[The Lab] Bullets Wireless A Dorg Hardkins Review

  1. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 7, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 7, 2018 :
    Day One: First Impressions

    Here we are once more taking a look at a brand new product from OnePlus. Two years in development, brings us to this moment! Just like my OnePlus 6 review (found here) We start with a quick unboxing video. We’ll taking a look at the packaging, and of course a quick look inside the box!

    I’ve owned a single pair of wireless earbuds. Ever. They were packaged in a cheap plastic clamshell, but were twice as much the as the Bullets Wireless. I like when a company showcases their product in a solid package. Makes it feel like Christmas when you open up the box.

    So, I opened up the Bullets, and my FIRST impression was that the they felt a bit flimsy. Flexy, too. I’m used to a more rigid material. But, it’s best to reserve your judgement immediately. Do not judge the Bullets Wireless by the flexy soft material they’re made from. There’s a method to this. They’re COMFORTABLE to wear. I normally only wear the other headphones to the gym. The Bullets are such a pleasure to wear, I paired them to all the devices I come in contact with daily. My home computer, work computer, my laptop, and my OnePlus 6 of course. I’ve been pretty much wearing them almost every day since I got them.

    Now onto the earbuds. First thing’s first, The Bullets are magnetic. They clip together, so no more tangled messes. Just a clean, neat presentation when they’re not in use. They look cool, which for some of us, is an absolute must. I don’t really spend time comparing wireless headphones out there in the market. That’s the beauty of the OnePlus Wireless Bullets. You don’t need to spend hours comparison shopping. OnePlus makes it an easy decision. Especially if you own OnePlus 6. Or any device for that matter.

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    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 9, 2018

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    Dorgbot , Jun 9, 2018 :
    Day 2: Convenience

    Like I mentioned in my First Impression post, The Bullets Wireless are nice and light. Sometimes, I forget they are even around my neck. The battery life is excellent and while charging headphones can be something of an afterthought, the Bullets Wireless are different.

    Normally, I put off charging my other headphones. Mostly because I just toss them in my gym bag and sort of forget them. When I do remember, I run down to the car, bring them inside and proceed to charge them for the night. Well, since I just like having the Bullets on me and end up using them all day, I don’t have to figure out what I did with them, and the absolute best part is, a 10 minute charge gets us 5 hours of use, and 25 minutes get The Bullets fully juiced! Just that on its own is such a big deal for me. The convenience of this is worth the price just by itself.

    So, we went over how comfortable the Bullets Wireless are to wear and the blazing fast charging. Now, let’s talk about some neat features that revolve around the magnets. Clip the bullets together and this does two things. It pauses your music for you and shuts the Bullets off. Now, unclip the Bullets and they power up and then your music starts up right where you left off. As long as you keep your music app open of course. So, these might sound like sort of a gimmicky features. But, actually I do appreciate this. Saves your battery, and TIME. It’s nice to unclip the Bullets and just get to listening my music. To round out the convenience of The Bullets Wireless, they are compatible with Google Assistant. Make calls, receive calls, and use Google Assistant just like you would over your phone.

    Overall, for the price, you’re looking some really great features packed into an awesome product. From the standpoint of convenience, there isn’t one thing I can complain about the Bullets Wireless.

    Stay tuned. My Audio review is up next!

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  3. GigiDeRusso
    Donut Jun 7, 2018

  4. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 7, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 7, 2018 :
    This is a 3 part review. I'll go in to depth on quite a few topics coming up.

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  5. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Day 3: Music Quality

    I am by no means an audio aficionado. However, I also know what I like. As I stated in the last few posts, I don’t spend a lot of time comparing wireless headphones or earbuds. I bought a pair last year, on a whim and before the OnePlus Bullets Wireless - that was about all I owned, except full ear BT headphones for gaming.

    Audio on the pair I purchased last year is pretty decent. I do have to adjust the volume accordingly though, depending the type of music I am listening to. The distortion is a bit much. Which, I figured was just the trade off when it came to the convenience of wireless earbuds.

    Fast forward to getting my ears on the Bullets Wireless, I can say that from my own personal taste in audio, that these far surpass the audio from my other pair. There’s absolutely no distortion whatsoever. The audio overall is very well balanced. I feel more immersed in the music as well. The only way I can describe it is, it sounds like I’m listening to music in 7.1 surround sound. Nice and clean audio is a plus in my book. My only gripe, albeit a small one is I would like to hear some more low range. But this wouldn’t be something that would stop me from purchasing these.

    I also tested the build in mic as well. I made a handful of calls to both cell phones and landlines. The audio was crisp on the other end, which came as a relief. I did hear there were some issues with audio quality over calls, but mine seemed to work great.

    So, here’s what I’ve been listening to on my OnePlus Bullets Wireless.

    Classic rock
    Oldies, 80s, 90s and beyond
    YouTube videos
    TV Shows

    I listen to the Bullets Wireless at home, work, and at the gym.

    Overall, the convenience of these, plus the audio factor makes buying the Bullets Wireless a no brainer. OnePlus makes this a super easy decision.

    That wraps it up on my review of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. I hope this helped you out in making the decision to pick up these awesome headphones!
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  6. ChesterPwned
    Froyo Jun 11, 2018

    ChesterPwned , Jun 11, 2018 :
    my google assistant isnt working with them, any issues on your bullets?

  7. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Nope. Mine is working as advertised. Make sure you're pressing the middle button on the volume rocker to activate. I can see some people pressing the pair button to activate by mistake.

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  8. ChesterPwned
    Froyo Jun 11, 2018

    ChesterPwned , Jun 11, 2018 :
    ah that did it. Thanks! Spent 2 hours chatting with oneplus support withouth a awnser.. Is there any way to make the assistant activate by saying ok google or is it only possible by pressing the button?

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  9. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 11, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 11, 2018 :
    Only thing I can think of is using "OK Google" to unlock your phone, and then you can continue to use assistant. You won't be using the Bullets microphone, but of course you'll be hearing the audio through them. No buttons to push. You'll just need to be close enough to the phone is all.

  10. ChesterPwned
    Froyo Jun 12, 2018

    ChesterPwned , Jun 12, 2018 :
    is your assistants volume low aswel? how to fix that, cuz mine is so low..

  11. Dorgbot
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Jun 12, 2018

    Dorgbot , Jun 12, 2018 :
    Just turn the volume up louder on your bullets.

  12. mburns2
    Eclair Jun 25, 2018

    mburns2 , Jun 25, 2018 :
    "I pairedthem to all the devices I come in contact with daily"
    One question: if you paired them to two different smartphone, can you fast switch to the devices?
    For example: now they are connected to op6, i receive a call on the other smartphone, from settings call can i fast switch to this device?
    Thanks a lot, great review!!

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  13. Versed
    Honeycomb Jul 12, 2018

    Versed , Jul 12, 2018 :
    I've been waiting for sometime for them to get back in stock, as well as getting the Nylon case for my OP6. Flossy Carter on YouTube has given them a good review.. Price seems fair. Just a waiting game.

  14. PraveenKumar1998
    Cupcake Jul 19, 2018

    PraveenKumar1998 , Jul 19, 2018 :
    bullt wireless when r u going to publish in India very disappointed one plus......plz publish in croma or amazon tis our reqest i bought tis phone in may 24 but iam using local headphones.....waiting for bullet earphone fr more than2 monts so plz consider this..... Thank u