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    Mohan_G , Apr 1, 2021 :
    First of all heartfelt thanks to @Crystal Z. & One plus staff for this opportunity.


    This is Mohan from pondicherry, India.
    I do photography for the past seven years. DSLR is the gear I used for my photography. My genre of photography are Wildlife, Landscapes, People, Culture and wedding. Recently got interest and doing astro photography. Regarding mobile photography two years before few of my friends suggested buying Oneplus mobile as I was in need of new mobile. Heard its camera was very good. I bought Oneplus 7 mobile and used, then I became addicted to mobile photography too. Really, it was very good. To say the truth, result is more than I expected.

    So for the past two years I am photographing with my Oneplus mobile. Whenever I travel for any type of photography with my DSLR, I also take photograph with my Oneplus mobile. It was very easy to use and the result is astonishing.
    My achievements are that National geographic traveler India published my photographs in daily shot for 9 times. In 2018, I was a winner of Nat Geo Traveller Incredible India theme. There were eight different theme. I won in one of the theme(Art form). In the same year 2018, I was one of the finalist in Nat geo your shot in wild life category. This year also I won third place in Nat Geo Traveller India contest - theme 'what makes a place' . In Oneplus, I won three times in weekly contest, later was honored by hosting a contest. In addition, there are few more winnings, Exhibitions & magazines but I highlighted the most important ones.


    I got the Brand New OnePlus 9 Pro 5G 12GB/256GB Pine Green.

    Inside the box

    OnePlus 9 Pro - Pine Green

    Red charging cable

    Warp Charging 65 adapter

    protection cover

    Highest SAR Value

    Quick Start Guide

    Safety Information



    Tricky selfie by using self timer.
    (Mirror shot)


    Usually one plus 9 pro image are taken with an actual camera or using other mobile camera but I decided to take my first tricky adventure with one plus 9 pro , So planned to shoot my one plus 9 pro with the same one plus 9pro using a mirror but lighting setup & executing the idea was really challenging, as the lighting & the other things behind the actual setup should not be in mirror reflection so after a long time and multiple setup finally got this above shot which was achieved by using controlled lighting & 10 Sec Selftimer in pro mode. Tried my level best to execute a different perspective shot. Hope u enjoy it..

    First impression


    To my surprise I received the pine green color which was my favorite color in one plus 9 pro series. Looks very premium & the matte finish add to the elegant look which looks great from all angles.

    The case which was in the box is also green & matches well to the pine green

    As usual the touch interface of the screen was really good which was a strong point for all the one plus mobiles also very bright and usable in outdoor bright sunny conditions

    I can find now is the over heating issue which was felt just after using the camera for 15 min , looking forward to use it for timelapse and night sky photography, hope this will soon be rectified by a software update.


    The hasselblad's partnership with the one plus was evident when using the camera for video & photo for some random shots, the colors look vibrant , natural & true to real life.

    The dynamic range was much improved and in backlight conditions the contrast was nice.

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    Mohan_G , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Milkyway Galaxy
    Hi guys here is a photograph of our milky way galaxy captured with OnePlus 9pro × hasselblade .
    First, let's see what does milky way galaxy means.
    The Galaxy is a group of large cluster of stars, planets and enormous collection of gas, dust and rocks which are held together by gravity, the galaxy we live in is called milky way. The milky way got it's name from ancient Romans, they called them as a band "via lacteal" which means "Milky road" or Milky way". Its shape can be defined as a barred spiral galaxy and there is a bright core surrounded by four main arms which spirals away from the core that also splits into smaller arms and spurs
    Astronomers belive that our milky way galaxy is just about
    13.6 billion years old and it is as old as the universe itself (universe is 13.8 billion years old). said:

    When is the perfect time to capture the milky way ?
    Milky way season is when the core of the milky way is visible only for a particular part of the year and the other regions of the milky way is visible in the night sky all year round but they aren't as bright and alluring as the core side.
    As we are inside the galaxy we can't see its spiral shape, we're actually viewing the milky way from the inside & frome edge which is why milky way always appears as a singular band in night sky for us. Milky way season beings from February last week and goes on till October.

    Lets see how we can click the perfect pic of the Milkyway galaxy

    Avoid light polluted areas it is hard to see milky way from light polluted areas and moon is also kind of light pollution which reflects the sun light so prefer shooting in New moon day or 1 week before and after the new moon day because moon will not disturb you in those days and always prefer dark sky to capture milky way.
    Pro mode
    • Shutter speed : 15 sec - 30 sec (avoid star trail)
    • Iso : 800 - 2500 based on the place we are in
    • Focus : manual focus set to infinity
    • manual white balance : 4500k (can also be changed in post processing)
    Use a study tripod to avoid shakyv support with some solid material like bag or stone to keep your phone study.
    Importance of Raw
    Always shoot in Raw for more details of milkyway
    Shoot in RAW file which will be very much useful in post processing, jpeg file will give you smoothed & grainless
    Jpeg gives better result but We can't post process much the jpeg file which will produce patches of grains, so avoid jpeg in low light conditions. The only disadvantage in Raw is too much grains and hot pixels which can be corrected while post processing.
    But we can't reduce it 100%
    Post Work
    Milkyway images has to be edited but it is just the basic image editing there is no artificial items added or removed or manipulated in the image, the main editing done to the image is to enhance the subtle colors in the milkyway and also dehaze is done to reduce the atmospheric haze & fog present other than that basic corrections like brightness contrast & White balance corrections are only done .
    Here I shared the screenshot of what I done in the post work .
    Low light performance (Night sky)
    About low light performance, the details in Milky way images are satisfying but grains in image is bit high but i think it is acceptable due to phones small camera sensor and i can able to see hot pixels sometimes & making the unhappy , it should be rectified sooner.
    Lake fog
    This is just another unexpected beauty we were able to capture during the night while we were going to shoot the milky way, the back light from the resort made the fog visible which was moving along the river. Some moments are said to never occur twice but every moment we spend with nature we create thousands of those moments.
    I captured this image with the same settings I used for milkyway.
    Timelapse video (Lake fog)

    Pine forest - Ultra wide


    This picture was captured when we were trekking through a pine forest and i used the ultra wide feature and the result was very nice & the distortion level is less. i have taken a few more in ultrawide there are some distortion effect in it,
    I think it depends on the subject & angle we are capturing it. which i will be sharing in the upcoming week in detail.
    Night sky beauty
    So when i were going through a dense forest, i decided to stop for a little bit, the red color of the leaves was obtained by using the back light of our car of with the flash and the same settings i use for capturing the milkyway galaxy.i placed the phone screen down and used self timer since it was a bit difficult to get the top angle with my tripod.

    Here is a potrait of nature, It was a day time landscape shot with reflection on lake coated with fog. Only basic corrections done here.
    The fog covered 1/3rd of the river and it was nature's beauty at it's best, it was taken in the landscape orientation, it didn't require much of editing as it's better untouched.
    Night sky Reflection
    unexpected beauty we were able to capture during the night while we were going to shoot the milky way, this was similar shot like fog over lake with reflection. Here i used only ambience light to capture this image and recovered details from a shadow region, i loved the details in which retained by shadow.
    Happy clicking..

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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Apr 27, 2021 :
    Week 2
    Long exposure photography (Landscape)
    Image 1
    This is a long exposure shot. Capturing those silky smooth ocean waves and smoothed out skies makes for stunning images. Just like many other types of landscape photography, the best time to shoot long exposure photos is before sunrise and after sunset.
    Use pro mode to capture long exposure shots
    Shutter speed - 10 sec to 15 sec
    ISO - 100
    If you see more waves then go to 15 to 20 sec shutter speed.
    Nd filter
    I used mobile ND filter (Neewer Nd filter 2-400 adjustable Nd filter ) here ,to capture this view, its not compulsory to use the filter but the lights in the frame will be bleached if it is not used and will spoil the picture. If you don't have any bigger lights in your frame then avoid using it. The use of ND is to cut of the extra lights & getting smooth water effects, even without ND filter we can get good images with our phone
    Solitude boat at peace
    Image 2
    The 2nd image is also a long exposure shot on different location, without any filters. The concept is "solitude boat at peace" , the image is captured in between civil and nautical twilight hours. That's a special time to capture stars in blue sky.
    Though there is a light pollution in frame the photo came out very well as i excepted and suits for my concept.
    Image 3
    Like the second one I captured this image without any nd filter.
    Review - Ultra wide
    It's tough to create ultra-wide lenses that avoid distortion. The light is essentially being bent by the lens near the edges to capture as much of the scene. The good thing is one plus has free-form lens technology which helps to control the disortion said:

    Image 4
    Image 5
    Image 6

    Image 7
    (Unedited )

    The distortion is well controlled when I took some images of a church interior . The result was really good, the corners were Sharp and the lines in the edge of the frame was straight and well controlled. The HDR was very effective for recovering the details from the shadows as the Chairs in the church was pretty dark but the highlight was though to recover and a bit harsh .
    Image 8 (unedited )
    The flaring in the Sunrise image was very different and has colours and its distracting the viewers attention from the main Subject , could have been controlled a bit more .
    Altogether the ultrawide lens with HDR makes interior and high dynamic situations a bit more easy to handle and the most important feature in the interior and architecture photography is keeping the lines Straight. It's really a great thing in this ultrawide camera.
    True colors
    Image 9
    I took this paper flower picture in specific to check the true colour difference between eye and camera, I am adding both edited (little bit) and unedited picture here for your understanding. As expected the colours cameout very realistic.
    Image 10
    These photos were taken to test the colour sensitivity of this mobile also we can take Image 6, 7 & 8 as reference (unedited ) Which results in accurate colours each and every time, except in low light oversaturating happens in blue colour in normal photo mode. But in good lighting conditions the colours are more accurate than expected.

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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 5, 2021 :
    Week 3

    Street photography
    This week I'm going to share a few of my street photos taken with one plus 9pro.


    This photograph of the beach was a low angle shot of two fishermen who were having a little chat while folding the fishing nets.
    Typically street photography is about candidly capturing life in public areas.


    The photo of the man walking towards the coconut tree was captured by using ultra wide and it paid off since inorder to get the perfect composition i had to crop almost 50% of the original photo but the detailing and the sharpness didn't get affected. The half cropped house made the photo a complete package


    Street photography does not have to be done on the streets, you can do street photography anywhere.
    Street photography is not like other genres, capturing day-to-day life in a narrative manner is not an easy task. I believe that street photography is somehow unique.

    Salt Pan workers


    The art and the artist
    While roaming around the temple and was searching for a moment to capture,
    I saw a sketch artist painting a statue asked him how long it takes to finish this, he said "an hour". I waited until it was being completed and captured the statue and painting in the same frame.

    Non candid Street photography



    Walking along the streets , I saw this little one playing with coconuts who was from the tender coconut salesman family. It wasn't a posed shot, whenever I framed him, he sees my phone likewise when I framed this shot he saw the phone that's how it was a perfect coincidence shot.

    It maybe surprising but this photo was actually taken in normal Photo mode and didn't try the additional pro mode or adjust anything, i was very content with the level of detailing in the normal photo mode since the skin smoothness, clarity, exposure and lighting was all upto mark.

    Tips for street photography

    For street photography, there are various criterias to be considered, i will try to elaborate a few,
    • Choose the perfect location and for these low angles would preferably be better
    • Visit the place filled with more activities
    • Try in ultrawide mode
    • don't bother with what people around you might think and go with your instincts but if your subject(person) feels uncomfortable u should quit
    • observe the Environment
    • Patience is more important & and wait for the right moment
    Except for the portrait of the boy surrounded by coconuts, i used ultrawide for the rest and was able to get the perfection i expected. It may not always be your day so don't try to lose hope and keep practicing till you get a hang of it.

    It is being so critical and hectic under these lockdown restrictions to capture the perfect moments . I couldn't move much out of my Place, I captured moments which I could by taking a little walk around within the limited boundaries , even the temple photography was taken at the beginning days of lockdown when I received the mobile and others where taken at recent times. We can't blame the situation it's just the little best what I could do under the limited boundaries. We will just do our role in this pandemic just by staying safe.

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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 13, 2021 at 6:50 AM :
    Astrophotography - 2

    Constellation, conjunctions & Milky way

    This week I am going to continue Astrophotography which I left in the first week, but to change this time we are going to see Landscape Astrophotography, with ways to capture beautiful things in the night sky with some landscape.

    When we say Astrophotography, we think of the milkyway and images of the starry night, but that also includes constellations like Orion, the starry sky with meteor showers and a conjunction of planets and moon, etc. When it comes to smartphone, we can take advantage of capturing wide field Astrophotography like Milky way, close approaches of planets, meteor showers and constellations,etc.

    Landscape Astrophotography

    When talking about landscape Astrophotography Framing into new perspectives and distinctively foreground (landscape) makes your photo unique. Here, finding the peculiar landscape is the toughest part. Due to lock down I can't travel anywhere in search of beautiful landscape, so I decided to pull what I get out of my garden.

    Here, I'm going to share some images of nightscape. Which I took from my backyard and will also share some street photography from last week in the end

    I was so surprised to see the details and dynamic range in the milky way shots because, I used to capture from an area polluted by light in bortel 4 level (the unit used to measure light pollution in the night sky) which is not so great for capturing images of the Milky Way, but the results are more impressive than I expected.



    Milkyway & chrysanthemum flowers



    A constellation is an area on the celestial sphere in which a group of visible stars forms a perceived outline or pattern, typically representing an animal, mythological person or creature, or an inanimate object.

    the area of the sky assigned to such a group of stars: currently the sky is considered to have 88 constellations

    What is the use of Constellation?

    Constellations are useful because they can help people to recognize stars in the sky. By looking for patterns, the stars and locations can be much easier to spot. The constellations had uses in ancient times. They were used to help keep track of the calendar.

    1) Canis constellation with connecting lines

    Symbolism : The Greater dog
    Brightest star : Sirius


    Without connecting lines


    2) Orion constellation with connecting lines

    Symbolism: The hunter
    Brightest star: Rigel


    Without connecting lines


    3) Scorpius Constellation with connecting lines

    Symbolism: Scorpion
    Brightest star: antares


    Without connecting lines


    Also we can trace Milkyway with Scorpius constellation without using any application.

    Conjunction of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn


    In astronomy, a conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. Likewise, last week Moon, Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction.

    Street photography

    Adding one more picture in Street photography genre that I posted last week


    Usually in photography, we freeze the moments we see, but here it feels like the moment that has been paused before clicking the shutter.
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    dom_k , Apr 12, 2021 :
    That selfie mirror shot is really creative! At first glance I didn't recognize it :D

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    Thanks bro 😊

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    Priya0298 , Apr 13, 2021 :
    All the shots are amazing!! Especially the selfie mirror shot, fantastic idea and a great result!! Long way to go! Waiting for the next updates!!

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    Thank you 😊

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    Great Night sky images loved the tips for night photography.. Really helpfull

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    Thank you so much 😊

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