[The Lab] - OnePlus 8 Pro Review by Abhilash Saikia

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    again: WHAT can I do?
    I only can contact the support via support.oneplus.com
    BUT I don't have a OnePlus 8 Series Device.
    I am just a user - like you!
    There is nothing I can do!
    Do you understand it?

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    Viewed a lot of reviews.... not want any more just make stock of 8pro available, trying from last 3 sales, out of stock out of stock,Also my Oneplus 6 Gone in Crashdown mode and now it have motherboard issue. Totally fed up.

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    AbhilashSaikia , Jun 30, 2020 :

    6. OxygenOS: Fast, Smooth & Efficient

    OxygenOS has got to be my favorite Android skin not because it gives a stock-like feel but also because it has some meaningful and intuitive customizations to it.

    I have been using OxygenOS for more than three years now, and it hasn't changed much in the look & feel, but there are tons of optimizations to refine the user experience. I prefer it more than the stock Android OS. It is fast, smooth, and efficient.

    OxygenOS offers the right balance between customizability while preserving the minimalistic stock-like feel to it. It has almost everything you need and nothing you don't. Well, almost... read on.

    OnePlus 8 Pro is currently running on Android 10 but for all those geeks out there, Android 11 beta for it is available already.

    OOS has got almost everything that Google has to offer with Android 10 but the cherry on top, there are a lot of features that make the user experience a whole lot better.

    If you remember, I told you in the Performance part of my review that raw hardware power can't do anything without good software to back it up. OOS is blazingly-fast and has been designed with fluidity first approach. Thanks to over 280 powerful optimizations, sleek transitions & animations, everything feels swift and in a word - smooth.

    Unlike a lot of Android skins out there, OxygenOS does not bog upon the performance, and everything feels intuitive.

    I've already discussed some features like Comfort Tone, Optimised Charging in the previous sections. Anyway, let's discuss what else OxygenOS offers-

    OnePlus Switch

    I know how big of a hassle it can be to switch phones and migrate all of the photos, videos, and files. Here, OnePlus Switch comes in handy to make the migration or setup process seamless.



    With a device as personal as a mobile phone, you don't want to miss out on customisability. OOS offers you a lot of customization options from Lock Screen to System customization. Some of the available customizations are-

    1. Clock Styles


    2. Fingerprint Animations

    3. Horizon Light

    4. Accent Color

    5. Tone

    6. System icons

    7. Icon Pack

    8. Font

    Live Wallpapers

    OxygenOS also brings exclusive Real-time Live wallpapers that change hues according to the weather conditions.



    Navigation Gestures

    There is an option to choose between the Button Navigation bar or Intuitive Full-Screen Gestures.

    Screen-off Gestures

    How cool would it be to turn on your flashlight, control your music, or more with your screen turned off?


    Screen off gestures got you covered. It offers Music Control, Double-tap to wake, and you can even set custom app actions.​

    Dark Mode

    Under OnePlus Laboratory, there's an option to enable dark tone in more apps that should help to maintain a consistent experience even with third-party apps that don't natively support dark/black mode.


    Ambient Display

    I know a lot of you might miss AOD especially when coming from a Pixel or Samsung device. AOD is a feature that is still being worked upon, as OnePlus says.

    Ambient Display shows the clock, other contextual information or notifications when you pick up your device or tap on the screen.

    Reading Mode

    This mode helps to reduce eye-strain by cutting harmful blue-light or making the display monochrome. For someone who likes to read a lot of content on your phone, this feature comes in handy.


    Live Caption

    This feature of Android 10 detects speech in media and generates captions automatically. This proves to be very useful at times when you can't listen to the audio but still need a way to figure out the content.

    Parallel Apps

    Create clones of supported apps with ease.

    Zen Mode

    It says - "Phone down, enjoy life" which is pretty explanatory. It like an advanced Digital Wellbeing feature that helps to take a break from your phone.


    With this mode turned on, some essential functions like phone calls and camera are still accessible.

    OnePlus Roaming

    This feature aims to provide unmatched connectivity no matter the part of the world you are traveling to. It provides global data plans without having the need for an additional SIM card so that one can stay connected.


    Hidden Space, App Locker & Lockbox

    There are solutions to keep your sensitive data/applications away from prying eyes.


    OnePlus Shelf

    This is more like a hub on the left-most page of your home screen that offers a lot of widgets like Cricket Scores, Dashboard for checking basic information like data used or storage available, Parking Location, or you can add custom widgets to it as well. There's also a feature to take quick notes.

    However, if you don't like this feature you are free to keep it disabled. The OnePlus Launcher offers an option to replace it with Google Discover or keep it turned off altogether.

    Pocket Mode

    India Specific Features

    Work-Life Balance

    At times you may feel the need to be able to control how your phone behaves during working hours or when you're enjoying life.


    Work-Life Balance is an advanced DND feature that makes it possible to prioritize notifications based on some custom profiles, network type, or location.

    OnePlus Cloud

    OnePlus has introduced a cloud service for backup and sync facilities among your OnePlus devices.

    With this, you can sync Photos, Contacts, or even Notes.​

    Personally, I don't use OnePlus Cloud since Google already offers a backup solution for Contacts, Photos, and Videos. Also, I prefer Google Keep rather than OnePlus Notes because-

    1) It has a much better web UI.
    2) If sync is enabled for OP Notes, there's a weird popup notification from time to time that doesn't seem to go away.
    Nonetheless, some may find this service appealing.


    Alright, onto some serious stuff now. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. OxygenOS isn't what it used to be.

    With the launch of the Red Cable Club, a basic system app like Settings has become a place that feels no less than an advertisement hub.

    While some of the benefits that Red Cable Club offers are really appealing and useful, I don't find it necessary to be baked into the Settings App.

    Also, I've run into issues where the Settings App would take a while to load because of that section. This can be noticed on the previous generation devices as well.

    Let's talk about OnePlus' bloat-free approach, something that they are still so proud of.

    1) Pre-loaded apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Kindle, Prime Video, Google One, Amazon.​

    All of these apps can be installed from the Play Store if required. So I don't see the need for these apps to be pre-loaded.
    2) Netflix as a system app, seriously? Hmph, now don't tell me it's there to enhance HDR playback.

    3) Bloat within Game Space.


    OnePlus has shamelessly introduced 'Instant Games' & 'More Games', two unnecessary additions in my opinion by copying it directly from an OS that claims itself to be Colorful.

    No that's not all. They've even taken it a step further by pre-installing Epic Games! Well, this might be due to their recent partnership but OnePlus should stick to their initial philosophy.​

    Would you call that to be bloat-free? I leave it for you to decide.

    A company that always strives to be burdenless, this looks like a burden to me, and a lot of people out there are complaining about it too. OnePlus, it's time to act on user-feedback again!

    I think I've covered enough about OxygenOS. If you have any questions, please drop a comment and I'll be happy to answer it.

    OxygenOS- a constant pursuit for refinement.

    TL; DR
    club, here you go -

    1. OxygenOS has got to be my favorite Android skin not because it gives a stock-like feel but also because it has some meaningful and intuitive customizations to it.
    2. OOS packs in more than 280 powerful optimizations, sleek transitions & animations so that everything feels swift and in a word - smooth.
    3. One-Handed Mode is still something that's left to be implemented.
    4. Gallery Doesn't support slow/motion or timelapse editing.
    5. Occasional Bugs here and there. For example, the setting for 'Apps to Display in Full-Screen' won't populate the list of all apps.

    Summing up, OxygenOS is a powerful, impressive & light Android Skin. It manages to be easy for newbies by being simple to use but still provides a lot of granular controls for the power users who like to dive in.

    One more fact I like about OnePlus is their software support and update cycle. They're quick to roll out updates for its devices.

    Not every skin is perfect but OxygenOS gets a lot of it right. Kudos to that!

    Thanks for reading! I'll see you tomorrow.
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    Doctor Paradox, you're amazing. I hope you like the upcoming parts.

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    I like every part you post, i'm a fan of your work already mister!!

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    From SOON™ to "It's finally here", thanks for helping me throughout. I couldn't have pulled this off without you.

    OMG, Mickey! Thanks for being such an inspiration. The content creation process took a lot of effort but seeing such beautiful comments encourage me to work even harder.

    Also, I can't wait to see your next project! :D

    Bonjour Axel! Glad you like it. I'm grateful for your support.

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    Thanks for checking it out. Stay tuned for the upcoming parts.

    Nomoskar! Hoi hoi, Axomiya. 😉

    Batman!!!! I'm so glad that you like it. Haha, I'll send you what my mini shoot setup looks like. It's full jugaad™.

    LOL! I trimmed the 7 Pro's cover flap immediately. Handling the 8 Pro and it's belongings like a baby so far. 😉

    Well, you know me.😂😂

    Stay tuned. They're coming up in the next part. Many thanks.

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    Hey Bishaldeep Da!
    LOL, punched for sure. Warmest thanks. :)

    Thank you @Soulsurfer919 :)

    After a long wait, finally! Thank you Masenov! Stay tuned to the rest.

    Wow wow, thanks! Keep an eye on this thread for the remaining parts.

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    Thank you Shubham!

    Thanks man! Glad you like it.

    This comment is LIT too! Thanks a lot.

    You can count on me for an unbiased opinion.

    Many thanks!

    Yay Antony! I'm glad that you like it. Thanks a lot for your kind words.

    Thanks yet again!

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    Keep an eye out. Thank you so much.

    Yay! Thank you :)

    @Bhargavesque, I owe you, bro!

    Thanks my boi! Thanks for helping me with stuff here and there.

    Thanks a ton! He did a fab job. I'm so thankful.
    The display review is live now. Please check it to know more.

    Why-R-Jay! Thank you much. Also, you've been so supportive, man! Thanks.

    Ay' that made me smile. Thanks a lot.

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    Sure thing! I'll keep you posted.

    I truly appreciate it. Many thanks, Dresa!

    Thanks a ton, Helder!

    I'm a fan of your work as well. Pure art!
    Keep supporting.

    Like @Dresa91 said, I'd like to request you to get in touch with OnePlus Support. You should email them the details at onepluscare@oneplus.com with some photos highlighting the issue. I hope that helps.

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    Jai Hind Doston :D

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    Good one @AbhilashSaikia
    Nicely detailed with lots of information and pictures. Also division by different parts/chapters makes it all the more interesting and exciting to read and wait for the next part like the #NewBeginnings.
    Good work. Keep it up [e]1f44d[/e][e]1f44c[/e]. Thanks to @Lavin A. for helping @AbhilashSaikia

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