[The Lab] OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition - faster than you can imagine

  1. Tymcio
    Froyo Nov 25, 2019

    Tymcio , Nov 25, 2019 :
    OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is the newest device OnePlus presented us not so long time ago - 10th October 2019. I've been using this device for about a week (unfortunately Polish distributor has a week delay with deliveries) and finally I am alble to share my thoughts about it with you - with all pros and cons I found during this whole time.

    In my review I don't want to make you bored. I want to share my thoughts about new OnePlus device as well as pros and cons of it. So let's begin...


    We receive OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition in big orange box, that shows us it's not common device. That it's something more, than just smartphone most of people uses.


    Inside we can find the best bos I've ever seen. Kevlar-styled box with OnePlus and McLaren logo on the top, phone model on sides and orange bottom hides more than you can see at first glance.


    After opening the box we can see all the common paperwork (manual, etc.) as well as "Thank you letter" from OnePlus. Below of it there is finally phone hidden with Warp Charge 30T charger and cable (which isn't red, but orange nylon braided that should prevent it from breaking). But where is the case? As I've been on official launch I knew it's really great and included, but I couldn't find it so I started to think, that someone changed it's mind. I was wrong - OnePlus made double bottom box, that has second opening from the bottom. And there was case hidden


    Every item is well made, charger is black with orange accent colors, cable is orange, nylon braided with black ends and the case... the case is even better than I thought. Kevlar sides with alcantara middle part makes me want to use it (as I usually leave it in the box). OnePlus did really good job. But what about the phone?


    The phone looks really great at the glance! And this way we finished the unboxing and we are moving to design part...


    OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is really beautiful. Everyone that saw this device in my hands was impressed of how it's looking like. The device isn't the lightest as well as the thinnest on the market - you can feel it in your hand as well as your pocket. But it's a really good feeling


    On the front we have nearly (because of small bottom bezell) bezelless 6,67" FluidAMOLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate and 3120 x 1440 px resolution. Above it there is one speaker in the edge of the frame.


    On right edge of the phone we have power button with orange slider that is one of the best features of OnePlus phones and I am really glad of moving it to this side of the phone (no matter it was done before). Left edge are volume buttons, bottom is USB-C port with loudspeaker, mic and SIM cards tray. Top edge hides periscope front camera as well as additional mic for noise cancelling. I wish OnePlus add there IrDA, but we can't have everything


    Back of the McLaren Edition is glossy glass with great pattern beneath and orange accent elements. In top part we have triple camera module with orange border and LED lamp below and on the bottom there is McLaren logo. Glossy back is a bit con, because it's easy to make it dirty only because of looking on it (joke) - fingerprints are easily visible on it.


    Overall - OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition design is very good. There are some things I would change (make matte back or hide camera module so that it is level with the rest of the housing, but that are minor things, that don't make me feel it doesn't look good. And the design isn't the end...


    This year OnePlus started to use 90 Hz refresh rate displays in their phones. OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition also received one of it and it works very good. But it isn't the best in the display, because if you don't switch to different phone with 60 Hz screen or don't have this kind device next to OP phone, you probably won't notice it. The best thing in OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition display is how it looks and works.


    Screen is bright enough to read everything during the sunny day and can be easily dimmed so light won't be annoying in the night. Colors are very good and true and high resolution makes that using the phone is really comfortable (we have 402 PPI). The only thing I can't understand is lack of Always on Display function that is working all the time - I would prefer it much more than what we have now. I really hope OnePlus will add it in one of future updates, as it could make using the phone even better.


  2. Tymcio
    Froyo Nov 25, 2019

    Tymcio , Nov 25, 2019 :

    Performance of OnePlus devices is well known for most of people. 7T Pro McLaren Edition isn't different. But before I will speak more about it, let's look on it's specs:

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus CPU
    • Adreno 640 GPU
    • 12 GB of RAM
    • 256 GB of UFS 3.0 memory
    • 4085 mAh battery with (really) quick Warp Charge 30T (30W - 5V/6A)
    It's quite impressive - better than most of the devices currently available in the market. When we compare it with nearly pure Android OS that was tweaked and optimised by Oxygen OS (more about it later), we receive very good and fast device. To be true, a year ago I've been a big fan of Launchers, but few months ago something changed and I started to hate it - all of them had some issues I wasn't able to live with. One was killing apps, other one was sending notifications after long time, next one had problem with Android Auto or Google Assistant. OnePlus maybe don't have so much features installed at the begining, but to be true - I barely used most of them and more important to me is that everything would work without any problem.


    • I want to play a game? No problem - didn't notice any lags nor extra heat on housing.
    • I want to watch a movie? Great! Image quality is very good and stereo speakers make it even better.
    • I want to surf the internet or social media? OK - the display is very clear and 90 Hz refresh rate makes it even more comfortable than before.
    OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition don't have any problem with lack of RAM nor internal memory - even if I download all possible movies from Netflix or music from Spotify there is plenty more space for my photos or other files. I didn't notice any problems with connectivity as well - 4G is fast, WiFi is stable and Bluetooth connection is working everytime I need it.


    I am quite impressed about the battery. We have really big display with high refresh rate and high resolution and the device can easily last for the whole day with ~5h SoT. But even if it isn't enough, we can plug phone to Warp Charger 30T and gain additional hours of work in only few minutes... Good job OnePlus! But, to be true, I would also like to have wireless charging (please do it with your next phone - even if it would be 20W it would be really good feature, but faster is better of course). But performance of this phone is a factor of 2 things - one is specs, and the other is...


    Yes, Oxygen OS is one of the best things that happened in mobile industry in past few years. Pure Android is good, but there are many shortcomings, that could make users life easier. Especially when we speak about small customization of it - there aren't many native features you can't change. Android 10 started changes, but it's still far from perfect, and here we receive Oxygen OS 10 with all new features and something more.


    It's very responsive with clear design and allows us to easily make small adjustments, like changing accent colors, switch themes and icons as well as changing basic elements. There is "assistant" page where we can add interesting widgets and see our step counts (cool feature recently added). There are easy to use gestures, that allows us to save space that could be taken by buttons and application shelf, that can be removed if someone want to have iOS style apps on the screen (I prefer minimalistic style - not too much icons on display). And there is Game Mode that allows me to hide notifications when I play or let me speak phone on loudspeaker immediately, without forcing me to finish game


    There are not many things I would like to change in Oxygen OS. I would really like to see better optimization for shorter fingers (it's not easy to reach icons or elements on the top of the screen using phone with one hand) and I would prefer to have more options to manage notifications - I would like to disable Facebook and messenger sound without turing off all notifications. Hope you can do it!


    And the last part of this review is the thing, that many people are asking about. How is OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition making photos. If you want simple answer I can say - good, really good. But if you want to know more - doesn't stop reading


    Starting with front facing camera I want to say, that I love the fact, that it's hidden. I don't use if too often so I am glad that I have bigger display in this case. About the quality of the photos - during the day they are really good - a lot of details, good colors and fast shooting. Even portrait photos are done really well, no matter there is only one camera to do it, as you can see below.


    But during the night it could be a bit better. Of course if you don't want to make big wallpaper with photo you taken, this will be more than enough, but noises could be a bit less (I think this is about software).


    But the more interesting thing is main camera module. We have there 3 cameras:
    • Sony IMX586 48 Mpix with f/1.6 and OIS + EIS,
    • telephoto 8 Mpix with f/2.4 allowing to make 3x optical zoom with OIS,
    • super-wide 16 Mpix with f/2.2 and view angle 117 ° with Macro Mode.

    Daylight photos are perfect. They are not too colorized like it happens with devices that offers "ai scenery recognition" and shows great details. During a night it's a bit worse, but photos are very good as well - there are some noises, but overall impression is good. Zoom is working very good as well, but only during a day - after sunset you can forget about it. But the biggest (positive) surprise is Macro Mode, that is one of the best I've ever seen - photos are really clear and detailed.


    Night Mode

    Night Mode

    3x zoom

    Wide Angle

    What I would like more from OnePlus camera? To add slow motion 960 fps or more, allow to change camera in Pro Mode and allow to change zoom during recording. Photo quality is more than enough for me, and if you would like to check more photos in original quality, you can find them on my Google Drive.

    OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition is a very good device. However I feel it could be something more, like previous one. This time we received more RAM and unique design, but that are all differences from normal version. I wish to have a bit faster charging or maybe a wireless charging as a "preview" of what is waiting us in the future. Overall I am really happy after buying this device - I am pretty sure it will be unique wherever I will go, because not many people are able to buy it - so I can really recommend it to everyone.

    I hope you get to the end of this review. If you have any additional questions about OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition feel free to ask - I will try to answer you as soon as possible
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    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Nov 27, 2019

    YRJ , Nov 27, 2019 :
    Great pictures! Looks nice.
    You might want to expand your review and provide a conclusion. That would be a nice finish. The end is quite abrupt ;)

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Dec 9, 2019 :
    nice review! one of the first I've seen in the McLaren edition.
    you covered lots of the basic without overwhelming the reader and gave an option to see more photos for those that wanted to see more but didn't have to see, smart!

    there are some words that don't necessarily make sense (I assume that English is not your native language) or are spelled wrong like the word "box" in the beginning which you spelled "bos" and a bunch of others. but either way it is understandable and I really enjoyed reading this review!


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    Roby Mathew , Dec 9, 2019 :
    2 things I don't like in this phone is the weight of the phone and the screen latency issue.

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    jonesboy116 , Dec 9, 2019 :
    that's all fine and dandy when is the Android 10 update being released for the one plus 7 pro on the T mobile version

  18. pbernikier , via OnePlus Community App , Dec 9, 2019 :
    using this phone for a week now and it's not any faster than my 6T. I do like the larger screen but here are all the issues that I have had so far,

    •the fingerprint sensor doesn't work about half of the time.
    •I am having a big issue with the GPS radio. I drove for about 10 hours over the past week and about nine of them the phone didn't have a GPS connection. I tried Google maps and Waze.
    •often when discarding the picture in picture (Netflix, Plex) the shaded area on the bottom of the phone stays dark until I restart my phone.
    • When changing from 4G to 5G and vice versa the phone can sometimes have no service for over 20 seconds.

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