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  1. Gio567full
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Apr 12, 2022

    Gio567full , Apr 12, 2022 :

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this new adventure! Fasten your seatbelts, the journey into the world of this review is about to begin!
    Once our famous professor said: "There is a time and a place for everything! But not now". This time our Pokè..TechDex has a new OnePlus 10 Pro to analyze! And as I always remember:"The Oxygen Os is the HM fly that transports you to OnePlus".

    Let's know each other better!
    My name is Giovanni, but you all know me as Gio567full and I greet you from Italy! I am a tech enthusiast and I have been a member of this community since 2014.
    After many years on the forum, I am happy to have the chance to test this smartphone. I would like to thank Daniel D., dsmonteiro, and the whole team for choosing me. To combine my two biggest passions: technology and the world of Pokèmon, I decided to write a review that includes both! In each section of the review, I will introduce a trainer who wins medals, in the hope that you will have an exciting journey. I will do my best and can not wait to read your comments! Would you like to go on this journey with me?

    Good! Gotta review it all! :p

    Review topics:
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  2. Gio567full
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Apr 21, 2022

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    Gio567full , Apr 21, 2022 :
    Welcome back, coaches! :cool:
    Now that I have presented the first two topics, it's time to get into the specifics of the smartphone. I am ready to analyze this version of the device: "The Emerald Edition". Always stay up to date and check your TechDex:p. Do you want to miss any part of the review? I don't think so. Every medal is important! I need your help to win them all.

    Are you ready for this new adventure?
    Well, let's get started!


    Do you remember the old video game packaging? This one reminds me of something:rolleyes:


    3°Medal : Display
    The display has excellent colors and visualization of multimedia content is perfect. We’re talking about an AMOLED, after all! The contrast is absolute, and colors are vivid and bright. The viewing angle is just perfect. With a resolution of 3216x1440 pixels and support for sRGB display P3, attaking is too easy.


    • LTPO Technology
    The device has an updated LTPO display with new optimizations that allow the refresh rate to be dynamically adjusted between 120 Hz and 1 Hz depending on the type of content. Is this for real? During my usage and some experiments in the lab, I noticed that the smartphone rarely reaches 1 Hz. The minimum refresh rate is 5 Hz, except on the lock screen.

    • Dual Color Calibration
    OnePlus has been working on this new technology called Dual Color Calibration. It provides better images in all lighting conditions and optimizes colors to get the best result. The screen is always bright with vibrant colors, but something changes at night.
    Pokémon like to hide in tall grass, just like the display loves to hide problems. I have often noticed some traces while scrolling and reddish colors at the edge of the screen at night.
    The display is almost perfect, you will never be disappointed, but all that glitters is not always gold.

    • Screen reflection

    This Amoled screen achieves excellent brightness and is easy to see even on sunny days. It has excellent reflection handling, but I recommend removing the pre-installed film if you want to fully enjoy the display.


    • Software Optimizations

    OnePlus has done a lot of work into the software optimization of the display and introduced some features that I think need to be specified:
    • AI Adaptive Brightness: AI Adaptive Brightness allows to learn your display brightness preferences and automatically adjustthe brightness accordingly. This means that the device will automatically increase the display brightness if you normally select a higher brightness than the default setting.


    • Super Video Resolution: The OnePlus 10 Pro lets you take advantage of its 6.7 inch QHD+ display even when you are watching video in resolutions lower than 720p thanks to a feature called Super Video Resolution, which automatically enhances video quality. Super Video Resolution is activated by enabling ‘Image Sharpener’ in the display settings.


    • Video Color enhancer and Nature Tone display: Video Color Enhancer allows you to enable HDR even on unsupported videos and apps, while Nature Tone Display adjusts color calibration according to the environment. I found that they don't significantly increase battery consumption. I recommend enabling both features if you want to enjoy the display. Nature Tone mode performs the same function as Apple's True Tone, although it makes the colors appear a bit more yellowish.


    • Fingerprints
    Compared to previous years, it seems that fingerprint unlocking is not perfect, it is still very reliable and very fast, but I think OnePlus needs to work a bit more with the optimization software to make it perfect.


    • Multimedia content

    Thanks to HDR 10+ technology, you will watch many Netflix series on your device:D. I loved the calibration of this screen, its fluidity, and its edges that never cause display problems. Like me, you will surely spend many hours watching your favorite films:cool:!


    • All Features
    My TechDex is ready to analyze all elements!


    Surely you wonder if the OnePlus got this medal, look at these photos and you will understand the result yourself:rolleyes:!

    Some Hasselblad gadgets:cool:

    Collage-myposter (80).jpg


    Stay Tuned :cool:!

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G May 19, 2022

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    Gio567full , May 19, 2022 :

    4° and 5°Medal: Performance-Gaming
    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, 12Gb RAM and the Adreno 730 compose the device heart.
    I can say that it is the best performing smartphone I have ever tried. Using numerous applications is not an obstacle. Fluidity and Ram are the key words to beat the gym leader. I challenge you to find just one lag. The performances are obviously fantastic, and the datasheet speaks on its own! The fluidity, due to the 120hz, increases the performances especially in games. I have to say it: it's the real top gaming smartphone.

    But let's go into more details

    • I tried this smartphone every day, also as a replacement for my laptop. This experiment was useful to understand the performance of the device. The system is responsive and allows you to switch between apps with incredible readiness. The animations are smooth and perfect like the fur of a Snorlax :D. I tried to stress the CPU with very demanding apps (Photoshop, games, editing) and the temperatures always remained stable.
    ezgif-4-52119c6832.gif ezgif-4-e5fdf10878.gif
    • The fingerprint sensor is lightning fast, as is OnePlus' tradition, but perhaps not as perfect as its predecessors, I'm sure there will be updates to improve this aspect. The face-unlock, on the other hand, is very smart, as it can recognize my face even with nice glasses:sunglasses:
    Screenshot_2022-05-16-13-25-57-14_85a72621723a04465cb57edb7b2cbf92 (1).jpg

    • The RAM optimization is what surprised me the most, and maybe it's also the secret of this smartphone. The two functions Ram Expansion and Ram Boost allow you to increase the capacity of the memory and optimize the launch of applications by examining our usage. For a small price difference, I recommend choosing the model with 12 gigabytes of Ram. Believe me, it's fantastic to be able to scroll through the different apps with crazy fluidity.

    Screenshot_2022-05-19-00-32-55-93_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2.jpg Screenshot_2022-05-19-00-33-06-72_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2.jpg

    • Haptic feedback has made incredible strides. Once it's turned on, you can immediately understand how incredible it is, a real sniper! It does not miss a beat. I am really excited about this system managed by O- HAPTICS. The generational leap is clear, it is very similar to the iPhone, you will be thrilled!
    Screenshot_2022-05-19-01-03-10-44_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2 (1).jpg
    • During the gaming session I tested the maximum FPS, they are always stable, even in some games that load the GPU up to 50%. The temperatures are always low, but after an intense gaming session I noticed that they reach 42°. The smartphone is always cool, but I would have expected a lower temperature during longer sessions.

    Here is some gaming tests:

    Collage-myposter (81).jpg

    • In Fnatec mode you can choose two game modes:
    Extreme: you'll be isolated from everything and everyone, including notifications, and your processor will do its best exclusively for the game
    Optimized: you will receive notifications and calls, but your gaming session will not be interrupted. Personally, I love this feature, which gives me the ability to respond quickly without ever leaving the game through the floating apps.

    1768436-6be15871a903ccca71ca3fa642d8bd1b (1).jpg
    • There is also the option to change game settings: the speed and touch sensitivity and adjust the performance of the smartphone in the game. You can choose to dedicate all the power of your smartphone to the gaming part, not a bad choice if you are a pro player:eek:

    Collage-myposter (82).jpg
    Don't let the other trainers bother you!!:cool:

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  4. Gio567full
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G May 19, 2022

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    Gio567full , May 19, 2022 :

    6°MEDAL : OxygenOs
    The OxygenOs is the HM Fly that brings you to OnePlus. The company has introduced many changes and the system has innovations related to the OPPO brand. I took the device to the lab to analyze every single corner of this system, and the results will not disappoint you. Version 12.1 is a truly fluid system that moves away from the OnePlus world and merges with OPPO.

    This system perfectly suits the smartphone! The OxygenOS is a perfect fighting style. It's strong, it's rockin', it's slick. The design lines are soft, just like the Oxygen. You can define it as "an evolution" of Android Stock.

    • Launcher
    1. This year there is a new launcher version, customizability is still the strong point, but maybe it's too much! I appreciate the ability to use any icon pack and customize every single aspect (size, shape, font), but I found it terrible how the apps are deleted. The famous X is not there and you have to open the drawer and then delete apps.:mad:
    2. It is not possible to hide the Google feed, which will always be on the left.
    3. The transitions to the pages were perhaps not necessary (Are there still people who use transitions?).
    Collage-myposter (83).jpg

    • Apps
    OnePlus' custom system apps are a distant memory now that the company relies on Google for apps like Phone and Messages. I loved the apps on the earlier OxygenOs versions because they had more features and, most importantly, were much more modern than the current ones. The graphics were much better.


    • Zen Mode
    I am a tech trainer and often get distracted when I am doing research in the lab. Fortunately, the OnePlus 10 Pro has a solution for me. Zen mode is like my mother's voice: "Focus on what you are doing!". Luckily, I can set the minutes and if I do well, I get a medal:p. I used this app a lot during my studies and I really recommend you to use this app every day to increase your concentration.

    Collage-myposter (84).jpg

    • Clone Phone
    The best app for file transfer between smartphones. It is possible to send any data from any smartphone, including Apple. You should definitely have this app on your device and believe me, you will be amazed by the transfer speed. The transfer is done through the hotspot, which means that even if you are not near Wi-Fi, you will be able to transfer all the files you need. It is an excellent solution to the main problem of data transfer on Android and does its job very well, promoted!:cool:

    Collage-myposter (85).jpg
    • Privacy
    This year, finally, privacy has received updates ! Many new features have been introduced, including:
    1. App lock with PIN.
    2. The ability to hide apps and be accessible via a secret dialer code.
    3. A private data hub (photos, videos, etc.).
    4. Two switches to globally disable the device's microphone and camera.
    All these new features are great, but in case of theft or loss? The integrated "Find My Phone" only works when GPS is active and the OnePlus 10 Pro can be easily turned off. Why not even enter an unlock code to turn it off? I have tried to think of an all-in-one privacy tool that can make all users feel more secure. I believe OnePlus has a lot of work to do in this regard.

    Immagine 2022-05-19 203401.png

    • Work/Life Mode
    If Zen mode is too extreme for you, OnePlus has thought of two lighter modes.
    Life and Work modes allow you to optimize your usage based on your Wi-Fi location and time of day. You can choose which apps are allowed to send notifications without completely blocking your smartphone. This is a very smart feature!:rolleyes:


    • Scout
    That's a new way to search! How long have you been wishing for a global search like Apple? Now it is possible on this OnePlus! I found the system very functional, but its use is not very optimized. To launch Scout, you need to open Shelf or add a widget to the home screen. Why is this system not integrated into the launcher?

    Screenshot_2022-05-19-20-48-02-07_fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2 (1).jpg

    • Canvas Effect
    OnePlus has developed an algorithm to create the canvas effect on photos. It still needs improvement since it is not very accurate, especially when it hits hair or glasses, but it is acceptable.;)

    Do you want to try this fantastic effect too?:rolleyes:


    • Notes App
    OnePlus has finally introduced news for the notes app!!:eek:, which is essential for us students. Now you have more ways to organize your space and the ability to add audio and photos has been introduced, the graphics have been completely revamped too!


    As a student I use the notes application very often, unfortunately it has only basic functions and that's why I wrote some tips:


    • Shelf
    The OnePlus Shelf can be customized with feature cards of different sizes. You can group different features together within the Shelf and change its layout to best suit you. There is also a big new feature: A new Spotify Widget!:rolleyes:

    Screenshot_2022-05-19-21-36-26-53_ee3dc56039c3477670b6eb5a1969dace (1).jpg

    • Dark Mode
    Dark Mode in OxygenOS 12.1 comes with three modes: gentle, medium, and enhanced. The system provides you with more options to ensure your viewing experience is as comfortable as possible.


    • Desktop Mode
    It lacks an app for managing the smartphone with desktop mode. Both for updates and for simply moving files. There is no screen mirroring option for the desktop version, unlike other competitors.


    The oxygenOs impressed me a lot, I'm sure that with the help of the community it will be even more optimized and faster.;)
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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G May 30, 2022

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    Gio567full , May 30, 2022 :

    8°Medal : Comparison
    The most important question I will try to answer is the classic one: would you recommend switching from the OnePlus 8/9 Pro to this 10? The answer is uncertain. I will try to analyze all cases in this section.

    • Battery
    How different is the battery life? To be honest, I did not notice much difference in the battery during my use as a student. The OnePlus 10 Pro guaranteed me a battery life of +5/10%, from my point of view that is not a big reason to change the smartphone. What changes the way you experience the smartphone instead is charging. There are real differences here, with the OnePlus 10 Pro you can charge the smartphone much faster than with the old models and if that is important to you, then that can be a good reason to switch to 80W charging.


    • Camera
    If the camera is indispensable for you and you are one of the conscious users, then I recommend you to switch. If you belong to the casual users who like to take photos without any special settings or big demands, you can safely stay with your current smartphone. The main differences in the camera can be seen mainly at night, where OnePlus' work is very visible. During the day, there are only minimal differences, you will have a hard time distinguishing the photos of the two models without using the zoom. Another difference can be found mainly in the software, where the latest model really has a lot more inexperienced features and that can greatly benefit its use.


    • Performance
    Again, the differences are minimal. Unless you use the smarpthone to the extreme, it is very difficult to find differences, because they are two very good processors! What you can really notice is the haptic feedback, it is much better and the display. Believe me, it's a real advance to watch a movie or a video, it's an incredible display. The decision is entirely up to you!


    • Design
    These considerations are very personal, as they are very subjective, but from my point of view, the OnePlus 10 Pro has something more to offer. Let us start with the weight, which is much better distributed on the latest model. I really appreciated this aspect, especially when it's in my pocket. The camera module is actually more visual, which sets it apart from the competition. I really like the design of the photo module in combination with the green color of the smartphone. The contrast between black and satin green really makes the smartphone look premium. On the other hand, you will hardly notice any differences on the front, since it is exactly the same.


    • Software and final considerations
    Both are equipped with the latest OxygenOs 12 and again, it's practically impossible to find any differences. Shelf, Scout, work/life mode, Zen mode and all other software integrations are included in both smartphones and that's a good thing. Personally, I only recommend the transition if you feel the need to have a really top smartphone. If you love having the maximum fps with the maximum settings when playing video games, if you love photography and not just taking pictures as a hobby, and if you want a smartphone that will be updated for a long time, then I recommend the transition.

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Apr 12, 2022

    Gio567full , Apr 12, 2022 :

    1°Medal: Unboxing

    When a new product is launched there are some innovations, this year also for the box which is a standard size. This choice can be considered a return to the origins, OnePlus leaves behind the boxes of previous years and maybe even thinks a little about trees! Personally, I agree with this choice, but objectively, the boxes were more refined in the past.


    The first thing that stands out about this box is the color: "OnePlus Red"
    Attention to detail is everything for OnePlus and even this little box has a lot to say. The black embossed lettering is very elegant and tends to reflect the light, creating a fascinating effect that will surely catch your eye.

    ezgif-1-8fdb037b58 (1) (1).gif

    Besides the OnePlus logo and the 10 Pro lettering, the Hasselblad "H" also stands out, confirming the collaboration with the photo company again this year. Traditionally, this box is also very soft. Every time I touch it, I can not stop! It may seem like a small detail, but that makes it clear how important the content is.

    Collage-myposter (67).png
    Will there be a fire-type pokémon inside?

    When I opened the box, I really liked the choice of
    black color, which makes the packaging more modern and the expectation of the contents "stronger". Also in this case there are embossed logos.

    Collage-myposter (68).png

    What's inside the box? My TechDex is ready to analyze all elements!


    The content is also less detailed than in previous years, both in terms of size and specifics that stand out from the competition. There are fewer stickers, the welcome letter is less accurate, and there is no information about SARS levels. I think every detail makes a difference, especially for long-time fans who cherish everything with much love:confused:.

    Collage-myposter (70).png

    Collage-myposter (71).png

    What about the charging and cable?
    • The cable is USB Type A to Type C, I would have preferred a C for both ports as in the past years, but you can not want everything from your smartphone:eek:.
    • The charger provides a fast charge of 100% in just 32 minutes, but it is heavier than the 65W charger. Instead, an excellent job has been done for the size, which has not increased much.
    • If I spend a lot of time away from home, fast charging is a godsend. If you study or work, being able to fast charge your smartphone is a great advantage.

    Collage-myposter (73).png


    And the Case?
    • The case is finally no longer transparent! I really liked this choice.
    • The details in relief and the "Never Settle" logo reminds us of belonging to the community and the brand. At the same time, they make the case even more premium.
    • It does not increase the grip much, be careful if you do not want your smartphone to slip like soap.
    • It does not protect the camera module completely.
    • I recommend buying a more robust case if you are very afraid of drop damage.

    But now is the time, let's discover the smartphone contained inside!

    (I guess it will be a grass type pokemon!:D)
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  7. Gio567full
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Apr 12, 2022

    Gio567full , Apr 12, 2022 :

    2°Medal: Design

    During my travels, I had the opportunity to try out many OnePlus devices. The smartphone is well thought out and well designed, but it is not very different from the other OnePlus devices. The front is very similar to its predecessors, but the back has a lot to say.


    Let's go into more details:

    • The smartphone has a lateral curvature that runs along the entire edge of the display, creating an almost dynamic effect and following smooth and sharp lines.
    • Especially when used without a case,the touch-and-fell gives a good feeling at skin contact! It makes you feel, you have a gold product in your hands and it gives the same impressions as its predecessors.The buttons are in the same positions, so you can easily get familiar with this device.
    • The one-handed operations are very stable, I have never had any problems with slipping (so far:rolleyes:) and although the edges are very thin and not very square, it gives a good feeling of security.

    Collage-myposter (74).png
    (I really fell in love with this 3d effect:rolleyes:)

    • Despite a 5000-mah battery, the OnePlus 10 Pro is very light. The 200,5 g are well distributed in the 8.55mm body. It seems to have a lighter product when compared to the previous generation. OnePlus does a good job with the weight distribution! The first thing I did when I opened the box was compare it to my OnePlus 8 Pro.The two weights are the same but here we have a more large battery. Well done OnePlus! You will have no problem keeping it in your pocket for a long time:cool:.
    • As with most current smartphones, you need to use a case if you do not want your smartphone to move when you write a message.


    • The color of this version is the Emerald Forest, which reminds me of a grass type Pokémon. The surface is glossy, but it is not easy to leave many fingerprints on it, probably the company worked a lot on this aspect. During my use I did not have to clean it carefully to restore its shine.
    • Unfortunately, I can not say the same for the camera module, it's a real magnet for fingerprints, but more importantly, it attracts dust. Usually, I had to clean the camera module to get the perfect shots.




    • The screen has a very similar curvature to my OnePlus 8 Pro and It does not interfere with multimedia content. I didn't notice differences but I appreciate this choice. It has been designed with great care, especially for the reflections that have disappeared at the edges.
    • OnePlus follows the lack of an audio port for headphones. Now it is standard for all smartphones, which should not be seen as a criticism, but it could provide the opportunity to differentiate once again.


    • The most striking feature is certainly the Hasselblad lettering. It gives the smartphone a really high-end design and adds an extra shine. I really liked how it fits next to the cameras.
    • That’s the famous Alert Sider! I don’t understand why no competitor takes advantage of this instrument. Well… Better for you, OnePlus! I found it useful during reunion or university lessons! You know immediately if the smartphone is silent. I also noticed that it moves more precisely and decisively compared to previous generations.




    • The OnePlus 10 Pro has an IP54 certification,this year splashing water should be a big problem for it, I recommend keeping it away, water is still water! This regression is probably due to the choice of design and photo module.
    • Regarding the structure and the famous case of "breaking", I will of course not perform any tests, but I can give you some personal impressions. I consider the smartphone to be very robust, like a small ingot, and yes, it is very thin, but I do not think that this is a drawback!


    Will our OnePlus be able to pass all the tests?
    You just have to keep reading.;)
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    Starcommander , Apr 12, 2022 :
    Loved the intro. It was one of the most unique intro. Good job

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  9. Gio567full
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    Gio567full , Apr 12, 2022 :
    Thank you so much 💪 Did my best


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    Liehjan , Apr 14, 2022 :
    I have a soft spot for Pokemon. I liked this a lot!:) can't wait for next part.

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    Gio567full , Apr 14, 2022 :
    Thank you so much all guys :) Hope you will appreciate the other topics as well

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    DarshanMeniya , Apr 15, 2022 :
    It's one of the unique reviews I have ever seen on the OnePlus forum, Thank you for posting a unique review, I liked it.

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    Such a wonderful introduction Gio. A unique style of presentation. I know your expertise in photography. So not surprised with the amazing product photos. Waiting for more.

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    Hi Gio, such an interesting and unique approach to the unboxing made it very nice, Kudos. waiting for more✨

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    Gio567full , Apr 15, 2022 :
    Thank you so much guys for these awesome words! They are an incentive to keep pushing and hope you will appreciate also the other topics!:rolleyes:

    Dai che anche noi italiani ci facciamo sentire ogni tanto :D Grazie mille veramente! Spero che anche il resto sia di gradimento (si l'inglese è importante ahah :p)

    Thank you so much :rolleyes:


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