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    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 18, 2019

    matthu.2711 , May 18, 2019 :
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    Dia Duit (That's Irish for hello), and welcome to my OnePlus 7 Pro Lab Review


    Before I get started let me tell you all a bit about myself and my background so you can get a better understanding of what I want and expect from a phone and what topics you can expect from my reviews.

    I'm a 17 year old Irish student. I love my cats (which you will see in my Camera review) and I use my phone pretty excessively.
    I listen to music, watch lots of Netflix and YouTube (and a lot of GoT lately) and play a few games.
    I am an amateur photographer on the side.
    So I want a phone with good battery life, good screen, good camera, all round reliable, and a phone that provides a good, smooth experience.

    Now, I know it's all good having me here writing my thoughts, but I want to answer YOUR questions, so if you have any questions or queries I would love to answer them.

    For my reviews I have been using, and will be referring to the One plus 7 Pro Mirror Grey version with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

    So, without further ado let's begin......

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    matthu.2711 , May 20, 2019 :
    #1 Unboxing

    [For me, an unboxing is all about the visual experience. I could ramble on for ages about what I thought of the unboxing, but it would just never be the same as unboxing the device itself. Instead of writing a very long review on the experience I have written a small amount, and attached plenty of pictures below.]

    Let's Begin...

    Firstly, the packaging is very similar to the past verions of OnePlus' devices. A white box, with the logo engraved on top. This time though, instead of a matte logo, we get a nice, iridescent logo. It sets the tone for this device's premium build quality and attention to detail.

    Surrounding the box is a red 'belt' which gives a definition for 'OnePlus Community' stating that it is 'A global tech movement where everyone can play a fundamental role in creating and sharing the best tech with the world.' Now, I've been with OnePlus since the 3T, and I will admit they have strayed from their initial morals, but you certainly can't deny that they really do listen to and involve their community in every project they take on and I thank them for that. After all, is it thanks to the community that I have gotten this opportunity.





    The packaging is simple and minimalistic. We get a welcome letter from Pete himself, a clear case, a SIM ejector tool, some information booklets, a Warp Charge plug and cable, some stickers and of course, the star of the show, a OnePlus 7 Pro.



    I'm sure you are all aware of the emission of the Headphone Jack in this phone, so I was quite disappointed to find that there was neither a USB-C to 3.5mm Jack dongle nor USB-C headphones included. As this is my first device without a headphone Jack I had no earphones compatible with this phone. So the day my phone arrived I went and ordered some USB-C earphones. I feel like this is a huge oversite that OnePlus really should have thought about. I'm sure I won't be the only customer in this position, and it really is quite a nuisance!

    After removing the device from the packaging and it's perfectly moulded red plastic cradle I turned it on for the first time and after setting it up I just sat in awe at the size of the screen. It is vivid, bright and just down-right beautiful.





    The form of this device is gorgeous. From the curved screen to the glass back, this device is a piece of art. It feels so smooth in the hand. It is a bit weighty but in my opinion the weight is well distributed and just makes the phone feel sturdier. It's a very premium design. I opted for the Mirror Grey version and I literally find myself staring at my reflection in the back panel! I'll be talking more about the design in my Hardware review.

    To conclude, OnePlus has yet again provided a very satisfying unboxing experience. It had nothing 'special' about it per say, but it was minimalistic, sleek and to the point. It comes with all the essentials (minus that Dongle) and some fun extras. The phone is well presented and everything is well packaged.

    That's enough of my rambling, I've said my part! If you would like to see my full unboxing album please click HERE

    I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more.

    See you in the next one,
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    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 24, 2019

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    matthu.2711 , May 24, 2019 :
    #2 New OS Features

    Hey y'all! Welcome back to the next chapter of my Lab Review on the OnePlus 7 Pro.

    So, as I'm sure many of you saw at the launch event last week, or from OnePlus' social accounts, the OnePlus 7 Pro shipped with some new, pretty nifty software features, namely Zen Mode and Screen Recorder. In this chapter I will be talking about both these features in depth. Who they are for, their use cases and how they improve the users experience, because unless a feature imporves the OS, what's the point in having it?

    So, let's commence.....

    -Zen Mode

    For those of you who don't know, Zen Mode turns your phone from an incredibly powerful device into (well, to point it bluntly) a brick. When Zen Mode is enabled all features of the device are disabled for a duration of 20 minutes. The only things you can do with you phone is access the camera, make emergency calls and stare in awe at the beautiful display!

    Once the 20 minutes are up you are greeted with a well designed 'Congratulations' screen, that includes stats like, how many notifications were muted, how long you left the phone down for and how many consecutive times you've used Zen Mode. It allows you to also share your stats with other Zen Users through the OnePlus Forum and other social media.

    Personally, as a student who is currently sitting exams (UGH) I find this a very welcome and useful feature. I'll often find my self procrastinating on a game of Candy Crush or mindlessly scrolling through Twitter when I should be doing something productive. So, I'll activate Zen Mode, as since it can't be cut short I make myself get on with my work without any notifications distracting me. I would use it multiple times a day when I have school work to do, or simply when I need to take a break but can't resist researching the latest YouTube 'Tea'.

    I feel like this is a very universal feature, applicable to all user bases of any age or lifestyle. We can't deny that some days we regret how much time we've spent on out phones, so having a mode that forces you to do something else is rather intuitive. Think of it as an aggresove Do Not Disturb. It does sound rather counter intuitive, having a feature that prevents users from actually using their phone, but in my eyes, it's well designed and we'll thought out.

    The only complaint I would have relating to Zen Mode is that I would like to be able to set a custom time, not just sticking to the 20 minute time frame provided. However, I could see issues arising if people activating Zen Mode for multiples hours on end. So now it's just trying to find that happy medium I guess.


    -Screen Recorder

    We asked, they answered!
    For decades, people have been asking for a native Screen Recorder. There are even rumours that the first Screen Recorder design can be seen painted on the walls of ancient caves! It's been heavily wanted and finally been delivered, in one of the best implementations I've seen.

    All joking aside, OnePlus has supplied an easy to use, intuitive and appealing Screen Recorder. It is activated by a quick toggle in the notification menu. When initiated a small, floating tool box apperas with a record button, a settings button and an exit button.

    Pressing the Settings button will bring up a small menu. Here you can change the resolution, bit rate, audio source (internal or external), the video orientation and whether you want taps to be displayed or not. There is also a feedback tool, which is always useful and reiterates the importance OnePlus holds on their communitie's voice.

    Pressing the Exit button will simply close the floating tool box.

    Pressing the Record button will immediately begin the recording. Screen Recorder records everything displayed on the screen, and audio internally or externally (depending on your chosen options).

    You can press the pause button if you want to take a break, and resume when ready. You can also press the stop button when finished recording. Once done you will get a notification to say the recording is complete, which gives you the option to share the recording or delete it.

    All in all, this is the cleanest and smoothest Screen Recorder I have seen implemented in any device. Quailty of both the sound and video is great.

    So, who would possibly want to use this feature? Well, honestly, every person will have a different use case. I use it to record bugs I may be facing (Remember kids, you can be a hero too by reporting any bugs you find in Oxygen OS!), to record funny videos I saw online that o want to share or to record long text messages, instead of taking multiple screenshots.

    And even if you don't find a use for this feature, or would rather not use it, you can disable the toggle and pretend it doesn't even exist!


    I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the new Oxygen OS features! If you have a OnePlus 7 Pro, give them a try yourself, hopefully you'll be as impressed as I was. Now, seeing as I have an exam tomorrow I better go study!


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    The Lab - OnePlus 7 Pro Reviewer May 28, 2019

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    matthu.2711 , May 28, 2019 :
    #3 Hardware

    OnePlus has been known for it's premium build quality, and this time around is no exception.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro, feels sturdy, premium and top quality. Weighing in at 206g, the phone certainly is heavier than it's predecessors but the weight is evenly distributed and adds to the phone's premium feel. The back glass is gently curved to fit snuggly into you palm. The screen is also curved at the edges to give the phone a slimmer feel. The glass is an absolute fingerprint magnet, but beautiful nonetheless.

    At the top of the device you'll find a secondary mic, at the bottom is the USB-C port, speaker and Sim card slot. It is sad to see the omission of the headphone jack yet again, but after Google reviving this key feature for the Pixel 3a, I'm feeling hopeful that other companies will jump on this trend.


    On the left hand side we have the volume buttons. The right side houses the power button, and OnePlus' legendary Alert Slider. Button placement on this device is perfect. The buttons are in the most ergonomic position possible in my opinion. The Alert Slider is another one of OnePlus' signature features, offering a simple method to change ring modes from Ring to Vibrate to Silent all in a simple switch. My only issue however, is that the Alert Slider is in the reverse order to the volume buttons, but what can you do?



    On the back you'll find the triple lens setup and a dual LED flash. We are supplied with a 48mp main lens with OIS, an 8mp Telephoto lens and an Ultrawide 16mp lens, packing a 117° Field of View for capturing those sweet landscape shots. We also get a pop-up 16mp front facing camera.






    I will be talking more about the cameras in my upcoming chapter.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro is sporting Dual Dolby Stereo Speakers. Upon first use, they definitely sounded different to what I was used to, but I quickly adjusted to them and I can confirm they sound amazing! Along with the full sized screen, the OnePlus 7 Pro really does take Multimedia consumption to a whole new level.

    Speaking of the screen, what a beast it is! It houses a 6.67 inch screen with a Fluid AMOLED panel. There is no notch to be seen and this really makes the screen feel 10x bigger. We get a 19.5:9 aspect ratio as well. The only issue with the display is the random ghost touching, but I am yet to face this issue. I can also confirm a solution is in the works.


    OnePlus has added a new haptic engine, which I couldn't fault. The vibrations feel less like jerky jolts, and more like haptic feedback. It's a massive improvement from OnePlus' past devices and a very welcome addition.

    We are provided with a plethora of unlcok methods. The new and improved In-Display Fingerprint sensor is snappy and reliant. We also have the option of face unlock, but I have this disbaled to prevent excessive motor usage on the front camera along with the traditional PIN, Password and Pattern options.

    The device has some powerful internals too. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip is snappy and creates a smooth user experience. With 8 GB of RAM the phone is responsive and allows me to quickly jump between daily tasks with ease. 256GB of onboard storage is plenty for me, allowing for my large gallery, music downloads and app obsession. The addition of an SD card slot however would've been nice.

    These specs are all well and good, but what's most important is how the devices works for the daily user.

    I am truly in love with this device. It has a beautiful form factor and build. It's feels premium and lives up to it's price tag. OnePlus didn't skimp out on material costs here.

    The phone is smooth and snappy. It's keeps up with all my tasks and this is thanks to both the hardware and the wonderfully optimized Oxygen OS which I will be talking about is my next chapter.

    Despite the controversy around the cameras, I find them to be pretty impressive. I've had some focus flaws, and low light leaves something to be desired but I'm sure once the software team is finished tweaking the settings to make the camera 'just right' we will have one of the best cameras in the market. However, I do wish that the OnePlus 7 Pro shipped with the best camera software, rather than leaving the user waiting for improvements as it results in bad press, impatient customers and a bad rep, but, as they say, 'patience is a virtue'

    So, until that final update is released we will have to wait anxiously until we can experience the full power these cameras possess.

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    matthu.2711 , Jun 1, 2019 :
    #4 Software

    OnePlus is becoming known for the near stock experience they provide with Oxygen OS. The OS has minimal bloatware, snappy animations and effective optimizations, and with the OnePlus 7 Pro, the story is no different.

    Now, as I'm sure many of you are aware, 'Software' is a very vague term that could refer to many different aspects of the phone. In the previous chapter I discussed the new Zen Mode and Screen Recording features, so they will be omitted from this chapter. Here, I will talk about three aspects of the Oxygen OS experience:

    1. The User Experience
    2. The Battery
    3. The Smooooooothness

    So, without anymore chit-chat, let's begin...

    1. User Experience
    OnePlus supplies a user experience unmatched by any other Android skin. Oxygen OS is just as the name suggests, pure, smooth and fluid. The skin is bloatware free (mostly) and provides one of the smoothest software experience ever!

    OOS has a very minimalistic design. From the settings menu to the camera UI, pages aren't filled with details and unnecessary clutter. They supply all needed information and settings in an organised, clean fashion. The phones UI is intuitive and user friendly. All settings and menus are displayed in an organised way to suit the user and help them complete their tasks in a swift manner, regardless of how tech smart they are.



    That is not to say that OnePlus hasn't put their own spin on the Android operating system. They have added many features that have been highly demanded and others that are simply to improve the users day to day use. They have provided their users with many popular demands such as a dark mode, screen recorder, parallel apps, gaming mode, RAM booster, video enhancer and many other useful features. Many of these features were user suggested, and reiterates the importance OnePlus places on their community.





    OnePlus also encourages every user to personalize their phone. With options to change accent colours, navigation methods and display modes, the OnePlus 7 Pro has options to cater for everyone's preferences. I have my device set to light mode as i love the crisp whites on of the Fluid AMOLED display, but other users may prefer the dark mode, for its battery saving qualities.

    OnePlus' gestures are possibly some of the easiest to use on the market. They are smooth and fluid, with additional haptic feedback to enhance the experience. Using the full screen gestures allows you to use the phone entire screen space, and get the best use out of every inch of the display.

    With a simple swipe up from the centre of the chin you are taken back to the homescreen. A swipe up from either side will go back. Swiping up from the centre and holding will bring up the app switcher as well. But don't worry if you can't get the hang of these gestures, as the OG android buttons are still available to use.

    They have also added some unique animations which have helped to set this OS apart from others. The small things like this is what makes me love Oxygen OS so much. It just shows how much care and thought the developers put into their work.


    However, I am concerned about the large variety of OOS versions that are available at present and the implications that could have down the line. At current, there are at least five versions of Oxygen OS on the market; US version, EU version, Indian version, 5G version and T-Mobile version. Each version has it's own specialties, whether that be security, added features or carrier binding. So far, each version is pretty similar, but as the margin grows between versions, it will be harder to classify which version is the pure OOS. For example, the Indian version has received many added features due to demand in that specific area such as caller ID, cricket scores and a specialised SMS app. If this continues it may lead to staggered updates and a larger difference between versions, but I am sure OnePlus has thought about this and has a plan to prevent a split from occuring.

    2. Battery

    For me, battery life has been a bit of a rocky ride on my OnePlus 7 Pro. I can get 4 hours SOT one day, and over 6 hours the next. It has been frustrating, but after some heavy optimizations I have seemed to have maximised my battery life.

    I use my phone on auto resolution and 90Hz, simply because I could never go back to 60Hz. I have also turned on Adaptive Battery, limited background processes and turned off many unused features to try and maintain an SOT of 6 hours or there abouts. I'm not saying this is the same experience for everyone with this phone, I have seen fellow Lab Reviewer's hitting way over the 6 hour SOT mark. Battery usage will vary for everyone. I am an avid user of social media and media consumption on my phone, and as a modern teenager I hardly put my phone down, so that definitely would have a role to play in my battery drain.

    What makes up for this mediocre battery life however is the incredibly fast speed of Warp Charge 30. It is a beast, and I can go from 0-100% in around 40 minutes. The lack of wireless charging effects me in no way whatsoever. Personally, I feel like wireless charging has a very specific use case, and it still in early stages in terms of it's speed and efficiency. I am still tweaking my settings to improve my battery life as much as I can. It is a known issue for some users, and it has been confirmed that it will be improved in future software updates, so I look forward to reaching over 6 hours SOT.




    3. Smoothness
    This phone is fast, really fast! I'm sure you have all seem speed tests online and 9/10 the OnePlus 7 cones out on top. This is thanks to the Snapdragon chip, and large quantity of RAM present, but also to the specialised optimisation set in place to provide a smooth and fast experience.

    Oxygen OS is simple in it's animation styles and this really does help when it comes to speed. If you really want the fastest experience possible you can turn off animations altogether and obtain a lightning fast usage. RAM boost is a very helpful feature, added to help take full advantage of the RAM and power through processes as quickly as possible. It also keeps many apps open, allowing you to go back and forth with minimum load up time.

    As I have experienced from past OnePlus devices, thanks to the excellent OS optimisation the devices age well, staying as fast as they were on day one, and I doubt the OnePlus 7 Pro will be any different.

    This phone is a joy to use and this is largely thanks to OnePlus' excellent software and added features. Every year they go strength to strength in terms of speed, and this device is a great benchmark for other flagship devices to aim for.

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    matthu.2711 , Jun 5, 2019 :
    #5 Camera

    The OnePlus 7 Pro's cameras have been a real 'hot topic' since launch, but not entirely for the right reason.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro houses three cameras on it's rear (a 48mp main camera, a 3x Telephoto lens and an Ultrawide 117° lens)

    We also get a Pop-Up front camera. This camera allows for the larger, full sized screen. I like the camera, it is good quality and the Pop-Up camera is definitely a talking point. I have had many people stare in awe as the camera pops out of the housing. I feel like it is somewhat of a novelty, but definitely a fair trade off for that large screen.

    The 7 Pro shipped with some inferior camera software, which has gotten better thanks to some updates, but we are still left waiting for that special 'DXOMark Update'. Regardless, I still think that this is a superb camera, that can take simple, life like shots without too much saturation or loss of details.

    I love photography, but I'm by no means a professional. (Check out my Instagram for some of my work @mhjw_photography) For me however, this camera suits all my needs. Whether I'm taking pictures if my cats or some landscape shots, this camera satisfies every time.

    The only issue I have encountered is the rather long focal length of the main 48 mp camera. Sometimes it is difficult to get images in focus for that crisp shot. This caused me some issues when trying to use portrait mode. On my OnePlus 6 I used to use portrait mode all the time, but now you need to be further away from your object when using the 7 Pro, and some times this isn't practical with smaller objects.

    Video is clear, and with the help of the OIS, you get a smooth end product. I was honestly surprised with how stable the 4K video turned out. I do hope that after some more software updates we will get the option to take videos using the wide angle lens.

    The 3x zoom lens results in some clear shots, but they can be a bit blurry at times.

    Wide angle lens gives great results. Allowing a wider field of view and the pictures turn out crisp and detailed.

    The camera can be a really subjective topic, everyone loves to have their say and I think that the best way to understand this cameras power is to see some shots I have taken. Below are some of my favourite pictures I have taken and my attitude towards each one.

    All photos are unedited and in their original state

    This is one of the favorite pictures I've taken so far on this device. I love the depth of field and how the edges of the dandelion are still detailed

    With black cats, it can be difficult to capture all the details. I think this picture really does the camera justice. The red wall isn't over saturated and the cat is well detailed and clean


    The front camera is also as good as the back. It captures all details well and results in some great shots

    Another favorite of mine. The tree is in focus and the sky is not blown out

    Here we can see the difference between the 48mp lens and the 117° Telephoto lens

    There is a lot going on in this picture, but the camera still manages to capture all the detail

    Finally, HDR really helped out here to capture the sunset sky

    Overall, I really like the camera on this device. It can take some amazing shots that I am really happy with. In the end, if you like editing photos, this is a camera for you. If you want 'postable' photos straight from the shutter however, this camera is maybe too raw and natural for you.

    If you want to see a full album of photos I've taken on the 7 Pro, check out my Google Photos album HERE

    So, that's it for this chapter. I am nearing the end of my journey now. My next installment will sadly be my last. It will be a simple Roundup and any final point I wish to make. I hope you've enjoyed my review so far, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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    matthu.2711 , Jun 8, 2019 :
    #6 Final Thoughts

    Well, all good things must come to an end. This marks my final installment of my Lab Review. I would like to thank OnePlus for this opportunity. Thanks to @Trista W. and the rest of the team for their help and guidance. Big shoutout to my fellow Lab Reviewer's too.

    I thought a good way to end would be with a recap of my favourite parts of this device, and why I think that the OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the best Android devices available on the market.

    I have had this device for just over 3 weeks now, and it's been a pleasure to use. It has taken every task I've thrown at it head on, whether that be photo editing, media consumers or gaming. This phone is certainly a jack-of-all-trades.

    Here's a recap of the 5 Best, and 5 Worst features of the OnePlus 7 Pro:

    The Display
    The OnePlus 7 Pro has made a name for itself with it's top of the range display. It displays every minute detail in a full range of colours and sharpness. It's the perfect device for Netflix binging thanks to the gorgeous colour range and full size screen.

    The Fingerprint Sensor
    OnePlus' screen unlock is the fastest in the game. It's my main method of unlocking as it is simply the quickest.

    The Camera
    The OnePlus 7 Pro camera started off on a rocky start with some negative press, but after the latest update it's can't be denied that the camera setup on this device is honestly incredible. If you were to have seen the end products without any context of the phone you'd assume they were shot by a professional DSLR

    The Speakers
    The Dolby Surroud Sound speakers took a while to get used to, but now I'm fully in love. They provide a really immersive experience that I don't know how I have coped for so long without. My only issue with the speaker would be that, even at the lowest level it can still be too loud for some situations

    The Speed
    OnePlus is notorious for the their fast and reliable flagships and it is no different this time around. The OnePlus 7 Pro is smooth and snappy, and can handle any task thrown it's way. With 8 GB of RAM this device is a beast.

    (Added Bonus)
    . Warp Charge
    Incredible. Fast. Amazing. I'll leave it there!

    1. No Headphone Jack
    This is my first device without the headphone jack and I really do miss it. I can no longer charge and listen to music. It also restricts me to using specific headphones that I have to keep with me at all times. I can no longer connect my phone to the car's AUX which is rather inconvenient, although my friends and family may disagree with me on that one.

    2. The Pop-Up Camera
    I know it is one of the main selling points of this device, but I see it as more of a gimmick than a revolution. I'll admit that it is a better choice than a notch, but I'm still looking forward to the day when we can have cameras under the screen. I am wary of how much I use the pop up camera as I want to avoid unnecessary strain. The motor is by no means loud, but it isn't silent either. This can be annoying in quiet situations when I want to send a Snapchat in the middle of class, or at night in a quiet room. It's just something I have to sacrifice for that gorgeous display!

    3. The Battery
    Now, battery life will change for everyone, and I'll admit that this could just be me being super picky, but I've only been able to get 4 hours SOT consistently. It's been a real issue that I've tried to solve but at this point I have just gotten used to it. I see others getting around 6-7 hours SOT and I am very jealous, but not all things can be perfect!

    4. + 5.

    I'm sitting here writing this review, and I honestly cannot think of any more issues. Using this phone has been a real joy and there is very few things wrong with this device.

    Well, this marks the end. I'll hang up my hat and move on into my retirement. I hope that I will get another opportunity to show the OnePlus Community my appreciation for all their hard work and dedication.

    I hope you have enjoyed my review, and thank you to those who offered their feedback and praise.

    I encourage everyone to get involved in the Community. It is an amazing place to meet new people, get your voice heard and offer your knowledge to others. It's offers some amazing opportunities and it is one of the reasons I love OnePlus so much.


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    Thanks! Hope you like it

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    Could you try using Juxtapose against another smartphone camera during that portion of your review?

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    Yeah, I'll certainly give it a shot with some pictures. I'm coming from the OnePlus 6, so if I contrast the two it'll give people an idea of how far the 7 Pro has come. How does that sound?

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    More about the phone young man, you'll give a wee bit more, won't you? Go on....

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    Sure , just a few photos will do.


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    That's what I'm here for!
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    Hope you enjoy

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    I'm sure I will. Where exactly are you from on the auld sod? Armagh here.

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    Monaghan! Why, you Irish yourself?

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    Just over the road in Armagh. I live in The Basque Country but Armagh to the core. Family in Monaghan 'n all.

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    Ach sure, look! Tis a small world! [e]1f602[/e]

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    Oh ;)