The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviews are live!

  1. G_Aryan_Nandal 0007
    Cupcake May 25, 2018

  2. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 25, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , May 25, 2018 :
    Tomorrow so I'm posting up the Unboxing Review and on Sunday the Design Review. If I have time, I'll squeeze the Performance review. Camera will be after those three so stay tuned :)

  3. G_shaji_wahabuddin_zWaf
    Froyo May 25, 2018

    G_shaji_wahabuddin_zWaf , May 25, 2018 :
    Your 3T pics were just amazing. Would definitely like to see what you can do with the 6

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  4. NeVeR_SeTTLe
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer May 25, 2018

    NeVeR_SeTTLe , May 25, 2018 :
    Thank you ;)
    I'm also curious on the camera of the OnePlus 6. The review will be without any editing. Just auto / manual / HDR / HQ :)

  5. Joel B
    Honeycomb May 25, 2018

    Joel B , May 25, 2018 :
    I totally agree with you that reviews should be as short and to the point as possible (but yea some people love some flair, so it's good that you've got options to follow a reviewer that suits your needs.
    As for the dropping of the phone, I've seen dropping the 6 from waist height indeed doing nothing but slight scuff-marks mostly on the bezzles, but also saw it being dropped from 1meter80 (6foot) and it breaking the screen. So i would still be careful/ put a cover on it just to be sure

  6. jayaprakashpollachi
    Honeycomb May 26, 2018

    jayaprakashpollachi , May 26, 2018 :
    I am having oneplus5t so dint buy op6. but this post by someone Amazon was liked by 765 customers and this is the top review among all.Nowadays All phones around 15k awesome camera oneplus6 is a failure.

  7. D1527307432356
    Cupcake May 26, 2018

  8. G_shaji_wahabuddin_zWaf
    Froyo May 26, 2018

    G_shaji_wahabuddin_zWaf , May 26, 2018 :
    In all fairness I don't think that this is a honest review. The user should have mentioned which 15k rupees phone beats the OP6 for its camera or other qualities. How can someone judge a phone with just 2 minutes of use? Top reviewers on YouTube and other tech sites spend days with the device before its release and after before they publish their initial impressions and full reviews respectively.

    As someone who has used the Lenovos and Huaweis and HTC's in the past that fall into the 15k category I can vouch for the quality that OnePlus provides based on personal use and it is arguably a cut above the rest even in the same price category let alone the 15k price range.

    So don't take someone's word for it without any substantial experience. I have the OP 5T too that I bought 3-4 months ago but I am not looking to give up on it yet. Will wait for the Full reviews to come out based on long term usage before I decide.

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  9. jayaprakashpollachi
    Honeycomb May 26, 2018

    jayaprakashpollachi , May 26, 2018 :
    this is Redmi note 5 pro photo taken by my friend . it's 15k phone India version .he has so many photos like this from that device .adjusting photo clarity with software has reached a point from now top end phones should use three camera or some new tecnics to improve photos .op6 ois is a welcome move but I dono bout it's performance

  10. jayaprakashpollachi
    Honeycomb May 26, 2018

    jayaprakashpollachi , May 26, 2018 :
    thanks for the reply brother

  11. Chaitanya KITTY
    Cupcake May 26, 2018

  12. Anand PM
    Honeycomb May 27, 2018

    Anand PM , May 27, 2018 :
    Apart from the Fact that the device brings Almost Everything that you need on a smartphone and at a lower price, I'm quite disappointed with the design from 5T to 6. It was better if it had Slightly thinner Bezel than current design. I was expecting an S8 like design but we can't get that on this price range right? And the stock wallpaper choice actually made the device less visually attractive. It was when MKBHD did a full review of the device that i realised it looks quite a lot like the Iphone X while opening Apps with white background. And ofcourse the fingerprint scanner.

  13. RahulMehta1993
    Cupcake May 27, 2018

  14. F_Bikesh_Shah_iQDp
    Donut May 27, 2018

  15. Joel B
    Honeycomb May 27, 2018

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  16. E1526629434121
    Cupcake May 28, 2018

  17. Varunyadav1990
    Donut May 28, 2018

    Varunyadav1990 , May 28, 2018 :
    Oneplus6 Drop test and Fail

    Hmm it seems glass back sucks [e]1f60f[/e] OnePlus 6 no exception

    https://t.co/6AtjuVs8uV <<link

    Check this Drop test by Matthew Moniz on YouTube

    Broken glass back from just a single waist drop.

    What do you think guys??

    I'm using Oneplus's Avenger's edition case on my Mirror Black 6GB version.
    Will this case protect it when dropped from waist height??

    Also , anyone knows how much it costs to replace OnePlus 6 glass back??

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  18. Shuffler505
    Jelly Bean May 29, 2018

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  19. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer May 29, 2018

    Alvie , May 29, 2018 :
    Back from your vacation? ;)

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  20. Alvie
    The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer May 29, 2018

    Alvie , May 29, 2018 :
    That actually seemed pretty durable to me, the last few tests help up very well. Seems like just the first one hit at the right angle for it to crack but even then it was a single crack on the back (not shattered)