The final round of IDEAS 2.0 is out! Check the replies from OOS team!

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  2. ca.hiten
    Donut Nov 7, 2020

  3. Chenrichy
    Gingerbread Nov 7, 2020

  4. Phantom_Pouet
    Froyo Nov 7, 2020

  5. syed_mohammad00
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2020

  6. Subankan
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2020

  7. red_cruz25
    Eclair Nov 7, 2020

    red_cruz25 , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 7, 2020 :
    1. Lock desktop
    2. OnePlus dialer and OnePlus messaging
    3. Fingerprint icon change
    4. Quick settings customization
    5. Able to uninstall google apps like Google photos and yt music
    6. Improve image processing
    7. Notification led (using the cam. Hmmm like ring)
    8. Back tap feature

  8. Harishsivakumar96 , via OnePlus Community App , Nov 8, 2020 :
    Please bring back stock OnePlus dialer instead of the Google dialer will accept that Google has better ai features but people in India like to record their calls without notifying the end user. When such recordings are allowed in India why not allow it. Few may argue that it's a matter of privacy

  9. Ravikumar4U
    Donut Nov 8, 2020

  10. emperorrahul
    Donut Nov 8, 2020

    emperorrahul , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 8, 2020 :
    Need idea number 6 asap on OnePlus 8T, because we need Automatic Call recorder which i heard was in previous OnePlus devices , this is my first OnePlus Device , don't disappoint me OnePlus .

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  11. Dhavalsayja
    Cupcake Nov 8, 2020

    Dhavalsayja , via OnePlus 8 , Nov 8, 2020 :
    I'm indian,gujarat, Ahmedabad,
    Idea no.1 first all to oneplus wrap charger something new Chang two port adapter so to mobile charging in onplus in one adpter and
    Idea no. 2 two point charger in one adpter so old mobile and new mobile charger in one adpter so company really profit and grow same decision in iphone compny new mobile lunch with out charger and any one new mobile buy charger extra pay and buy one new charger
    And and mobile price is low so more device buy one public so extra grow on compan and public somthing new one

    And oneplus always somthing new one any time ...

  12. Yash Pratap Singh. , via OnePlus 7T Glacier Blue , Nov 8, 2020 :
    IDEAS 2.0 has ended now! Try for IDEAS 3.0 next year!

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  13. G_Jay_Raj_vzBm
    Eclair Nov 8, 2020

  14. G_Jay_Raj_vzBm
    Eclair Nov 8, 2020

  15. GunjanMandaliya
    Eclair Nov 8, 2020

    GunjanMandaliya , via OnePlus 6 , Nov 8, 2020 :
    Congratulations to all winners... 🎊🥳💐🎉
    There is one suggestion from my side , if you guys are looking for really helpful and product enhancement related idea then definately the team should not consider only highly liked ideas instead the team can go through all the submitted ideas once and then this list of accepted ideas should be out. As there may be a chance that there are many good ideas which have more likes but at the same time there may a chance that there are some brilliant ideas which has less likes or 0 like which may not only enhance the product but also adding some great features to OnePlus brand. So that kind of approach I am suggesting here.As I explained above to adding some value as well to brand by any ideas, I had submitted one of the great idea like that and ofcourse the last decision would be from OnePlus team only. Please find the below idea if you guys really think about adding not only the features but also brand value as well by any new feature/app that having with OnePlus company/phones only.
    https://www.oneplus.in/communityideas#/detail?threadId=3667 said:
    And ofcourse my idea is not just for this contest I really want this to be implemented and that would be very much helpful to all the OnePlus users. So whether this contest is over or not please do like and share as well with others to like it or comment on it. And my humble request to OnePlus Team to add this ideas as well in your list whether you want to take me as a one of the winner or not that's not an point for me.
    Thanks in advance👍🏻
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  16. jugojyoti
    Donut Nov 8, 2020

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  17. manasarora98
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 8, 2020

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  18. bill5ter
    Donut Nov 8, 2020

    bill5ter , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 8, 2020 :
    One additional thing I forgot to mention...how a about a pinch to zoom on The gallery...so that's it resizes to make finding photos easier and the pinch to zoom on the text messaging app like the samsung one....helps when you get to my age ;)

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  19. Ronny1967
    Froyo Nov 8, 2020

    Ronny1967 , via OnePlus 8T , Nov 8, 2020 :
    I could suggest a option to turn on protection home screen settings so you don't can remove by mistake icons or widgets from home screen. Buro know that OnePlus don't take this sugestion serious because what's a customer that buy his 4th OnePlus device worth . Nothing because Only the opinions from the smartest die hard OnePlus in the selected group are important enough.