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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    Perhaps read it once again for your better understanding

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    Or try English. Your poor grammar is not my problem

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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    that suit's you more than me
    Criticism is only way you have now
    Good luck brother

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    Good luck with what?

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  6. Krishrox
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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    i think this thread is about development and discussion on oneplus not about your personal deeds dude
    Chill up like a young man

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    What the **** are you talking about? Stop spreading crap from YouTube first. Just because YouTube says it, doesn't mean its true.

    As I said before the difference in the Zoom is largely in interpretation and the cooling layers are OBVIOUSLY interpretation since no one CARES if it has 8 layers, 10 layers, or 800. OnePlus wouldn't lie about that because they gain nothing.

    So, stop throwing around accusations based on YouTube. YouTuber's can make perpetual free-energy machines from a magnet and some spark plugs ... so they obviously have more technical skills than our best scientists and they'd never lie.

    And whatever you have against me, drop that. Its not a fight you can win

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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    I think you are messing with me for nothing
    Do you know or not every community member has the right to ask and to get answered
    Cool dude this doesnt give single penny for me.Dont be atrocious.
    I think i have to recite it again Im oneplus fan
    so please stop your nonsense and look into correct corners

    Please know the specifications of the everything before answering

    Sorry if it pinch you

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    What the hell are you trying to say???

    You asked. I answered. And yes, I do know the specifications. The only one debatable is USB 3 right now.

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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    you are wasting my time topic is over

    Answer to the questions not the unnecessary things
    its actually Ufs 3.0 1st generation
    better you need to prepare a notes

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    What the hell? UFS has nothing to do with USB. Please shut up because you just proved that you are clueless

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    Krishrox , May 26, 2019 :
    once check in the website of oneplus then knows whos clueless

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    OK. I know this is hard for you to understand, but if you READ the thread, you'll see that all tests show that the device isn't responding to USB 3. For all purposes, it is detected as a USB 2 device and gets USB 2 speeds, in host mode as well.

    So, the official spec may show USB 3.1, but that doesn't seem to be the case. The spec of 3x optical zoom is open for interpretation and you are calling the company a liar. USB 3 is cut and dry, yet you want me to take the spec sheet at face value? It either has the higher speed data pins or it doesn't. Why do you get to ***** about how many cooling layers it has, but I can't question the USB?

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    At last agreed
    Thanks for that man

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    Please, stop arguing with each other. Both!

    Thank you, and enjoy the Sunday.

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    elanglois , May 26, 2019 :
    You are a little late. Last post says we are agreed. You wanna drag it out some more? Or you just adding more useless posts to an already trashed thread?

    Anyone else wanna test the USB ports???

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  17. dnagpaldg
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Writers' Club May 26, 2019

    dnagpaldg , May 26, 2019 :
    @elanglois @Krishrox ,

    There is a cooling system on the phone, and it works properly. How many layers, I think that's addressed properly.

    The cable provided is USB 2.0, but the port is USB 3.1 . That's what the documentation with the phone says, OnePlus doesn't hide that. The Warp charging standard provides extra power by adding more pins for power delivery in the cable. That's why, using the cable provided in the box, you will get USB 2.0 speeds only. If you want faster speeds, try a USB 3.x cable.

    The camera lens is 78mm and has 3x lossless zoom. I can confirm that it is not all optical, because trust me that's the first thing I checked as soon as I read about this thing. But even then, the overall image doesn't lose any detail so I'll say it works as advertised. Yes, I'm letting them out on a technicality, but that's because we're used to lossless zoom being optical zoom and OnePlus played around with that.


    hey, anyone checked the SOT WHEN display is set to 60Hz .since I've heard from many users that ON average SOT OF 7 PRO IS AROUND 4.5 AT BEST SINCE 90Hz display and Quad Hd display uses battery extensively... Anyone try using at 60hz since 4000mah gotta run through whole day!!!​

    I'm using it at FHD+ 60Hz for two days now, and I've seen that it lasts me around 6 hours 30 min SOT with a lot of background apps and camera being used and full brightness all the time. It lasted me a day like that, with around 20% left in the end. If you use it at 50% brightness, usage will increase drastically.

    The SOT at QHD+ 90Hz is not really much lower for me, around 1 hour, but then 90Hz is something you don't want to lose out on. Try FHD+90Hz if you want.

    I think the reason for the large battery drain is because of the automatic brightness settings. I find them to always keep the bar very close to the top and often need to bring them down. I hope OnePlus issues an update soon to fix it.

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  18. Krishrox
    Froyo May 27, 2019

    Krishrox , May 27, 2019 :
    Yeah oneplus told they gonna release an update about battery life.They said it will be optimised and monitored during times with some apps it changes itself automatically to FHD+ ,60hz and it can be tuned to QHD,90HZ type of content watching,playing a game

  19. GokulRam Seenivasan
    Cupcake May 28, 2019

    GokulRam Seenivasan , May 28, 2019 :
    I have been using one plus 7 Pro since it's launch, I have seen the temperature of the phone has shooted up to 40°c whilst charging and it takes more time for charging

  20. dnagpaldg
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Writers' Club Jun 6, 2019

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    dnagpaldg , Jun 6, 2019 :

    The video recording on the phone improves drastically from earlier phones and bests most of its competitors. The audio recording for the video has leaped forward, and the realism, noise reduction is much lowered.There is also EIS, and frankly the best EIS I've seen. Videos get more stable. then there is 60 fps. Videos feel much more professionally made, and it is the result of all these efforts.

    Coming to the videos, I'm putting links here. I took them out of the Delhi Metro so you might know what you're supposedly looking at - roads and Delhi skies (greyer than the West so trust me, its colour accurate). It should highlight the difference between 60 FPS and 30 FPS. My personal recommendation is to always use the 60 FPS mode at 1080P. If you have an argument to not do so, you already know enough about videography to not need this advice.

    For others, notice how at 60 FPS, the fast-moving railing seems to become well-defined in direction. That is proof that these videos are smoother overall.

    There is timelapse and slow motion as well. OnePlus has a handy editor to let us choose where to slow down the video. I have put a slow motion video here.


    I did not upload my review of the camera earlier to give OnePlus the time to iron out release issues with its algorithms. If you were to compare day one YouTube reviewers with the Lab reviews, you’ll see that the latter have immensely better samples - because we waited for these updates. The phone you’re going to buy is going to ship with these updates, so you can be sure that your device will deliver stellar results when you buy it.

    Here is a link to some pictures that I clicked with the rear camera: https://ibb.co/album/meLMqa .

    Every picture is unedited and put as-is. I can improve things with post-processing, so do not remind me.

    The current smartphone specs race is over cameras. While we have reached the point of diminishing returns in processors, RAM and display, the industry makes great leaps forward in the camera department each year. While we can ship Android Pie all the way back to the OnePlus 3, it cannot compete with the 6 or the 6T simply because the hardware has improved!

    OnePlus has spent a lot of R&D money into the camera setup for the 7 Pro, and it shows. There are three cameras now :

    This is all top of the line hardware, so the software is going to be the key differentiator. We saw the same thing happen with the OnePlus 6 - it took about a month for the camera to get to flagship levels, but nobody has questioned it since. Speaking of the software, I’ll quickly cover the UI of the stock camera app here: its the same as the 6/6T.

    The main camera clicks 12 MP photos - binning 4 pixels into 1 to get a 12 MP picture from a 48 MP sensor. If you want a 48MP picture, however, just go to Pro mode and select JPG-48MP from the image type menu. The device also clicks RAW images. The pro mode has dials to adjusting the exposure, shutter speed, focus, ISO and white balance. It is an addictive pleasure to use those dials with the new haptic motor. The pro mode also has options for flash and other lights.


    Pro mode lets you take awesome macros, but on the OnePlus 7 Pro, you can get those results with just the auto mode. Simply touch to focus, and voila! The AF system on the OnePlus 7 Pro utilises laser autofocus, phase detection autofocus and continous autofocus. The device always picked the correct focus and it did it fast. Quite a lot of times, things I would've done with pro mode happened better on Auto mode, especially macros.

    This is auto mode. It is a tricky picture because there are so many tips that it could've tried to bring into focus on this pineapple.

    Pro mode macro.

    Coming to the photo quality, it is the best camera OnePlus has ever produced, and goes head-to-head with the Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung S10+, iPhone Xs, and Google Pixel. The company has focused on colour accuracy over instagrammable pictures. Some would like that, others would point to other chinese brand smartphones. Regardless, it is understood that only the former can be edited into the later and not vice versa. The focusing is also pretty good,
    and intelligent scene detection has been implemented to this phone.


    Before even talking about the camera modes, I’ll praise the OIS and EIS on the device. I have shaky hands, and OIS covers up for that pretty well. It stabilises images I take out a car going 60 kmph (37 mph) without any signs of blur, it stabilises images I take while walking, basically almost anything that a person can throw at it. Put simply, OIS improves the image more than any lens can.

    The main lens is a 48MP sensor, but it clubs four pixels in one big pixel to capture more artifacts and give you better pictures. It is extremely amazing and gives flagship level photos.


    There is an ultrawide camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro. You would either use it sometimes, or a lot - there is no in-between. The first thing you’ll notice with the ultrawide lens is that there is distortion at the edges, so its best if you leave some margin when you click the picture. It works with the same processing algorithms as the other two cameras and therefre pictures are similar. The images are slightly darker than the main camera, but that was expected due to it having smaller pixels. I used it a lot, as it conveniently allowed me to take pictures of people at full length without having to go farther back (think clubs, discos, etc). One thing you'll notice about the ultrawide sensor is that its shutter speed is a tiny bit more than the main lens, as seen below.

    The telephoto lens is the best I’ve used till date. It is a 2.2x lens, but the camera has a quick toggle to hybrid 3x zoom. How this happens is that that the telephoto lens is actually 13MP, but it crops the image to 8MP and gets a lossless 0.8x cropping zoom. Also, the lens itself has a focal length that gives it a 2.2x optical zoom over the main camera. Therefore, the combined zoom is 3x HYBRID zoom, which is still lossless. Seeing that, it makes sense why OnePlus advertised it as 3x zoom, since the sensor itself was designed (by Sony, not OP) to crop-zoom from 13MP to 8MP.


    Paranoma mode works well and stitches objects properly even when they are extremely close to the camera, which is commendable. A lot of the time devices try to keep exposure and other details locked when clicking a panaroma, which messes the sky up if you accidentally get the sun in the picture. I don't know what OnePlus does, but I did not see that happen here.


    OnePlus has absolutely nailed the portrait mode. The telephoto lens is now 2.2x, so that means you have to take the picture from a farther distance, which is very inconveniencing at times, but it does improve the portrait mode performance.The edge detection is accurate everywhere, and the Bokeh seems to be natural. One thing I wanted on the portrait mode is the ability to adjust Bokeh strength, because it seems to be a personal preference. I feel that iPhones have very strong Bokeh effect, which means I can only use its portrait mode for very close up objects. The OnePlus 7 Pro has a softer bokeh than that, which does allow you to take pictures from a slightly longer distance and use the portrait mode for things like chest-level portraits, and portraits of objects.

    Nightscape has become extremely useful. It clicks pictures almost as fast as auto mode, which makes it much more useful when you hand might be shaky. The colours come out accurate and preserve a lot of details. Performance has improved across the board, no doubt about that. With Nightscape 1.0 there was the issue of greens leaning towards yellow; not here. There is overall smoothening of the of the picture, as seen in these pictures of clouds. If brightness was increased crassly, it would devastate the sky.

    The front camera has portrait and auto mode, besides video. It clicks great pictures and manages to get a good portrait with a single camera. Moreover, security enthusiasts have reason to cheer since the pop-up camera means it is mostly hidden from view and nobody can record you.


    Overall, I must say I liked the pictures a lot. Colours are accurate and images focus fast, focus properly. The exposure and sharpening levels are typical OnePlus - a tad bit overexposed but that may be my own preference. I see that the HDR works more towards preserving detail and getting to a more median tone than blindly pumping up colours to make it look like its doing something. The nightscape and portrait modes are very well developed now, and depending on how you like your photos, might be among the best in the market. Pixel binning on the main camera makes an obvious difference to quality, and in a good way. OnePlus has improved on the 6/6T a lot and given us a great camera. If you buy this camera, be assured that it is one of the top cameras in the market today.
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