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    rasta_firasta , May 7, 2021 :

    Monochrome images are awesome, but i personally loved the portrait of boy playing with coconuts 🤩👍

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    Thumbs up for the street photography week mate, beautiful! :)

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    Thanks a lot bro [e]1f60a[/e]

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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 9 Pro , May 13, 2021 :
    Astrophotography - 2
    Constellation, conjunctions & Milky way

    This week I am going to continue Astrophotography which I left in the first week, but to change this time we are going to see Landscape Astrophotography, with ways to capture beautiful things in the night sky with some landscape.
    When we say Astrophotography, we think of the milkyway and images of the starry night, but that also includes constellations like Orion, the starry sky with meteor showers and a conjunction of planets and moon, etc. When it comes to smartphone, we can take advantage of capturing wide field Astrophotography like Milky way, close approaches of planets, meteor showers and constellations,etc.
    Landscape Astrophotography
    When talking about landscape Astrophotography Framing into new perspectives and distinctively foreground (landscape) makes your photo unique. Here, finding the peculiar landscape is the toughest part. Due to lock down I can't travel anywhere in search of beautiful landscape, so I decided to pull what I get out of my garden.
    Here, I'm going to share some images of nightscape. Which I took from my backyard and will also share some street photography from last week in the end
    I was so surprised to see the details and dynamic range in the milky way shots because, I used to capture from an area polluted by light in bortel 4 level (the unit used to measure light pollution in the night sky) which is not so great for capturing images of the Milky Way, but the results are more impressive than I expected.

    all astro images taken with same settings
    Iso 1600,
    F 1.8 &
    20 sec in pro mode
    manual (Infinite focus )

    Milkyway & chrysanthemum flowers
    A constellation is an area on the celestial sphere in which a group of visible stars forms a perceived outline or pattern, typically representing an animal, mythological person or creature, or an inanimate object.
    the area of the sky assigned to such a group of stars: currently the sky is considered to have 88 constellations
    What is the use of Constellation?
    Constellations are useful because they can help people to recognize stars in the sky. By looking for patterns, the stars and locations can be much easier to spot. The constellations had uses in ancient times. They were used to help keep track of the calendar.
    1) Canis constellation with connecting lines
    Symbolism : The Greater dog
    Brightest star : Sirius

    Without connecting lines
    2) Orion constellation with connecting lines
    Symbolism: The hunter
    Brightest star: Rigel

    Without connecting lines
    3) Scorpius Constellation with connecting lines
    Symbolism: Scorpion
    Brightest star: antares

    Without connecting lines
    Also we can trace Milkyway with Scorpius constellation without using any application.
    Conjunction of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn
    In astronomy, a conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. Likewise, last week Moon, Jupiter and Saturn were in conjunction.
    Street photography

    Adding one more picture in Street photography genre that I posted last week
    Usually in photography, we freeze the moments we see, but here it feels like the moment that has been paused before clicking the shutter.
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    Mohan_G , May 20, 2021 :
    Week 5
    Timelapse video and Landscape photography

    A time lapse is made by speeding up a slow-moving scene in video.
    clouds moving, sunset, traffic & lightning. You can create your own visually stunning time lapse.

    You can record in 1080p or 4k resolution

    Choose interval depending on the scenario


    For shooting sunrise and sunset - 120x

    For Shooting moving vehicle - 15x
    (Prefer traffic zone)

    For shooting pedestrian - 5x
    (Always prefer crowded area)

    For shooting cloud movements - 480x

    Tips to shoot timelapse
    • keep your phone in an undisturbed spot
    • Shoot for long time for the best result
    • Always use study tripod to avoid unstable video or else support your phone with stiff object and ensure the phone is safe.
    • By selecting the correct interval speed, you can obtain smooth video otherwise it will resembles fast or slow video.
    • The color balance are really good and natural and it did not increase or decrease the colors.
    • U can see the dynamic range in this video the highlight and shadows are well controlled.
    • The video required no additional sharpening to be done they are baked with correct sharpness
    If we want we can modify the speed in post work. I merged and developed this video in Inshot mobile app.


    All the images were captured in HDR MODE


    We all think that the landscape is a kind of destination photography, traveling to beautiful places and taking a photo. But in fact, we can take some good landscape of the surrounding areas that we live in.

    I will share few photos destination and landscape of hometown that i shot using one plus 9 pro

    An early morning sunrise photo from hill station.


    Here is the image of flowery garden with some coconut trees making a good composition.


    Landscape is one of my favorite categories in photography, when capturing clouds in the landscape i can do that without any boredom.

    I have taken 10 to 20 shots of clouds with landscape but never get bored, every time i will be trying something new and creative.

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