The curious case of Apple watch series 7

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    Source: phoneArena

    On 15th September, Apple announced the latest addition to its iPhone, iPad and watch lineup. While iPhone is the centre of attraction, it is the Apple watch that excites me the most. Apple has never failed to impress me with its watch lineup. However, series 7 turned out to be an exception. Expectations are the root cause of all heartache, and series 7 became a victim of it. This article sheds light on the mystery of watch series 7.

    Four months ago, a well-known Tipster/leaker named Jon Prosser published an article that revealed a new design for the next Apple watch. While it was too early for any leaks to surface, expectations had started brewing up since then.
    Source: MacRumors
    His renders sent a shock wave in the tech industry. By mid-August, 91Mobiles published exclusive CAD renders of the upcoming series 7, which confirmed Jon’s leak. By the beginning of September, series 7 clones with leaked designs began to surface in the markets.
    20210922_010720.jpg 20210922_010725.jpg 20210922_010728.jpg 20210922_010730.jpg
    All these events added oil to the burning flames of excitement. Hours before the launch, Ian Zelbo had tweeted to deactivate his account if the launched product was different. With so much buzz about the series 7, the excitement level was at its peak. Little did they know, Apple had different plans up in their sleeves.

    Source: Apple
    The launch of the Apple Watch Series 7 shocked many tipsters. The design was different than anticipated. Instead of having flat edges, Apple decided to flaunt its curves. Tech Twitter was filled with “surprised Pikachu face” memes. This gave rise to a bunch of conspiracy theories. Few users claimed that apple tricked the leakers. While conspiracy theories are a good read with a morning coffee, the truth is often more interesting. Reports of series 7 sharing the same CPU with that of series 6 began to surface soon after the launch. 20210922_004859.jpg
    Jon Prosser arranged bits and pieces and made a video on this story. As per an article published by NikkeiAsia, there was a production delay of the upcoming watch due to quality issues. According to him, the catastrophic issue forced apple to make last-minute changes. He further claims that perhaps Apple used old parts in an old casing and tweaked it to fit the new display. He has also pointed out that during the launch event there was no transition from iPad to watch. No availability details of the watch were further used to back up his claims.

    None of the above claims is addressed by Apple. We might never get to know the real story. What do you think about the above claims? Do you think, there were last-minute changes?
    I personally prefer curves over flat 😏 design. Lesson learnt, never take any leaks seriously.
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