The Lab – Global Recruitment of OnePlus 8 Series Reviewers (Reviewers announced)

  1. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Mar 23, 2020

    Zach X. , Mar 23, 2020 :

    Dear community friends,

    I'm thrilled to let you know that the new flagship is on the way! I saw a lot of discussions and rumors out there on social media about what the upcoming flagship’s going to look like. But you don't need to guess anymore! Join the Lab, and I will ship the mysterious new phone to your hands, BEFORE THE LAUNCH EVENT! You know what the best part is? You get to KEEP it in the end!

    Yes, The Lab is back! This time, we will invite 10 users to be among the first to get their hands on the superb new flagship. And if you are a tech enthusiast who has a thorough knowledge and passion for smartphones, join us! We are looking for a solid and unbiased review from you.

    Curious to find out what it's like in the Lab? Addition Magazine's @dsmonteiro spoke with some of our previous winners about their experiences. Don't miss it.

    How does the Lab works?

    Who can participate?

    Everyone, including OnePlus and non-OnePlus users, community and non-community members. However, at least 6 out of 10 seats are reserved for our forum users. People who create an account after the lab is announced are not considered as forum users.

    How to apply?
    Application will be open from now until 5PM HKT, April 1st. You will need to submit the following information. English or French entries only.
    • Personal information
    • Preference of creation format
    • A little test to show your competence
    - OnePlus Users: How would you recommend your phone to your friends?
    - Non-OnePlus Users: Please write a review of an old phone as if you were still using it today.​

    How do we select the reviewers?
    We select reviewers according to their writing, photography and videography skills, and more importantly – creativity. We highly recommend you to create in various formats so that we can have an all-around evaluation of your entry. In addition, we will also take your demographic information into consideration to ensure the diversity of our reviewers.

    Moderators will be involved and help review every single entry during the selection process. The selected reviewers will be announced on April 2nd 9PM HKT.

    Tips: Feel free to check out past reviews from the Lab for writing inspiration.

    What do reviewers need to do?

    If you are selected as one of the 10 reviewers, congratulations! All you need to do is to wait for the mysterious brand-new phone’s arrival before it is launched! After that, you can start creating your review and upload it after the launch event. Instead of solely writing a review, you have to answer questions from others. We request those selected to attend an AMA (Ask Me Anything) after 21 days of using the device.

    There will be constant evaluation after the reviews go live, which included likes/ replies/ views. If you pass all our evaluation, you can keep the phone. Moreover, we will send you a custom-made the Lab special edition phone case! However, if you don't meet our requirements, you will have to return the phone within one month. Top 3 reviews will be reposted to official account on social media or even other media outlets to get more exposure, giving you a great chance to experience how it feels to be tech influencers!

    *A non-disclosure agreement has to be signed before reviewers receive the phones

    Ready to join The Lab squad?
    Sign up now

    (Application closed)

    If you have any questions, feel free to reply under this thread. We will collect the FAQs and give answers. Thank you for your support and participation!

    Reviewers Announced

  2. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Mar 23, 2020

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    Zach X. , Mar 23, 2020 :
    sure! Let's bring the competition to the next level.

  3. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Mar 23, 2020

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    Zach X. , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Hi @Impersonal,

    We totally understand your point. The evaluation is meant to be a motivation to keep winners improving and working on their reviews and engaging with users in their threads, rather than a burden. In fact, this rule has always existed in previous editions.

    The most important thing is, as you mentioned, quality. We also want to be sure that winners participate in all parts of The Lab. Finishing the review is not the end, and we encourage the winners to reply and interact with the other users.

    One of the reasons why we don't quantify this is to avoid foul play. Moreover, we don't think that a specific number of replies, likes or views quantify the quality of a review. They are just one additional metric at our disposal.

  4. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Mar 24, 2020

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    Zach X. , Mar 24, 2020 :
    Hi, the reviews have to be written in English. However, thanks to the support from @Vito B. we will reserve one seat for entries and reviews in French.

  5. Zach X.
    Community Team Staff Member Mar 25, 2020

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    Zach X. , Mar 25, 2020 :
    Sure, just submit a new one. However, don't submit too many times because it will not increase the chances of being selected.

  6. Dresa91
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  7. devil112
    Honeycomb Mar 23, 2020

  8. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Mar 23, 2020

    YRJ , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Hello @Zach X. ,
    This is a very exciting form for the Lab, however, I would like to ask, will you consider previous lab winners?

  9. Cheetosdust
    Moderator, Content Coordinator Moderator Mar 23, 2020

    Cheetosdust , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Santa @Zach X. has returned and he's more generous than ever. :p

    So so so happy to read The Lab is back - it truly is one of my favorite traditions here on the forums.

    Best of luck to all the members who are going to try and secure a spot. Since you have until April 1, just take your time and put some thought into the application, no need to be the first to fill it.

    What? I'm sho to the cked. :p

    Thank you once again for doing this, OnePlus. Can't wait to read the reviews! :cool:

    Damn, this sounds amazing! :hearteyes:
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  10. Moin2200
    KitKat Mar 23, 2020

  11. TheAvengingTITAN
    Froyo Mar 23, 2020

    TheAvengingTITAN , Mar 23, 2020 :
    That time of the year again where I begin to think, maybe this year is my year ;)

    Good luck to everyone participating!

  12. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Mar 23, 2020

    Starcommander , Mar 23, 2020 :
    I am so excited for this!

  13. the_o2
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Mar 23, 2020

    the_o2 , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Best wishes to all participants :)

  14. script
    Moderator Moderator Mar 23, 2020

    script , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Zach, that sounds great, once again. The Lab has always been special and loved by everyone.

    Have fun all, good luck for those who try to participate:)

  15. Loubear
    Honeycomb Mar 23, 2020

    Loubear , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Very cool! Love this idea from OnePlus. Best of luck to everyone who enters.

  16. Baurzhan1974
    Donut Mar 23, 2020

    Baurzhan1974 , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Очень хорошие новости! Я готов к помощи лаборатории OnePlus

  17. hatrigt
    Eclair Mar 23, 2020

  18. B.I.T.S.
    User of the Year 2019 Mar 23, 2020

    B.I.T.S. , Mar 23, 2020 :
    Santa Zach always bringing the best to us. This is incredibly exciting!! Can't wait to see the improvements especially in the cameras! Good luck to all contestants!


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