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    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
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    Introduction & Brief Unboxing

    Hello & Welcome !

    My name's Drew, but most of you know me as Drewbikscube. I'm a connoisseur of tech and lots of coffee, a husband, and a father of 4 daughters, (hence why I love coffee :D). I swap phones almost on a bi-weekly basis. I love new mobile tech and testing out the latest and greatest the flagship market has to offer! While I do swap flagships often, I always find myself using OnePlus as my daily driver. We'll cover a lot of those reasons throughout my review of the newly announced OnePlus 6T.

    Before I get into the details though, I'd like to personally thank the OnePlus team and everyone here in the community for this awesome opportunity to share my thoughts with you on the new OnePlus 6T.

    I have had the OnePlus 6T now for almost a week. I will be reviewing the following topics over the course of the next few days:

    • Camera
    • Performance
    • Battery
    Unboxing the OnePlus 6T was quite the experience. The box itself, wrapped with an inspiring message about the OnePlus Community, greets you prior to unboxing.


    And of course we all love that new flagship feeling of slowly unboxing, so I just had to share this clip:

    Upon unboxing, the OnePlus 6T in all it's glory is revealed. Turning the OnePlus 6T over, you notice the elegant S in the design of the sleek midnight black model shimmering before you.

    While I don't want to touch too much on the accessories, included below the OnePlus fast charger, you'll find a dongle for the now missing headphone jack, #RIP.
    After unxboing the OnePlus 6T, I quickly threw in my SIM and went to work on this review. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. The thoughts behind each of the topics I'll cover are of my own, based on my subjective use of the OnePlus 6T. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 17, 2018

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    Drewbikscube , Nov 17, 2018 :
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    A few updates since the review...

    Following the final thoughts & conclusion, I had to travel to Romania for a week for work. I decided to switch to the red case.
    Red Update.JPG

    I also switched the "Accent Color" in display settings to Red.

    Red Settings.JPG

    While traveling I found the shortcuts tied to the FOD unlock to be incredibly helpful. I used this to quickly create notes throughout all my travel and while working.

    Short Note.JPG

    I also noticed that I had received several messages, as well as comments regarding my review about battery life from those stating that they're battery performance wasn't great on their 6T. I still continue to have excellent battery life on the 6T. Especially traveling, I rarely had to charge the OnePlus 6T. I highly recommend, as I mentioned in the comments, to check your detailed battery usage. If you have apps that are consuming a very high percentage of battery, check to see if you can optimize the app. If not, you should get rid of the app causing this drain. More than likely it's not compatible with Android Pie and it's possible the 3rd party devs did not have battery optimization in mind when developing the application.


    Before boarding the plane, I downloaded more games as well. I had a few people recommend a couple to test out. During my flights I would play several games, in addition to listen to music / podcasts, and occasionally watch some movies. The OnePlus 6T continued to perform well throughout all of this. In addition, I didn't have to charge following 2 flights and several long car rides throughout my 20+ hour journey. When I finally arrived to my hotel, I had 2% left. The 6T hit 1% just before I plugged it in. As soon as I plugged in the 6T, I received a call from some of my colleagues asking if I'd like to join them for dinner in an hour. The 6T was charged to 100% right in time for me to go out for the night with the team.


    I didn't get to see much while I was in Romania since I was mostly in an office, conference room, or in a manufacturing plant. However, I still took a few photos at the first hotel. There's a few with / without nightscape.

    Pics 1.JPG

    Pics 2.JPG

    pics 3.JPG

    Night VS Regular.JPG

    Night VS Regular 2.JPG

    Overall the OnePlus 6T handled my travels quite well over the last week. I did however have some connectivity issues the first day. I brought my OnePlus 6 previously the last time I was in Romania and I had zero issues with connectivity. I used the same T-Mobile SIM in the 6 as well as my 6T. However the first day the OnePlus 6T had a really hard time retaining connectivity. I couldn't text and I had to use third-party apps like FB Messenger to message back home. The second day, everything worked just fine. I'm not exactly sure what happened the first day, but I needed to note it as it was a con I experienced in my subjective usage and it's something that differed even from the previous OnePlus 6. I still cannot figure out what happened or what could have possibly been different in the OP6 compared to the 6T. I use the same settings, same apps, same everything for the most part that would have been on my OP6 that were on the 6T, so not quite sure. I'm just glad the second day it sorted itself out and performed excellent throughout the trip, especially when it came to battery performance.


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    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
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    For those interested in specs, below I've detailed the specs of each camera on the OnePlus 6T:

    Front Camera
    Sony IMX 371 -
    16 Megapixels
    • Video at 1080P & 720P, both at 30 fps
    • Time-Lapse
    • EIS
    • F/2.0 Aperture
    Rear Cameras
    Main - Sony IMX 519 - 16 Megapixels
    Secondary – Sony IMX 376K - 20 Megapixels
    • OIS
    • EIS
    • F/1.7 Aperture
    • Video at 4K at both 30/60 fps, 1080P at 30/60 fps, & 720P at 30 fps
    • Super slow-motion Video at 1080P at 240 fps & 720P at 480 fps
    • Time-Lapse
    • Video Editor
    I will note the camera hardware on the OnePlus 6T is the same hardware found on the OnePlus 6. The improvements found here on the OnePlus 6T are software based. Nightscape for example, is one of these software improvements. This will be coming to the OnePlus 6 in a future update.

    During the OnePlus 6T launch event, OnePlus said they're trying to target everyone when improving the camera, not just professionals. I am, by far, not a professional when it comes to photography. I'm a point and shoot person. With kids, travel, work, etc. I can't wait for the "perfect shot". I need to be able to quickly capture the essence of a moment to share between family and friends, but I need that moment captured as accurately as possible. Below are some photo and video samples taken with the OnePlus 6T over the last few days. I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I do!

    Regular Photos

    All of these photos were taken using the standard "Photo" mode on the camera. These are all directly point and shoot moments. Each photo has not been edited or altered using any additional software/filters.

    Plane reg.JPG
    NY plane.JPG
    Airport reg.JPG

    Below are a few "behind the scene" photos of the OnePlus 6T Launch Event!

    event morning 1.JPG
    event morning 2.JPG

    event morning 3.JPG
    Crack the code reg.JPG
    behind scenes reg.JPG
    reg beads.JPG
    stage reg.JPG
    Boat reg.JPG

    Statue of Libery reg.JPG
    flag reg.JPG


    Brooklyn Bridge reg.JPG
    Brooklyn Bridge reg 2.JPG
    Brooklyn Bridge reg 3.JPG
    under b bridge 4.JPG
    Brooklyn Bridge reg 5.JPG

    This photo above is one of my favorites captured on the OnePlus 6T. The entire scene here is simply captivating.

    Brooklyn Bridge reg 6.JPG
    Brooklyn Bridge reg 7.JPG
    Brooklyn Bridge reg 8.JPG

    Absolutely love this shot! The cloud above really captures the scene well.

    Brooklyn Bridge reg 9.JPG
    M bridge.JPG
    cool street reg.JPG

    As we walked the streets of NYC, we came to this neat little street and I just had to capture this gem!

    Duh Shop reg.JPG

    Seen the sign "Duh Shop" and just had to capture this. We also ate at the restaurant next door. The wine was amazing!

    Stand reg.JPG

    House reg.JPG

    This is a quick photo of our home in Michigan. Love the fall leaves and all the fall colors!


    All of these photos were taken using the "Portrait" option on the camera. These are all directly point and shoot moments. Each photo has not been edited or altered using any additional software/filters. I really like using the portrait mode. I use this very often with the kids and our crazy cat Crowley.

    Cat portrait.JPG

    If you enjoy cat photos/videos, feel free to check him out on Instagram at meowcrowley.

    Cheesecake portrait.JPG

    This cheesecake was insanely awesome, but so incredibly filling, at Juniors in NYC!

    Coffee Portrait.JPG

    Certainly cannot have enough coffee!!!


    All of these photos were taken using the "Night" option on the camera. These are all directly point and shoot moments. Each photo has not been edited or altered using any additional software/filters.

    Pumkin night.JPG

    As you can see on the left, the standard "Photo" mode did a pretty awesome job at capturing the detail in the scene. However, the Nightscape mode really brightened up the scene letting in more light in the background, as well as the foreground of the photo.

    Baby Grand night.JPG

    The Baby Grand is an awesome Karaoke bar located in New York. A few of us really killed it on the stage that night! The Nightscape mode in this example actually darkened the photo quite a bit, but I actually prefer this and I was surprised to see this comparison. I would have expected this to have been the opposite in this example.

    Parking night.JPG

    This is an example of Nightscape where I actually prefer the regular photo on the left. Nightscape lit up a bit too much and let in too much light. If I were to share this photo with family/friends, I'd definitely share the one on the left!

    Tmobile night.JPG
    TS night 2.JPG
    TS night.JPG
    Horse night.JPG

    You'll notice in the photo on the right, the individual walking up to the officer on the horse is completely blurred. Nightscape has this effect on really any movement that takes place while trying to capture a photo. While the photo isn't bad, I would say this is one of the biggest drawbacks to using Nightscape.

    Fountain night.JPG
    Park night.JPG
    Arch night.JPG
    city night 2.JPG

    This photo above is by far one of my favorites captured with Nightscape, (again moving object is blurred though).

    City night 3.JPG
    Bull night.JPG

    4K Video at 60 fps

    While attending the OnePlus 6T launch event in NYC, I was able to capture a few awesome clips in 4K at 60 fps. I've created a short video using some of these clips. I hope you enjoy!


    Overall I think the cameras are excellent performers. If you're a lot like myself and you want to ensure you're carrying a device with an excellent point and shoot camera that can handle most scenes incredibly well with little to no effort, then the OnePlus 6T is certainly an excellent option. I will say that if you move, even so slightly while taking a Nightscape photo or if there's really any movement at all in the scene, the image will be completely blurred. A good example of this is when I tried to take a photo of a street, with some buildings in the background, while in NYC and a car drove past right when I took the shot. The results are very interesting:


    When taking a photo using the Nightscape mode, you'll notice the following messages:

    "Capture Keep Steady"

    Keep Steady.JPG

    Followed by, "Capture completed, optimizing..."

    capture final process.JPG

    The timing of this depends on the shot you're trying to capture. I noticed in taking some photos, this timing could range from a split second, to several seconds. Any slight movement in the scene or from taking the photo, will result in blurry results. Luckily this feature is software based, so hopefully we will see this improve over time.

    Most I know are looking for an honest review here, so to be completely honest. If you're looking to upgrade from the OnePlus 6 to the 6T and the camera is one of the main features you're looking for improvements, then I would recommend you wait for the next OnePlus device. However if you're coming from a 5T or previous gen OnePlus device, then by all means upgrade if the camera is one of the main features you look for in a smartphone. As I mentioned prior, I swap phones all the time. The last few phones I had included the Note 9, the iPhone XS Max, the Pocophone, the OnePlus 6, the Pixel 3 XL, and the Razer Phone 2. I won't post a full detailed comparison of the photos but I will say based on the speed and ease of use of the standard "Photo" mode on the OnePlus 6T, I do prefer the camera setup over the latter. Again, this is subjective to my use. I'm not a professional when it comes to photography as mentioned. However for me the camera setup on the OnePlus 6T does the job well. OnePlus really did deliver when they said they were targeting those photographers like myself with the latest improvements found on the 6T.

    I enjoyed capturing all of these great moments over the last few days. Even more so, I enjoy sharing these moments with you all here on the OnePlus Community. Which photos/video clips are your favorite? What additional questions do you have regarding the cameras on the OnePlus 6T ? Looking forward to the conversation and your feedback!


    *Removed linked album with full res photo examples, cleaning up Google Photos Storage.*
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    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
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    The OnePlus 6T ships with a non-removable 3700 mAh battery, quite an improvement over the 3300 mAh battery found in the previous OnePlus 6. As always, OnePlus includes a OnePlus fast charger.

    OnePlus boasts that you’ll get “A day’s power in half an hour” with this included OnePlus fast charger, but how much truth is there to this? Join me on this next journey as I review the battery in the OnePlus 6T.

    Once unboxed, I immediately threw the OnePlus 6T onto the OnePlus fast charger while my OnePlus restored from a cloud backup. Once complete, the 6T was restored, fully charged, and ready to go! However, by this time it was time for bed already (11PM), work in the AM.

    My typical Monday – Friday begins at 5AM when my alarm unfortunately wakes up from a deep slumber. Rolling over, climbing out of the bed, I noticed the OnePlus 6T was still at 100% from the first charge the night previously at 11PM. Typically, in the morning I will briefly browse news, work e-mail, social media, etc. before jumping in the shower. Following the morning shower, I jump in my car and head to the office. My car is equipped with bluetooth, the OnePlus 6T is connected, and it’s time to listen to some music or a podcast on my commute. Before getting to the office, I stop at the Starbucks in route to get a coffee from the drive-thru using the Starbucks app on my OnePlus 6T. When I get to the office, I set the 6T on my standing desk and begin working. Typically, I have several meetings in the morning. This is where the OnePlus 6T starts to get pushed through its paces. Between calls, email, texts, editing documents, etc. the 6T gets put through quite a bit. At 11AM I break for lunch for about an hour usually. During lunch I’ll catch up on YouTube subscriptions, podcasts, etc. After lunch, it’s back at it with meetings and work until about 4PM when I head home.

    The commute home is a bit crazy with traffic, so easily an additional 10-20 minutes can be added to my commute home. Luckily, I have the 6T and podcasts/music to accompany me on the way home. When I get home, I occasionally receive emails I need to respond to for work. I may get a call or two, but for the most part work life ends and the home life begins around 5. Catching up with the kids, figuring out dinner, taking funny pics of the cat or of the kids, etc. is my common afternoon home. After dinner and the kids are in bed, usually my wife and I will binge watch some Netflix/Hulu before going to bed. Occasionally I’ll check social media, email, or browse YouTube, but by this time I’m not heavily using my phone. As time nears 11PM, I make sure my alarms are set and do not disturb has kicked in on the OnePlus 6T.

    By 11PM on the first day of use, I still had 25% battery remaining before bed!


    Most devices I’ve usually had to top off the battery at least once in the afternoon including the OnePlus 6, but not with the 6T. I decided to leave it until the next day and woke up with 23% still remaining. I was able to get through my morning routine the following morning and charge again around lunch at 11.

    Since day one, I received two software updates. The battery has become increasingly better with each update. Sitting here this Saturday morning, battery saver has kicked in and I'm at 10% of battery remaining at 1:41 PM.


    I have 10% remaining, my last charge was over 30 hours ago, and my screen on time is 6 hours and 25 minutes. I just placed the device on the charger at 1:54 PM.


    As I continue to type this review, I will leave the OnePlus 6T on the charger and get back to it before wrapping up this review.

    The battery in the OnePlus 6T definitely outperforms most flagships I've had so far this fall. Not only is the battery life pretty amazing, it's consistently amazing. Consistency I find in battery life is the unicorn feature for most smartphones. However, I think OnePlus has really nailed it this time with the OnePlus 6T. While visiting NYC this past week for the OnePlus 6T Launch event, I found myself constantly checking the battery wondering if I needed to top off like I typically do with other smartphones, especially when traveling. One afternoon, we were all heading back to the hotel to drop off some things and I mentioned I was planning to top off my 6T before we all headed back out onto the streets of New York. However, @luigimario said to me "just let it go, see how it does without topping it off". So I took his advice and let it go. At the end of the night, as we all walked back to the hotel, we checked and I still had 18% left! I had to wake up at 3:45AM to catch a flight back to Detroit. I decided to take another risk and I left the 6T unplugged before going to bed. I woke up at 3:45 to the sound of my alarm and the 6T was at 15% with battery saver now enabled. I quickly showered, grabbed my stuff, and checked out of the hotel. I hailed an Uber from the 6T headed for JFK. Once I arrived at JFK I got through TSA and then I found a spot near my gate to relax before my flight. I had a conference call at 6AM with my office. I was able to take the 30 minute WebEx over the 6T. At this point I still haven't charged the 6T. By the time I boarded the plane, I had 4% left. I plugged in the 6T at this point to charge and had 50% before the flight even took off!


    As you probably can tell from the above, I cannot praise the battery life on the OnePlus 6T enough. Honestly when I review most devices, one of the first things I typically immediately begin to criticize is battery life. It's now 2:24PM and the OnePlus 6T is already at 60% !


    Enough rambling. I'll let the screenshots above speak for the battery life.

    Drewbikscube !
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    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
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    Smartphone Performance for me is measured by a smartphones ability to manage my everyday tasks exceptionally well. As I've mentioned throughout my review thus far, I swap phones on a regular basis. However, I always retain one mobile smartphone as my daily driver. It's not easy for a device to make it as my daily driver since most devices I pickup don't last more than 2 weeks if they're lucky. Performance is the first pillars in a smartphone I look for when determining my daily driver.

    For the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus has chosen "Unlock the Speed" as the 6T's slogan. Let's see how well that stacks up with my subjective usage over the last few weeks.


    Beginning with the specs of my OnePlus 6T. Which by the way I have to mention the clean new look of the new "About Phone" section is incredibly crispy! My 6T is the Midnight Black with the Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. Over the last few weeks, since receiving the OnePlus 6T, I've received 3 software updates. The latest build, A6013_41_181103.


    Security & Initial Setup

    Upon initially setting up the 6T, you're asked to setup your preferred security method, including the new Fingerprint On Display, (FOD), feature. I configured 4 of my fingerprints. My left and right thumbs, as well as my left and right index fingers.

    Unfortunately even with the 3 software updates, all of which mentioned "improvements for screen unlock", this method for unlocking the OnePlus 6T is still pretty slow. I've also found that it does not work well with my left thumbprint. I continued to receive the "Finger moved too fast. Please try again" message even when just leaving my left thumb on the reader. I even tried deleting the fingerprints and resetting them following the latest update. However, the issue still persists for the left thumb and overall it's still pretty slow.

    FOD Error.JPG

    While FOD seems to work pretty good on my right hand, I have also setup face unlock. With face unlock also configured, if the FOD cannot read my fingerprint quickly, face unlock typically already caught my face and unlocked the device immediately. I'm hopeful that continued software improvements can improve the overall speed of the fingerprint on display. However I'm beginning to lean more towards this is more of a hardware issue versus just software. Only time will tell I suppose.

    Following the security setup, I restored from a cloud backup. I tend to use all the same apps across all mobile devices so this process for me is quite simple since I primarily live in the cloud as it is for both work and home life. I keep my home screen to a limit of two screens and keep everything organized in folders. I like the minimalist look as much as possible.

    Home Screen 2.JPG

    The minimalist look for me keeps me as productive as possible, especially when I'm multitasking regularly. It also provides stress free, seamless, access to all of my apps I use on a daily basis. The overall setup process on the OnePlus 6T actually surprised me quite a bit. Following my brief unboxing, I plugged in the 6T to charge while it restored from backup. I went to grab a quick cup of coffee from the Keurig, came back to check on the 6T, and it had already restored from my cloud backup! This certainly was much faster than most devices. Even faster than the OnePlus 6. I'm not quite sure what has changed / what has been optimized on the 6T to accomplish this, but I was very shocked and had to mention it here for sure.

    Following the restore from my cloud backup, I enabled developer options and disabled animations.

    Dev Options.JPG

    I do this on any android device I'm using primarily to help improve the efficiency of switching through apps and multitasking. I find this helps on all of the OnePlus phones I've had, so it's no different for me with the 6T.

    For Gestures, I tested out each option switching between each everyday for the last few weeks. I personally prefer the gestures OnePlus offers with OxygenOS and have decided to stick with those. The Navigation Gestures are sleek, intuitive, and simply faster in my opinion for multitasking etc..

    Pull Down Quick Settings & Notification
    Nav Shade.JPG

    Aside from the gestures, I do want to note that when it comes to performance and productivity, I'm highly dependent on the notification shade and specifically the quick settings. The layout OnePlus created makes this even more efficient for me. Especially when adjusting the brightness of the screen. I bring this up not only to reference how this improves performance and productivity in my subjective use, but to also highlight the incredible attention to detail OnePlus delivers in OxygenOS.

    File Manager

    File Manager.JPG

    The file manager in OxygenOS is very intuitive and well organized. I leverage this quite often for managing Documents. As you can see I don't use much physical storage space. As I mentioned earlier, I primarily live in the cloud for both work and home life. I typically download a file, manage the file from file manager, and once complete I'll upload the document to either Google Drive or OneDrive depending on if it's for work or home. Once available in the cloud, I'll remove the document from the 6T saving storage and keeping the device clean and minimal. Using the new file manager on the 6T, I've found I'm able to do this much faster in comparison to other devices. Unfortunately most file managers include fragmented folder structures, tiring UI's, and are typically not efficient. Even Android Pie on the latest Pixel 3 I found the file manager to be pretty horrendous in comparison to the file manager offered here on the OnePlus 6T in OxygenOS.


    The toolbox is an awesome addition in OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6T. This is where most of my multitasking and launching of apps / shortcuts has taken place for the last few weeks. I have decided to stick with 2 additional sections in addition to the Toolbox, including Recent Apps and Recent Contacts.


    I will regularly launch my apps from here, contact my contacts using the recent contact section, and I now leverage the Memo's for just about all of my daily reminders now, allowing me to delete another task management app I use to use regularly in the past.


    Once I quickly jot down a memo I can easily set a reminder to remind me of the memo. I've used it quite often for both work and for home. To take this a step further, it would be awesome if OnePlus offered a good way to separate the type of memo in regards to work or home or be able to select a specific calendar to leverage with memo. Regardless this has proven to be an awesome addition in my daily productivity and it certainly performs well for my needs.


    Often I'm asked, "Which Apps do you use?". Again, I'm a minimalist when it comes to apps. However, I'm always multitasking and I usually have on average 15-20 apps open and in use at a time.

    To provide some simple context as to some of the apps I use on a regular basis, let's start with the primary apps I use.

    Primarily I use Google's Messages App, Edison's Email, Microsoft's Outlook, Phone, & Firefox's privacy Browser.

    Main apps.JPG
    I use the email app for my personal email between Gmail and iCloud and the Outlook is used to manage my work email and calendar. The only reason I use the Google Messages app is primarily to use the desktop feature while I'm at work.

    In addition to the primary apps, here are a few of my exploded app folders to see some of the apps I use on a regular basis:


    The OnePlus 6T handles all of these apps incredibly well. Usually when traveling especially, I can have several apps open at once between the Travel, Media, and Shopping folders alone. The connected apps are primarily used for home automation, but I do use some automation for work as well. The OnePlus 6T easily handles the connected world I work and live in quite well. In regards to multitasking between apps, I do have to say along with the gestures, toolbox, and the file manager the OnePlus 6T outperforms most devices I've used over the last year. I can easily flip between apps, manage tasks, and get stuff done.


    In regards to gaming you may have already noticed that I'm not a regular "gamer" by any means.
    Right now I currently play a bit of Minecraft and PUBG. All of my kids absolutely love Minecraft. They play on a regular basis. Minecraft for me is a great way for me to join them in their fun and spend time with them as they create endless worlds with their wild imaginations. More importantly though, OnePlus provides an awesome Gaming Mode feature in OxygenOS that allows me to block out the rest of the world while I'm spending time with my kids.
    Game Mode.JPG
    With most devices, playing games with my kids can prove to be difficult with the noise of notifications either from work or just notifications in general. OnePlus's game mode really helps tune out that noise and allows me to interact with my kids without interruption.
    Game 2.JPG
    While I'm a fan of Fortnite as well, I haven't had a chance to download the installer and install it onto the OnePlus 6T just yet. However, playing some PUBG I immediately noticed how well the OnePlus 6T could manage the overall performance of the game play. It honestly was a pretty remarkable experience seeing how well the OnePlus 6T could handle the game. Not to mention the battery performance to back the speed performance of game play, I could have continued playing for what seemed like hours. I saw very little battery drain during game play and I didn't notice any dropped frames or any lag whatsoever during the game. Even on the Note 9 I previously had, I recall dropped frames and some lag here and there. The OnePlus 6T simply provides an excellent gaming experience and certainly outperforms when it comes to gaming for sure! Gamer's won't be disappointed with the OnePlus 6T.

    Headphone Jack #RIP

    As we all know and have heard in some of the other reviews, the headphone jack has now been eliminated on the OnePlus 6T. Now this wasn't an easy decision for OnePlus. With OnePlus adding the FOD, there simply wasn't a lot of room left to work with internally on the OnePlus 6T. So OnePlus decided to remove the headphone jack. OnePlus didn't replace it with a second speaker, but with a speaker grill to match the left speaker. There is
    not stereo / dual speakers offered on the OnePlus 6T for those wondering. The right speaker grill's simply for ascetics. Now, I'm not an audiophile and I prefer to use the speakers on the device versus using headphones. I also use my Bluetooth in my car and with speakers at home, so the only time I really use headphones is when traveling. I have a pair of the OnePlus USB Type-C headphones and wireless bullets. Both of which I really enjoy using. The sound is crisp and clear from listening to Podcasts, YouTube videos, and to the latest music album the speakers on the OnePlus 6T in addition to the headphones perform very well. I did test a pair of wired headphones with the included dongle OnePlus provides with the OnePlus 6T. However the dongle itself doesn't have a great build quality and I wouldn't recommend long term use with it. I would reserve it more as a just in case. I would not recommend using it 24/7 simply just based on the overall build. The OnePlus 6T performs well overall though with any USB Type-C wired set. I tested out a few different sets from various brands and all worked well if you're looking for a wired set. I would however recommend going wireless at this point and at the sweet price for the OnePlus Wireless Bullets, I'd recommend ordering those with your OnePlus 6T, provided they're availability. I recommend going wireless not just because OnePlus ditched the headphone jack but easily in the next year to two years, we will no longer see headphone jacks included on smartphones going forward. Also, there is one primary dilemma you'll encounter with USB Type-C headphones or using the dongle. I unfortunately encountered this on my return flight home from the OnePlus 6T launch event. As mentioned in my battery review, I had to charge once I got onto my return flight. Unfortunately I also wanted to listen to some music and get a quick nap in. However this happened.... Charge or listen to music ?!


    Notification LED #RIP

    Another sad departure includes the Notification LED found on previous generations from OnePlus. This heavily impacts my performance and productivity in all honesty. This is something so small that initially I didn't think it would bother me. However just a few hours into day 1 of using the OnePlus 6T I found the lack of the notification LED really prevents me from seeing a lot of e-mail notifications while at the office or notifications of missed calls/texts when I'm at home. We use the NEST app at home with cameras setup throughout our home. When we were away from the house out to dinner, I immediately noticed I miss seeing the little blue LED telling me there was movement in our home. Everyday I'm saddened by the loss of the notification LED and for me personally this impacts my productivity and my overall thoughts of the OnePlus 6T. It has made me miss my OnePlus 6 just a bit. I'm hopeful there's a way OnePlus could offer a notification LED artificially on the screen with a software update or possibly bring it back in the OnePlus 7. It's greatly missed by me for sure, as well as many others I've spoken with throughout the community. You're truly missed Notification LED...


    To conclude the performance review, I want to reiterate that the term performance has many meanings to those throughout the community and the mobile market. However to me it's all of the above. How well does the smartphone handle my everyday tasks? From setup, navigation, app management, multitasking, to overall aesthetics. The OnePlus 6T certainly outperforms many devices on the market. While the headphone jack and the Notification LED have gotten the boot, the OnePlus 6T handles multitasking, gaming, and just about any task you throw at it with ease. In all honestly, OnePlus and OxygenOS provide one of the smoothest user experiences in comparison to many devices I've had over the last few months. This includes the Pixel 3, Note 9, and the iPhone XS Max. To quote someone I spoke with at the launch event who had an iPhone XS Max in hand while checking out the 6T, "Why in the world did I spend over $1000 for this, when this 6T seems remarkably faster and smoother?". An excellent question that I believe many consumers will ask themselves now that OnePlus is available here in the US with T-Mobile. When consumers go to checkout the new devices to upgrade, I think with just a few seconds of hands on use of the 6T consumers will quickly realize the that the latest most expensive "flagship" isn't always the fastest and best performing smartphone available. While the FOD certainly needs some improvements, face unlock is still blazing fast and both combined provide an awesome, yet unique way to unlock your smartphone. The OnePlus 6T based on my overall subjective use has certainly earned the slogan "Unlock the Speed" and hopefully with future software improvements the OnePlus 6T can become increasingly faster in regards to the new fingerprint on display.

    I hope you all enjoyed my performance review. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to the conversation! Also, stay tuned for my final thoughts and conclusion of the OnePlus 6T!


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  6. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
    OP6T Banner.png

    Final Thoughts & Conclusion

    It has now been almost exactly 2 weeks since I unboxed the OnePlus 6T. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to also attend and take part in the OnePlus 6T launch event in New York. I've spent the last few days reflecting not just on my use of the OnePlus 6T but reflecting on OnePlus in general. Before I get into my final thoughts though, I do want to personally thank @Crystal Z., @dsmonteiro, @Ruby G., @David Y., @Manu J., and everyone at OnePlus. This has been an awesome experience, one that I'll never forget. I also want to thank everyone here in the community for reading my reviews, providing support, and commenting after each review. I joined the OnePlus community over 4 years ago and while I belong to many other communities in the tech industry, the OnePlus community is unlike any other community. Whether through communicating here in the forums or in person at the launch event, I've met some incredibly awesome people in this community and I'm incredibly thankful for all of the great conversations and times we've shared together. I look forward to many more great conversations and hopefully I'll see some of you again and meet even more of you in person at future launch events etc.. The OnePlus community not only provides a great space where we can all share ideas and support, but it's a place where everyone is welcome and everyone can come together as one. Everyone at OnePlus has a tremendous love for this community and it's felt through these awesome opportunities extended throughout the community. It's seen and felt at the launch events and it's certainly seen in the products OnePlus delivers. Sometimes I feel as if OnePlus doesn't get enough credit for this, but it's certainly noticed by many of us here in the community and was one of the most discussed topics at the OnePlus 6T launch event in NYC by us fellow community members in attendance. Again, Thank You OnePlus and thank you everyone for joining me through this journey as I review the OnePlus 6T.

    Now for my final thoughts on the OnePlus 6T....


    The OnePlus 6T first off, has an incredible build quality. The 6T is intriguing, durable, and it's remarkably well designed. It's comfortable to hold and it's even pretty easy to use one handed. While I don't like to judge a book by it's cover, it's fair to say just at first glance that this is a flagship device.

    OnePlus removed most of the notch, but also removed the Notification LED in doing so. For me this is quite frustrating. I really like the notification led and was pretty sad to see this missing upon initial use of the 6T. Ideally it would be pretty cool for OnePlus to offer an artificial notification LED in a future software update using the screen or if they could bring it back in the OnePlus 7, it would be well received by many of us!

    Speaking of removing things, OnePlus also removed the headphone jack this time around with the OnePlus 6T. While many are saddened by this, in my subjective use I'm not as saddened to see this go as much as I am about the notification LED. Many manufacturers have made this decision and with wireless getting better and better, I'm not bothered by the missing headphone jack. Swapping devices often, I rarely encounter a headphone jack now and I've personally gotten rid of most of my wired headphones. With the OnePlus 6T, I've been using the USB Type-C headphones and the OnePlus Wireless Bullets. Both of which I'd highly recommend purchasing if you're ordering a OnePlus 6T, provided they're available.

    By removing the headphone jack, OnePlus had space for their newest feature, the fingerprint on display, (FOD)! The fingerprint on display is a very unique way to unlock your device. It's much different than having a physical fingerprint scanner. While OnePlus mentioned they were able to get this just under .34 seconds, I unfortunately found this to be rather slow throughout my use. Even after 3 software updates over the course of two weeks, the fingerprint on display feature still seems quite slow in comparison to physical fingerprint scanners. I also found the FOD to be useless with my left thumbprint. I tried resetting this multiple times with no luck and the issues with the left thumb persists. I ended up enabling the face unlock feature in addition to FOD and this has certainly sped up the process in unlocking the 6T. If the fingerprint scanner doesn't catch the print, then face unlock has me covered and the 6T unlocks immediately. I'm hoping OnePlus can continue to improve the FOD with future updates, but only time will tell.

    By placing the components for the FOD in the space of the headphone jack, OnePlus added a speaker grill, NOT an actual speaker in place of the headphone jack. This confused many users and consumers of the 6T thinking there was dual speakers offered in the OnePlus 6T. This is not the cas and that speaker grill is just for ascetics. I will say however, the OnePlus 6T still sounds great and works well for me as I consume a lot of media via Netflix, YouTube, etc. on a daily basis.

    When it comes to speed though overall, the OnePlus 6T certainly doesn't disappoint. All I can say is it's blazing fast. In comparison to other devices I've had just the last few months including the Pixel 3, Note 9, and iPhone XS Max the OnePlus 6T performs light years ahead of the latter.

    The cameras on the OnePlus 6T are rather great as well. I'm not a professional photographer by any means but this time around OnePlus wanted to target quick point and shooters like myself. The cameras to note on the 6T are physically not different from the cameras on the OnePlus 6. The hardware is actually the same. All improvements were software based and most of the improvements will be offered, if not offered already, on the OnePlus 6 via software updates. From all the photos I was able to take the last few weeks, in addition to the 4K footage I could capture, I have been pretty happy with the cameras overall.

    Consuming all that media, multitasking, taking photos, etc. I found the battery life to be quite amazing on the OnePlus 6T. The new 3700 mAh battery in combination with the software optimizations offered in OxygenOS provide endless hours of battery life. I easily got through a days use, if not a day and a half in most cases. Typically I charge the 6T every 28 hours on average! Of course when I do need to charge, the OnePlus Fast Charger charges from 1% - 100% in just over an hour and twenty minutes.

    So with all that being said... Where do I rate the OnePlus 6T overall ?

    Build 8.5/10
    Build simply lost points for the missing notification LED. This was a pretty upsetting change for me personally.

    Camera 9/10

    The cameras found on the OnePlus 6T work exceptionally well for my use. While Nightscape won't be for everyone, if you do get the right shot, Nightscape can produce some epic photos.

    Performance 8.5/10
    Performance lost a few points simply due to the fingerprint on display. While I know this is new and from an AI standpoint, it may continue to improve as I use it more, it's definitively slower in comparison to previous fingerprint scanners found on previous OnePlus devices.

    Battery 10/10

    Hands down the OnePlus 6T offers the best battery life found on any device I've used on the market to date. This includes the P20 Pro. While many boast the battery on the P20 Pro, I personally wasn't that pleased with it in my subjective use.

    Now, will the OnePlus 6T be my daily driver like OnePlus devices that predate it?

    YES! The OnePlus 6T will remain my daily driver. While I'm sure I'll try out new devices over the next few months, the OnePlus 6T will remain the daily driver for sure. The performance and battery life alone are the primary drivers for me in retaining the 6T as a daily driver. The OnePlus 6T is for sure the fastest smartphone I've had to date and with an incredible battery I can unlock the speed all day without any interruptions.

    Again this review has been subjective to my usage over the last few weeks. Your opinions and use may differ based on your usage, but I'd definitely recommend the OnePlus 6T to anyone looking to upgrade or seeking a new device!

    Thank you all again!

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  7. MarkoBatrac
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 1, 2018

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  8. Goku_raj.pavi
    Donut Nov 1, 2018

    Goku_raj.pavi , Nov 1, 2018 :

    how is the in-display sensor? can you please tell in detail?

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  9. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Spoiler alert!
    I will be fully detailing the screen unlock feature in my Performance review later in my review. I need some more time with it to give an honest review of this feature. Stay tuned! (You won't be disappointed I hope by my detailed explanation regarding this feature in my Performance review.)

  10. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Thank you! I greatly appreciate it !

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  11. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Nov 1, 2018

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  12. SoniaB
    Nougat Head Moderator Nov 1, 2018

  13. luigimario
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    luigimario , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Just long enough for a read on the toilet eh? ;)

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  14. Bouncer71
    OnePlus 7 Pro Sample Shot Photographer Community Expert Nov 1, 2018

    Bouncer71 , Nov 1, 2018 :
    That's the one place no phone of mine has ever been...

  15. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Those are the best reads! :):cool:

  16. BeingIncog
    Nougat Nov 1, 2018

    BeingIncog , Nov 1, 2018 :
    WHAT??? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  17. MarkoBatrac
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 1, 2018

    MarkoBatrac , Nov 1, 2018 :
    @Drewbikscube did you used maybe carbon or sandstone protective case and black flip cover ? How are they ?I need perfect case, thinner as possible. With op6t I am planning to buy OnePlus 6T Covered-Up Bundle.
    I used sandstone with 5t and 6

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  18. Drewbikscube
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Drewbikscube , Nov 1, 2018 :

    I wouldn't recommend the Sandstone if you're looking for a case primarily for protection. @luigimario and I actually discussed this quite a bit over the last week. I primarily use the Nylon case. It's light, sleek, comfortable to hold, and offers some pretty good protection overall. I also like the red silicon case as well, but I just prefer the nylon. I have used the sandstone at my house just to test it out. Honestly if it offered better protection, I'd definitely use it. However, when it comes to protection, having no case is about the same as using the sandstone case. For my OP6, I used the nylon as well, but I primarily used dbrand skins. Of which, I also pre-ordered for my 6T. However, when using dbrand skins, I usually throw on the clear (included in the OP box) case for the added protection.

  19. MarkoBatrac
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 1, 2018

    MarkoBatrac , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Thanks. I like sandstone because it is sleek and thin. Basically protection from fall etc is not my primary reason. Only from scratches etc. and nice feel in hand, not slippery. Never used nylon case, but I used dbrand skin (carbon) and it is really nice, ultra slim and good looking. I dont like included clear case ( feel so big,hehe ).. Also in the past 5 years, I just dropped my cell phone once :p

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  20. robinevers
    Honeycomb Nov 1, 2018

    robinevers , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Be aware; there are two versions of cases offered by Oneplus. the 'protective case' and the 'bumper case'. As far as i can see the Sandstone is only available as a protective case and offers hardly any protection for the front (screen) of your phone. it's made of hard plastic. The bumper cases (like nylon, wood and carbon) offer excellent full protection for back, side and front.

    I bought the Nylon Bumper case at the popup event in Amsterdam, but i found it to big, at least bigger than the transparent bumper that came with the phone. i decided to use that included bumper for now and I'm very pleased with it.

    i must say that the quality of the Nylon bumper case is beyond great. the used materials are sublime, and the protection grade is perfect.

    *for the Dutch people; my nylon bumper is for sale on Marktplaats.

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  21. Falk Thieme
    The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 1, 2018

    Falk Thieme , Nov 1, 2018 :
    Really like how you just brought it down to the simple unboxing and more about the experience itself than already getting into all the bells and whistles. Great for someone in a hurry to just get a quick breakdown read. Looking forward to your other tests, especially with your expertise in the subject and your ability to compare to other devices.