[The Lab] Geared for Grea"T"ness? A review of OnePlus 9RT 5G by SRD.

  1. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Jan 24, 2022

    SRD. , Jan 24, 2022 :

    Hello Everyone,

    "The lab" is one of the prestigious review mechanisms in the OnePlus Community for its enthusiast members to try their hands on the newly launched products & it's one of the toughest ones to earn a spot.
    I feel honoured to be a part of the review squad for the recently launched OnePlus9RT 5G. Thank you @Daniel D.& @dsmonteiro, @Leah L., and the "The Lab" team for accepting me as a reviewer. I promise I'll do justice to the review.
    Let's start with a small introduction. My name is SR Dash AKA SRD. an Electrical Engineer by profession & a tech enthusiast. I joined this wonderful community two years back. From the beginning, I am a fan of OnePlus. But rest assured, my review will be completely unbiased.

    In the past, the OnePlus T series devices are proven as a better value for money, be it the OnePlus 3T, 5T, 6T, 7T, or 8T. Each one of them was able to earn respect from the tech industry.

    OnePlus 9RT5G is the upgraded extension of the OnePlus 9R and was launched in India on 14th January'22 after three months from the launch date in China. It is advertised as one of the most powerful and performance-oriented smartphones geared with plenty of upgraded hardware & software features over the 9R.

    Will OnePlus 9RT deliver to the expectation of the best T-series yet? let's find out.

    Before diving into the device, let's have a look at the specification sheet:

    • Color options: Nano Silver/Hacker Black
    • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 SOC (Octa-core)
    • 6.62” AMOLED FHD+ Screen(1080*2400), 120 Hz Display
    • RAM 8/12GB LPDDR5, 128/256 GB Internal storage, UFS 3.1
    • Dual nano-SIM,
    • Triple rear camera 50 MP Main(f/1.8) with OIS + 16 MP Ultrawide(f/2.2) + 2 MP Macro,
    • Front Camera 16 MP (f/2.4)
    • 4Kvideo at 30/60 fps, super slo Mo at 1080p at 240 fps.
    • 4500 mAH ( Dual cell) battery with 65T WARP charging
    • OxygenOS based on Android™ 11
    • 198.5 gram weight

    My review unit is a Hacker Black, 12/256 GB variant.
    I shall divide the review into 2 phases -


    Unboxing & Initial Impressions


    Complete Review comprising of the following sections

    Throughout the review, I'll rate various functionalities in terms of stars, 5 being the highest.
    So, Let's get started -

    Unboxing & Initial Impressions

    Only a few days were left for the launch event when the winners were announced. We were expecting the device before the launch event but, the Indian logistics team was a little hard on us it seems.

    Anyway, we still were the first few people to have our hands on the device, and most importantly, the device was assembled on 12.01.2022. ( fresh from the factory!)

    A small unboxing Video for you.

    The package arrived on 18th January & my daughter was so excited that she decided to surprise me with a welcome letter with the carton box. Read it yourself.
    ( I can't help, but feel special in this case :))
    The carton box was a typical brown cardboard box. It seems like Real me delivered something during the packaging of the device.

    (@Starcommander I checked it lately).

    Unboxing a OnePlus device has its charm. Anyone who has unboxed one knows how satisfying the box sliding feels. OnePlus 9RT is no different. I brought a knife for the unboxing, but it was not required. The wrapper got peeled off easily. (Good implementation )



    The trademark red brick box contained the following -

    1. OnePlus 9RT with the plastic screen protector
    2. Welcome Letter with the SIM ejector tool
    3. Safety Information
    4. Red Cable Club invitation card
    5. Quick start guide
    6. Stickers
    7. 65 Watt Warp charge Adapter
    8. Charging Cable ( Type A to Type C)
    9. A soft-touch TPU case ( not the typical transparent case which turns yellow after a few months)


    Everything about the package is red & white.


    After the satisfying snap sound from the smooth gliding of the box, the OnePlus 9RT could be seen with a plastic protection cover. (At least it'll protect the device till a good screen protector is applied to the phone; I am afraid this is a newly launched device & I am yet to find one).

    I kept the phone besides to check what else was included in the box.

    It took me a while to find the paperwork package that was placed at the backside of the top cover. I like such hide-and-seek games.


    Nowadays, OEMs have started removing components, OnePlus is yet to remove one.

    Nobody reads the paperwork, but the OnePlus welcome letters have that personal touch it's a crossword this time solving which one can get a cashback or some exclusive prizes ( too much marketing, eh!).

    A Red Cable Club invitation card was also included ( Now it's a global Club).

    The SIM ejector tool is a standard one. There is nothing to talk about it.

    The Safety Information includes Warranty clauses & SAR value, again standard and nothing to discuss much.

    The stickers are always good to have ( Sorry, I won't use them at the back of my MacBook), but I used one on the power brick.


    The Charging brick is a square-shaped one like the 30T. The design has a flaw. Sometimes it's difficult to accommodate the width in a 5Amp socket & it gets overlapped with a switch. I prefer the 65 W charger supplied with the OnePlus 8T( With a Type-C port).

    1. 30 T WARP charge ( Type-A to Type-C) 2. 65 W WARP charge ( Type-C to Type-C) 3. 65 W WARP charge ( Type-A to Type-C) ( This device)


    Coming to the Charging Cable, it's a type-A to Type-C. ( why OnePlus why ?) The reds are getting whites these days.

    Red Type-A connector ( OnePlus 7T); White Type-A connector ( OnePlus 9RT)
    I guess you can see that poor quality photography ( visible blemishes) in this picture ( Don't blame me. It's shot on OnePlus 9RT 2 MP camera)

    Now, let's come back to what matters the most, the device itself.
    When the screen protector was removed, I was like, Oh boy! What a beauty!

    I had a crush on the frosted glass back design of my OnePlus 7T, and this was the second generation frosted glass design. The Starry glimmering dark shade just took my heart in the first look itself. The touch & feel of the device was awesome. It's a glass back but feels metallic as well.

    Look at it yourself and admire the beauty.






    P.S. It's fragile! No gorilla or Chimpanzee can protect the glass from a sudden fall onto a concrete/ rocky floor. (It might protect, but why take a chance ?)

    I almost stared at it for around 10 minutes and thanked the OnePlus community for selecting me for the lab and allowing me to have this device. The name hacker Black is somewhat weird, but I love the color material & finishing of the OnePlus 9RT. The thick bezel was something I didn't like.

    The TPU cover feels good to the palm and grips perfectly. The embossed Never Settle & OnePlus logo compliments the device & importantly, it protects the phone from accidental falls.


    The phone doesn't feel like a brick. It's comfortable to hold, thanks to the form factor.

    The camera module looks beautiful, though there is no Hasselblad emblem. ( A compliment about the looks only, there are plenty of things to be discussed on camera, so stay tuned to the camera segment).

    A cleaning cloth & an OTG cable could have been a welcome inclusion in the box.

    A quick overview of the Initial Impressions on the device:

    Things I like so far:

    • The color, material, Finish.
    • The form factor of the device
    • The typical OnePlus stuff ( Alert slider, in-display fingerprint scanner)
    • Inclusion of fast charger
    • Haptic feedback
    • Less third-party apps pre-installed
    • 8 numbers 5G bands in India
    Things I didn't like so far:
    • Lack of wireless charging support
    • 2 MP macro camera
    • Design of Charging adapter
    • Bezel thickness
    • Android 11 ( A new device deserves the latest one)
    • USB 2.0
    • No official IP certification
    • Oversaturated colors ( won't discuss much here)

    4.5/5 stars

    While the unboxing experience was good, I have noticed plenty of missing features and downgraded hardware /software. I'll discuss this in detail.

    My impression on display, performance, OS, camera, Power management, connectivity is reserved. So, stay tuned to my subsequent posts in this thread.
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  2. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Feb 20, 2022

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    SRD. , Feb 20, 2022 :
    Complete Review

    Hello everyone, welcome back to The Lab review by SRD. I am back with more stuff in phase-2 of the review and I hope you'll enjoy it.

    "Don't judge a book by its cover" - OnePlus 9RT 5G has a gorgeous cover in terms of Initial impression. The pages can reveal the real identity. So, Let's deep dive and find out some facts about the OnePlus 9RT 5G.

    It's been a month since I received the device. I have been using it as my daily driver since then.
    My OnePlus 9RT 5G has undergone several moderate to extreme tests so that each & every aspect can be monitored and presented to you.

    My detailed review categorizes the following aspects -

    1. Design
    2. Display
    3. Camera
    4. Battery Power Management
    5. Performance
    6. Operating System
    7. Audio & Connectivity
    8. Summary
    So, without further ado, let's get on to see what's under the skin.

    1. Design -

    IMG_20220216_200307__01 (2)__01.jpg

    The first impression generalized the design aspects in a nutshell, but now we'll discuss the design in detail.

    Color Options:

    OnePlus 9RT 5G is available with two color options-

    1. Hacker Black
    2. Nano Silver
    There are plenty of users like me who never chooses a color other than Black. Meanwhile, some users are bored of the ubiquitous color options.

    The above two color options fit both kinds of people.

    The name hacker Black sounds weird, but the look never disappoints. The shimmery starry color option can melt your heart with its beauty, whereas the classy Nanosilver color option is for those who chose simplicity over a subtle look.

    I wish for more color options like Pine green, Ultramarine blue, wine red, or the Matte Interstellar glow for the OnePlus 9RT 5G.


    Hacker Black :)

    Physical checks:


    Heavier than the OnePlus 9Pro & 9R, the device weighs 198.5 grams, But the weight distribution doesn't feel like lifting a brick.
    With tempered glass & the back cover, it weighs 232 grams which feels a little heavy.


    The OnePlus 9RT is 8.29 mm thick & it's Slimmer than the Oneplus 9Pro & OnePlus 9R.

    With a length & breadth of 162.2 mm x 74.6 mm, the device neither feels too big nor small.

    The flat-screen display of the OnePlus 9RT 5G is 6.62 inches diagonally. ( I have a catch here, watch out for the display segment).
    A camera bump of around 1.5 mm in height can be observed.

    The Material:

    Unlike the plastic frame of the OnePlus 9, the OnePlus 9RT has a sturdy build with an Aluminium frame.

    The glass back is made with the second-generation frosted glass treatment process. Since I have the first generation frosted glass device named OnePlus 7T, I can tell you the difference in touch & feel.



    I like the back glass design of the OnePlus 7T, But the comfort of holding the OnePlus 9RT is way better than the OnePlus 7T. The satin-like feel, the form factor, and weight distribution make it very comfortable to hold with one hand. The backglass is slippery so, using a protection cover helps. The phone came with a pre-applied screen protector made up of thin plastic ( I would recommend replacing it with a good screen protector.)

    Fingerprint test:

    I tried to bring some impressions on the device with a dirty finger, but the back frosted glass denied it. Again, I tried the same on the camera module & could see finger impressions only on the camera lens.

    I went mad and scratched the body with my nails, and this time I was satisfied with the scratch marks on the back glass.

    Nail scratch marks on the back glass


    Fingerprint impressions on the lens & camera module

    Wait, it's just a gentle cleaning & all my efforts went in vain. Long live frosted glass -2.

    No scratch marks


    No more fingerprints on the lens or module

    Kudos to the material used for the OnePlus 9RT 5G backglass.

    Camera Module:

    OnePlus 9-Series is known for its revolutionary partnership with the famous Hasselblad brand to bring the best camera experience for the users. So, everyone was expecting every device launched henceforth should be having the Hasselblad magic. But, the OnePlus 9R & 9RT are different from the league.


    The camera arrangement looks beautiful. Isn't it?

    The camera bump is around 1.5 mm thick ( that's pretty much). To protect the lens, you need a raised back cover for sure.

    The camera module looks the cleanest among all the OnePlus 9-series devices. Isn't it?

    I have played with the camera for the last 20 days & I can claim it has a lot of potentials that I'll discuss in the camera section.

    The camera lenses look larger than they are to appeal to the customers by having a bigger sensor, but the actual lens is much smaller than the modules. Those who understand Optics can explain that this is a secret for better low-light photography.


    The OnePlus 9RT 5G adopted a flat-screen 120 Hz E4 AMOLED display.

    The front-facing camera is a punch hole type that occupies some space on the screen. There is more information in the display section.

    A design odd:

    The top of the frame is different than the bottom frame. While the top is flat, the bottom is a curved one. I don't know the reason behind this design, but a regular user won't notice the same unless otherwise was asked to check.


    And since I am using the case, I don't find it worth discussing.

    The buttons:

    The positioning of the buttons is a typical OnePlus type.

    The alert slider is the gold standard for the smartphone industry.

    Response from the power button & the volume rocker is satisfying.

    One issue I observed while balancing a DJI OSMO mobile-3 was the position of the clamp fouls with the power and lower volume buttons.


    Access to the device screen is through an in-display fingerprint scanner which is fast to recognize.

    The charging port is a Type-C type but with USB 2.0. ( This cost-cutting measure is not a good one).

    The SIM card slot houses a Dual nano-SIM tray. The position of both the SIMs is on both sides of the tray. There is no provision for expandable storage. ( Both the variants have either 128 GB or 256 GB storage options).
    The dual stereo speakers are implemented nicely & are loud. ( more details on the connectivity section).

    There is no official IP( Ingress Protection) certification. I wanted to do a fish tank test on the device, but I am afraid I won't. So, never drop your phone in a pool, or keep it in your pocket while putting the laundry in your washing machine.

    My take on the design:

    Though the device feels premium and has much potential, cost-cutting measures are evident in some areas.


    4/5 stars for the design.
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  3. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Feb 20, 2022

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    SRD. , Feb 20, 2022 :
    2. Display -
    One of the most important aspects of any smartphone is its display. Even the most powerful processor or the best camera can't supersede the requirement of a quality display unit.
    For OnePlus 9RT 5G, the display is a flat-screen display.

    Display Specifications:

    Size: 16.81 cm ( 6.62 inches) measured corner- corner
    Resolution: 1080*2400 ( FHD+), 397 PPI
    Aspect ratio: 20:9
    Refresh rate: 120 Hz
    Type: E4 120 Hz AMOLED
    support sRGB, Display P3
    Cover glass: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5
    In a world of 4K display, the OnePlus 9RT adopted FHD+ ( 2400 x 1800) resolution E4 panel with a 120 Hz AMOLED display. ( It's an 8-bit display).
    E4 Panel is one of the best available screens on a smartphone that is bright at the same time it's efficient.
    The color produced is Punchy & vibrant
    For an average user, the display is brilliant, and if you are a geek, you need to know some facts about the OnePlus 9RT 5G's screen.
    The 6.62-inch screen sounds big, but I could find the thick chin, so there is something to figure out. ( I have already mentioned that I have a catch in the display).​

    The screen size is 6.62 inches ( 168 mm), but the actual usable screen size measured is 6.41 inches (163mm).

    Now, some simple math on display resolution:

    Number of shades in an 8 Bit screen = 256x256x256 = 16777216 i.e around 17 million colors.
    Whereas for a 10-bit panel in the most similar budget smartphone, The Number of shades = 1024x1024x1024 = 1073741824 i.e 10.7 billion colors.
    The equation says a 10-bit display has far more color accuracy than an 8-bit display which the OnePlus 9RT should have brought. So, there is no True HDR support for the OnePlus 9RT 5G neither they claim to have it. Though the HDR is enabled in the software, the experience of a true HDR in a 10-bit panel is definitely missed.
    The video transition in an 8-bit display does not feel weird. I have Watched almost 20 numbers 4K & 8K videos & minutely observed to find issues related to display banding & I have noticed almost no banding issues in them. Even the lagging problem is not there. The color production is sometimes inconsistent. Sometimes the screen is more vibrant and saturated while sometimes it's better than the 4K display on the television.
    A comparison video of the 4K display on my LG TV vs FHD+ display on the OnePlus 9RT 5G ( I know they both stand in a different league and screen size shouldn't be compared, But I feel it's worth a watch)

    20:9 is a good aspect ratio for the screen size.
    The viewing angle of the screen is a little above average,
    These points mentioned above may not be noticed by an average user because there is some good optimization in the software part. Such as-
    1. The Super video resolution enhances the video quality.
    2. The adaptive brightness adjustment works smoothly in the mid-segment of the brightness level. Thanks to the multi-level dimming algorithm.
    The Video image sharpener and Video color enhancer work really well.
    The display has some capabilities, but most apps are limited to 60 Hz. The gaming experience on the device is one of the best, but again, not many are allowed above 60 Hz. The touch sampling rate of the display is 300 Hz which can further increase to 600 Hz in case of requirement. I don't know these Hz games, but the touch is very responsive & for a non-gamer like me, I can feel like I am into the game like a pro.
    Please note the touch response while playing the Subway surfer​

    The display can hit 1300 nits of brightness in extreme daylight & you can watch your favorite movies/ receive a call from your colleague while watching the caller ID. Though I have faced some issues with the viewing angles during extreme sunlight, I didn't face such issues indoors.
    People like OnePlus because of the options for customization. The OnePlus 9RT does have plenty of customization features in the display segment.
    The following features under personalization, Ambient display, Display & brightness are pre-installed in the device.
    There are two options to choose from - Light/ Dark modes.
    While dark modes are better for battery optimization, I could find something strange in the light mode. There is a rainbow pattern tint throughout the screen. It does not affect the screen but looks weird while testing for pixel burn.
    The adaptive brightness works nicely in the middle level but, sometimes behaves weirdly in the lower & higher level. I am not sure if this applies to the review unit only or is a general issue.
    There are options to select the screen color temperature between cooler and warmer.
    One more customization option is available for the Font & display size with three options to choose from ( Roboto, OnePlus Sans & Sans) and 4 step font & 3 step display size.

    The display color profile has four modes to choose from -
    Vivid ( DCI-P3 for color accuracy)
    Gentle ( sRGB for natural color display)
    Cinematic ( Display P3 for wide color gamut)
    Brilliant ( Enhanced color display)
    The screen refresh rate has 2 options to chose from -
    Standard (60 Hz)
    High ( max. 120 Hz)

    After using 120 Hz, one will switch back to a 60 Hz display, I doubt.
    AOD has improved a lot. The analog clocks, digital clocks & text clocks have plenty of options for customization & the featured AOD is one of the best in terms of usability.

    Horizon light is also an important feature to get a quick visual notification.


    Though I don't believe a lot in synthetic tests/ scores, as a reviewer, tried the typical tests, and I am happy to announce, It just passed all the tests. Gamers, good news for you - the GPU scores are really high so does the real-life performance ( more in the Performance section).
    There are a few things I liked about the display. such as -
    The Hyper touch 2.0 is the best implementation on the OnePlus 9RT 5G,
    The 120 Hz refresh rate feels buttery smooth.
    The superfast Optical fingerprint scanner's response is a delighter to have.
    The face-unlock feature works instantly.

    My take on the Display:

    The display provides a great experience in terms of touch sensitivity, brightness, software optimization & customization, but the selection of an 8-bit panel instead of a 10-bit panel & an FHD+ instead of a 4K display are the OFIs.


    stars for display.
    My next segment is on Camera performance. Stay tuned.

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  4. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Mar 1, 2022

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    SRD. , Mar 1, 2022 :
    3. Camera:

    Oneplus Camera .jpeg

    On March 8th, 2021, OnePlus took a historic step in partnership with the legendary camera manufacturer Hasselblad which is known for its color calibration technology.
    OnePlus 9 Pro & OnePlus 9 were the first devices launched with Hasselblad co-developed cameras and the image samples of the OnePlus 9Pro were absolutely brilliant.

    An investment of 150 million USD for camera development shows OnePlus's commitment to the best camera experience in a smartphone.

    Does everything seem like having a happy ending?

    Let me make this clear, OnePlus 9R & 9RT doesn't have a Hasselblad emblem on the camera module. Does it mean that the collaboration doesn't stand for these devices?
    Let's find out.

    TL;DR: The OnePlus 9RT has a set of capable cameras but with inconsistent picture output & sadly, almost all features have limitations to them.

    When my friends saw the OnePlus 9RT in my hands, the first question was about the camera megapixels. I could see some faces full of disgust when I answered it was a 50 MP sensor. ( They were like C'mon nowadays mid-rangers do have a 108 MP camera sensor)

    Unfortunately, the megapixel count is an important aspect to judge a smartphone camera for most users, for me, the image output in normal mode matters the most. Computational photography & AI algorithm plays a crucial role in the processing of images nowadays which is also an integral part of the OnePlus 9RT.

    Let's dive deeper into the world of megapixels, sensors & optics.


    A quick look at the specification sheets -

    Rear Cameras:

    1. Main Camera - 50 Mega Pixels, Sony IMX766 sensor, 1/1.56"sensor size, f/1.8 Aperture, 6P lens with Optical Image Stabilization
    2. Ultra-Wide Camera - 16 Mega Pixels, f/2.2 Aperture, 123 deg Field of view
    3. Macro Camera - 2 MP
    Front Camera:
    1. 16 Mega Pixels, Sony IMX471 sensor, f/2.4 Aperture

    The OnePlus 9RT 5G is equipped with triple shooter back cameras with dual-LED flash, multi autofocus with plenty of modes & features.
    Let's talk something about the different modes-

    You'll notice some name changes after the code merger with OPPO. Such as - Pro mode is now Expert mode, Nightscape is now Night mode, slow motion is now slo-mo, the panorama is pano :). It doesn't matter as long as it does its job.

    Image Modes -

    • Photo mode: Normal ( Photo) mode is well optimized in the OnePlus 9RT. I am happy with the way it is implemented. The colors look vibrant and a little saturated but it's ok to have a little enhanced color. one doesn't need to post-process a lot while uploading an image on Instagram. The Photo mode also gives a little amount of control to the users such as - images can be taken with 4 different Aspect ratios ( 4:3, 1:1, Full,16:9), with 3 different timer settings (OFF/3 sec/10 sec), HDR mode ON/OFF, AI scene enhancement ON/OFF with percentage of AI adjustment, filters ( The filters are really good to have). The zoom capabilities are extended from wide( 0.6X) to 5X. Now comes the limitations - Images can be taken with 50 MP resolution only with a 4:3 aspect ratio ( Absolutely no reason why)
    • Portrait Mode: Bokeh control in terms of percentage is a feature included in Portrait mode. 7 nicely integrated filters are also included in this mode. Zoom capability is limited to 2X only. AI retouching in Percentage is also integrated into the Portrait mode. In spite of having these features, the OnePlus 9RT is having a major OFI in Portrait mode. It blurs the background unevenly and most of the images don't look good.
    • Expert mode: OnePlus is one of the first devices to include a Pro mode in the camera of smartphones to allow a user to have full control of the images. In Expert Mode, one can do experiments with ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Auto/Manual Focus, Exposure compensation to take images as per choice. OnePlus 9RT gives more choices by the inclusion of RAW & RAW+ formats that contains unprocessed high detailed images with a wider dynamic range ( Image sizes are in the range of 25 MB). I was expecting a 12800 range of ISO but it's limited to 6400 only ( mostly not used in a smartphone but good to have). The shutter speed has a wide range from 1/8000 to 32 secs. ( For RAW+ mode the shutter speed is limited to 2-sec max). The white balance range is also enhanced ranging from a cool 2000K to a warm 8000K. The Ultra wide-angle does its job but, I did notice a tilted portion of the image at both ends. ( Improved from previous devices, but the tilted sides can still be seen). One can notice that the ring dial adjustment is gone and a bar type dial is used for parameter adjustment.
    • Night Mode: The first shot I took with the OnePlus 9RT is using the night mode and I was amazed by the clarity of the image. Night mode has improved a lot. Tripod mode is also implemented in a better way. Filters come in handy while shooting in night mode.
    • Long Exposure Mode: A very good implementation on OnePlus 9RT. Long exposure photography modes include different exposure times to take images of Moving vehicles, Water & clouds for a milky white flow or a Light painting. The exposure range is from 0.5 sec to 12 Sec ( BTW it can be exposed to infinity).
    • Macro Mode: What can I expect from a 2 MP macro camera? It performs as expected. Background noise is evident in almost all images. I am sorry but the macro camera is useless in the OnePlus 9RT. ( I would rather take an image in Expert mode and crop it).
    • Pano Mode: I am yet to find a good smartphone camera that takes Panorama to the next level. OnePlus 9RT is no different. Images are distorted and unproportionate ( even after using a gimbal). A fisheye lens could have been a welcome addition.
    • Hi-Res Mode: A hidden gem in the OnePlus 9RT. Though it doesn't offer any control on the device, it delivers amazing results in terms of dynamic range. This is the mode I would recommend users to use instead of the normal ( photo) mode. One limitation though - The full aspect ratio can't be used in this mode so, less field of view coverage.
    Sample Shots:


    I love the details, This was one of the very first shots taken on OnePlus 9RT
    The colors are vibrant and a little saturated, but it looks great Isn't it?
    My daughter was kind enough to give me a pose for testing Expert mode
    RGB in one shot, Colors produced is great
    The colors are natural. Since I took these images, I can relate.
    Some more Beachside shots
    RGB in the same frame; is the best way to test a camera.
    Natural Color of sand, water & sky
    5X Zoom looks good in Expert mode
    Saturated red color in Normal ( Photo) mode

    Image of the Sky has an almost natural color
    The macro mode has better color but is grainy
    Clarity of Night Zoom has improved a lot
    Night photography has improved considerably. Handheld shots only.

    Video Modes -

    • Video Mode: The Normal ( Video) mode offers the ability to shoot 4K video in 60 FPS. AI retouching in percentage & Bokeh adjustment in the percentage are some features that are offered in the OnePlus 9RT, but the most useful feature is the Ultra steady mode. ( An experimental video is attached for this feature). The Ultrasteady mode is available only for 1080P at 60 FPS, (should have been allowed to shoot ultra steady videos at different resolutions.)
    • Film Mode: For a long time, users are demanding a pro mode in video. Film mode is the Pro mode in Video where users have the ability to adjust ISO, shutter speed, White Balance, Exposure, and focus. Logarithm mode ( Log) in the video of a smartphone is almost similar to the RAW mode for an image. It provides a wide dynamic and color tone range for video editing. There is also a provision to check the histogram for the video to be captured. This is the recommended video mode for video enthusiasts. Limitations: No Zoom In/Out features are there in this mode. The film mode doesn't work for the front-facing camera.
    • Dual-view Mode: This mode uses both the front & back cameras at the same time. Since the front camera is a fixed focus one, the Zooming facility is only applicable to the back camera. This mode feels like a Live Online class. Could be very useful for teachers during the post-pandemic period when few offline & few online students are attending a class. Also, a very useful mode while hiking/vlogging. This mode also allows AI retouching. There are 3 layouts of dual-view ( split, Round & Oblong)
    • Slo-Mo Mode: Slo-Mo mode is widely used for creative content. OnePlus 9RT features super slow-motion 1080p video at 240 fps, 720p at 480 fps. It failed to impress me even during moderate lighting conditions. I can clearly see flickering during the recording. A direct OFI for OnePlus.
    • Time-Lapse: Time Lapse mode is integrated nicely into the OnePlus 9RT. When the subject is kept steady and the background is moving, it gives a nice smooth video experience. 1080p at 30 fps is the most the device could offer. Be it the city streets or flowing water, sunrise/sunset, moving clouds or night sky, the Time-lapse does its job nicely.
    Front Camera Image & Video modes
    • A very strange feature was noticed on the front-facing camera. rather than adjusting the total percentage, the AI retouch works on every part of the face including skin texture, cheeks, eye size, nose, chin, or head. There are also options for touch-ups and 3D. I am sure not much of people are going to use the features but these are good to have.
    • Ultra steady mode works both for 1080p & 720p resolutions. AI retouch, Bokeh adjustment & filters are also available for the front-facing Video mode.
    Modes such as - Film mode, Hi-Res mode, Dual-view video mode, Long exposure modes are welcome additions to the camera software department.

    Sharing some of the important aspects of the camera. I am not a professional photographer, but as a reviewer, I find this worth discussing.

    The reason why I called the camera "Inconsistent" is because of its color output.

    The images were taken with different modes one after another with the same lighting condition.

    Color of leaf in Macro mode vs Color of the same leaf in Normal mode

    Same flower with different Colors - Macro mode vs Normal mode

    Which one is the natural color? None.

    The AI enhancement further changes the natural color. Phew.
    Which green looks natural?

    My take on the Camera:
    The Main camera sensor of the OnePlus 9RT is average, and the camera software has plenty of features to offer, but the camera performance is inconsistent. Pro mode in the video is a welcome step. The limitations in the software are quite evident and outweigh the capabilities of the main camera.
    The 2 MP macro lens is the biggest flaw so is the portrait mode.

    stars for the Camera.

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  5. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Mar 11, 2022

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    SRD. , Mar 11, 2022 :
    4. Battery Power Management -


    OnePlus 9RT 5G is equipped with a 4500 mAH dual cell Li-Po battery that is standard for all 9 series devices. The device is shipped with a 65T WARP charger( Type A to Type C cable).



    OnePlus 9RT doesn't support wireless charging technology. The Battery lasts for about a day of moderate usage with around 5-6 hours of Screen On Time ( SOT). WARP Charge 65T is blazing fast and it's one of the best features of the OnePlus 9RT.

    When I unboxed the OnePlus 9RT, I was a little disappointed to find the design of the Charger brick. It's similar to the 30T WARP charger supplied with my OnePlus 7T, and I found it difficult to accommodate in a standard 5A socket. Check it out -


    I hope the designers are checking this

    OnePlus claims the WARP charge 65T charges the OnePlus 9RT from 0 to 100 % in 29 minutes. Tried it several times but, never got the result ( Maybe it's not the perfect Lab testing condition).
    Yes, it reached from 1 % to 100 % in 29:38.12 minutes that too when I used flight mode, But 0 % to 100 % it takes at least 35 minutes, once it took 45:40.50 minutes when Wifi & location services were in ON condition and some background apps were running. My device gets fully charged from 0% in around 40 minutes in normal conditions. While charging, I don't experience a very high rise in temperature, it's slightly warm when the battery percentage reaches around 75%.

    The WARP charge 65T used in the OnePlus 9RT is based on OPPO's SuperVOOC charging technology that uses a separate circuitry for heat management without compromising the charging speed. The dual cell technology allows the system to charge both the cells parallelly thus reducing the charging time. WARP charge 65T took care of the charging safety and health of the battery by implementing 12 thermal sensors and an independent IC that prevents further charging when the battery is full.


    Customization is the core of any android phone and the OnePlus 9RT provides ample customization features rather I would call it Battery Optimization features.

    The traffic pattern Battery percentage display is a good indicator?


    Power saving mode can be switched ON/OFF from the Notification window/ Phone setting That -

    • Reduces Screen brightness
    • Change Auto screen-off time to 15 sec
    • Disable background sync
    • Lower screen refresh rate
    Even users can select the Auto power-saving mode as a specified battery level.

    There are some advanced features such as -

    • Optimized night charging where the phone learns from the daily charging routine so that it can control the charging speed at night, thus fast battery aging can be avoided.
    • Sleep Standby Optimization where the device consumes less power.
    • Recommended Optimizations for battery saving such as - Turn Off power-draining apps in a single click, Turn Off GPS, Change Screen refresh rate to lower FPS (60 Hz), Turn Off Always-On Display. It also shows what optimizations are already in place.
    The "Nearby charging stations" is a feature that is good to have. I couldn't check it because of the unavailability of such stations near my home/ office.
    The UI has changed a lot but features are the same with the inclusion of some advanced features. I wish a battery health percentage indicator was there. It's a basic feature that can determine when we should plan for a battery replacement.

    My take on Battery power management:
    The Battery is nothing extra-ordinary, 5 hours of SOT is just average. Lack of wireless charging support is something most users in a semi flagship segment wouldn't like. Battery optimization features are good but, the 65 T WARP charge is a lifesaver for the whole power management system. The design of the charger brick should change.

    4/5 stars for the Battery power management system.
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  6. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Mar 12, 2022

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    SRD. , Mar 12, 2022 :
    5. Performance-


    The OnePlus 9RT 5G is powered by the Snapdragon 888 platform. My review unit is a 12 GB LPDDR5 memory with 256 GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

    OnePlus 9RT 5G is a high-performance smartphone with a better heat management system.

    The OnePlus 9RT ticks almost all boxes in terms of hardware specifications except for the USB 2.0.

    My daily usage comprises phone calls, web browsing, watching youtube videos, listening to music, social media usage & playing light games for a small amount of time. For testing purposes, I have extended my usage of testing tools & applications including 3D Mark, Geekbench5, AnTuTu Benchmark for a minimum of around 2 hours a day ( Once a week of course).
    So, my expectations from the device performance were very clear -

    • The touch response should be lag-free.
    • Applications should open fast.
    • The device should do multitask with ease and with good memory management.
    • The Phone shouldn't get heated up during moderate use.
    • Connectivity should be seamless.
    My device didn't disappoint me in any of the expectations.

    The touch response is fantastic and I can feel the sweet vibration every time I touch the screen thanks to the magical Hyper touch 2.0. Swiping the screen is a charm and after using it for more than a month I never felt a lag.
    The Haptic motor implementation in the device is superb. I can feel the difference in comparison with the previous devices I have used.

    The device works as per my expectation
    I have never been a gamer, But thanks to the touch response & Heat management of the OnePlus 9RT, Not only I have started playing games, but my scores are on the higher side. ( Don't ask me for a BGMI/Fortnite tournament; I am a rookie).

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is known as a power-hungry processor with lots of heating issues reported in the past. So, I made up my mind to test the OnePlus 9RT in terms of heat management. I have tried the 45 minutes Antutu Stress test 3 times, and the 20 minutes 3D mark Wildlife extreme stress test 3 times to check the performance in extreme conditions. I am sure many users won't count these synthetic tests, but believe me during these extreme tests I had close monitoring on the temperature ( Both battery & processor) with another 3rd party app running for a cross-check. During the test, the temperature went up to a maximum of 44 °C.
    ( A little on the higher side) while the CPU attended a temperature of around 58 °C.

    Thats the result in during AnTuTu Stress test. In actual day to day use I have never experienced a temperature beyond 40 °C

    While Playing Call of Duty with the highest graphic quality & max frame rate, I never felt a lag. (Maybe I am lucky or the device is good to handle the task; A hardcore gamer might explain). As a novice gamer, I don't feel any lag or heating issues while playing COD. ( After playing for around an hour the device gets a little warm though). It seems like the 60% larger vapor chamber works.

    The RAM management is Just OK. Since, I am having the 12 GB RAM variant, I didn't feel the need of an additional RAM booster though there is a provision of RAM expansion from the ROM ( Confused ? ROM & RAM work differently, so don't expect something extraordinary is going to happen; btw you'll find these memory games once you are in developer mode).

    While testing the OnePlus 9RT with some benchmark tools, found something interesting. The tools are admiring the device itself. have a look -

    Do you believe that the GPU performance is better than the red magic 6 ? 3D Mark slighshot extreme has surrendered with an overall score "Maxed Out"!. OnePlus 9RT's score is 99% better than that of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra :)

    When the "High Performance mode" is switched ON, the device should operate without any throttle in performance. In real life usage ( gaming/watcing 4K videos), I didn't find this useful. The Geekbenck 5 notices some improvement in single core performance while the multicore score drops ( Any logic on that ?). Guys, I would recommend not to use this mode, you might end up noticing some unnecessary heating & battery drainage. Here is a side by side comparison -


    Single core Score with High Performance Mode ON vs OFF


    Multi-core Score with High Performance Mode ON vs OFF

    Here are some more benchmark scores for those who love these big numbers.

    AnTuTu V9.2.9


    3D Mark Slighshot, Wild Life & Wildlife Extreme. Did you notice the 102 fps frame rate during testing ?


    Geekbench 5

    A powerful performance is achievable when the hardware works in synchronisation with a good software. ( Stay tuned to the review of the OS segment).

    My take on Performance:
    OnePlus 9RT is a high performance device geared to take your command. The Thermal management system incorporated in this smartphone is a big yes for the future generation of devices. The gaming performance, the touch response and multitasking on the OnePlus 9RT makes it stand tall. The USB 2.0 is the only OFI that I have observed.

    4.5/5 stars for the Performance.
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  7. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Mar 16, 2022

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    SRD. , Mar 16, 2022 :
    6. Operating System -


    OnePlus is considered one of the best Android smartphone brands and Oxygen OS is a reason behind it. The near-stock Android experience with plenty of customization options made Oxygen OS one of the Best Operating systems in the smartphone industry. The fast & smooth experience of Oxygen OS needed more stability & frequent updates. Thus, The code base of Oxygen OS & Color OS was integrated as a result, a new Unified Operating System was born.
    Now, how good that Unified OS is integrated with the OnePlus 9RT, Let's find out.

    TL;DR: OOS11 out of the box is a big No for many, but OOS V11.3 is a stable OS having plenty of customization features, a great UI experience with some bugs. The Overall usability has improved. OnePlus promises 3 major Android updates & 4 years of security updates for the OnePlus 9RT 5G.

    Who can expect a smartphone launched in the year 2022 is not to have the latest software? Even mid-range smartphones were having Android 12 out of the box at that time.
    Rather than pushing the Buggy OOS12, the OnePlus 9RT was launched with an Android 11 based Unified Oxygen OS 11.

    So, What has changed in the Operating system & how it is affecting the users?

    Pre-Installed Apps:

    Surprisingly, the OnePlus 9RT is not filled with bloatware. Except for google apps & OnePlus apps, only Netflix was pre-installed and the system storage was only 13.9 GB. Also, Some google apps can be uninstalled. Red Cable Club & Zen Mode seems to be pushed to the users Intentionally ( I use Zen Mode less often) & about RCC; Please let the user choose.

    GridArt_20220316_195511603__01.jpg Thanks OnePlus for listening to your users.

    User Interface ( UI):

    The UI was familiar but with changed names, changed font & sizes ( The dominant Color OS features could be felt in the UI). It's not weird but those who used Oxygen OS before can easily recognize what's missing.
    The Setting UI is too long but it's structured. The early version was hard to find kind of UI. ( You need to go check what's inside, then browse through to check the functions and it was a time-consuming process).

    Missing those grey boxes? I don't. I like the darker shade.

    Let's have a side by side comparison of some User Interfaces of Unified Oxygen OS & Pure Oxygen OS

    I have observed almost all features are there but now they are more structured and easy to find and read.

    OnePlus 9RT Doesn't have a mention of Oxygen OS in its build number whereas It's mentioned in the OnePlus 7T. Oxygen OS is mentioned on the main page though.

    The arrangement of attributes in the setting is straightforward in the OnePlus 9RT whereas The attributes are clubbed together and some features are difficult to find. Some people might like the right one.

    Oh! I miss the Phone icon in the about phone segment. I like the UI in 7T more. But, have a look at the punchy colour contrast of the OnePlus 9RT.

    The storage UI. Which one do you like the most?

    The OnePlus 9RT speaks more content in a better way. Again it's a personal preference.

    There are plenty of such small small changes that one can notice easily, But I found improvement in usability more in the OnePlus 9RT.

    Most of the changes in UI can be observed in the Camera App. Many names & features are borrowed from OPPO.
    Here are some basic differences -




    I have already mentioned in the camera segment, how useful some of these features are.

    The UI is as per my taste. I just feel it is a little overdone to simplify the UI. The long setting is not something a user would love to scroll.


    OnePlus 9RT has plenty of customisation Personalisation ( you know the names are different here) features offered.


    Well, They are the same with different packaging. Which one do you prefer? Is it the single page Customization options or a page where you need to scroll to check the same features?

    Wallpaper for Shot on OnePlus missing in the OnePlus 9RT

    Bitmoji AOD is also missing in the OnePlus 9RT

    GridArt_20220317_004053917.jpg No of fingerprint Animation effect is more in OnePlus 9RT

    The red & White dual accent colour is also missing in the OnePlus 9RT, But the colours provided are vibrant & punchy

    No of the icon packs are only 2 for the OnePlus 9RT whereas 4 icon packs are for the older version.

    A chamfered edge or a teardrop, which one would you prefer?

    An additional adaptive Sans font with personalisation of font size & Display size is available in OnePlus 9RT

    Purple magic missing in the OnePlus 9RT

    Missing features such as Bitmoji AOD, lesser icon packs are something many users wouldn't like, but apart from that nothing has been changed in personalisation apart from the name itself. Gesture control, Zen Mode, Ambient display, gaming mode works seamlessly though. The partial screenshot is a very nice implementation. OnePlus Scout is also a useful feature to search an app ( I had almost 120 no apps ).

    There are some very good features incorporated in the Oxygen OS V11.3. Such as -

    During personalisation, some recommended features are provided for ease of navigation. "You might be looking for" is a very useful feature.

    These 2 Privacy protection features are too good.

    many people use third party Application lockers, now we are getting an inbuilt App lock. Clipboard warns the user in case an app tries to read the clipboard.

    This is useful for monitoring the connected wifi bandwidth & version. ( At least when you are connecting your device with a public wi-fi network)

    Many users were asking about the pocket mode. And it's here

    System Bugs:

    The first version of OOS11 was disappointing and was full of bugs. App crash, abnormal display on the shelf, Unstable Voice over Wifi were some of the bugs reported by many users. With the update of OOS11.3, the system is stable and those bugs were fixed. I had faced 2 issues while trying to edit an image on Instagram and the system didn't respond and a bug was submitted to Instagram ( I guess the issue was with Instagram) then never faced such issues. The second one was while running the AnTuTu benchmark test, there was an error "Cannot read properties of undefined ( reading '6') ", never faced the issue again. Nearby Share is a nightmare for me. it doesn't work as expected ( most of the time the circle doesn't show up).



    After the V11.3 Update, I don't find many issues with the OS and it's perfectly stable.


    OnePlus has officially confirmed that The OnePlus 9RT will receive 3 major Android updates & 4 years of security patches. Launching with an Android 12 could have made it to Androis15, but that's just mathematics. Who knows having a buggy system would make us feel nostalgic again and again.

    My take on the Operating System:

    I had a different perspective on reviewing the Operating system. Rather than what's not there, I have tried to find out how useful the features are and how they help me in my daily usage. I feel OxygenOS V11.3 is stable, useful, feature-loaded & is still a smooth Operating system. However, a new device launched with an older version of the software is hard to digest.

    stars for Operating System ( OxygenOS V11.3).
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  8. SRD.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9RT 5G Mar 19, 2022

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    SRD. , Mar 19, 2022 :


    After spending exactly 2 months with the device, I came to a bit of a conclusion. But, before jumping to the conclusion, let's summarize the rating on various aspects -

    • Unboxing & Initial Impressions: 4.5/5 Stars ( Included this category because the first impression lasts long)
    • Design: 4/5 Stars
    • Display: 4/5 Stars
    • Camera: 3.5/5 Stars
    • Battery Power Management: 4/5 Stars
    • Performance: 4.5/5 Stars
    • Operating System: 4/5 Stars
    • Audio & Connectivity: 4/5 Stars

    Average Rating: 4/5 Stars.

    (A 3 Star Rating means the Worst feature Category & 5 Star means the exceptional feature category ).

    Neither do I find any of the Categories Worst nor Exceptional. Certain features are not the best for sure.

    Now, Let's come straight to the Strengths & Weaknesses of the OnePlus 9RT -


    1. Premium build quality & CMF ( Color, Material & Finish)
    2. Powerful Performance & gaming experience.
    3. The cooling system is too good.
    4. Superfast Warp Charge 65T.


    1. 2 Mega Pixel maco camera is the biggest OFI.
    2. The Camera software needs to unleash its potential. ( Yes, The main camera is a high potential hardware, but resulting images lack color accuracy & portrait mode is a bummer)
    3. No Wireless charging support, No official IP certification.
    4. Software limitations while gaming ( Most games are capped at 60 FPS).

    I didn't mention other features in Strengths & Weakness because they are just average or just a little above/below the average. The Unified OS is not at all bad, but Pure Oxygen OS is missed for the loyal OnePlus users.

    Now, the question you must be waiting for is - Should I recommend buying the OnePlus 9RT?

    The Answer is - Yes*

    * - If you are getting the 8 GB variant somewhere around 36K / 12 GB variant for around 40K

    The OnePlus 9RT is not a Flagship device, neither it's a mid-ranger, But the performance is flagship-grade.

    Now, I would like to conclude the Review by the line -

    "If I were the Product Manager of OnePlus 9 Series, I would have launched the OnePlus 9RT along with the OnePlus 9Pro".

    Thank you my dear friends for reading to this point and showing patience while reading.

    This is for the first time, I have reviewed a device fully and as promised I have tried to be completely honest.
    Your suggestions do matter the most so I would request your honest feedback on the review.

    Regarding the device, feel free to ask questions, I will try my level best to answer.

    Finally, Lots & Lots of thanks to @Daniel D. for conducting the program so nicely and being so supportive throughout. Shoutout to my fellow reviewers @McJader @Starcommander @psygarden & @GGauraang_Arora for being there throughout the journey of "The Lab - OnePlus 9RT 5G".

    Lots of Love

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    ruggerbug , via OnePlus 9R , Jan 24, 2022 :
    Reviews giving 4.5 stars, just because they got the phone for free.
    If it was an actual review getting 2 starts would have been tough for these plastic boxes..
    And yes, they do delete negative comments, they can't stand someone criticising their products. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    SRD. , via OnePlus Community App , Jan 24, 2022 :
    If you have read it completely, you shouldn't have said this. This is my initial impression and 4.5 star for unboxing experience. Not for the product. If you have the device on your hand, you'll feel what I felt.
    A details review is going to criticize some of the useless functionalities. I have plenty of negative points. So, stay tuned. As I have said, though I am a fan of OnePlus, the review is going to be unbiased. And nobody is going to remove the negative comment ( be assured).
    I am testing it for the functionalities & 'll post my detailed review soon.

  17. ruggerbug
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    ruggerbug , via OnePlus 9R , Jan 24, 2022 :
    It's not about you man. 🤣🤣 Don't hit yourself personally.
    I know what these people do and i stand by my point.
    Didn't knew nowadays people rate unboxing experience as well 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Strange world

    And regarding the deleting of negative reviews, Don't school me brother, these community guys they remove my comments whenever i post a negative truth about their products.

    Anyways man, that was a good "unboxing" review. 🤣🤣🤣
    Have fun

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    PritishPriyam , Jan 24, 2022 :
    Well some of the famous reviews do share their unboxing experience if I'm not wrong.

    And regarding your comments being deleted, I'm sure there's a valid reason behind it. You must have been posting your rants in the wrong threads.

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    McJader , Jan 24, 2022 :
    He's just rated the unboxing, which is a part of the entire review format.
    Unbiased reviewing is a requirement for getting selected.
    Sometimes it helps to read and understand before posting.

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