The Lab – Meet the OnePlus 6T Reviewer Squad

  1. buntycubal
    User of the Year 2017 Oct 18, 2018

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  2. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Oct 18, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Can you forgive me...? :oops:
    Fixed it...
    You allso totally deserve the extra recreational time off... ? :D
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  3. ObnoxiousMeow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Oct 18, 2018

    ObnoxiousMeow , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Hey folks,

    Thanks for your support! I am so elated and appreciative of the opportunity @Crystal.Z and the rest of the OnePlus Team have given to me and other reviewers.

    This is an exciting time for OnePlus and it is a privilege that I get to be a part of it. I can't wait!

    Unlock the Speed, my friends.


  4. dipakjadhav
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2018

    dipakjadhav , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Congratulations to all. I am hoping i got selected but not.

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  5. ObnoxiousMeow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Oct 18, 2018

    ObnoxiousMeow , Oct 18, 2018 :


    View attachment 890316

    In case anybody wants to see the picture I uploaded for the entry. Shot on OnePlus 5.​

    Nice shot! I submitted this:

    I snapped this photo on my OnePlus 5T. No edits whatsoever.

  6. NareshVanel
    Donut Oct 18, 2018

  7. ankitgondalia
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Oct 18, 2018

  8. _shivamshukla_
    Gingerbread Oct 18, 2018

  9. ishaan k
    Donut Oct 18, 2018

    ishaan k , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Ayy congrats guys!! Next time, I'll try my best to make it on to the list too. Can't wait to see your reviews!

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  10. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Oct 18, 2018

  11. Venky61
    OnePlus TV Expert Community Expert Oct 18, 2018

    Venky61 , Oct 18, 2018 :
    congratulations to all the winners... waiting to read your reviews .. especially @Shivang Joshi @Drewbikscube and @luigimario :)

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  12. Rufflerock
    Cupcake Oct 18, 2018

  13. srini0301
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2018

    srini0301 , Oct 18, 2018 :
    It's totally fixed ,no need of creating new hype . 6T gonna be a big flop ,mark my words .

  14. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Oct 18, 2018

    superplus , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Here have two tags to make up for it @Crystal Z.! Thanks for making this possible and going through all the entries, shout-out to all who helped and especially Crystal Z. :D:cool: and a ninja-tag for free to make it three ;-p @Crystal Z.

    Donut Oct 18, 2018

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    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2018

    YASHPLUSONE , Oct 18, 2018 :


    Don't worry, it was 100% about the content, because that was basically the only info we got to begin with.

    And it wasn't an easy pick for sure. Because we had lots of great reviews, but since not all could do it we end up leaving also some nice ones behind. But when you start with 60k candidates and can only pick ten, we all know that its not enough to have a great review, it has to stand out in one way or another, and I guess the 10 finalists did that a little better than the rest.

    My advice for those considering it for the next time, is to try and focus not only in the specs, because the truth is that anyone can read a spec sheet. You need to go further and actually share the "feelings" you get with the use of the device.​

    exactly what I have been keen on knowing since the lab was started.
    even today the only reason I want to see the entries of the final 10 reviewers is to know what you (the person reading) expect when you talk about the lab!
    while this gave me a hint "feelings" is what you look for.
    I would like to see the top 10 entries to know better!
    thanks for your contribution towards the lab! it takes a lot to select 10 from 60k and I totally agree with the decision of @Ruby G., @David Y. @dsmonteiro and @SoniaB @Plenkske @youbi @PVS Kharoud and @OALEXANDER and @Crystal Z.
    thanks again!
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  17. sunilr1491
    Honeycomb Oct 18, 2018

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  18. youbi
    Marshmallow Assistant Head Moderator Oct 18, 2018

    youbi , Oct 18, 2018 :
    If I may ask, you base that exactly on what? :confused:

    What I was just pointing out is that doing a review involves way more than simply listing the spec sheet. :) Usually users looking to read the reviews want to know how it is using that device and that's what the review should be about. :)

    But in the end of the day, you don't really have a magic recipe to win, each winner got there with their own merits and with their own approach. :p

    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 18, 2018

    YASHPLUSONE , Oct 18, 2018 :
    agreed! no doubt you guys did a great job!

    on a side note may I ask.....
    did you leave any entries?
    like 60k entries among 9 people like 666 entries each day for each person did u leave any?

  20. luigimario
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Oct 18, 2018

    luigimario , Oct 18, 2018 :
    Thanks Lion-o :) Thundercats HO!!!!! Or do you prefer to be called Aslan?
    Thanks a bunch!
    Thanks Bunty! No crazy photoshop wizardry to help us celebrate? :(
    Thanks big guy! Appreciate the shout out :)
    Thanks for the shout out too!
    Haha you sneaky robot you. I see you snuck a 3rd tag in there :cool:
    I couldn't agree more, thanks to @Crystal Z. and the rest of the team for working so hard to sort through all those reviews!