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    dnagpaldg , Jun 6, 2019 :

    I wake up in the morning with the alarm on the phone. My phone is low on battery, so it put it on charge and get ready for college. Takes me about 20 minutes and I leave the room, phone in hand, charged enough to last 3 hours or so of classes. I'm sitting in a lecture hall while the professor shows lecture slides. I see a question and use the 3x zoom to click a picture of it. Its lossless, so I get a great picture and I can tally it with my class notes later on. The guy on my side notices that I've got a OnePlus 7 Pro, and asks to play around. He's awestruck when he sees how fast my fingerprint sensor is. He asks me about the curved display, and I do the one thing I like the most about this phone - I open up a PDF and put the phone on landscape. Then I just scroll as the curved edges make it look like paper is coming out of the device! My wide-eyed acquaintance has seen enough of my flex, so I go back to reddit.

    I need to check the time, I just lift my phone. Ambient Display is unbelievably useful. Halfway through the third class of the day, someone's phone rings in the class. Anxiously I put a finger on the alert slider without getting my phone out of my pocket: I remembered to keep it on vibrate.

    There is time to kill now, I have a free hour. I catch up on social media, going through photos on the QHD+ screen. I realise that reading is much faster and I can keep scrolling through text now whilst reading it - the 90Hz display never disappoints me. Now my friends come out of their class, and we're sitting in the cafeteria. I record random boomerang videos on my phone. My friends taunt me for being on my phone too much, so I put it on Zen Mode and then curse them as they start staring at their phones now that mine is useless :(

    We've got nothing better to do, so I decide to play some music on my phone. Stereo speakers + Dolby = good, loud music. Its obnoxious to do that in the cafeteria, so I make sure to keep the volume low. My phone has given me about 4 hours of SOT now but it's about to die, so I go to the library to charge it up.

    Once you're in the library you might as well study, so another round of Zen Mode follows. After that, I open the phone and start opening a ton of apps just because my workload is scattered across all of them. Whatsapp to catch up with a friend, some PDFs that I downloaded from the college academic portal, the EBook that I need to transfer to my laptop is getting uploaded to Google Drive, Slack for my technical groups, the community app to see replies on my review, going through my emails, and the perennial Instagram. Oh, and there's Spotify in the background. I seldom realise it but the phone has never lagged or given me an App Not Responding since I got it. Maybe, just maybe, I should start carrying my laptop around more.

    It's evening now, so i just go to the beach. I'm in Goa, I'm never too far from one xD . As I watch the sunset, I record a timelapse of the sunset. The beach is a picturesque place, and I have a good camera on my hand. There's [email protected], but I'd use the [email protected] instead. Even though I have 256 GB of storage, what I do not have is a 4K display. I play it back and the clarity of the recorded audio amazes me more than the video. I have come to expect good video out of OnePlus devices but its exhilarating to get this quality with such small microphones.

    I come back to my room later, and do what any sane person does - Netflix :p There's HDR on the device, but it shows up only when the content supports it. Fortunately for me, I'm watching Daredevil and HDR does wonders to that show! Stereo speakers are a great replacement for earphones when I'm alone, but then my roommate comes into the room so I need to use the earphones. I miss the good old headphone jack a lot or not at all depending on how much battery is left on my wireless earphones.

    Before going back to sleep, I look at my chats and other apps for any updates. I play around with the phone, killing time before going back to sleep. I've got Subway Surfers on the phone, so I open it up. The Fnatic Mode notification comes up. A brief 5 minute run has somehow turned into half an hour wasted, and when I close the app I see all the notifications that I had missed.

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    dnagpaldg , Jun 6, 2019 :

    Every phone since the $299 OnePlus One has increased in selling price, distancing some people from the company. R&D does that to a company’s bottom line. But the company needs to innovate and develop new features to differentiate itself from competitors. Keeping the price down while being original is not easy to do consistently.

    The OnePlus 7 series represents a shift in OnePlus’ marketing strategy: It is an attempt to see if the company can increase R&D and innovate a OnePlus 7 Pro for a more premium market, while keeping its price sensitive ethos with the capable but no-frills OnePlus 7. The phone I have reviewed does not cut corners to bring its price down. It is quintessentially OnePlus – not afraid to innovate, and still manages to be the most affordable in its league.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro represents a watershed moment for the company, perhaps even surpassing the launch of the OnePlus One. Just like the OnePlus One proved to everyone that a flagship phone need not have a flagship price, the 7 Pro sets out to show that innovation does not mean burning a hole in your pocket. Yeah, the OnePlus 7 Pro is expensive, but it’s price maxes out at $100 less than its competitors. Yes, some companies do sell phones cheaper than this, but (1) have you seen the ads and bloatware and (2) they’re well-specced but seldom premium.

    Considering the package that you get; it is hard not to recommend the phone. Most of the differentiators for a smartphone are now things that are not advertised much, but things that you feel when you use it:

    1. You do not notice a 90 Hz screen until you start scrolling through a line of text and realise you can read everything whilst scrolling only because of the higher refresh rate.

    2. You feel the phone has really fast R/W speeds when you load up that high definition content from your internal storage – that’s the UFS 3.0 more than the processor and RAM.

    3. You use the phone after coming from something you bought many years ago, and the network seems faster on WiFi – that’s the new modem with higher upload and download speeds.

    4. You’re playing music on your phone and you suddenly hear the left channel and right channel separately. You remember there’s stereo speakers.

    5. You’ve been playing PUBG for 3 hours straight, and stop using the game. You realise the phone is warm, but nothing close to the burn-your-hand feeling you once used to get. There’s a cooling system in place.

    6. The OnePlus 8 launches and it has cool features that you like. Do you want them? Look how OnePlus brought Nightscape for the 6, and Zen Mode and Fnatic as well. Look how the OnePlus 3/3T just got stable Pie.

    7. You’re using the phone for 2 years now and the new version of Android just launched. OnePlus still supports this device while others have long stopped supporting their phones or their updates slow down the device. Seems like a silly move to not do something like that, but you like the integrity of the company.

    Meanwhile, there is a OnePlus 7 as well, and you’d ask: what about it?

    The OnePlus 7 is a refreshed OnePlus 6T, no words minced there. It is cheap, and it refreshes some of the more important (and affordable) components of the earlier device. That is not a bad thing – the design of the 6T was well received, and so were the other features on it. It has 20W Dash Charging (not Warp 30), but the battery is also smaller. But then, both phones target different kinds of people.

    If you’re a student (or anyone on a budget) who wants a flagship that lasts him long, one that he can mod freely, one that has crazy fast charging and a great camera, and one that feels premium but is affordable, go for the OnePlus 7. It is the same marketing pitch as the OnePlus One. It has everything that built up the brand, and most importantly, it keeps the costs in check.

    If you’re someone who wants to be at the bleeding edge of smartphone technology, or someone upgrading to the OnePlus 7 series and have the budget, or basically anyone who is going to use this phone for a long time, or just a Samsung/Apple person till they started charging more than Rs. 100,000 or $1,000, then go for the OnePlus 7 Pro, you won’t lose out on anything but the boot logo. This phone screams top-of-the-line everywhere, and it brings in things you do not expect to see elsewhere. Moreover, it has a community that gets it insane aftermarket support, the company does not believe in planned obsolescence, and instead keeps on improving it builds new devices.

    What more can you want?

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    adicr7 , Jun 8, 2019 :
    this mobile phone is superb but the difficulty i am facing is that it some times get hang ... don't know why...but it's camera was so clear and amazing playing game in this phone gives a 3D feeling...
    Thank you
    Aditya kaushik

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    maddyruhi653 , Jun 9, 2019 :
    kindly give AR sticker options in OnePlus 7 Pro.

    and also coming some bugs in mobile when mobile not restart.. some function has closed. after restart all features use smoothly.

    AR sticker plz this option

  6. maddyruhi653
    Eclair Jun 9, 2019

    maddyruhi653 , Jun 9, 2019 :
    please give Studio lighting features in OnePlus 7 Pro camera. We want to studio lighting features in portrait mode.

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    H1559879398050 , Jun 23, 2019 :
    I'm using OnePlus 7pro I'm not much happy by using this feeling regret . There are some problems which keeps irritating me.
    1.Phone gets heated
    2.Camera is not good photos are always blur and also when photos are captured in portrait mode quality gets low and becomes blur.
    3.faced this one time when I was using my camera selfie pop camera camed up and when i closed camera app the pop camera remained up I tried to open camera app again and closed app still the pop up camera was up
    4.Apps gets forced closed facing this all time
    5.Phone is getting hanged
    6.while I'm using OnePlus 7pro 8gb ram phone how can this phone can get hanged this is unbelievable.
    I was hoping a good from OnePlus but they haven't made a good phone

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    sk396355 , Jul 8, 2019 :
    Same problem with me.