Thank you. For everything.

  1. Artemus.
    Nougat Jul 30, 2020

  2. judhajitmisra
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2020

    judhajitmisra , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Congratulations @Carl !
    Being An OnePlus Fan I'm feeling really proud as you are!
    Being a part of this amazing and lovely Community is another Next Big Thing 🙂
    Congratulations once again for the achievements.
    Everything is awesome,
    Just a little concern, Please improve customer support a bit, atleast in India.Rest is just Awesome

  3. MKT_IRFAN3735
    Jelly Bean Jul 30, 2020

  4. sanki_man
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2020

  5. Goku_SuperSaiyan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2020

  6. L1595311920266
    Donut Jul 30, 2020

  7. DarshanMeniya
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 30, 2020

  8. _rajeev_
    Cupcake Jul 30, 2020

    _rajeev_ , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Sir please help me regarding my invitation code !!!!
    I was really desperate in buying Oneplus Nord in pop-up box form !!!!

  9. Quasselpest
    Froyo Jul 30, 2020

    Quasselpest , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Really great PR, really great Presentation and of cause a real great Phone. I ordered directly after the show. I'm never been a fanboy of anything....till now.

  10. T1594751034907
    Donut Jul 30, 2020

    T1594751034907 , Jul 30, 2020 :
    @Carl , @Joel Jacob
    If you are not listening to the same people you are thanking, then it basically is a hollow gesture. People want you to address and admit the mistakes at this point more than expecting a solution. But i guess as long as you get to sell the phones anything is fair from your point of view.

  11. nerdkabir
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2020

    nerdkabir , Jul 30, 2020 :
    thank you for quoting.

  12. B_Wrath
    Nougat Jul 30, 2020

    B_Wrath , Jul 30, 2020 :
    I see they have come up with something to hide all the negative comments in the forum :rolleyes:

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  13. Akshay V Anil
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2020

    Akshay V Anil , Jul 30, 2020 :
    @Carl Please look forward to add 4k 60 on rear.
    Pubg smooth extreme settings.
    Improve face unlock speed .
    Make it even smoother.

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  14. NiyasAhamed
    Honeycomb Jul 30, 2020

  15. Tobikage
    Nougat Jul 30, 2020

    Tobikage , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Full steam ahead !

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  16. L1595311920266
    Donut Jul 30, 2020

  17. G_shubham_pawar_Gcpb
    Eclair Jul 30, 2020

    G_shubham_pawar_Gcpb , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Great Work Guys[e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f60d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44d[/e]

  18. LeptitLoS
    Eclair Jul 30, 2020

  19. G_Manav_Bansal
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2020

  20. neelesh7852
    Gingerbread Jul 30, 2020

    neelesh7852 , Jul 30, 2020 :
    Thank you post just doesn't solve the issues raised by several customers, Solving the issues and responding to customers feedback shows that you are really thankful to the customers and that is called customer satisfaction

    1) Gifts Not Worth 5000inr: @Joel Jacob also wrote “we assure you, the gift box value is worth more than 5000inr”. If that really is the case, please help us understand the Math: if a preorder buyer buys Oneplus Nord, and they opt for GIFT BOX 1: Bluetooth bullets wireless z 1999+ A Nord sandstone case worth 790 and 500rs coupon which can be used only on oneplus.in (and no clarity on the caveat here, like may be 500rs can only be availed if you shop for a certain amount, etc etc), so total amount of gift box 1 is 3289 inr. If the customer choses GIFT BOX 2: Wireless bullet version 1 2999+ a nord sandstone case worth 790, total is 3789. So @Carl @Joel Jacob , please help us 1000’s of Indian Consumers and loyal fans that how does this math work?

    2) 499 non-redeemable: @Joel Jacob also mentioned that the Preorder amount is non-redeemable. Now why is that? We Preordered the phone and not the gift boxes, we paid believing that a Oneplus nord is going to be reserved for all the Preorder buyers, as it was a lottery kind of system, it wasn’t an open sale. We waited for ages, set many alarms to buy the preorders. But the amount being not adjusted in the final amount of Nord at the time of purchase is very hurtful andis a huge disappointment.

    3) First Gift Box: it has got an Invite Card with a message on it: “Hey, theres a OnePlus Nord with your name on it”, if this message doesn’t mean that a phone has been reserved for you, then We are stupid and really fools to even believe in OnePlus in the first place, to be loyal for years. We thought we all will get a window or an invite code on our ID’s as we were the few (1000’s) lucky ones to have placed the ‘OnePlus Nord Preorders” as it got sold out within a few minutes. But we were treated just like everyone out there, who didn’t purchase a preorder. Than what was the difference? Why ? Also note: When I successfully purchased the Preorder and I happened to read the T&C there, was clearly meantioned that the surprise gift box will contain “headphones wireless bullets z version” and a nord sandstone case, which was conveniently later changed to “wireless headpones bullet verion 1”, Still, the math is incorrect, how is it worth 5000 Rupees? Please help us understand that
    4)Add the Oneplus buds as the pre order gift in india too as it will keep your promised ammount and the customers you were mentioning who just bought by the name happy.
    Please Respond to the questions @Carl @Pete @Tom B. @Akis E @Joel Jacob @Fleming F.
    Some good points by @nerdkabir .
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2020