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    That's great...

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    Unfortunately that's not possible. I would like it either with a single touch. A pressure sensitive area to wake it (like the S8/S9/N8/N9) would be plausible as well.

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    I'm unable to clear cache at once in my one plus 6T, how to do? earlier it was easy but I think I need to depend on apps like c cleaner etc

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    The Conclusion


    I’ll start by The Cons to end in glory, so be it:

    [No IP Rating] I was really hoping that on this T line OnePlus would finally include some kind of official waterproofing rating, but that did not happen and it’s sad to see that, in a device like this, this is lacking, when all of the 2018 flagships - and not only - have it.

    [No jack] For some of you this may not be a con, but as a personal review, it is. We still do not live in a truly wireless world where bluetooth reins and there’s no need for wires. Most of the peripherals that are being sold are still wired, or at least the wireless offer is not as good/worthy, and I think that on the 6T OnePlus could have manage to fit in.

    [No LED] Again, this might not be a problem for some of you. Having a notification LED, for as dumb as it may sound, was always a thing that kept me on Android devices rather than iPhones. It’s that effortless way to see that you phone is charged because that little light is green, or still charging because its red, or that you have a text message because its blue, or a WhatsApp message because it blinks green… It’s a small thing, but a phone is made from small things.

    [No stereo speakers] The speakers on the OnePlus 6T must be its worst part. They’re OK, but that’s it, OK. We’ve been seeing more and more devices including this kind of technology and since we’ve still got a little bit of chin down there why not put it there as the one on the top?

    [No wireless charging] OnePlus changed its all design language on the OnePlus 6 with its new glass-on-glass body, and with it, they decided - I don’t know why - not to include wireless charging on the 6. I was really hoping that this would be an upgrade on the T line, just as the waterproofing. Personally it’s not a thing that I use a lot, but still, my Galaxy S6 from 2015 had it..

    [No expandable storage] Of course OnePlus already upgraded the base model for some great 128GB of internal storage, but, if you are going to give me a dual-SIM card tray,why not use it as well as an SDCard slot? I bet it wouldn’t be a huge job and it would be another “plus” for the device.

    Well that was a big list of cons. Some of them are not really cons, rather some “lacks”. They are not - at all - deal breakers but some little things that I miss on this device that could really improve my overall experience with it.


    Let’s move on with The Pros:

    [OxygenOS] As I’ve said on the software review, OxygenOS is one of my favorite skins over android on the market. It really helps you taking the best advantage of the 6T with those little neat tweaks making the overall experience super smooth and pleasing.

    [Battery] I did not covered this topic on my review, but its definitely one of the strongest points of the 6T. OnePlus pushed the battery capacity from 3300mAh to 3700mAh, and if it was already super good on the 6, it just got even better on the 6T. I’ve been getting 6-7h of average SOT with heavy-moderate usage. It rarely happened but, if you ever need to boost it up on a rush, the OnePlus Fast Charging, as one of the fastest on the market, won’t let you down and will give you a lot of juice in no time, they claim a day of usage in a 30min plug and, personally, I cannot deny it!

    [Screen] The screen on the 6T is huge, and gorgeous. Of course its not a 2K screen, but its a great 1080p Optic AMOLED screen with great viewing angles, popping colors and deep blacks. Also the new notch design is great, it is so small you don’t even notice it, and still provides you with more screen real estate to use.

    [Speed] This may sound like nothing important, but it’s basically the thing that will bother you - or not -the most while using the phone. I hate slow things, and the 6T never let me down once. It is quick on and with everything you throw in it. Performance will not be a problem at all.

    [Screen Unlock] OnePlus also pushed the boundaries on this one, for its price tag, putting in a in-display fingerprint sensor is bonkers. And it works perfectly. No flaws. It’s a great piece of technology that once again, makes that the overall usage of the phone can be a lot more intuitive and smooth.

    [Price] Yes, this, my friends, is still one - if not the - pro of OnePlus devices. Even with a higher price than the ones they performed on the first ones, OnePlus can still manage to have a super competitive price for a great device with a spec list worthy of the flagship title. Putting it on a hard-to-compete spot with other devices in its price range.

    And that basically sums up the 6T in some topics. It’s been more that two weeks using this phone and I couldn’t be happier with it - only if those cons would fade away. The OnePlus 6T definitely does not settle. In a super competitive phone market that we are living, OnePlus can still manage to earn its spot on the flagship killer sector. Would I recommend the 6T? No doubt. The 6T can definitely compete with any of the highest end devices on the market with its beautiful design, amazing tech, top shelf specs and a beast performance, and of course, as any phone, it has its flaws and lacks somethings. If you are rocking a OnePlus 6 or equivalent I would probably say that is not worth the upgrade, you still got a “new” device that its 6 months old with an amazing performance and basically the same spec list. If you are not greedy about a smaller notch, slightly better battery life and a in-display / front facing fingerprint scanner I would recommend you to keep your current device. If you are rolling with a, let’s say, OP5 or anything that still has bezels, or your phone is dying to launch Instagram and you wanna be in 2018, the 6T is the phone you should get, and it will unquestionably not settle for more than a couple years.

    To finish it all, I could not end without thanking again to OnePlus, and a special thanks to @Crystal Z., @dsmonteiro and my fellow reviewers: @Falk Thieme, @RedDustBeast, @maarten_lisboa, @Menasheh, @Drewbikscube, @luigimario, @ObnoxiousMeow, @Shivang Joshi and @ankitgondalia with whom I’ve been sharing this amazing experience, and who have been also sharing amazing content that I hope you guys had the chance to check. OnePlus chose me - and them - to be one of the firsts in the world to see, touch and experience its new device and to share it with you guys. So, I wanna thank all of you, who have “lost” a little bit of their time to read my review, to ask some question or just say something about it. I genuinely thank you all for the support, this wouldn’t be the same without all of you. I’ll still be here for any further questions about the device that might show up during time.


    So, once again, thank you.

    We’ll see each other around! Peace!
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  10. zepedropaulos The Lab - OnePlus 6T Reviewer Nov 9, 2018

    zepedropaulos, Nov 9, 2018 :
    Hello everyone! My part on the camera review is now live on post #4, check it out!

    I also made a post regarding my final thoughts and conclusions!

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    youbi, Nov 9, 2018 :

    Really nice and honest review, and those nice gifs and pics were surely the "cherry on top of an already great cake" :p

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    awesome conclusion! loved your reviews! excellent work!

    I wish we'd see the IP rating as well. unfortunately in speaking with OnePlus during the launch event the IP rating is incredibly expensive and would unfortunately increase the cost for consumers.

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    Venky61, Nov 11, 2018 :
    Great Review Mate...
    Really liked the Gifs and the pictures along with the detailed explanation.

    One question- What do you think about the adaptive Brightness. Is it always providing the right amount?

    I am in total agreement with this statement and good job in showing that gif for representation. But In-Display is a half cooked solution for now. One need to master the position of the finger to unlock, atleast in my personal experience.

    This might be due to the longer shutter openings to capture more light leading to blurry images. Stable hands needed in real dark areas.

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