biggy but worth mentioning as it is a needed feature.
    5. If you talk in loudspeaker, the receiver hears echo of his own voice. This bug is present in all CM ROMs too.

    Why I preferred Tesla than CM14
    Answer is simple. CM hasn't added CMTE yet and Tesla already got OMS-Substrantum working. It's still in early stages and not in a position to compete with CMTE. But it's a good thing to include in AOSP-CAF ROMs as the devs hesistate to add 'CM stuffs' in their ROMs.

    I'm not saying CM ROMs do not offer performance like this. Maybe they will perform better than this IDK. I will be testing CM ROMs once CMTE is added.

    Tesla N Beta Download Link
    Please go and give your support to GZR community and Marty if you like the ROM. Follow GZR G+ community for the new builds and updates.
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    mido25 , Oct 11, 2016 :
    Thanks Buddy :)

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    martinusbe , Oct 11, 2016 :
    Note that this is a first beta public release i only agreed too because of all the pm's i got ;)

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    mido25 , Oct 11, 2016 :
    Hehe thanks a lot for this. You rock ! !

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    mido25 , Dec 15, 2016 :
    I think that's op2 specific bug. No issues for op3.

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    mido25 , Dec 16, 2016 :
    Thanks.. This is 2 months old build.. Lot of bugs squashed now.. More Rom features are added.

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    Honestly, i didn't understand a single word you wrote, but l had a pleasant moment reading your well documented and illustrated post, and learning things somehow. My vote of +1;)

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    Lol Thanks


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