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    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 26, 2018

    naveenjafer , May 26, 2018 :

    Hi Guys, I have been selected as a Lab Reviewer for 2018 by OnePlus for their latest flagship, the OnePlus 6. My review will be centred around how OnePlus has evolved over the last generation since I own a OnePlus 5 and also how it racks up to the 2018 flagships. Dive in and let me know what more you would like to hear. Treat this post as an AMA and I would be more than happy to help each one of you with your queries!

    In the coming week, you will see me addressing the following points
    1. Unboxing
    2. Design
    3. Speed
    4. Camera
    5. Oxygen OS
    6. Concluding Remarks
    Note: All opinions expressed here are my own. The pictures and videos you see in this review have been captured entirely by me on either a OnePlus 5 or the 6.
    The lesser I talk about myself the quicker you can get to the part that actually matters. Tldr, I work at Oracle Hyderabad, India as a software engineer. Prior to this I interned with Cisco and Samsung and with Google as a part of Google summer of code. I enjoy contributing to open source projects in my leisure time. I spend some of that time clicking away at ordinary things that I feel could look better when looked at from a different perspective. The marvelous tool that aids me in sharing these perspectives is my phone camera. You an find my portfolio here https://naveen.pixieset.com/portfolio/ and you can find the pics I have captured with the 6 here https://naveen.pixieset.com/oneplus6gallery/ I also enjoy creating memes in my free time, you might see a few in this post. Let’s get on with the Unboxing!

    Day 1: Unboxing of a Reboxing After an Unboxing

    Unboxing Video
    Please do watch the Stop motion in the highest resolution! This was completely shot on a OnePlus 5. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments and show some love if you really like it!

    Unboxing Written Review
    3,2,1….. and 6!The dust caused by the constant rumour mills swirl has finally settled and we have the OnePlus 6. The phone was unveiled on the 16th of May in London with little left to imagination. I am no professional reviewer, but I believe the review is in line with the needs and requirements you might need to know before purchasing the device. Let the scrolling begin!

    OP 6, the device whose teasers left me with the very same expression that everyone in the theatre wore when Iron man suits up in infinity wars(knock knock, you can rewatch it later, come back to the review). It's finally here after a long tussle with the Indian customs and a 2 dozen calls to DHL who clearly don't have the “speed you need”! The device was unfortunately unboxed by the Customs before it was handed over to me, apparently something sent their “Spidey Senses” tingling about the box that came through from OnePlus. The box is finally here after 5 days of tussle and things are fortunately intact.

    The experience and excitement of unboxing a freshly minted device is second to none and the fact that OnePlus decided to send a reviewer’s edition had me go all “keep calm and, ugh, don't keep calm, just rip it open already!”. Zipping open the box(Well pretending it wasn’t zipped open already) , I was greeted with a Usage guide from One Plus. A well designed brochure that boasts the features that the OP 6 packs. Setting it aside, I was welcomed by a familiar sight, a standard retail OnePlus 6 box with 3 gorgeous OnePlus cases, the Karbon Bumper, Nylon Bumper and Red Silicone case! The image below is an accurate representation of my reaction when I first got my hands on them.


    Hold your horses, nope, I definitely do not want half the universe wiped out in an instant, but I definitely wouldn't mind half my RAM space freeing up in an instant

    Given that the form factor of the OnePlus 6 is not very different from the OnePlus 5 and 5T, it wasn’t surprising to find the OP 6 packed in the same white retail box that has been the standard since the OP3 days. As long as the device inside the box has changed for the better, i really do not mind that OP has decided to continue with the same minimalistic box. A wise man once preached, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, the same goes for phones too.

    The OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 5 Boxes
    The contents of the box

    Pulling the top cover away reveals the facade of the OP6. I will not say a word about the device at the moment, a dedicated review will be here tomorrow to explore it in depth. Setting aside the phone after admiring the deep Mirror black finish.. nope, we are not going there, wait for the next review! A red plastic box houses the sim tray opener, a thin TPU clear case and a few stickers. Beneath this cover sits the well packed strong USB-C cable along with the same old fast charge unit.

    Let’s move on to the 4 phone cases. I for one prefer subtle colors and textures, the sandstone case had been my favorite since the days of the OPO launch. A quick look at the 4 cases provided.

    Pictures of the Phone Cases​

    1. Karbon Bumper Case: This case has been manufactured by “Evutec” for One Plus and though the design looks great and premium, it does not come with a bump close to the fingerprint sensor, that makes it very convenient to ensure that one has placed the finger in the right place. If given an option, I would have gone for the regular karbon case without the bumper lip as I prefer keeping the device slim, you can grab that model from the OnePlus website.

    2. Nylon Bumper Case: The Nylon bumper case has a good feel to it, though it did look like it might provide the best grip among the lot, the nylon case is pretty slippery on the sides. This is a newly introduced case by OnePlus, I am a tad bit skeptical about the durability of this product. This is also one of the thickest and bulkiest bumper cases.

    3. Silicon Red: Red is definitely not my color but I have had a tough time keeping away from the Red Silicone Case! The soft insides of the case have a superior finish that is sure to keep your phone safe during drops! The outer texture of the Silicone feels premium and smooth to the touch and I can definitely see myself using it very soon due to the strong grip it provides. However, it remains to be seen how quickly it accumulates dirt or the color fades away.

    4. Clear TPU case: This case is included as a part of the OnePlus retail box and does a great job at protecting the device out of the box(both literally and figuratively). The raised lips in the 4 corners provide for an unobtrusive usage experience while protecting the device from accidental drops. I haven't heard any reports of yellowish tinge in these cases that came along with the OnePlus 5t over time. Good news indeed!
    A close view of the cases

    Overall the unboxing was a pleasant, simple, clean and satisfying experience with little or almost no room left for improvement. Stay tuned for Day 2!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 27, 2018

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    naveenjafer , May 27, 2018 :
    Day 2: Design
    If you are in the habit of randomly checking out a new phone sitting atop a lunch table in office or university, it is highly probable that it is the design, ergonomics, look and feel of the device that give you a first impression even before your fingers reach for the unlock button.. If the phone disappoints in that front, you simply set it down. The OP 6 is a device that is bound to be a story of love at first sight. It ships in three color variants and textures, the glossy Mirror Black, the Matte Midnight Black and the Silk White(Yet to release for retail purchase). This review covers certain aspects of the Mirror Black version.

    6.28 Inch display in the same form factor as the previous family of devices



    OnePlus X was the first device from OP with a ceramic body and the OnePlus 6 takes the mantle for being the first to feature a Corning 5 Gorilla Glass body. OnePlus claims that glass provides for a more premium experience while also being easy to curate and develop devices with. Like in all relationships, let me dive into the pros before weeping my heart out about the issues I have with the design.For me design is about what meets more than the eye, durability is a direct derivative of a good design(not just a design that looks good mind you!). Let’s split this review into the ups, the let downs and the “have to wait and watch”

    The Ups
    The horizon lines that the past OnePlus devices are well known for has stayed, it definitely plays a supporting role in the aesthetics of the device. The antenna bands that ran along the top and bottom edges of the previous devices have now been re-positioned in the sides of the device. 3 on the left and 2 on the right(Still irks me that there wasn’t any symmetry about it). The bottom of the device has stayed the same with the Earphone jack(Kudos to OnePlus for retaining the same), USB-C charging point and speaker grills. The bottom chin is not too thin which is a good thing, I like some screen estate at the bottom of the phone to hold the phone securely and not trigger gestures unknowingly when using the device in landscape mode.

    Back All glass body of the Mirror Black and the camera Housing.

    Bottom Chin

    Glass Body
    : With an all glass body, OnePlus has been able to cut down on the space required for the antenna bands. The super reflective glass does definitely feel more premium and provides better traction to the touch than the metal used earlier, but as expected it is a hyper fingerprint magnet! If you plan on using the phone without the case, then you better have a microfiber cloth tied to you at all times. The OP logo sits embedded beneath the glass along with the “Designed by OnePlus” text.

    The Highly reflective glass
    Camera Housing: The cameras are now positioned vertically in the centre of the device, this does bring in symmetry to the design, but I have my own qualms with this decision which I will refer to later. With the inclusion of OIS, I expected OnePlus to increase the camera bump height drastically, but that doesn’t seem to be the case(Why exactly did OP5 need such a huge bump for then?), with the camera housing right in the center, it removes the unsymmetrical rocking that the OP5 was prone to when placed on a table.

    Horizon line and the side buttons

    The let downs
    Glass Body: Glass is Fragile, period. No matter what update has been made to the Gorilla Glass series, your heart is going to skip a few beats every time your phone manages to sneakily slip out of your hands. Being in a semi tropical country like India, it is all the more probable that your sweaty hands slip, followed by a thud. One in 4 mobile phone users do not use a case and having a fragile glass back is definitely going to set you back by a few 100 dollars(Yet to check the exact price with OP on the back replacement, well at least it wouldn't cost an unbelievable tag of 550 dollars to fix a webbed back!) if you crack it! With larger screens, our screens have been getting more vulnerable, now having a glass back only exacerbates the issue. There was indeed a survey taken by OP regarding which material their users would like to see in upcoming phones, glass was second last from the bottom with a mere 8% of the votes. I guess you can’t really develop everything with your fans after all. Given that OP6 doesn’t feature wireless charging yet, I can only see this as a move to get the users accustomed to glass designs before wireless charging ultimately makes its way to OP devices.

    The all glass body

    Camera Placement
    : The camera has moved to the center of the device and the primary camera has been pushed down lower still, this presents me with a serious problem with no possible solution. I have a few professional camera add on lenses that I picked up a while back, the clip on these lenses simply doesn’t reach the primary camera anymore! Words cannot describe how disappointed I am by the camera placement, the primary camera could have been placed on top taking this simple factor into consideration(Almost all add on lenses are clip based!). With the front camera moving closer to the edge of the device, it presents another issue of insufficient grip for the lens holder when clipped on the front camera. If you have been using lenses till date, bid them adieu!

    Alert Slider: The alert slider in the OP5 was incredibly good and switching the modes was effortless, but with the OP6, i haven’t been quite getting anything close to that experience. Though everything has stayed the same in terms of looks and functionality, the OP6 alert slider is far harder and not as consistently smooth while shifting from modes. I initially dismissed this as a manufacturing defect, but trying out 2 other devices also provided a similar experience.

    Glue: Glue has been used extensively in most parts of the device chassis. The workmanship is not as good as I had expected. Even with a cheap macro lens, one can easily see the excess white glue sticking out(Hopefully it will go away with time). I was a little let down by the workmanship here.

    Below average final finishes

    Have to wait and watch(notch).
    The notch

    Notch: It all started when apple introduced a workaround to fitting components that cannot go under a display in a region that is now referred to as the “notch”. In my opinion, the notch is a temporary design that manufacturers have been forced to follow to allow for bezel less screens. LG claims to have designed it first, but Apple was the first to put it into a working device. Apple had the backing to take a risk with the Notch and it was not(ch) so bad after all. Most other Manufacturers are aboard the “NotchWagon” ( Yes, I just conjured a word) with their flagship designs barring a few like Motorola and Samsung . When OnePlus first announced the introduction of the notch, there was strong backlash from the community, even today a poll taken by the Verge shows 48% of the users disliking the notch! Personally, I do not mind the notch as I am confident that it is not to stay for long. Screen designs are in a transitory phase and the notch is a decent workaround to provide users with the most immersive experience possible. If you do not like the notch, you can simply disable and the phone blackens out the entire region flowing above the notch. It is interesting to note that the notch in the OP5 is almost half as wide as in the iPhone X(largely due to the FaceID sensor)

    Screen: 5.5, 6.01 and 6.28. Those are the screen sizes of the OP5, OP5T and the OP6 respectively, surprisingly they all maintain the same form factor! The body to screen ratios have shot up significantly with each iteration. Though the OP6 screen is not the best in terms of Body to screen ratio 84% is a good enough figure to qualify for a run against the 2018'ized phones. The screen ratios shifted from 16:9 to 18:9 and now is finally at 19:9. This essentially means that the distance your thumbs need to reach up to access the top has been on the rise. I have unusually long fingers and haven’t faced any issues with pulling the notification bar down, but I haven’t had the chance to put the device in the hands of people with different palm and finger lengths to check how the usage of the screen changes for them(Will update this thread once I do that)

    Some Additional shots of the Device

    The Other color Variants.
    Though the mirror black is the most widely promoted color option by OnePlus, the midnight black has also been attracting attention. It has been curated by the process of corrosion which results in thousands of little tiny holes. OP advertised the midnight black as a device that makes a subtle S shape when catching light at certain angles, it does look good in product photography, but I am not certain as to whether it was simply an accidental byproduct or a deliberate one. I have been an all black phone device person since the smartphone revolution began, but I cannot deny that the Silky white with a blend of crushed pearls does lend a spectacular finish to the device.

    If I were to restrict this review purely to design, the OP6 is a device that has its fair share of pros and cons, but none that augers very badly for the device when taking it into consideration for a purchase. What is really important is the durability that comes closely knitted with the design philosophy. Is the device less durable than the last 2 generations of OP devices? Yes! Are the new all glass devices more prone to scratches? Yes! No matter what stats the Manufacturers throw around with the Moh scale, it is bound to get scratched and lose its glossiness over unprotected usage. Take out the device to a Sandy beach in your shorts and see how well it fares with sand constantly rubbing against the back of the glass. What was interesting and relieving to note however was that OP has sandwiched a plastic lining in between the glass and metal. This should hopefully reduce chances of a crack during a bend or a drop and make this device more durable than the all glass devices from the likes of Samsung and Apple.

    With designs going through a slew of constant changes, the repair-ability index is in a state of constant flux. With the glass casing and introduction of a splash resistant device(does not come with a IP certification though) there is a lot of glue that has been used in the OP6 in an around many parts. A teardown of the OP6 by IFixit reveals details on how most access points are heavily glued. OP6 has received a score of 5 compared to 7 that OP5 and 5T scored on this bench.

    Overall OP6 has upped the ante in their design though it might not exactly be in line with what their fan base preferred in the first place, but one that has also set down the durability and repair-ability a few notches lower compared to the previous devices. I for one cannot get to use any device without a good protective case, and the all glass OP6 only makes a good point in case for a case.

    Stay Tuned for the Speed and Performance Review that will be out tomorrow!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 28, 2018

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    naveenjafer , May 28, 2018 :
    Day 3: Speed and Performance

    A wise uncle once said “With Great Speed comes great performance”(Well, those weren't his exact words, but I guess if his nephew were the Flash, those would be his exact words). Performance takes into consideration both the speed and the stamina of a device. Time to find out if the OnePlus 6 is in line with this thought of school or if the 2 pillars that maketh a smartphone “The smartphone” simply don't go hand in hand. The focus of the OP5 was the dual camera and with OP6 the focus has shifted to “The Speed you need”. You will shortly see if OnePlus lives up to its tag line for 2018. Speed is best appreciated when you compare two contenders. For this review, I will be pitting the OnePlus 6 head on with the OnePlus 5 on the following factors App opening times, Unlock times, Gaming Performance and Battery.

    Face Unlock
    Without a doubt OnePlus has the quickest face unlock time among the 2018 smartphones. When Face Unlock hit the OP5, it was a real treat to see the front camera operating accurately while also being incredibly quick. During the presentation OnePlus announced that the 6 would ship with a 0.4s unlock time. I could'nt wait to get my hands on the OP6 to compare it with OP’s last year flagship. I will be making a separate post to explain the technical details of the procedure used to estimate the face unlock time which was aggregated over 5 runs. I used ADB(Eliminates all forms of estimation errors that arises with manual human tests) with correction of system calls overheads for those interested to try it out on your own.

    Edit: The post is up here, as promised. https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/tech-face-unlock-time-analysis-and-estimation.849454/

    Face Unlock Time
    The time it takes from the start of the lock button click to when the home screen is first rendered.
    Face Unlock works fairly well with the OP6 even in dark lighting conditions. I also carried out the same test in the early hours with very little ambient light in the room.

    Note: In the times recorded for the OP5 for average estimation I picked the best 5 out of 10 trials as the OP5 required some extra time to shift the face around to catch a little more light while also failing to unlock more than a couple of times. The OP6 fared really well in this battle and was the winner by miles.​
    The lighting conditions under which the 2nd face unlock was carried out.

    Pass-code Unlock time
    This is the time it takes from the pass-code that is already typed out in the screen to when the home screen is first rendered after clicking the enter key.

    Note: The Pass code and Face Unlock times have been presented to not be compared with each other, but to only compare each one individually with the OP5 unlock times.

    App Draw Times
    Camera App first time app draw time

    This is the time in takes to draw the camera app(This does not include the time it takes to load the camera input) for the first time when it has been cleared from the background running processes.

    Camera redraw app running in background
    This is the time it takes to bring the camera app when it is running in the background to the foreground.

    Asphalt 8 was timed for opening speed when drawn for the first time. The OP5 took about 7 seconds to load the home page while the OP6 took about 4 seconds. These load times were timed manually.

    Asphalt 8 performance: I did not find the performance to be greatly improved, the slight subtle performance improvements do not translate very easily into tangible outcomes in games. You can check the video below to see a gameplay comparison of the two side by side(kindly mute the same).

    Quick Charge

    Quick Charge has been a stronghold of OnePlus since the launch of the OP3. The average 3300mAh battery that ships with the device is quickly compensated by this incredibly quick charging technology from the house of OP. I wasn't particularly interested in testing the battery charge time all the way from rock bottom to 100 percent. In my experience with smartphones over the years, at the end of a working day, the battery drops to about 40 percent and this is a great time to start charging the lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries work better with quick charging sessions that ensure that battery levels do not plunge. So here is a test on the charging time it took from 40 to 100 percent with occasional glances and replies on whatsapp with mobile data running.

    40-90 Percent : 38 Minutes
    90-97 Percent: 19 Minutes
    97-100 Percent: 8 Minutes

    It is a known fact that the last 10-20 percent of the charging cycle is a drip charge that charges the device much slower than the previous charging intervals. The above test confirms the same. The charging time taken to power up from 0 to mid levels must definitely be much lower and thus in line with OnePlus's claim of "A day's power in 30 minutes"

    Battery Performance
    In the focus on speed and top class gaming performance, I feel that OnePlus has not paid as much attention as it should have to the battery that provides for this blazing fast experience. I have constantly received much lesser SoT(Screen on Time) with the OP6 in comparison to the OP5. Camera seems to be consuming a great deal of battery. I am yet to conduct detailed battery tests(I will probably update this section in the coming days with the relevant graphs) to isolate and find out which part of the camera drains battery the quickest(edit: check the tests below, more will be added) , whether it is the OIS stabilized videos, or the photos picked up by the camera is not certain to me yet. I honestly hope these are initial battery inconsistencies that new devices are prone to and which would eventually get ironed out with the updates to come. If that is not the case, then the battery life is a major let down for me. While checking with other Lab reviewers, I did find that each one had a different story to share about their battery performance.

    I have ran a handful of tests to check the average battery drop for a few tasks. All these tasks were the only ones running individually in the device and were tested at full screen brightness with audio maxed out.

    4 games of asphalt 8 in 20 minutes - 4 percent
    10 minute 4k 30fps video recording - 6 percent
    5 minute 4k 60fps video recording - 4 percent

    Battery Drop of about 9% in just 5 minutes of screen time with camera usage.

    Low SoT

    The important takeaway from these tests is not the absolute time itself, but the considerable speed upgrades that OnePlus has made in a few fronts to beat their own devices that were considered absolute performance beasts just a few months back. OnePlus has raised the bar for speed and performance with its latest flagship and I must say that I am definitely enjoying the lag free experience! Only time will tell if the battery is able to keep up with the speed we need. Next up is the review of the component that excites me the most in any smartphone. Time to break for a photo session guys!​
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    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 29, 2018

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    naveenjafer , May 29, 2018 :
    Day 4: Camera - Part 1 - The Stills

    “A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it” - Edward Steichen. While the above thought might hold true for a portrait, as far as the “portrait” mode is concerned I am 100% percent convinced that it is made in the camera and with OP6 I see a pair of powerful lenses(16MP and 20MP with f1/7 on both the lenses) that generate astounding portraits and pictures. This review will have a few image comparisons between OP6 and OP5 to allow you to compare in a tangible manner.
    Note: OnePlus forums put a hard limit of 20 images in a comment, you can find more pictures shot with the OP6 in my gallery - https://naveen.pixieset.com/oneplus6gallery/

    Portrait Mode
    The portrait mode in OP6 has taken huge leaps for the good in comparison to the OP5. The blurring in the OP6 looks more natural and the colors don’t look washed out as with the OP5.​

    Great portrait performance by the OP6.

    The portrait mode might not be a threat to the current flagships, but is definitely worthy enough to feature in the top 5 of MKBHD’s Blind camera test. OP6 was the cheapest device in the lot with a price tag almost half that of a few devices in the test.

    OP6 was device A in these set of mugshot portraits.


    The edges in the portrait mode are sharp and crisp even when the object has convoluted boundaries.

    OnePlus recommends placing the object between 0.3 to 2 meters for the portrait mode, but surprisingly the effect is on spot even when the object was beyond 4 meters.


    The portrait mode in the night is also respectable and looks better in comparison to the 5. Notice the miss and hit blurring(especially close to the cart behind him) around Ajeez in the picture below with the 5.


    Overall I am very happy with the portrait mode improvements. The edges are smooth and not jagged, the depth effect is more natural and looks much less forced. The detail in the object in focus could be improved in the next iteration.

    Camera - Auto Mode
    The camera mode set in auto is probably the most used feature of any smartphone by a majority of users. OnePlus announced that its sensors received a 19% upgrade in area. The increase in field of view is significant and in correlation with the upgraded sensor area. Increased sensor area is a much better improvement than redundantly packing in more pixels in the same sensor area generation after generation just to rack up the device on specs. With daylight pictures there was almost negligible difference between the two devices, but it was post sunset when the difference was noticeable thanks to the upgraded sensors. The inclusion of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) on the primary shooter also helps in this case(More on OIS will be covered in the video review)​
    Note: All the pics taken in auto mode were taken with the same exposure point to give a fair comparison of factors like exposure, clarity and vibrancy of the images.

    Comparison of level of detail in night time images

    Night time/Low Light pics
    The biggest woes I had with the OP5 was the quality of pictures taken in the night. They simply disappointed and under-performed for a 500$ device in most scenarios(I am not even referring to the unusable selfie camera in low light). On the contrary the OP6 is a bang for the buck! The pictures are on spot setting aside a few issues. I will be discussing those issues next.​

    There is almost negligible noise with the night time pics. The sensors do not bleach the picture even with intense lights in the frame at a close distance.

    A very good exposure balance between bright parts and the blacks was also observed.

    The clarity on this image of an IKEA factory at a distance of about 100 meters was impressive

    The same image with 2X zoom.
    Double Reflection Issue
    The Issue of double reflection arising from light sources has not been fixed yet! This gets really annoying when one tries to take pictures that have a light source against a dark background(Pictures of the moon, of lights etc) OnePlus either needs to get a better anti-glare coating or needs to reduce the distance between the lens and the camera housing in its devices. Some devices costing as much as 200 dollars are devoid of this issue!​

    Double Reflection of the 2 street light lamps have rendered this image unusable

    The same goes for this picture of festive lights. Notice the duplicate bulb reflections in the image.

    HDR - High Dynamic Range
    OnePlus 5 was among the best in class device when it came to a good dynamic range in HDR pics. OP6 has carried the baton forward and has produced very good quality HDR images.​

    The detail in the Basketball ring is not lost to the bright sky behind it.

    The details and texture of the structure are well preserved even with the sun directly above the subject.

    Auto Mode from moving vehicles
    It is not uncommon to pull out your camera during a road trip and click away pictures of the serene landscape around you. The OP6 fared really well in evening light even with the HDR mode(it is known to be a tad bit slower than the normal mode) turned on. The pictures are devoid of any sort of motion blur.​

    A sample image from a moving vehicle (~50kmph) during sunset provided good sharpness

    HDR in play when shot from a moving vehicle

    Camera Pro Mode
    If the Auto Mode is the Iron man of the camera universe, then the pro mode is the Hulk Buster! With the Pro Mode you can perform light paintings, click light trails and let your imagination free and wild! The pro mode is also a good way to juxtapose pictures between 2 devices while maintaining the same settings in both. I will be putting a separate post with tips on photography using the pro mode for beginners once the reviews for the lab are done! So be sure to follow this thread to get notified!​

    A light trail on the streets of Hitech City

    I used the 2X digital zoom on the OP6 and the telephoto optical 2X zoom on the OP5. The detail on minar is pretty much identical in both the pictures. E.time - 1/40 ; ISO -1250

    The digital zoom is impressive as long as the zoom levels stays south of 3x. Post that, it gets noisy and blurry. Though the 6 doesn’t pack the 2X telephoto lens like the OP5, the digital zoom is almost at par with the Optical zoom as seen above.

    Wrapping up
    OnePlus had marketed the OP5 heavily with the dual cameras and I was honestly a little let down by the night time picture quality and the portrait mode in the 5. With OP6 however, the story is entirely different! I am impressed with the snappy experience the camera provides, not to forget the freakishly fast autofocus speeds and the improved low light and portrait mode effects. OnePlus has added some fancy bokeh effects to the portrait mode, but what I would rather like to see is an implementation of the portrait modes along the lines of the iPhone series. The hardware is more than capable of producing similar portrait modes, but it is up to the software teams to come up with an innovative set of portrait modes.​

    Stay tuned for the Video review that will be up tomorrow!​
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  5. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 30, 2018

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    naveenjafer , May 30, 2018 :
    Day 4: The Return of the Camera- Part 2
    Now that the camera review is all wrapped up, I will be delving into video modes that the device has to offer. Let’s have a quick overview of the various modes that it offers.
    Video - 720p, 1080p 30 and 60 fps, 4K 30 and 60 fps.
    Slow Motion - 720p 480fps capture, 1080p 240 fps capture.
    TimeLapse - 720p 1080 p​
    4K 30fps
    The 4K 30fps setting shoots with EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) whereas the 60fps mode shoots with the OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) unit atop the primary lens. It is interesting to note that this is the first device from OnePlus after the OnePlus 2 with OIS. I must say that I am happy with the 30fps shooting capabilities of the device! Even when exported to larger screens the video quality holds up well and can be used to create great videos in the absence of a professional video camera. The EIS does a great job with shakes(both big and small) while walking/recording video from a moving vehicle too! I was truly impressed by the color reproduction and overall motion reduction. The microphone however was ordinary and had excess background noise and constant buzz. If you plan on using the device for Vlogs, I wouldn’t vouch for the audio input from the playback.

    Here is an example of the stabilization performed. The top is the screen grab of the actual recording to give you an idea of the extent of shakes the device went through. The bottom half shows the actual video output.

    Like in the case of the camera, the video quality during night has improved in comparison to the OnePlus 5.However I am a little perplexed by OnePlus’s decision to not include OIS along with EIS in this video mode. EIS compensates for large shakes and OIS compensates for minor movements that might not be noticeable generally but the benefits would be a little more obvious when shooting at low light.
    4K 60fps
    Seeing the results with the 30fps, I switched to the 60fps expecting a great experience as it ships with OIS, but I was in for a major let down.The 60 fps mode does not make use of EIS due to video processing limitations at such high frame rate. The 60fps mode with OIS is probably not working as expected in my device and a few others, the problem being the constant focus and refocus that renders the video almost unusable.

    A side by side comparison of 60fps and 30fps at 4K. You can see the constant refocus in the 60fps(Right side video). But it is worth noting that the picture quality and sharpness is way better with the 60fps(Mostly due to OIS)

    I have contacted OnePlus for the same and they are addressing the bug(Will update with results once the fix is out). But apart from the constant focus in and out, the video is clearer than with the 30fps due to a couple of factors. First being the cropping of the video in 30fps to provide for additional space for the EIS algorithm which is then fit into the same original resolution 3840 X 2160.. The second being the compensation by OIS for the very minor hairline vibrations that impact video quality. Since I am not sure if OIS is working as expected in my device, I will not dive in any further and analyze the quality. You should however keep in mind that the 60fps mode needs much more lighting to produce images of similar brightness and exposure as the 30fps.
    Slow Motion
    This is probably the most fun(probably also the least useful) video mode in any device. A slow mo is probably going to look really good, or really bad! For a long time iPhones were way ahead of the curve with superior frame rate and quality with Slow Mo shots. But times have changed and the slow mo feature of the OnePlus 6 is good enough to take on present day flagships. Both the 720 and 1080p modes work well when there is bright outdoor light, but they take a hit with moderate to low indoor lighting conditions. This is greatly due to the fact that with higher frames per second while shooting, the sensor receives much lesser light. A wider aperture could mitigate this issue.

    Slow Mo at 480 fps - 720p

    A fun slow mo at 240 fps - 1080p - Observe the rich colors.

    BasketBall Slow Mo at 240 fps in the evening post sunset.

    Wrapping up
    The OP6 packs a solid video shooter that is more than sufficient to satisfy most user's requirements. The Re-Introduction of OIS was much needed in the 2018 era to feature in the leader-board of flagships.The flexibility in the shooting options is a good move by OnePlus and I am certainly impressed by the video quality in low light! I sincerely hope OnePlus quickly cleans up the mess with the 60fps focus issue which seems to be occurring with quite a large number of OP6 users that I have interacted with!

    Next up is the O2 OS review.
    Just to clarify, the Oxygen OS!​
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  6. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 31, 2018

    Stickied Post
    naveenjafer , May 31, 2018 :
    Day 5: Oxygen OS
    Welcome back! You have successfully made it through the first 4 days of my detailed reviews on the hardware capabilities of the device. Today I will take you very quickly through the Operating system that sits atop this powerhouse giving you the “Speed You need”. Oxygen OS is the custom version developed by OnePlus exclusively for its devices based on Android.

    The device ships with Oreo 8.1.0 out of the box and is currently running the 5.1.5 Oxygen OS version with the Android Security patch being up to date.

    A fun and fluid Octopus by Android that can be played around with(There used to be a custom version of flappy bird game built into Android prior to Android 7. We want the game back Google!)
    Having a Custom ROM gives an OEM the flexibility to design it as per their needs but also comes with the heavy cost of delayed updates, continuous delivery of security patches and countless other release management issues. Oxygen OS is probably one of the most lightweight custom Android OS among the popular ones. What I mean by lightweight is the minimal number of OEM specific bloatware(It doesn’t ship with a default Music Player! That’s the level of minimal bloatware that we are talking about!) apart from the stock Android ones and the minimal degradation of fluidity of the OS over time.

    Oxygen OS ships with the OnePlus Launcher(You could replace it with a launcher of your choice like Eview or Nova). The launcher provides a experience that is very similar to the stock android launcher in most aspects. But I must say that I am not very excited by this launcher. It has very minimal customization and lacks most basic tweaks provided by other launchers. Some basic things that are not provided for by the launcher are mentioned below.
    1) An option to have a list style for the app drawer.
    2) There is an option to increase/decrease number of columns, but none for increasing the number of rows!
    3) An option to quickly clear cache and ram in the click of a button when needed. This feature can be really handy.
    4) An option to toggle the app labels on and off!

    These shortcomings had forced me to switch to a 3rd party launcher with my OnePlus 5, I hope they include a few of these to their slew of existing features and win me and many others back!

    A home page with pinned apps and a swipe up action that takes you to the app drawer with the list of all apps.

    Double tap to wake and lock
    This is a really nifty feature to have when all you need to do is quickly check the lock screen for notifications and lock it back without having to reach for the lock button. This reduces the load on the lock button and goes a long way in increasing the life of a movable part of the phone. Movable parts are often the first points of failure in smartphones.

    Notification Dots
    At the moment OnePlus launcher only provides a dot over an app to indicate unseen notifications, it does not give a count of the number of unread notifications. Other launchers like Evie provide the same. OnePlus should consider introducing the same in the coming updates. The notification dots also happen to make use of very soft colors that are not easily noticeable with most backgrounds or bright icon packs. A slightly bigger dot would help here!

    The shelf is a neat implementation that is exclusive to the OnePlus launcher, it can be accessed by swiping right on the home screen. It is a customizable area with quick access widgets and a toolbox. A concept very similar to the one found in iOS, but implemented in a much more compact manner.

    The shelf

    The Capacitive touch buttons have gradually disappeared from phones in the desire to pack as much screen estate as possible. The navigation buttons have been implemented in software giving the same functionality as the hardware buttons, so nothing new to check there. But keeping in line with the changes that Android P has to bring to the table, OnePlus has introduced gestures, that completely do away with the 3 buttons android users have been accustomed to since the start. I was a little skeptical at first about the gestures but boy was I in for a pleasant surprise. After having used the gestures for about a week, it makes me wonder why we stuck with buttons for so long! The gestures are way more natural and allow you to use the screen estate entirely, enhancing the move towards an almost bezel less experience. Gestures might a little slow and confusing to use for the first couple of days, but I can guarantee that you would start enjoying them as long as your thumbs are not unusually tiny.

    Instructions: Swipe from either side to go back, swipe from the center and hold it down to switch to recent apps and simply swipe up to go home.

    Split Screen with gestures enabled can be performed in the following way

    Gallery and Camera
    The gallery has undergone some changes in the collections. Collections now have bigger icons and can be reordered. One thing you would notice while deleting pictures individually is how the next image that is displayed after you delete one could either be the left or the right depending on how you swiped after the previous delete. This is a simple but really convenient feature to have and shows the attention paid to the detail by OnePlus.

    Pro Mode
    The device’s camera app features the all powerful pro mode and a quick way to switch between different modes with a swipe up action. The camera settings also provide additional features like grids which are very helpful while attempting shots that rely heavily on good symmetry.

    Grid lines assist in taking shots like this

    Shot On OnePlus
    This popular watermark by OnePlus is a quick way to stamp your pictures with the Shot on OnePlus by so and so tag. This is a really cool feature, but it has one major issue. When you decide to edit a picture that has been clicked(rotate or crop) the Shot on OnePlus Watermark does not regenerate itself to the bottom left corner of the image. This had me disable the feature from my previous OnePlus device. It would be great if OnePlus can actually identify from the metadata if a pic was actually shot on OnePlus or not and then allow users to generate the watermark on existing pictures.

    Recently Deleted
    This is probably the most needed feature that was missing till date in OnePlus devices. You have a maximum of 20 days to recover deleted pictures. Great move there, I can’t remember the countless times I accidentally ended up deleting the image/images in a series of quick edits and actions.

    Video Editing
    Native video editing and audio/music playback to a video was much needed and it is here with the OP6. The usic addition is however limited to a few basic preset tracks and so is the addition of filters restricted to a few presets. The next step would be to introduce better control with video along similar lines as photo editing capabilities.

    Video trim capabilities

    Alert Slider
    The alert slider now comes with a slightly modified functionality and a visual info pill which shows which mode it has been set to. OnePlus could consider adding different vibration patterns to the different modes to provide on visual feedback to users who switch modes while the phone is placed inside the pocket. This would ensure that the toggle is not placed in the wrong mode by accident.

    Alert Slider visual info pill

    Those were some of the top few cool features that Oxygen OS brings to the tables apart from the standard ones provided by Google. I will update this page as and when I find more interesting features. OnePlus 6 is also aboard the Treble program officially for the first time. TLDR - You would get faster updates from the release dates of the actual android updates and get the previews faster. OP6 launched only a few days after the announcement of Android P and it was ready to run Android P beta just a couple of days post launch. However OnePlus has not commented on whether the inclusion of project Treble is going to increase the software update support timeline of 2 years that OnePlus promises with each device.

    Things that you have got to love!
    1) The screen gestures for music control and customizable ones for opening apps is a feature that every single phone should ship with! Draw a right arrow on the screen to play the next song! Bam! I don't see myself going back to a phone without these intuitive gestures.

    Things that I would like to see
    1) An actual "Always on display"! The current always on display mode only works when the phone is lifted up! Having a quick glance at the phone without the need to unlock is always helpful.

    2) A "Shot On OnePlus" watermark where the color can be decided by the user or by the program on a quick analysis of the background image.An option between black and white would improve the visibility of the same across a wider range of images.

    Be sure to come back tomorrow as it would the last concluding review of mine. I will be answering the big question that all these detailed reviews ultimately boil down to. Is the OnePlus 6 worth purchasing? Be here tomorrow.
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  7. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 1, 2018

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    naveenjafer , Jun 1, 2018 :
    Day 6: Concluding thoughts

    I have spent the last week reviewing the device extensively in a highly quantitative and objective fashion. Those figures and comparisons go a long way in understanding what the 6 has to offer.

    But ultimately all these figures boil down to an opinion which is the final takeaway from this exercise. Has OnePlus lost relevance to its famous “Never Settle” tagline with the OnePlus 6 or has it managed to keep up with the competition and set itself ahead of the curve? OnePlus’s mission on Twitter goes “Our mission is to share the best technology, built hand-in-hand with you. We focus on smooth software, powerful hardware and expert craftmanship”. The best way to evaluate the OnePlus 6 in my opinion would be to check how well OnePlus has performed in the 5 claims it has made by answering a few questions.

    Smooth Software
    Ships with the latest software in the market at the moment with regular updates? Check.
    Provides a lag free software experience? Check.
    Has built on existing OS to provide better functionality to users? Check.
    Provides the best and most complete launcher experience in the market? Nope.
    Provides a bug free experience? Not so much.
    Makes good use of the screen estate that the hardware has to offer? Check.
    Great camera experience and control? Check.

    The software has met my expectations for most parts while failing to impress in a few places that can easily be rectified in the coming updates.However, I have my qualms with the attention paid by OnePlus to its old phones. A 2 year software update support period(it is in fact only 1.5 years for the T versions) is simply disappointing. The attention paid or rather lack of attention paid to the previous devices is a point of concern for most users looking to enter the OnePlus ecosystem. With the likes of Apple providing software support up to 5 years post launch, I feel that OnePlus should start paying attention to its existing user base in similar aspects.

    Powerful Hardware
    Running the latest SoC? Check.
    Has the best in class battery? Not so much.
    Has the best screen resolution in its class? Not at all!
    Good management of hardware placement to reduce heat generation? Not so much.
    Great Camera? Check
    Good Body to Screen ratio? Check
    Bottom Speakers loudness? Average at best

    OnePlus has a long running reputation for using raw power in terms of RAM, Processing power to compete with OEM’s that have had been in the market longer than the age of most millennial of this century. Doing more with more has been the approach that OnePlus has taken starting from the OnePlus 3. It would pay off for OnePlus in the longer run if it allocates more resources towards doing more with less. The hardware ensures that the software is one of the smoothest out there, but with other OEMs offering similar hardware, it wouldn’t hurt to rethink software optimization strategies to reduce the toll on the battery which ultimately reflects on the internal phone temperature.

    Best Technology
    WaterProof IP rating? Nope.
    Bluetooth 5 compatible? Nope.
    Incredibly quick charging times? Check
    Wireless Charging? Nope
    Face ID with infrared sensor? Nope
    Fast Unlock? Check.
    Lightning fast fingerprint scanner? Check
    Best in class Slow mo FPS? Nope

    I feel this mission of OnePlus is one of the trickiest to interpret as it only claims that OnePlus has the best technology and not the latest. This is indeed true for the most part barring a few points. For a device that competes at almost half the price point compared to most flagships that it is pitted against time and again in tests, the 6 offers the best in terms of what OnePlus could probably do, but definitely not the best in terms of what the market has to offer.

    Hand-In-Hand with you
    OnePlus has a “Created together with our fans <3” stamped on the box, but has it truly created the 6 together with its fans? Numerous surveys were taken after the 5T and OnePlus probably had feedback backlogs starting from the feedback in the 3T through to the 5T for their latest flagship. The OnePlus forum is the primary interaction channel between the users and the company(including the founders and top level executives who take great interest in the forums) and the company generally collects feedback in the form of Surveys. The last survey by OnePlus released last year showed a mere 8% backing an all glass body with more rooting for the Karbon fiber finish. What I see is a Karbon fiber pattern under a glass body(The avengers edition), I’m pretty confident that it wasn’t exactly what the ones who voted for Karbon fiber had in mind. However in an age of disappearing earphone jacks, OnePlus had taken a decision to retain it(However with the release of the bullets wireless, I would’nt be surprised if the next one ships without featuring the dear jack). But at the end of the day, one needs to understand that for the overall good of the direction that the company envisions to head towards, bold changes need to be made that might not satisfy a majority. It needs to be seen if OnePlus manages to maintain its loyal fan base with the slew of changes that it has undergone with this device.

    Rolling a phone out once every 6 months and phasing the old model out in a short period of 5 months has a detrimental effect on the number of 3rd party accessories made by vendors. Though the price of a OnePlus might be lesser than most competing flagships at launch, other flagships continue maintaining stock of old devices even after the introduction of the new ones, this drives down prices of the older devices after a year or two and makes it more accessible to people who are just looking for an affordable device while not really caring about the latest features. The business strategy followed by OnePlus does not allow for the same.

    Concluding Thoughts
    OnePlus easily delivers for a device in that price segment, but I am not entirely sure if OnePlus devices can continue carrying the tag of a “Flagship Killer”. Is the OnePlus 6 worth buying? Yes, as long as you don’t plan on comparing it with a top end flagship for specific features that the 6 had to leave behind to maintain its moderate price tag.

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  8. GopalB.
    Nougat May 30, 2018

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  9. L1527614571308
    Gingerbread May 30, 2018

    L1527614571308 , May 30, 2018 :
    I think you from India.
    try to open any website in chrome and try scrolling up slowly.
    do you see a minor jump in the letters or pictures.
    I'm sure you will notice.
    this is my 2nd OnePlus from Amazon after exchange.both have same behaviour.
    hence OnePlus 6 is not lag free as you say.
    maybe you retest again and check and then give review on speed.
    I have 5T also and that is more fluid than the OnePlus 6.
    no one on forum exactly know why.
    customer care telling me to post in forum for help.
    also phone call sound quality and clarity is better on the 5T.
    and Indians here who can share their thoughts and report this bug.then maybe OnePlus will give solution in next ota.

  10. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 30, 2018

    naveenjafer , May 30, 2018 :


    I think you from India.
    try to open any website in chrome and try scrolling up slowly.
    do you see a minor jump in the letters or pictures.
    I'm sure you will notice.
    this is my 2nd OnePlus from Amazon after exchange.both have same behaviour.
    hence OnePlus 6 is not lag free as you say.
    maybe you retest again and check and then give review on speed.
    I have 5T also and that is more fluid than the OnePlus 6.
    no one on forum exactly know why.
    customer care telling me to post in forum for help.
    also phone call sound quality and clarity is better on the 5T.
    and Indians here who can share their thoughts and report this bug.then maybe OnePlus will give solution in next ota.​

    Hi, it would be great if you can share a screen capture at 60 fps to showcase the exact issue. I have a OP5 and an OP6, I don't seem to see any issue. You can use this for screen capture https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kimcy929.screenrecorder set the quality to highest in portrait mode and bitrate to 10 in the settings and send me the video at naveenjafer@outlook.com. I'll try to make a similar video too to compare the same.

    It would really help if I can have a recording of the exact issue you are facing . Looking forward for the same.

    As for the sound quality on the speaker, I guess you will have to take it to a service center.

  11. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 30, 2018

    naveenjafer , May 30, 2018 :
    Hi, I have made a video for the same in my OnePlus 6, let me know if a similar experience is not seen in yours.Be sure to check it at the highest res.

  12. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 30, 2018

    naveenjafer , May 30, 2018 :
    Hi Gopal, thank you. Let me know if you would like me to cover certain aspects in the reviews.

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  13. GopalB.
    Nougat May 30, 2018

    GopalB. , May 30, 2018 :
    I like it as it is...
    Keep it small and simple... :D

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  14. L1527614571308
    Gingerbread May 31, 2018

    L1527614571308 , May 31, 2018 :

  15. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 1, 2018

    naveenjafer , Jun 1, 2018 :
    Hi, So I went through your video and I couldn't clearly notice anything strange about it, however an acquaintance of mine had a look at the same and felt that some parts felt a little jittery, but couldn't notice it in some parts of the video. Maybe try putting the device into reset mode once by holding down your volume down and power button during bootup and remove cache once. If that does nothing, then I would suggest you check once again with someone in the OnePlus forum who has been around here long enough. It's not much, but I made a set of videos with the OP5 and OP6 on the same page using smooth uniform scrolling generated by ABD in both these pages for comparison, I hope that could help you take this issue further if anything.

    OP5 -
    OP6 -

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  16. L1527614571308
    Gingerbread Jun 1, 2018

    L1527614571308 , Jun 1, 2018 :
    congrats naveen
    good and honest review.
    latest amd best Snapdragon with 6gb 64 GB and the kind of features it's giving for the base variant,it's totally worth it.
    attention to detail is excellent.
    I uploaded a video on the screen lag and jittering on YouTube.it has been taken down and I have been warned.i am not an youtuber so I don't care.maybe someone has reported it.
    as usual I doubt if any famous tech youtuber will ever talk about it.
    I went to OnePlus pop up store and tried out their device, both 6gb and 8gb versions.their own device have the same thing and the guy was so very surprised that I pointed it out to him. so having tried out 4 op6 devices i can safely say that this is a major flaw in all the op6 devices.
    my honest appeal and request to all op6 owners in India. please check your screen scrolling again and please report the bug to the customer care. one person alone can't make a difference.
    you need to scroll very slowly up or down and see for yourself.you will find a little bit of jump.it can't go unnoticed.maybe you guys just have not realised it.
    i have tried it out on GoAir, times of India and GSM arena websites.
    rest all the things are running more or less well.

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  17. Tarun_334
    Gingerbread Jun 12, 2018

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  18. naveenjafer
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 13, 2018

  19. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Jun 14, 2018

    Venky61 , Jun 14, 2018 :
    Amazing review... Kudos man. :)... How did I not see this earlier.
    Loved the stop motion picture and the mirror black reflections.
    And also the picture with Lens. (is that a 10mm lens?)

    PS: Have a look at my review too.. Not so exhaustive but just tried to put out things in Punny way ;)

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  20. dasza1965
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2018

    dasza1965 , Jun 14, 2018 :
    Reviw is excellent. Every thing goes smoth. I convinced my friend to buy OP6 (using refferal link). Phone is amazing. I had, OPO, OP3 and now OP5.
    But you need to remember that sometimes you need to use it as a phone.
    In that case the luck of front speaker is a total disaster.
    When you want to talk, the speaker needs to be very loud and every one around listens what you are talking about.
    Hi guys from OP.
    I'm asking why!!!
    Is it a problem or to expensive to put a second speaker at the place where speakers where always?

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