The Journey to " NEVER SETTLE" via OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. VeDxnTa
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Dec 1, 2020

    VeDxnTa , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Dec 1, 2020 :

    Since the beginning of time I always wanted to be a part of the "OnePlus Community". Now that I am honoured to be using multiple devices and following this wonderful company for years I have understood the worth and the significance of the mentality to " Never Settle".

    All these years I have been a tech geek and have considered other Smartphone Brand's slogan to be just a marketing gimmick. Somehow , about 7 years ago the idea of " Never Settle" was established by OnePlus and it started being a part of my core mentality. OnePlus sought out to be the game-changer , the "flagship killer" which challenged the biggest tech giants . It promoted the idea of continuous belief in yourself and evolving every year. And though this company diversified into selling millions of smartphones and gaining hard-core attention in the IOT segment , it helped me gain my confidence back. All the anxiety , disbelief seemed to vanish when I incorporated the idea of " Never Settle" on my own life. It redefined my thought process and made me in sync with myself. It's funny to believe that this slogan could inspire me so much that I could work hard enough to get my own " OnePlus".

    In the end I realised something. We all need a strong mentality. A mentality which screams " Powerful yet Efficient" , " Strong yet understanding and empathetic" . All of that came easier to me just because of this slogan , yes the idea and the journey to never settle. I went from playing around with my friend's 1+ devices to buying myself a device. And even though times have been especially hard this year but somehow I have managed to stay consistent and remain positive and I give the full credit to a sleek slogan. Who would have thought that a simple marketing gimmick would become a part of my core mentality.
    Cheers to " Never Settle"





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