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    Preceptor , Oct 28, 2019 :
    The Beginning

    O B******** ( Slang word in Hindi Language), This was my first reaction when I got selected as the winner of OnePlus 7T mobile under OnePlus India launch, Chat to win a big contest. I jumped from my chair when I read the message tagged to me by @Hee H. For the next 5 minute; I was grooving on the dance floor on my tune Owooo Oooooh... Ooooh Oooooh. (I was on my office floor). My colleagues surrounding me were surprised that what happened to me. And then I shouted out loud, Yes, Yes, I won it. The next question was, What have you Won? I revealed them; It's none other than, "OnePlus 7T."

    So here comes the Professor's review

    Why OnePlus 7T?

    Another Chinese Phone? What special about this phone? Why should I purchase this phone?
    So, how would you tackle with the questions asked by your friends, people around you, who may come up with the above query? Can you change their perception?

    So let's start

    The "RED BOX"

    The first reaction when I saw this box in the leaked images online before the launch was not good. It was red, and that's too long? And soon everything changed into red, Red box, Red logo (Too much red love). But after the official teasers went online, I started liking the red box a little bit.

    So here comes the red box, the first thing which you would notice after getting your OnePlus 7T. It's long (Dear OnePlus, Please don't increase the box size further in your next series launch). The Red box has a plastic cover, but this time OnePlus don't want to see you "Slit" the box with a Knife in your hand(I think they want peace this time, enough slit violence ). This time you can find a small red plastic tag at the back of Red Box (It's a cute tag, I was feeling sad to tear it). You can find the technical details, specifications on the bottom of the box at the backside (Details in the upcoming sections). Also, a well-crafted strong bonding message appears at the top of the box for all the existing and new OnePlus community members.

    So what's inside the Box (Of course OnePlus 7T, not a Brick or Detergent Soap). I was a little skeptical while opening the box that does it have the OnePlus 7T or a detergent cake ( I was worried after listening to many fraud cases in the news articles while ordering the Smartphones online). So folks, don't worry, you will get a genuine brand new Smartphone inside the box.

    So what's apart from OnePlus 7T inside? Let's talk about the little unique components inside the box, which makes the overall having a OnePlus an excellent experience.

    A. Slim paper box with lots of stuff
    • Dropping and Popping the Box. We can notice a slim red box containing the Pete Lau invitation along with OnePlus stickers and other pieces of stuff such as safety information and a quick start guide while opening the Box

    B. Fuel station (Warp Charger with USB C fast cable)
    • After this slim red paper box, you will find the OnePlus 7T laying down comfortably wrapped with a soft hazy plastic cover. It was pleasant to see that the back camera is adjusted correctly along with the gap designed in the Box hard plastic separator. Besides it after removing the hard plastic spacer which has beautifully engraved with “NEVER SETTLE” on it, you can find the fuel station (Yes the Warp Charger 30 T along with lovely red USB C fast cable. Now it’s claimed by OnePlus that the Warp charger inside the Box can quickly charge your phone up to 100% in an hour. I tested it with my OnePlus 7T, and it did the job correctly from 1% to 100 % in less than an hour
    • upload_2019-10-29_1-5-32.png



    C. The OnePlus 7T Helmet (Transparent TPU Case)
    • It’s a transparent case with raised bumps from all the corner sides to protect your front screen. It looks beautiful when it gets on OnePlus 7T. The alert sliders can be touched easily, and you don’t need to struggle to operate it. Camera bumps are also given to protect the rear Camera lens which is highly required.

    D. The Show Stopper (OnePlus 7T)

    1) The three Stooges( OnePlus 7T rear Cameras) –
    The three stooges of OnePlus 7T( rear cameras) plays well along with combination, and they will not let you down. The first rear camera is made of 48 megapixels with f/1.6 aperture with OIS (Aperture looks at capturing the right amount of light for the picture, therefore smaller the f, the wider the aperture and better the image). The second rear camera is 12-megapixel telephoto lens offering 2x optical zoom with f/2.2 aperture and the third camera is of 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens with f/2.2 aperture. There is no separate depth sensor camera given in it, but the portrait effect comes into action with the combination of all these cameras together. You can enjoy clicking the photos using the option of 0.6x to 10x Zoom feature. Though, clicking the picture in the 10x zoom makes the picture a little bit blurry. The super macro shot is the icing on the cake, and you can take the near object picture even from a distance of 2.5 cm. Though I faced a little problem with auto focus while taking the macro shots but it was not always. The portrait mode of the camera worked well with decent depth effect. Nightscape mode was found as useful as it was in the last series for enhancing the image quality during night photography in low light condition. The other features, like HDR and Panorama, were much liked and found significant while taking the photographs. If we look into the video feature, the rear camera has the function to take video at 1080P, 1080P(60 fps), 4K, 4K at 60 fps. The video output is up to the mark, enabling to make videos in 10x zoom. Higher the zoom lower the video quality was noticed, but at lower zoom the video quality was impressive. Also, the camera features the slow-motion video with the support of videos in 1080(240fps) and 720p (480fps). Make sure you are creating the slow-motion videos in the proper lightning facility, the natural outdoor lights are much better than the indoor artificial lightning for the Slow-motion videos. Few example of Photos taken from OnePlus 7T under different lightning condition is given below





    2) The Tear Drop eye ( OnePlus 7T Front Camera)

    The teardrop eye takes cares of your beautiful face even if no one’s there to capture the beauty. The front selfie camera was found to be the decent one having 16 megapixels. In daylight, the images captured from the front Camera were found to be a bit soft. The colour appearance and skin tones were also found to be natural. Overall, a decent experience of taking a selfie from the Front Camera. During the night in the low light condition, the front Camera was not found taking superior pics as compared to the daylight, though in artificial light the pictures were found to be good. Overall, I found it a decent experience of clicking the selfie from the front Camera as it was able to work in portrait mode even without any depth sensor or dual-pixel sensor, and it worked pretty well.

    3) The Zym Toned Body ( Design of OnePlus 7T)

    First thing I noticed while holding the OnePlus 7T in my hand is that it has grown up as compared to OnePlus 6T. Now it comes in the size of 6.33 x 2.92 x 0.32 inches as compared to its predecessor 6.20 x 2.94 x 0.32 inches Also, OnePlus 7T weights little bit heavier (190 g) as compared to OnePlus 6T(185 g). Earpiece grills are improved(looks more aesthetic) and the teardrop notch size is 31.46 per cent smaller than its predecessor. It is made up of Glass body in front and back covered with aluminium frame from all the sides. The rear camera has now an Oreo design. I found it attractive, but it’s more prone to scratches while keeping it on the surface so I wished the camera bump size could have decreased.

    4) The Face ( OnePlus 7T Display)
    Yes, it's bright enough to attract you. It's having 6.55-inch full HD+ Amoled display having a resolution of 2400 x 1080 Pixels 402 PPI. And the best part of it is its 90Hz fluid display having better screen refresh rate than its predecessor OnePlus 6T(60Hz) which makes the scrolling experience on OnePlus 7T a buttery smooth. This time it also provides HDR 10+ feature which makes the viewing experience of high definition videos on Netflix and Prime video great. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protects it at the front and the back but it is suggested to use Back over for better protection as the glass is prone to break if its falls accidentally. Also, one thing I noticed while using it in daylight outside is that the brightness of the OnePlus 7t is better enough to support the display clarity. I was quickly able to read the messages, make the calls and see the photographs after clicking it in the daylight. The company claims to have a brightness level of 1,000 nits which makes the phone capable of working in broad daylight. Also, this time OnePlus has taken care to reduce the screen blue light emission(40 % lower blue light). It claims to have TUV certified Bluelight reduction, which makes the working on the phone easier on eyes during the night or in low light.

    5) The fuel Tank ( OnePlus 7T Battery)
    It provides the 3800 mAh( no- removable battery) which seems to be okay. I expected at least 4000 mAh battery seeing the enhanced display features like 90Hz display and better brightness which consumes more required battery though the battery lasts easily for a day with mild to moderate use as per my experience.


    6) Heart ( SnapDragon 855+)
    This time the dragon has also gained a + sign as similar to One +. Yes, now it's Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ which means more power and better performance. I didn’t face any speed issues while surfing the internet, playing music, watching videos, playing games on this device which seems to be a good experience. Also, 855+ is the latest processor in the industry which has powered the heart of OnePlus 7T in the best way.

    7) Brain (OnePlus 7T Memory)

    The bigger the RAM, the better the Memory. Yes, now you will find the base variant of OnePlus 7T starting from 8GB LPDDR4X and moving ahead to 12GB. I didn’t find any lag issue while opening the apps and playing games on OnePlus 7T.

    8) Sensors

    Though there are lots of required sensors on OnePlus 7T, the sensors which attracted me most is the in-display fingerprint sensor. It looks cool while using it having three different animations such as Cosmos, Ripple and Stripe. Cosmos is one of my favourites to use. The next thing I liked about this phone is the Haptic motor sensor, which makes the experience better while playing games and using apps. While playing the Asphalt 9 on my OnePlus 7T, I enjoyed this feature.
    The other sensors include

    · Accelerometer (which rotates the pics and videos of mobile from vertical to a horizontal position).

    · Electronic compass (useful to tell direction when you are lost in space).

    · Gyroscope ( It assist the various tilts of the phone supporting accelerometer).

    · Ambient Light Sensor ( detects the amount of light in the vicinity and make the auto adjustment of screen light).

    · Proximity Sensor (Turn off the screen while making a call by placing the phone near the ear).

    All the sensors were working great while using it.

    9) Soft Soul ( Software)
    This Smartphone is having Oxygen OS 10 based on Android 10, which makes using the android more interesting. The hybrid navigation gesture feature of Oxygen OS10 allows you to swipe between the apps and also the user quickly can disable the bottom bar. The other cool features like Zen Mode remind you to follow the Healthy Life by taking the short breaks from your Smartphone. I’m so addicted to the Smartphone that accidentally I launched a 20-minute Zen mode challenge and guess what; you cannot use your Smartphone for the next 20 min. It also always reminds you if you are spending too much time on the smartphone screen. Next cool feature is the Fnatic mode which helps the gamers who don’t want to be disturbed while playing the games. Fnatic mode blocks all the call, messages, email notification, kills the other background apps to divert all resources towards gaming and make it a smooth and fun experience. Another feature is of parallel apps which gives you the power to run the dual app on the same mobile. I use it for Whatsapp due to dual sim, and it works great. Next, the latest addition to the Oxygen OS 10 experience is a Smart SMS which sorts out the message as per their type just like the google email feature such a spam messages, promotional messages, and personal messages. I liked one of the cool features which I used to miss in Oneplus 6T is the addition of OTP copy feature directly from the SMS, which saves the time while typing the OTP in OnePlus 7T. Oxygen OS10 enhances the experience while driving the Smartphone.




    10) The teeth with the Blue Colour (Bluetooth)
    Yes, this time the teeth have a new polish of 5.0. The upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 can handle the dual audio connection with the same device and also provide enhanced range while using it. It also supports aptx HD and offers a super-rich experience while listening to music. I tried it on my OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2, and the experience was excellent.

    11) Connecting People ( Sim Cards support)

    It supports 4G (LTE) connectivity having dual sim support. I was surprised when I took out the sim tray out from my OnePlus 7T which has been placed at the bottom of the phone this time. As soon as it was out after putting the sim tray ejector pin, the first word came from my mouth is “Oh Shit” Only Single Sim support, I was disappointed, but soon I discovered that this time the sim tray has been redesigned and made shorter which do have the dual sim support from back and front. I was skeptical while putting the sim at the backside but it holds both the sim rightly. Also, the sim tray doesn’t support any SD card.


    12) The voice (Audio Support)
    This time OnePlus 7T has moved ahead with enhancing the voice of the phone through including the feature of Dolby Atmos, and it gives an immersive experience while using it. I was surprised to hear the video sound coming from all the direction, giving a theatre-like experience just from the Smartphone speakers. It’s a fantastic experience to witness. Apart from the Dolby Atmos, it does support the other regular features like dual stereo speakers and noise cancellation support.


    13) The ear ( Microphone)
    The call quality sound is one of the concerns which is utmost necessary for Smartphone users. I have used this Smartphone on both JIO and Airtel Volte Network in India, and the call quality experience was great. Sound clarity while receiving the calls were great. The sound was clear enough while using it outside with better noise cancellation support. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

    14) The Stomach ( 128 GB of UFS 3.0 Storage)
    Yes, the stomach of OnePlus 7T is more significant, as usual, starting with 128 GB of storage. You can store lots of stuff, and even if you are lazy like me who forgets to clean the trash of the smartphone, no worry it goes on and on and on accommodating all your kinds of stuff. The better part of this time is the inclusion of UFS 3.0 storage. It means the better capacity to hold data, less usage of power, can withstand higher temperature range (-40°C to 105°C), can read and write the data simultaneously and of course fast reading and writing. So far, so good.

    15) Complexion ( Colour)

    So if you care about the Smartphone Complexion more than this time you have two options for the base variant of OnePlus 7T available in Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver Colour. I have the Frosted silver colour, and it looks cool, but I expected to have more colour variant of OnePlus 7T such as Pearl white.

    16) Behind the Scene (Settings)

    Prominent settings of OnePlus 7T is mentioned here.

    · Under the display setting, we get screen calibration and this time we have the options such as vivid, natural and advanced. The users can select the display option as per their preference.

    · Screen refresh rate – Two options are given, 90Hz and 60 Hz. As per the use, the users can switch between the two.

    · The chromatic effect is the smart feature under the reading mode, which gives more smoothing experience while reading at night.

    · Cloud Service – OnePlus 7T provides 5 GB free cloud storage, and at present, it's offering 50 GB extra under Cloud service for a year. Under the setting, it gives the option to backup the phone documents online.

    · Digital Wellbeing – This is one of the cool features which tells about the digital wellbeing of the person. It gives the detail report of how many hours are spent by the user on a screen time surfing various apps. It also provides the unlock details of our phone in a day.




    There is a lot of other features such as app locker, Screen recorder, my overall experience with this Phone as a moderate user was excellent. Though few of things which I expected to have in this Phone are Battery capacity (at least 4,000 Mah), wireless charging, IP ratings, notification LED, and few have not such as raised Oreo camera bump and teardrop display.


    So, here we come to the next starting. Please find below the overall Pros and Cons I liked about this Phone. I hope you enjoyed the Review. I would request you to please give your valuable comments regarding it


    I would like to thanks @Hee H. for all her support and @dsmonteiro for providing such a wonderful platform for the review of OnePlus 7T. I hope dsmonteiro accepts my entry.

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