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  1. MosheG1
    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :

    A HUGE shout out to
    @AbhilashSaikia for teaching me how to make a banner in photoshop! I couldn't have done it without him!

    Hey guys!

    @MosheG1 here with a review for you guys! So unlike some of my fellow reviewers, I am not a photographer nor do I have any special qualifications that make me an expert to review this phone. With that in mind, I plan on reviewing this phone from the lense of a regular guy who is just a simple student, and what this phone means for the average person (make sure to see my "what it means to me" section)

    So the way I want to attack this review is that I plan on reviewing this phone and editing this review all with this OnePlus 8 pro and with my current OnePlus 7 pro (all my equipment including my tripod got stuck at school due to COVID 19, so please bear with me here). All the editing from the pictures, to the video, will be done with these 2 devices which will be my version of a test of the OnePlus phones! (obviously, this review will only be on the 8 series and please look at the other awesome reviews made by previous lab participants if you would like to know more about the 7 pro)

    So I've had this phone for about a week now (#mkbhd), and let me tell you there's a lot to say!

    Unboxing and design:
    Here is a quick glimpse of the unboxing with an actual video at the end.

    The TL;DR

    -The unboxing experience is as good as it has ever been! The box is a nice red color and the contents are neatly packaged together!

    -The phone itself has got to be one of my favorite colors ever (ultramarine blue) with an awesome matte blue finish that resists fingerprints really well and is just so smooth to the touch, a big upgrade compared to the finish on my 7 pro (mirror grey)! The screen is huge and overall it has a great feel in the hand.

    The good:

    - Now, this phone is gorgeous! from the second I took it out I realized that at least in terms of looks, this was the phone for me. The smooth matte finish on the back with that ultramarine blue finish is just the perfect combo, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    -Now in the presentation, they went on and on about how good it feels in the hand, and I didn't understand what the fuss was until it was in my hand for the first time. It was like the phone was made for my hand! It fit the contours of my hand perfectly! I was so sad to put on a case, but as we all know "glass is glass, and glass breaks".

    -This phone is light! The 8 Pro is even bigger than my 7 Pro and yet it feels lighter to me

    -I was also really glad to see that they left the camera bump design of the 7t and instead kept the design of the 7 and 7t pro as I thought the "oreo" camera was a bad idea.

    - Having a super-fast face unlock is amazing! I don't even remember what my lock screen looks like anymore because it has such a fast unlock.

    - For times when face unlock doesn't work you can always default to the great fingerprint scanner that lives underneath the display. It debuted on the 7 Pro and it has kept that larger size and I find that I don't even need to look to find the sensor and I can unlock it without looking at it.

    -What has got to be my favorite design feature is the alert slider! While i"m definitely not the first person to mention how good it is (and I doubt i"ll be the last) it deserves to be mentioned again! The alert slider is such a great feature, I use it all the time (usually to toggle between vibrate and mute... who uses a ringer?) it saves me such a hassle of going into my phone every time to change the setting depending on the scenario I am in. While this might seem like a minor inconvenience, I cannot stress enough how useful this is to me (still waiting for other manufacturers to catch on to this incredible feature... how have they not realized this yet???).

    -really basically everything else about the design of this phone is amazing!

    The bad: (there isn't a lot)

    - I also wish they would make a smaller version for those of us with smaller hands, and while there is the regular 8, which they said would be the smaller version if you want to get it then you lose out on a lot of features just to get a smaller phone. So hopefully they will make a smaller version in the future that has all the features!

    - I really prefer the pop-up camera and a full screen, to a hole-punch display.



    - There was no screen protector on my phone pre-installed, but I think the regular retail version should have it. (if not, be careful of those scratches even if it's some "light scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7" )

    - The case is a little flimsy and it's not nearly as robust as the case I received on the 7 pro, so unless you like living on the edge I think you should definitely get a more protective case. (Also not everyone will like that it says "never settle" on the case)

    - No expandable storage in what is supposed to be a real "Flagship" phone is disappointing, especially when you can only have a max of 256 gig internal storage. (although I personally am nowhere close to using up my storage)

    - And lastly no 3.5mm headphone jack or adapter

    What it means to me:

    -This is something that really sets the tone for your initial impressions of the phone and OnePlus nailed it! the unboxing was great and the phone was even better! I absolutely love this color, and I think that this is their best iteration of a color and finish on a phone ever in my opinion.


    General Info:

    Having used the 7 pro, I am already used to the curved screens and mostly have no problem with it minus the occasional palm touch when reaching across the phone, which does get annoying some times. (Since I have received the phone, an update was rolled out that all but stopped every accidental palm touch). The only remaining problem is that sometimes when swiping to either the left or right I will do it to close to the edge triggering the back gesture and I hope they give back the option of having the OnePlus gestures found on the 7 pro.

    The camera bump on the back is even bigger than the one on my 7 pro


    but that's per the norm these days with OEM's making huge camera bumps in order to put a crazy amount of sensors into a phone and that is a trade-off I'm more than willing to make! and while it does cause some table wobble it's nothing a case can't fix.
    Now a trade-off I'm not willing to make is the hole-punch camera cut out, I loved it when they instituted the pop-up camera on the 7 pro and I never had a single problem with the mechanism. However, being that they put the cut out in the corner it easily disappears from sight unless I'm looking for it. Having superfast face unlock back almost makes up for the hole-punch... almost.


    Here are some pictures of the device:

    (zero editing was done, these are stock photos from my 7 pro)

    And here is the full unboxing video as promised!

    Filmed on the OnePlus 7 pro and edited on the 8 pro using adobe rush, because i"m stubborn and I committed to doing the whole review on my 8 pro to prove its capabilities and i"m sticking to it!

    There is still so much to say about this phone! Stay tuned because the next part is coming soon!

    PS: I just wanted to tell everyone that @dsmonteiro is evil! EVIL I TELL YOU!!! beware of him! (he kept sending delivery trucks past my house to make me think that my phone had arrived when it hadn't!)
    PPS: I would like to thank ONEPLUS for making this opportunity possible and selecting me to be a LAB participant!
    PPPS: I would like to thank my fellow wormies (find us in wormhole) for being so supportive and funny, they keep me coming back to the community time and time again, more than all the contests! This brings me to my next point which is YOU! Without you, there would be no community, and that would be a shame because something that comes with owning a OnePlus device is the friends you will make by being part of the community!

    Thanks for reading!
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  2. MosheG1
    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :

    The TL;DR
    - awesome and accurate colors on the display
    - over 1300 nits of Brightness
    - 120hz display!
    - 240hz touch response
    - AMOLED
    - hole punch display

    Now for the full review:

    The good:

    -I have to start off by mentioning the elephant in the room, and that would be the 6.78-inch 120hz Super Fluid AMOLED Quad HD+ panel of gloriousness that is the focal point of this display!


    it is SO snappy and responsive especially with that 240hz touch response rate which makes it feel like there is no lag between your finger swipes and the screen moving with it. I think that this is very underrated and I think all manufacturers should adopt it as to me this is clearly a game-changer!

    -OLED panels are something that I can't recommend enough! having true blacks on your screen not only looks a million times better, but it also saves you battery life as the individual pixels turn off and on! (it also allows some really good dark mode on your phone which I personally love and have on all the time! it was actually the first thing I did upon finishing the setup of the phone)


    -One thing that I can't get over is the 1300 nits of brightness. I like to blast my eyes with all the light my phone can give off, so for me 1300 nits are awesome! (please note that this is in auto mode only that it gets this high, which is kind of a bummer as I like to manually set my brightness and I hope OnePlus allows us to crank the brightness to the max ourselves in the future. This is probably to prevent burn-in on the screen, and it's probably smart of them to do so, but there are scenarios where I would like to be able to crank the brightest to the max manually so the option would be nice)

    -All of this together (and probably more) is what caused the display on the 8 series to win not 1, not 2, but 13 awards in Display mate's testing! Now I am not an expert on screens and am perfectly fine if my TV isn't the newest 8K screen with all the features, but as a regular guy, I can tell you that this is one monster of a screen that would make anyone happy!

    -Now the 120hz panel might be a bigger drain on the battery than a 60hz panel, but not only is it worth the drain on the battery in my opinion, but this phone through a mixture of battery size and software efficiency allows for some solid battery life! and not only that but this phone can run at 120hz and at its full resolution! (unlike some other companies... I'm looking at you Samsung!) and should you find yourself in a scenario in which you need to save some battery life, you can still bring down the refresh rate to 60 Hz, and the resolution to FHD instead of QHD.

    -I want to take a second to talk about playing back video on this phone. Not only is it awesome to view footage on this 1440p AMOLED phone with its true blacks and true to life colors, it even features a special chip called the M.E.M.C. chip, which stands for "Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation" (i think). the purpose of this chip is to scale up the quality of the footage. For example, something that was recorded at 24 or 30 frames per second can be upscaled to 60 or even 120 frames! making the video look even smoother and more pleasing to look at (although it won't work for everything, you must check which apps it is compatible with)


    if you want to go more in-depth please visit this article: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...y-the-best-youll-lay-eyes-on-in-2020.1167710/

    The bad:

    -So there is not a lot of bad to say here except that once again coming from the 7 pro with a pop-up camera, having a hole-punch display and not having that clean uninterrupted display it's kind of a bummer for me.

    -One other thing to point out is that while the difference between a high refresh rate phone and a non-high refresh rate phone is huge, I only noticed a difference after switching back to 60hz and only then I realized that 60hz was terrible, so if you don't see why 120hz is better, switch back to 60hz and you'll see why. However, this goes both ways, so if you are on a 60hz phone and it feels fine at the moment then 120hz won't blow you away, it's only looking back that you realize that 60hz is terrible.

    - Since there is a hole punch I found that there is a bar on the side where the hole punch is that gets turned white or black when playing certain games and on some apps, and I find that very annoying.

    This was a screenshot of asphalt 9, notice the black bar on the left side.

    What it means to me:

    I will just say that this display is amazing, and from what I can tell it's from the best of its class. This allows me to enjoy watching content from my phone (especially with that big 6.78-inch display) without having to bother going to my laptop as the colors are great and the resolution is sharp! On top of that, the 120hz screen makes it enjoyable to just swipe around and have a really smooth experience during daily usage. Now stealing what @DmkCoggin said, apparently the average person scrolls through about 5 miles of content on their phone every year. So imagine it was a highway that you took over and over every day to work and at the end of the year, you had driven over 5 miles to that job. What if that highway had potholes and bumps and just wasn't smooth or enjoyable to drive on, and then the scenery was terrible! maybe there are a few plants here and there, but overall it was a miserable drive. That is what happens when you have a phone that's 60hz and without good colors and a lack of pixels, it's fine, it gets the job done, but it's not enjoyable to drive on... now were it to be a super smooth highway with gorgeous rolling hills and sunsets and sunrises every time you drove to work, not only would you enjoy the drive, you would look forward to it! that is the difference between using a 60hz LCD 1080p phone and this phone! So while any phone can get you where you need to go and get done what you need to get done, very few give as enjoyable of an experience like this one.

    Stay tuned for the next part coming tommorow!
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  3. MosheG1
    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :

    The TL;DR

    -the apps load fast, and this phone is even FASTER!!!

    The full review:

    The good:
    -Now the only way to describe this phone is "fast" like stupid fast!

    -This phone rocks a snapdragon 865 chip which is a powerhouse monster while also being very efficient with the battery! This allows for great power and speed while doing regular tasks on your phone and even video editing and prolonged gaming.

    -It also features LPDDR5 RAM (minimum 8 gigs) which keeps things running fast and makes it that apps don't need to be constantly refreshing and the second you switch back, the app is ready to go! Oxygen OS also comes with a feature called "ram boost" which and I quote "By learning how you use your phone, RAM Boost can predict apps you want to launch and data to load, taking full advantage of the RAM capacity to speed up the performance of your daily usage". and what this does is basically that it allows the app to be prepped beforehand so when you click on it it is ready to go!

    This software coupled with the LPDDR5 hardware makes for an awesome experience! (fun fact! LPDDR5 is more battery efficient compared to LPDDR4! Yet another benefit)

    -Now there is also UFS 3.0 storage with the new features called "Turbo Write" and "Host Performance Booster." Now, these are very fancy words, but what it means for me and you is that apps will load very fast! which is great for the average person. it used to take me upwards of 10 seconds to load some of my favorite games, now they take almost no time at all, and before you say who cares about 7 seconds, trust me it makes the experience (especially after a while) that much more seamless and effortless.

    -Nothing makes a OnePlus phone smoother than its software. Oxygen OS is by FAR my favorite Android software and I prefer it to iOS as well, the smoothness of oxygen os can't be matched by any Android equivalent, and there is way more customization available then iOS. One great feature that I cannot recommend enough for you to do should you get a OnePlus phone is to go into developer settings and turn down the animation speeds to .5 or even .25 (which is what I do) and your phone will immediately feel so much faster, it's amazing!

    The bad:
    There is none! while it may not have the highest benchmark score on antutu or whatever benchmark tester you use, in my opinion, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that this phone feels and performs fast, and with a combination of great hardware with great optimization I find that it feels more powerful and even faster than phones with higher benchmark scores, and to me, that is what matters

    What it means to me:

    Performance is important as it is what drives the phone, and while I may not utilize the full potential of the phone (the thing has 12 gigs of ram, which is more than my laptop for crying out loud!!!) it makes my day easier as I can pull up spreadsheets for a class in Google sheets or open a game in seconds with no worry of lag or an app crashing and that, to me, is a big deal.

    For more performance-related content check out Pete's article here: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...ce-of-a-true-flagship-hardware-setup.1206655/

    Being as I do not have 5G in my area I was unable to test it, nor was I able to travel to a 5G location do to travel restrictions in place at the moment. but I can tell you that 5G is without a doubt the future and you will be future-proofing your phone (if you"re into that) by having 5G capabilities. Imagine crazy upload and download speeds with no lag when streaming video content! That is the power of a 5G enabled phone!

    for more info on 5G (specifically the 600 MHz wavebands of it) see this article: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/...xplained-is-it-time-to-make-the-jump.1150167/

    to see why 5G is the future see this article by a fellow American: https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/how-5g-will-transform-the-iot-landscape.1155829/

    Thanks for reading, and get ready for the next part coming soon!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :

    Now I'm no photography expert, but I have taken my fair share of pictures and I was curious how the 8 pro improved compared to past daily phone (the 7 pro) (to see a detailed comparison, please click this link https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/in-depth-camera-review-battle-of-the-pros.1216431/ )

    The TL;DR
    -This camera is by far the best of any OnePlus device.
    -Whether or not it is the best camera is dependent on your opinion. Some people like warmer tones: some cooler. So while whether or not this is the best camera out there is an opinion, this has got to be one of the best at the very least, in my opinion.

    Now to get some stats out of the way, this phone has a quad-camera setup with a 48-megapixel main sensor with a Sony IMX689 sensor with an f/1.78 aperture and it has OIS and EIS and an 8-megapixel 3X telephoto camera with OIS and an aperture of f/2.44, an ultrawide lens which is also 48 megapixels with an f/2.2 aperture and a 120-degree field of view and doubles as a macro lens too. there is also a new forth camera which is a color filter camera with 5 megapixels and an aperture of f/2.4 blah blah blah... to me, this is all useless, what matters to me is does this thing take good pictures and videos or not, so let's get right into it!

    (please note all pics were taken in auto mode by tapping once on the screen and then taking the picture, I did not take any 48MP shots as most people will just point and shoot. please see the in-depth review for some 48MP shots.)

    The main camera:

    This is one awesome picture, even after punching in, I was able to get a lot of detail. (If you crop into the picture you will be able to see that the supporting cables for the far bridge are not made up of 1 cable but rather 2!) Color accuracy was very good as well and I would say that it is maybe a hint more saturated than real life, but I do like that, and it is only a tiny bit off from real life which I appreciate more than supersaturated images that may look good on social media but aren't as true to life.

    and here is another

    Look how even with the bright light of the sparkler I am still able to see the little lines on my hand (this is due to the new HDR I imagine)


    This phone makes my lunch look even better! There is a nice natural background blur due to the large sensor, while you get crisp colors and detail ( you can see the holes in the bread!).


    The 8 Pro does a great job capturing detail here, you can still read some far off license plates (please don't steal any cars... ;)) although it does struggle a little with the direct light of the street lamp. All in all, however, this has a superb nightscape mode
    (i do wish they added this or some sort of computational software for the front-facing camera for when I do try and take selfies with friends at night or in darker environments, I know that some other phones can do that)


    The ultrawide is such an improvement over the previous iteration! the pictures are crisp and sharp (maybe not as sharp as the main but still very good) and it doesn't completely fall apart in the dark either. Don't get me wrong, it isn't great in the dark (much better with nightscape on) but the image is usable albeit a little grainier then I would have liked.

    Here is another. Notice the detail in the rails of the bridge.

    3X telephoto:

    Now the telephoto I would only recommend going to 3X zoom as after that the quality deteriorates quite fast. but notice how the white flowers in front are not blown out, while the background still looks nice.

    Look at this one. I was able to get a solid picture of a deer and I must have been at least 50 feet away from it.

    Color filter:
    Now, this was an interesting one. Like most, my initial reaction was one of confusion, and to be honest, even now it still is but less so. The filters are nice if you like filters, but it's nothing you cant do with a standard gallery app later. the only truly unique filter was the photochrom filter. My understanding is that it operates in the near-infrared field of the spectrum, this allows for some really interesting photos (not necessarily a good thing)

    Maybe you like it and maybe you don't, but it's there if you want it.

    However, why I am not totally disappointed in this filter is that while fooling around with my cameras on my phone I realized that my phone saw this red light that I couldn't. Frustrated that I couldn't find the source I kept searching for it until I realized it was coming from the back of my 7 Pro (it was the laser autofocus I think) it was emitting in a spectrum of light I couldn't see!


    Then playing around some more I went into a pitch-black room where I couldn't see a thing. switching to the photochrom filter suddenly the laser autofocus from my 7 pro was like night vision! it could see in what was so dark for me that I could barely tell my hand was in front of my face!

    (I could not see this at all! not even using nightscape was the 8 pro able to take any sort of picture)

    This got me really excited because although the sensor has a low quality and so the shots aren't really very good; this gives me hope that some really cool things can come out of this sensor. Imagine next year that OnePlus gives it a better sensor and then equips the phone with a infrared light, unlike flash, it wouldn't blind people and it could allow the main sensor to take much better shots in darker environments as it could combine the detail from the photochrom sensor with the actual picture from the main camera. This also opens up the possibility for some really cool 3rd party apps that could give night vision to your phone! Lastly, this could open up another field in photography as you will now be able to take pitch-black shots... well that's enough rambling for me, the point is that as it stands now the sensor doesn't do much for me and it's the possibilities that excite me.

    Portrait mode

    The portrait shots are awesome on this camera, and the edge detection is great! (see how it perfectly blurs without even blurring the fur on the coat at all, which is not easy to do)​

    Macro photography:
    (inside of a fallen tree that snapped in half)

    Now I have never had a macro camera before and let me tell you it was the most fun for me of all the cameras! It opened up for me a whole new form of photography and I love the shots that became possible with it!


    Just look at the cute fussy caterpillar! You can see all the little hairs! So I definitely love the macro capabilities.​


    This was a test of the super stabilization (it can only be shot at 4k 30 or 1080p 30), and it was mind-blowingly smooth! I was running as hard as I could and the footage looked great. The regular video was superb as well.
    (please note that the people up ahead were my family members and we were social distancing within the guidelines of our governing body)

    Selfie camera:

    Now as stated before I don't use the selfie camera a lot and so I preferred it when it was a pop-up camera, but in terms of quality, I think it takes fine selfies although it still beautifies (is that a word? [​IMG]) my face more then I would want it to, as I would like no smoothing done whatsoever. But I do think it does a great all-around job.

    The good:
    -I'll keep this short and let you judge for yourself but in my opinion, this is an excellent camera!

    The bad:

    - I don't like how they changed the layout for video, as you have to go into the settings to change the resolution.

    -It might not be as good as the best of the best cameras out there in my opinion (I'm talking about the pixel which I like a little more if only for its coloring style), but much of it is software related and coloring, so the camera can and will improve with software updates (as shown with the 7 pro which got much better after updates). The selfie camera would be better off as a pop-up in my opinion and should tone down on the smoothing of the face.

    -I don't love the color filter and probably won't really use it, but I'm sure there are people who will like the creativity it allows for, and I am hoping someone will do something really cool with the infrared aspect of it soon.

    That's it for the camera portion please see my linked thread above for a more detailed approach vs my 7 pro and click the link below for the photo album of pictures taken on the 8 pro.

    As always, stay tuned for the next part coming soon!

    Please click the link below for the full photo album.
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :
    Battery and Charging:

    The TL;DR

    - It has solid battery life with 120hz and even better if you turn down the refresh rate (don't, the 120hz is awesome) and awesome charging speeds with mind-blowing WIRELESS charging speeds as well! (to see my battery life and charging times, see the end of this post)

    The good:

    -This phone has solid battery life, and while it is not the best of the best, it has more than enough juice to get you through the day while running at 120hz (there is an option to have an adaptive refresh rate so it can scale down the hertz when it's not beneficial to you to save some battery life which is a great feature)
    and QHD (with battery saver coming on at 30% which is standard) with Bluetooth on and location on for a while as well (this would be for most people's commute or general GPS use) with wifi on as well and adaptive brightness on (which is a drain on the battery)

    - Warp Charge 30t

    - Wireless Warp Charging and it has reverse wireless charging as well


    -Should you need better battery life, as previously mentioned, you can always turn down to FHD and 60hz (again 90hz would be a good addition)

    - There is also great battery optimization which learns your habits over time and optimizes apps to your general usage to save some energy.

    - If you want, there is even an advanced optimization mode that includes an adaptive battery mode to detect when certain apps are draining the battery and notifies you, so you can close the app.
    -There is also sleep standby optimization. This feature learns your sleep patterns and keeps your phone from losing much charge while asleep since you won't really need notifications and the like while asleep, and when you wake up you'll see all your notifications within a minute or 2.
    - Worried about damaging your battery by charging overnight? Don't, OnePlus has you covered with this feature below that will charge your battery to 80% and then keep it that way until right before your alarm goes off so you will start the day with a battery at 1005 without killing your battery.

    The bad:
    - While awesome wireless charging was added, in order to fully utilize to its max potential, you need their special charger which is expensive on top of an expensive phone. I also feel like the main advantage of wireless charging is to have it all around so wherever you are you can just plop down your phone and it charges. But then you need many charging pads and to get many expensive charging pads is really hard on my wallet.

    - Considering that there was already Warp charge 30t in the previous models of phones I would have liked to see an increase in wired charging as well, instead of staying at the current 30t wired charging. (they do send a 30 Watt power brick with the phone, however, which is much better than some other companies where you have to purchase it separately to get faster-wired charging)

    What it means to me:

    I think this is obvious enough, the battery life is one of the most important features in a phone, as it is the thing I use most often every day (except my brain... well, to be honest, I still probably use my phone more...)

    My battery-life times:
    (things to note: I use my phone all day especially now that I am in quarantine so I am a heavy user, and it is possible to kill the phone in one day.)​

    Day 1 (QHD, 120Hz, battery saver on at 30%, adaptive brightness on, Bluetooth on, location on for approximately 35-45 minutes to track myself when I went on a run)

    I started my day at around 9 AM with a full battery and at 6:10 PM it died with around 5 hours and 45 minutes of screen on time.

    Day 2 (same settings but since the system learns your preferences it can get better battery life as time goes on. [make sure to turn intelligent battery control on])

    Again I started my day at 9 AM with 100% and at 8:41 PM it died with 6 hours and 15 minutes of screen on time.

    Then I decided to simulate if you wanted MAX battery life possible.​

    Day 3 ( FHD, 60Hz, battery saver on the whole time, I did leave adaptive brightness on [turning it off would give slightly better battery life but I forgot], Bluetooth was left on as I am generally on calls a lot of the day and listening to podcasts so my headphones are always connected. location was on yet again for the 35-45 minutes I was running)

    I started at around 9:15 AM with a full battery, and by the end of the day at around 12;50 AM I had 22% battery left and i went to sleep. when I woke up at 8:30 AM I had 19% remaining and made it till 12:45 PM when it finally died with a grand total of basically 8 hours of screen on time with my heavy usage.

    So if you are in a pinch you can add up to around an hour and 45 minutes of screen on time by putting on battery saver mode right away and lowering the resolution and refresh rate.

    (this is with optimized charging turned on, in order to protect the battery health)

    0 minutes: 1%

    15 Minutes: 33%

    30 Minutes: 60%

    45 Minutes: 83%

    60 Minutes: 96%

    69 Minutes: 100%

    Thanks for reading! Next part coming up!
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  6. MosheG1
    The Lab - OnePlus 8 Pro Reviewer Apr 19, 2020

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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :

    The TL;DR

    -This is by far the best software (in my opinion) with tons of cool customization features while still being easy to use.

    The good:

    -Oxygen OS, in my opinion, is the greatest thing to happen to Android since... well Android! It is by far the smoothest experience and it also has some of the best update cycles except for maybe Google's phones themselves, but compared to other manufacturers' updates like Samsung's One UI, Oxygen OS is light-years ahead.

    -The OS is simple yet has the customization ability I grew to love. Everything from the colors to the icons is available to make your own!

    -The software in oxygen os is all about being smooth to make your phone even better to use! There are so many little optimizations that take place and little animations that I never appreciated until I got involved in this contest, ( https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/usa-and-canada-100-oxygenos-delights-scavenger-hunt.1139021/ ) check it out if you want to see some cool things oxygen os adds to improve the experience!

    -It is super simple to use for those that just want an easy to use phone, and it even has some really cool advanced features for those of you like me that love to play around with the settings.

    -You can go into developer settings and change the Audio LDAC codec of your Bluetooth to be more focused on the quality of your music or on the connectivity strength. You can even change the bit rate of the audio and so much more!

    -There are also really cool features like hidden mode where you can store apps you don't want in your regular app drawer, you can require a fingerprint too should you want it. There is also an "app locker" feature which locks apps you don't want someone using your phone to be able to get into, and so many other cool features!

    -The software team constantly adds useful tools like zen mode to help detox from your phone or to help you study without distractions! Personally being at home so much now and trying to study with friends over the phone makes it very hard not be distracted by the constant pinging of apps, so I've started to use the focus mode feature and it is so useful to be able to block all notifications from specific apps of my choosing for either a certain amount of time or until I turn it off, and let me tell you, it is a game-changer! I can fully focus on what I'm doing without any of the distractions and it is so helpful! They even make it easy to switch on by putting an icon for it, in the drop-down menu.

    -The os also has a cool dual-channel acceleration mode! this is a new feature I have not seen before which allows you to use both wifi and data at the same time in order to have a stable connection when the wifi signal is poor, or even to speed up downloads!

    -They also have a reading mode to help you read from a screen and make it more like a traditional kindel.

    -OnePlus has added a game space to keep all your games together in one spot and a fnatic mode to optimize your gaming experience!

    -If you haven't realized what I'm trying to say... basically this software is the best and should there be something you think could be better, I honestly can't say this enough, THEY LISTEN TO YOU!!! OnePlus's software team is always taking advice from their users and adding features and fixing bugs so feel free to send them ideas!

    -So basically for these reasons, this software is my favorite and one of the defining features of OnePlus. For a good reason too!

    The bad:
    - There is the occasional bug (which gets fixed in a timely manner) and not every feature in the world is available, like having an always-on display. the good news is, if people want it enough they will usually add it (like the always-on display which OnePlus announced will be rolling out to devices in the future).

    - Comes with Netflix pre-installed and you can't delete it (all apps, even YouTube should be able to be uninstalled!!!).

    What it means to me:

    Software is one of the most critical parts of a phone as it is how the phone works. Having a great software experience can change a lot. For me, it was one of the factors that drew me to OnePlus to eventually purchase my 7 Pro. The software is quick and snappy, and it allows me to get done what I need for school even on a phone! (I've typed up a whole report on my 7 Pro utilizing the split-screen function to copy and paste straight from one page to another) (in fact, this whole review was typed and created on the 8 Pro). If I need to edit a mistake I made on a spreadsheet my phone is there to handle it, no problem! So at least to me, the software is very important to consider when purchasing a phone, and I think this one is the best.

    Thank you for reading!
    My final thoughts and overall impression coming soon!
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  7. MosheG1
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    MosheG1 , via OnePlus 8 Pro Ultramarine Blue , Apr 19, 2020 :
    Important features not previously mentioned/Recap and final analysis:

    I want to start off by going over some features that weren't previously mentioned as they didn't fit any specific category.

    Haptic feedback:

    - Welcome to haptic feedback 2.0, first introduced on the 7 pro. This is the new haptics system that they started using last year and updated it this year. the haptics are now more focused and concentrated and makes it feel like more of a click when you touch the keys on the keyboard. now this is important as good haptics can have a big impact on your experience. When I had my 7 Pro I still remember my father borrowed my phone for a second, and after typing something on the phone he turned to me and commented about how the keyboard is much better. So obviously haptics are a big deal. The thing is, the haptics on the 7 Pro is much different than on the 8 Pro, the 8 Pro is more of a "plink" when typing and the 7 Pro had more of heavy "plunk" (I'm not sure how to explain it and I hope you get what I'm trying to convey). At first, I hated the new keyboard on the 8 Pro, but after a while, I started to enjoy it more and now my feelings are mixed about it (however I did hand both phones to others and most based off the few sentences they each typed, most said they liked the 7's keyboard better).

    - One thing I dislike about the new haptics is that they are very noisy. I can hear an audible "plink" whenever I touch a key, I hope they manage to get the vibrations to be less audible in the future while still getting the feel of it (my 7 pro is much quieter and doesn't have this problem).

    - Since the haptics are more focused I find that I enjoy them more when gaming then the haptics on my 7 Pro.

    The speakers:

    -Dual firing speakers are an awesome thing to have! I pumped the volume to the max and it is so loud!

    -But not only that, but it is also equipped with Dolby Atmos which fine-tunes the speakers to perfection. I'm no audiophile, but the speakers sounded great to me with crisp sounds coming out. From what I can tell, it utilizes the top speaker to spit out most of the highs and the bottom-firing speaker to get the lower and bass notes.

    - Since it is a dual speaker set up you can get 3D audio which is really cool to hear! I love to play the video it comes with for friends and watch as a smile lights up their face when it sounds to them like a bird is flying around their head!

    Recap and final thoughts:

    After spending a while with this phone, I can honestly say that I have analyzed this phone to death, thinking of every possible bit of info that may be important to the readers.

    - I absolutely love this color and I think this is my favorite back of a phone ever with its matte finish (keeps away fingerprints very well). It may be a little more slippery than the non-matte finish, but that is a small price to pay in comparison.

    - It is big but not unwieldy, and it is very light.

    - I prefer the pop-up camera to the hole-punch, but at least the hole-punch isn't hard to ignore.

    - The display is gorgeous and 120 Hz is awesome. (after switching to 60Hz for a day to MAX out the battery life, going back to 120Hz was actually more important to me then I had thought originally and it surprised me. 60Hz really is awful after you get used to 120)

    - I would like to see a 90Hz option.

    - The 8 Pro has more RAM then my computer and it is probably faster too.

    - It handles everything I throw at it including rendering video, video editing and gaming.

    - The camera is awesome! (loving the new ultrawide sensor)

    - Macro photography is so much fun.

    - The color filter is unique, but I will most likely never use it. However, I am hopeful for the future possibilities that could come with the photochrom sensor.

    - Video is as crisp as ever and the super stabilization is mind-blowingly good.

    - The microphones are great (listen to the audio on the main video for unboxing)

    - Battery life is solid even at 120Hz

    - Warp charging 30t is great ( I do wish they had updated it since the 7t)

    - Wireless charging is a great addition. (to reach the fastest charging speeds wirelessly you do need to shell out some more cash which, to be frank, is quite a downer)

    - Oxygen OS is the best android "skin" out there and is my favorite OS period.

    - It is simple to use, yet has many advanced features for those that would like to take advantage of them.

    So, in the end, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed using this phone. There are very few issues that I have with it, and none of them are game-changing problems in my opinion. If you are looking for the super competitively priced flagship killer that this company was built upon, this isn't it. While this is priced lower than the phones it competes with, this is now a full bonafide flagship with prices to match. However, if you are looking to get the best of the best (and still save a few dollars compared to the competition) look no further because you can't go wrong here.

    I would like to take this final moment in this glorious journey that is about to come to an end ( i can't believe it's over already, I have learned so much and made so many new friends), to thank some of the people that made this possible and helped me a ton.

    @Zack x. for hosting the LAB and answering all of my questions.
    @dsmonteiro for constantly helping me out (he is still evil though [see the end of the first post])
    All of my fellow LAB participants for putting up with me on the chat, and giving me so much help, whether it be teaching me basic Photoshop skills in order to make my banner, or teaching me how to insert GIFs into my posts (that was a nightmare) and just giving constant advice and encouragement at all hours (we are all in different time zones)
    so in no particular order thank you to
    @Black Forest Ham
    I feel very lucky to have been chosen knowing how talented you guys are!
    please go check out their reviews as well, they all did a great job and brought their own unique perspective to the table

    And one more shout out to my fellow wormies and friends I've made in the community for encouraging me and always being a ray of sunshine in these forums

    If you have any questions feel free to tag me at @MosheG1 and I would be more than happy to answer them!

    As always, THANKS FOR READING!!!
    - Moshe Gottlieb

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    Mosheee!!!! Congratulations for the review 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥
    Looking great!!!

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    Black Forest Ham , Apr 25, 2020 :
    Great stuff so far! I'm excited to see the whole review! It's a great comparison to the 7 pro you make, and the hiking pics are a treat to the eyes!

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    YRJ , Apr 25, 2020 :
    Looking nice for initial impressions and unboxing! Looking forward to more ;)
    More power to you :D

    As for questions: @Jimbo the Great raised some interesting questions. So +1 on that :)
    Hope you will cover all of them in the full review.

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    Hey @MosheG1 cool review so far :)

    I've never seen this bright ring around the hole punch before :confused: ;)

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    thank you my dark night friend!
    thank you my fellow reviewer!
    thanks! (I'm sure you knew all this being the leaker you are... [e]1f609[/e]) but please remind me of all the questions so I can be sure to add them all in case I missed a few
    thanks! that means a lot knowing how good yours was!
    thank you so much for the kind words!
    I appreciate it ghosty!
    thanks man, it activates when you turn the screen on and gives a short animation and disappears
    appreciate it!

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    That's what the LAB stands for, (that's what I believe at least).

    I mean if we wanted fancy words and catchy animations... we'd just go to Youtube / tech sites.

    Keep up Moshe!

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    thanks bro! yeah I tried to be as down to earth as possible on this review and keeping it real