[The Lab²] Insta360 GO 2 – Experience the vrooming action, V8 POV

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    BobbyV8_ , Oct 25, 2021 :
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    The opening line was from Simba, she wants to say ‘Hi’ I guess. That’s a special way I accidentally stumbled upon to welcome you guys to the first version of this special LAB. What makes it even special for me? I’m the first one to be a part of all the three review programs by OnePlus – The Showcase, The LAB & now The Lab².

    The Lab² – What is it?
    LAB has been a tradition at OnePlus. They invite regular users to experience the newest device and give our honest opinion. LAB helped the community get a glimpse of the latest flagship (or killer). The LAB game in its next level brings tech not produced by OnePlus for us to experience and square up the fun.

    In the first edition of The Lab², @anunayC, I & @obakesan received a tiny action camera, Insta360 GO 2. I’ll be bringing the review to you in both text & video formats in two parts each. The first part will have Unboxing, first impressions & a few sample clips in typical YouTube review format; the second part will be more detailed and show you more samples.

    Lights, Camera annddddddd ACTION.

    The excitement of unboxing my first ever action camera:
    After a long wait, time to let go of the excitement built up is now. Quickly sliced the courier packaging away to find that customs had their fair share of unboxing fun. They’ve ripped everything out of their boxes and repacked it. I’ll have to settle for unboxing a repacked unit.


    To start with, we see a brown carton with the Insta360 logo, ‘Chase Adventure’ tagline and measurements. Looked similar to OnePlus boxes, except this one opens up a little differently after tearing its side. This is only a protective carton for the shipment, and actual product boxes are inside it. Yes, you read that right. Boxes with an S, as we got the selfie stick kit for review.

    A clean white box with some wordings and a picture of GO 2 with all the contents except for the selfie stick, which is the base package offered at $299.99 and another box with ‘Invisible Selfie Stick’. How do I keep track if it’s not visible? Fortunately, no magical work here.

    Contents: 1x GO 2 (32GB), 1x Charge Case, 1x Lens Guard (pre-installed on the lens by default), 1x Magnet Pendant, 1x Pivot Stand, 1x Easy Clip, 1x Type-C Charge Cable and 1x 70cm Selfie Stick.

    A closer look:
    The camera on the top, a bunch of papers and then accessories and charger in the bottom compartment. Does this sound familiar? Yes, the packaging is too much inspired by a mobile box and I would’ve appreciated a tinge of uniqueness here.

    I’ll look at the camera a little later. Mobile packaging vibes are strong again as they placed the magnetic pendant similar to the ejector pin. Now, that bunch of papers speak all that you need to set up and take on a wild spin. Who are they kidding? We’re pros and throw them back in the box, right? We throw them, right?? A couple of stickers in the bunch, but they’re too big for me to stick them anywhere.

    Below everything else are the rest of the accessories – a black USB A to USB C charging cable, a white TWS styled case aka charger, a black easy clip, a white pivot stand.


    The camera is very tiny. They already placed a lens guard on it to prevent any damage during rough action. No, don’t go there! I know it sounds like a pre-applied screen protector, but please don’t go there.

    Design & first impressions:
    Design justifies the first half of the tagline “The tiny mighty action cam”. Weighing just about 26gms, it is also lightweight while being tiny. With the charging case, it still isn't heavy and measures 90gms. Is it mighty in action? We’ll find about it later.

    Tiny – Once locked up in the case, it feels like an extra pair of TWS in your pocket and doesn’t ask for an extra bag or a lot of space in your regular backpack. This tiny size comes with a cost, there is no viewfinder and we’ll need to open the app to make sure we set the frame appropriate and don’t miss what needs to be captured.


    Click Bait – The entire front side of the cam’s body is clickable; you don’t have to search for the right button to hit the record. For some unknown reason, this is a bit off to me. I’ll prefer a record button. It isn’t too hard to find a button on this tiny body! The back of it has charging connectors and is magnetic.


    Waterproof – Claim is that the body is waterproof. I stress it again, only the camera body with lens guard is waterproof and not the charging case. If you happen to splash water on it, that’s the end of your $300. They don’t sell the case separately. Now, when they say waterproof and allow a clickable body, I’m not convinced there’s enough protection to allow the click and still stop water from entering the cam. Maybe this is why I wasn’t sold on the idea of ‘click me to record’.

    Lights – The charging case has a light on the back & the cam has it below the lens. A white LED lights up while the cam is at work. A white one? Shouldn’t it be a red light that screams ‘Recording’! Not tough to get used to, though.


    Transformer – Charging case also acts as a controller to record and choose modes. It gets interesting when it transforms into a mighty fighter jet carrier. Hence the tagline – Mighty. The reality is, it transforms, but into a mini tripod to hold GO 2. No, it still isn’t mighty and will not stand strong winds. The bottom screw allows it to be attached to the selfie stick.


    Colours – Camera, case, pivot stand are all white with black lens ring, lens protector, charging cable, easy clip. The magnetic pendant is white with a black loop. First up, I’m a fan of black. Then I’m concerned about the dust that it can bring home. The combination of a white case and a black cable might sound good but isn’t appealing to see. A white cable might catch dust but would’ve looked better. The same goes with a black easy clip.

    Durability – Build looks and feels sturdy, but not enough to be an actual action cam. Mounts we have are magnetic, but are they strong enough for serious action? Negative. By the feel and cautions raised, it is not safe to play by water and there goes another wall down. It sure can be used for short underwater swimming shots with the lens guard on, but that isn’t what I would expect from an action camera.


    Accessories – Among all action cams out in the market, the usual challenge you usually face isn’t the footprint of the cam in itself but the attachments you need to use it. Guys at Insta360 played it right, the default inbox accessories are just about sufficient for ‘little’ action. Emphasis on little. Out of market accessories are hard to find for this guy and you wouldn’t need them either. Magnets are strong enough to not let the cam fall off easily. It is a bit uncomfortable to pull it out by the lens.


    Memory – Built-in 32Gigs of storage feels abundant for an action cam that is marketed to capture 30 mins video at a go before it needs to be charged. But without an SD card provision, it would’ve been better to see higher storage. Throwing in, an SD card would’ve been simple for those who prefer it. But for me, this just works. Might not be easy, but it works.

    On a quick comparison with GoPro’s accessories, I would say it is a lot easier on the GO 2 to not care about the water spillage on the body and the extra baggage to strap it around or fix it on a car. However, the functionality is also a step down comparatively.

    Who is it for?
    It is all good for Vlogging and an extra angle with your stable camera shoot a ‘This is how I did it’ video. But it isn’t designed to be a serious action cam though it falls in that category for now. So, in my review, I will not try to test and judge it on that front.

    On a regular content creation business, one would usually need it for TikTok/reels/shorts and maybe simple 1080p YT videos. GO 2 would perfectly serve you guys. You can also take it for an hour-long weekend cycling/trek. If you want it to be your dashcam or a bike attachment on your long drive or a Leh – Ladakh adventure, find something else. A tiny cam can only do a tiny job. Do not expect it to be a heavyweight champ to do the pro job on your 5 Hr professional video shoot or video graphing ADV rides in the dirt and rain.

    1. This action camera is tiny, easy to carry in pocket and doesn’t ask for an extra bag.
    2. I’m concerned about the dust this white body can pick along in action and adventure.
    3. There’s no viewfinder, pick up your mobile and open the app to know if it’s placed right?
    4. Click to record and stop is great, but to click the body without any button is not comfy.
    5. The recording is indicated by a tiny white LED. I prefer a red one though.
    6. It relies on magnets to get placed somewhere. But the magnets aren’t strong enough for serious action.
    7. The charging case/controller / mini tripod can charge the camera up to 2.5 times.
    8. 32GB onboard memory and no SD card is a let-down, but works.
    9. Overall, a good vlogging cam but not a serious action cam. Needs a couple of upgrades to grow as an action cam.
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    SRD. , Oct 25, 2021 :
    That's too much detailed @BobbyV8_
    Insta360 is a pocket-size powerhouse. (How it advertises)
    Didn't get an opportunity to use it, but watched several videos where it seems like a good overall package.
    After reading your review, I can sum it up as
    -A small size action camera only ( that's it )
    Was about to ask comparison with Go Pro, well... you have answered it.
    BTW, how many shots did you take to compile the video?
    It is such a nice one.

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    Banner police sirens go Brrrrr 🤪
    You mean unboxing? Yes, stop motion.
    502 shots exactly.
    I’ll try to compare with GoPro with my past experience, but tough to get samples as I don’t have it with me.
    For now I’ll say this is a good vlogging cam.

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    😳😳😳 That's whole lot of an effort, but came out so nice.


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    Exactly what I meant. Looks really fun and time consuming :D

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    BobbyV8_ , Oct 25, 2021 :
    Efforts & time consuming, but sure was a lot of fun!

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    Great Review, Congratulations! It's really nice to see review of Non OnePlus Product in OnePlus Community!

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    Venky61 , Oct 25, 2021 :
    Very honest and detailed overview.
    Thanks for that.

    Love how you alligned LAB in header and those black and white background product shots are amazing... Great job. That 2 wheeler timelapse looked dangerous 😅

    PS: Why were you sitting in a side profile postion for the video 😋 Any habits from previous photoshoots 🤪