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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 5, 2021 :
    Week 3

    Street photography
    This week I'm going to share a few of my street photos taken with one plus 9pro.


    This photograph of the beach was a low angle shot of two fishermen who were having a little chat while folding the fishing nets.
    Typically street photography is about candidly capturing life in public areas.


    The photo of the man walking towards the coconut tree was captured by using ultra wide and it paid off since inorder to get the perfect composition i had to crop almost 50% of the original photo but the detailing and the sharpness didn't get affected. The half cropped house made the photo a complete package


    Street photography does not have to be done on the streets, you can do street photography anywhere.
    Street photography is not like other genres, capturing day-to-day life in a narrative manner is not an easy task. I believe that street photography is somehow unique.

    Salt Pan workers


    The art and the artist
    While roaming around the temple and was searching for a moment to capture,
    I saw a sketch artist painting a statue asked him how long it takes to finish this, he said "an hour". I waited until it was being completed and captured the statue and painting in the same frame.

    Non candid Street photography



    Walking along the streets , I saw this little one playing with coconuts who was from the tender coconut salesman family. It wasn't a posed shot, whenever I framed him, he sees my phone likewise when I framed this shot he saw the phone that's how it was a perfect coincidence shot.

    It maybe surprising but this photo was actually taken in normal Photo mode and didn't try the additional pro mode or adjust anything, i was very content with the level of detailing in the normal photo mode since the skin smoothness, clarity, exposure and lighting was all upto mark.

    Tips for street photography

    For street photography, there are various criterias to be considered, i will try to elaborate a few,
    • Choose the perfect location and for these low angles would preferably be better
    • Visit the place filled with more activities
    • Try in ultrawide mode
    • don't bother with what people around you might think and go with your instincts but if your subject(person) feels uncomfortable u should quit
    • observe the Environment
    • Patience is more important & and wait for the right moment
    Except for the portrait of the boy surrounded by coconuts, i used ultrawide for the rest and was able to get the perfection i expected. It may not always be your day so don't try to lose hope and keep practicing till you get a hang of it.

    It is being so critical and hectic under these lockdown restrictions to capture the perfect moments . I couldn't move much out of my Place, I captured moments which I could by taking a little walk around within the limited boundaries , even the temple photography was taken at the beginning days of lockdown when I received the mobile and others where taken at recent times. We can't blame the situation it's just the little best what I could do under the limited boundaries. We will just do our role in this pandemic just by staying safe.

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    vinode , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 5, 2021 :
    Hi, I'm a huge fan for OnePlus brand, I own a OnePlus 9 Pro pine green 128 gb 256 gb storage varient. Everything looks great except one thing, when we receive any notification be it a text message or whatsapp etc, we don't get to see any notification light on the phone, unlike other OnePlus phone it has a notification light, which will let us know that we have a notification, can this feature be added to OnePlus 9 Pro as well? I see a horizon light but it will not be displaying until we unlock our phone and look at it.Thanks.

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    Zain Ali , May 6, 2021 :
    Great street photography! I like the first two especially! Well done

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