Thanks for the Flagship Killer, we had some good years, and bye OP5

  1. MiszterSoul
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 25, 2019

    MiszterSoul , Jul 25, 2019 :
    Hello guys,
    Just wanna say thanks for the whole community and the developers, and Oneplus itself to make OnePlus brand this good.

    When OnePlus 5 released, in the furst hours bought it with 8/128, to max out the power of the phones, for the half price of a flagship.
    Really worth it, 1.5 month of salary for the price, but worth it.
    I had 2 years with the OP5, its a really good phone, with good support, good features, and very well made OxygenOs.
    Still the fastest OS, and fingeprint scanner.. :D

    It was really hard to change that OP, i mean overpowered phone, and the change is not because it is slow, or not enough, hell no, it can be enough for more 2, 4 years.
    Just the bigger screen, more cameras what I changed.
    Have now the same powerful cpu, which is a middlerange phone now.
    It have the same speed, just 90%+ screen, finger under display, because no way to use fingerprint scanner on the sides, or on the back of the phone, wth.. :D

    So short in short, thanks for everything, I hope my next phone will be OnePlus too!

    (btw, still using my OnePlus backpack, headset, otg cable, so I will never forget OP :D, and hell yeah Im sure I will buy the new wireless headset too, because awesome quality and battery, charge)