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  1. Tamia76
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :

    Hello everyone !

    For ones who don't know me already, let me introduce myself again.

    My name is Thomas, I'm a french 22-years-old student. I am currently studying for a Master's degree in Digital Creation (Web design, illustration, UI Artist).

    Besides, I am very interested in new technologies, in hardware and reviews. That's why this is a n honour for me to be part of the OnePlus lab team.

    I discovered OnePlus more than 2 years ago with their OP6. At this time, it was simply one of the bests Smartphone in the market for me. 2 years later, I think the same about the OnePlus 8 series.

    So it's time to see if OnePlus will surprise me again with this news product.

    I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed myself when I was writing it.


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  2. Tamia76
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    I - Unboxing and first impression

    Monday the 12th, 10:55, my phone is ringing. An unknown number, but pretty sure that I know what it is about.

    I run down the stairs of my building to reach the main door. I open it and find the delivery man who hands me a red package. I take it and go back to my apartment.

    I put the package on the table and grab a knife to unwrap the thick plastic layer around it.

    With the excitation, I almost forgot to take photos for the review. I am pretty sure that you would have done the same.

    I grab my "old" OnePlus 6, make just enough place on the table to take a nice picture and I finally press the shutter.

    photo 1.jpg

    *Shick* And here it is, the very first picture of this review. (with some nice effect wow)

    Enough time wasted, I'm gonna open this parcel.

    I carefully cut the plastic layer to not damage the product inside. I grab both parts of the plastic and pull it until I can finally grab the content inside.

    I throw away the package and put the box on the table.

    gif 1.gif

    I don't have time for this.
    (Actually, I put the package into the recycle bin because
    I don't want my girlfriend to be mad at me)

    Ok, it's you and me OnePlus 8t!

    Once again, I remove the thin plastic layer and I'm finally able to open the box.

    photo 2.jpg

    photo 3.jpg

    This box is way bigger than I expected.

    I hold my breath. My heart is beating so loud in my chest because of the excitation, I'm sure that my neighbours could hear it.

    I didn't unbox a phone since my OnePlus 6.

    I take off the top of the box and finally discover the phone. I grab it and put it aside. Next, I remove the cardboard in which there is I guess the user guide, stickers and sim ejector. Under that, there is the famous red cable and the 65 W super-fast charger. Wow.

    photo 4.jpg photo 4.1.jpg

    You can finally have a first look on this phone, you folks. Yes I know, it is still surrounded by plastic. Be patient :)

    photo 5.jpg

    Phone, notice, stickers and of course the official OnePlus Case

    So, as I said before, in the box there is :

    • Invitation letter
    • quick start guide
    • Safety info
    • Sim Ejector
    • Stickers
    • And Finally the clear case
    Time to unwrap (once again) all differents parts to reveal their shiny look.

    photo 6.jpg

    The super-fast charger and its cable. It is not so big but very smooth.

    I didn't see it at the beginning, but this charger only has a USB-C port on it.

    photo 7.jpg

    And here it is, the new OnePlus 8t.

    This phone comes with two different versions. I have the 8GB LPDDR4X for the RAM and 128GB for the storage.

    The other specifications are the same for both devices :

    • Processor Qualcomm snapdragon 865 (which mean 5g compatibility)
    • The chip 650 from Adreno for the GPU
    • Fingerprint in display
    • 4 cameras ( I'll talk about it later)
    • Fast charge
    The feeling of holding this phone is astonishing. It's bigger than my OnePlus 6 of course, but it's pretty easy to hold. My thumb can easily reach the top of the screen.

    Time to take some photos.

    photo 8.jpg

    photo 10bis.jpg

    Yes, this phone is beautiful, as expected from OnePlus.

    The colour looks amazing.
    This version is called "Lunar Silver" which means "a light grey with pretty sheen under the light" in ancient greek. (I'm not sure about that last part, but let's focus on something else.)

    Now it's time to talk about the shape of this new phone. Bye-bye curved edges, and welcome back flat screen.

    OnePlus decided so to use a flat-screen on this T version despite it's still the 8 series. Edges were curves since the OnePlus 7.

    As an OnePlus 6 user, I will not be disturbed by the screen during this review.

    On the back of the phone, there is a beautiful polish glass panel which avoids fingerprints. Edges are in metal and contain common things: Volume buttons, power button and the notification slider, which is a must-have for a phone to me.

    photo 12.jpg

    Pretty slim isn't it?

    On the bottom, there is the USB C port, the loudspeaker and the sim card trail. Jack will not come back on this phone but as a true wireless earpiece user, that doesn't matter for me. (Bye, Jack.)

    photo 13.jpg

    Jack :'(

    photo 11 .jpg

    To avoid any damage to this piece of art, I will use the phone case, which prevents the screen to crash on the floor in case of fall.

    Finally, let's have a look at the front of this phone. A beautiful 6.55-inch display with a small hole in the top left. I will talk about the screen in the next part of this review.

    photo 14 (1).jpg

    6:44 pm, time to eat. See you soon fellows.
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  3. Tamia76
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    II - Display

    New day, new chapter!

    The unboxing was pretty interesting and exciting. Now, it's time for something bigger.

    Powering the phone for the first time.

    I press the power button on the side and wait for the screen to light up.

    *brrt* yeah, the haptic vibration.

    The screen light up and the OnePlus logo show up (It's AMOLED display actually. So only the logo light up and the rest of the screen stay black).

    Photo 1.jpg

    Hey you 😏

    I will spare you the setting of Android during the first boot of the phone.
    Everything will be in French, and you won't understand it anyway.

    Now, I can have a look of this 6.55-inch screen, and so you too.

    photo écran.jpg

    That's a big screen (Wallpaper from EarthView)

    First impression: this is a very beautiful display, colours are vibrant and accurate.
    Even if the screen is big, it still has a very good resolution and a lot of dpi (dot per inch).

    photo 3.jpg

    Picture x2 from the OnePlus 8t screen

    I said before that this is an AMOLED display and so, pixels light up individually. We all know what it means. A fingerprint scanner in-display of course.

    It's fast (like my old OnePlus 6), pretty (animations are customizable) and also, it guarantees the safety of the phone. Moreover, while using this fingerprint scanner, you don't feel that you're unlocking your phone. Indeed, when you take in hand the phone, your thumb naturally reaches the area of the scanner and the phone unlocks (well basically this is what a fingerprint scanner is made for).

    So fast :smirk:

    Yes, this screen is big, elegant and bright, but this screen is also very smooth.

    As you know it, this display has a fresh rate of 120Hz. That's mean, every second, the screen display 120 frames. (Pretty impressive I know. Once I had a B+ in, physics.)

    Nodaway, every device have at least a fresh rate of 60hz. Therefore, The screen of the OnePlus 8t is twice as fast as other common devices.

    I swear that you can feel the difference between this screen and my old OP6. It's indescribable but you can't miss it when you try it for the first time.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    An exemple between a low and a high frame-rate gif for the comparison

    I can't show you 120Hz on a picture or a gif, you have to try it by yourself !

    For the nerds, here is all the specs of the phone :

    • 2400*1080 pixels
    • 402dpi
    • 120Hz
    • 1100 nits (the brightness)
    It's time for me to light a candle for the loss of someone very important for me: The notification led.

    Photo led.jpg

    The led notification (2014-2020)

    It was a spec that I enjoyed on my OnePlus 6 and my previous devices because it allows the user to chose a specific colour for any notification.

    Moreover, it was useful too to quickly check if the phone is fully charged or not.

    But yes I know, on the other hand, we now have a borderless display. I prefer smaller borders of course. (my led :()

    But I have to find some faults on this news device :)
    Yeah, overwise it would have been too obvious that I wanted to work for OnePlus if I said only positive things (OnePlus if you're reading this, you did the right thing with the notification led. Congrats. And you still have my resume).

    To conclude this review about the screen, let's talk about the punch hole in the display.

    At the very beginning, the hole is visible (but less than the notch of my op6) but after a few minutes of use, completely I forget it because it's not that big.

    On a personal side, I often use the dark theme and the hole is completely invisible in a black background.

    Moreover, I prefer having a little hole in my display than having a motorized camera. Indeed, it's giving me the feeling that the phone is very fragile.


    No more hole, I'm Houdini ! (in fact you can see the lens in the top left)

    8:34, time to watch TV!
    I hope you liked this today review! Stay tuned for the next part!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    3 - Battery and Charging

    Today, I don't have the time to write an introduction sentence. Indeed, I'll try to be as fast as the new 65W charger (I'm currently listening at "In the hall of the Mountain King" for maximum productivity).

    It's not an easy task because this new charger can recharge the 4500 mAh battery of the OnePlus 8t in less than 40 minutes. Yes, that's fast, did I already told you this?

    6:17 pm, 3%, I plug the phone. I have to finish writing this review before the phone reaches 100%.

    Let the race begin.

    On paper, OnePlus told us that the OP8t can be fully charged in exactly 38 minutes! How am I supposed to write this review in so little time?

    How did they manage to do this? Well, the answer is easy: a very smart charger (with chips in it), a smart phone (with other chips in it) and a dual battery (for very fast charging).

    In facts, those microchips allow the charger, the cable and the phone to not overheat during the recharge. Because, if you follow me, 10V and 6.5A need to go through each different parts (If you were listening during physics classes P=V*I, if you weren't: "WoW pHySik!") and 6.5Amps is a pretty high current, like really high for a phone.


    Can you feel the power?

    Moreover, to ensure the phone's fast charge, OnePlus decided to put 2 batteries of 2250mAh. Indeed, instead of going into one big battery, the current goes in 2 smaller. So, the charge is faster.

    So, yes you can charge your phone very fast. But can you use your phone without being anxious about not having enough battery to make it through the day ?

    Let's try this out through 2 test.

    First test :

    Friday the 16th, 7:40 am, my alarm clock is ringing. I take my phone, 95% of battery.

    It's gonna be a pretty long day. Indeed, I will challenge this new phone to see if it can make the day.

    First step, I turn on 4G and Bluetooth. I take my earphone s and close the door behind me.

    In the metro, I watch some videos on Facebook and scroll through my friend's pictures on Instagram.

    During the morning, I have to work on a school project. I'm doing some research, taking some pictures and I'm listening to music.

    2 pm, I can finally eat (a delicious Pumpkin pie, but that's not the most important part). Let's see the percentage: 70% for 114 unlocks. That's very good for now.

    And this is the end of the day: 10:25 pm, 17% and 250 unlocks.

    Yes, this phone can hold a rough day.

    The second test now:

    OnePlus told us too that 15min of charging is enough for a day of power. I'll try this too, but this time, during a less busy day.

    Monday the 19th, I wake up at 7:45 am and plug my phone. I wasn't at 0% so I have now 64% and it's 8 am.

    First try of course

    As usual, when I'm on my way to work, I enjoy listening to music in the metro (heavy metal hell yeah).

    I arrive at my job and I start to work. I'm still listening to music and I take sometimes my phone to answer messages.

    During the lunch break, I watch a Tv show on Netflix (The 3rd season of American Horror Story, do not spoil).

    After lunch, I go back to work and the afternoon looks like the morning: music and some socials media.

    It's finally the time to leave work, on the way to go back to my flat, I watch another episode on Netflix.

    I arrive and remove my shoes. I jump on the sofa and spend more time on my phone.

    Conclusion: 7pm, 10% and 150 unlocks. Look like OnePlus didn't lie to us.

    So, through these two real tests, you can see that this phone is really good to hold on during the whole day. And you can see too that the charger is really fast.

    Oh boy, that's kinda epic

    So, this is the end of today's review. But don't worry, the next part comes tomorrow :)

    Oh and guess what? It's 7:32 pm and I've just finished :sweatsmile:. Almost on time ^^
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    4 - Performances

    Hello! As the title says, today is the day of the performance review!

    For this part, I made a stress-test. Twenty minutes of hard tests for the processor. Twenty minutes, because I wanted to test it to its limits. And also because I didn't see it was going to be twenty minutes (time to watch an anime that being said. I'm currently watching The Seven Deadly Sins). That's kinda long.

    So, don't see any similarity with the previous review, but I'll start to write this review during the test.

    So let me remind you what's inside this phone first!
    A Qualcomm 865 as processor
    A Qualcomm Areno 655 as graphic processor
    8GB LPDDR4X for the RAM

    Those characteristics are making the phone is very powerful and you don't have to worry about fps drops when you are playing Fornite or CoD mobile.

    (no example here because I can't build wall quick enough to cover my back)

    If you were following, in the last part I said that components can overheat because of the current. Guess what? Same problem here with the processor. Except, if you let the components heat too much, you will activate a safety system that decreases the current and the voltage which powers up the processor. And less current = less power = less performance (Basic maths. You'll thank me later).

    That's why, to avoid overheating, OnePlus decided to put in this new device a vapor chamber. Indeed, it helps to dissipate the heat so you don't have any excuse now when you lose a game. Do you remember the last time when you die just after you landed in Salty Springs?

    And the stress-test is done, let me check the results!

    I have a score of 3803 on the Wild Life Stress Test, and in comparison with other devices, the OnePlus 8t is at the eighth position with no android device above it :openmouth:.

    photos perf.jpg
    (Please notice that all the phone above it are twice the price of the oneplus 8t)

    With this rank, the OnePlus 8t is better than 96% of phones tested !

    photo résultat.jpg

    The stabilty of the phone is really great ! this percentage means that the phone had the same efficiency during 99.7% of the test (so during 3.4 seconds, the phone was "less" efficient. Yeah, Math again).

    Let's conclude this part with a session of CoD mobile!

    (no gameplay footage or fnatic will ask me to rejoin their team)

    I launch the game, go into the options menu, set all the qualities options to the highest and finally press play.

    As expected, no fps drops and no heating during the game.

    So after a few rounds (nearly 30 mins), the phone took 1°C (34 to 35).
    Yes, only one degree. Good job vaper chamber.


    And that's all for today! Don't forget to come tomorrow for the next part!

    8:30 time to play more at CoD mobile!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    5 - Camera

    Hey everyone! I guess that a lot of people is waiting for today's chapter!

    Indeed, today we're talking about a very interesting part of this phone: cameras ;).

    A quick reminder for you who weren't listening during the reveal of the OnePlus 8t.Shame on you if you don't remember all the specs about each different sensors and cameras.

    So there are 4 Cameras on the back and 1 on the front :

    • Main camera 48MP pixels
    • Ultrawide camera 16MP
    • Macro camera 5MP
    • Monochrome lens 2MP
    • And a 16MP sensor on the front.
    During my week of testing, I took some photos at different times, places and distances. Come on tourists, we're gonna visit Lyon today!

    It's Wednesday I left my work at 5 pm and take the metro to Bellecour (a big empty place in Lyon). I walk through and arrive next to the Saone. Indeed, from here, you have a really good view of the old Lyon and Fourvières (the big church on the hill).

    We're gonna play a little bit with all the cameras. All the following pictures are not retouched (I'm not an Adobe Lightroom ambassador).

    12MP Sensor

    fourvière.jpg Beautiful isn't it ?

    fourvière zoom.jpg
    Still a lot of detail with a zoom in the picture !

    Here is the Saint Georges of Lyon church

    Fourvière x2.jpg
    The X2 digital zoom

    croix rousse.jpg
    A see on "Croix Rousse"

    48MP Sensor

    I bet you thought it was the Eiffel tower

    fourvière zoom.jpg
    Fourvières is more detailled here of course


    église zoom.jpg

    I'm impressed by the quality of the 12MP sensor. In fact, I thought that there would be a big difference between the 12 and the 48 MP. But it's very powerful in very different situations.

    Of course with the 48MP sensor, you will have a bigger picture in which you can zoom (Like a lot. And that is sooo satisfying). But if you have not the perfect brightness, it will be better to use the 12MP camera.

    Monochrome lens

    fourvière mono.jpg

    eglise mono.jpg
    Very deep photo

    The monochrome lens uses the 12MP camera. Pictures are contrasted and are very detailed. There is a very good feeling with some monochrome pictures.

    48MP Sensor

    Fourvière noir 1.jpg
    See ? almost the same result

    Even if the monochrome lens only works with the 12MP camera, you can cheat a little. Indeed, you just have to use a black and white colour filter on the 48MP. After that, you can adjust settings in Lightroom and you have the same result with a higher resolution (But again I'm not an Ambassador)

    Ultrawide Sensor

    grand angle fourvière.jpg
    Very good lens for landscape


    zoom grand angle église.jpg
    Of course you don't need to zoom that much. But, there is still detail here

    The ultra-wide camera is pretty cool too, you can almost shot a panorama in only one picture! Moreover, the picture is very detailed too.

    I only see two small negative points:

    • a little bit of distortion in some pictures
    • Sometimes it's just too wide if you are not far enough from the object you want to shot. And then, there is a lot of distortion.
    After this little photoshoot, I go back to my flat to try the macro lens (And also to chill, did I already tell you I was watching The Seven Deadly Sins ?).

    Macro lens

    macro fleur.jpg

    close up.jpg
    Same flower but with 48MP sensor

    zoom close up.jpg
    Click to see more detail

    I'm a bit curious about the real utility of the macro lens. I mean, you can shot very tinny things and that's cool! But if you don't have a very a big source of light you will not have a very detailed picture. The main 48MP camera has better results if you can get closer from your object.

    Maybe a telephoto lens would be a better choice. But remind that this is "only" a 600€ smartphone and the main camera is already very polyvalent.

    8:20 pm, I've just finished eating my sushis. Let's take some night pictures at the same spot.

    12MP Sensor

    fourvière nuit.jpg
    Same place 3hours later

    eglise nuit.jpg
    This is a cool place to take picture with the lights reflection in the water

    fontaine nuit.jpg

    Here is a little fountain at Bellecour

    Night mode

    fourviere mode nuit.jpg
    More light, more reflection

    eglise mode nuit.jpg

    fontaine mode nuit.jpg

    The phone takes good pictures by night. However, I'll advise you to not try to zoom too much or you will see nothing but big chunky pixels.

    Of course with the night mode, you will have better brightness and detail on your pictures. I recommend you to use a tripod to increase the quality of your night pictures!

    Indeed, while using night mode, the shutter will stay open longer to capt more light. So, if you move during the shot, you will have a blurry picture.

    48MP Sensor at night

    fourvière nuit.jpg
    I should have bought a Tripod

    Don't use the 48MP by night unless you have a tripod to hold the phone during the shot. Or you'll have some messy pictures!

    To conclude this part, I'm pretty impressed by all the sensors. Of course, it's a phone and you will never have a picture quality as good as a true Reflex Camera. But for 600€, I can't complain.

    Especially when I think about my OnePlus 6 which cost the same price 2 years ago.

    I hope you enjoyed this part, see you soon!
    10 pm, time to sleep.
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    6 - Oxygen Os

    Hey! Today we are talking about THE software: OxygenOs 11, last update from OnePlus based on Android 11.

    (I will not spoil the easter egg of this version, but believe me, it's pretty cool)

    And guess which is one of the first phones to run Oxygen Os 11? Of course, the OnePlus 8t (you're smart!)

    It's time to have a very smooth and fast experience with this last update.

    Also, this update is optimised for one-hand use. Everything is designed in a simple design. Simple and minimalistic but very intuitive.

    Moreover, it's easier to reach any button, with your right thumb (if you are right-handed of course) because has been optimised with the Golden Ratio.

    So satisfying

    yep, you read that well! You have now two distinct part: Display area et control area.

    Another thing that comes with this update is a great customization aspect of the device. Indeed you can choose to set up the "Always on display" that shows you all the information from your phone (messages, battery, unlocks, notifications) without unlocking it.

    You like the design of this new clock but you don't want your screen to be always on? No problem, you can set this clock in the settings.


    With this screensaver, you can see how many times you unlocked your phone today. More than 300 unlock ?? (Yeah I'm overreacting, this was my average) You want to reduce this number?

    Don't worry, here is a new version of the zen mode (smooth transition isn't it ?). In addition to all the previous option, you can now create a "zen group". Yes, a group. Not only your phone but also every phone that got a zen mode can be a part of it.
    In concrete terms, all the phones in this group can't be used during the timing you set at the beginning.

    A good idea when you want to enjoy a moment with your friends

    This update looks cool huh? Don't worry, all phones from the OnePlus 6 will get this update! (between December and the first half of 2021)

    That's all for today, don't forget to come tomorrow for the last part !

    11:45 am, time to cook !
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    Tamia76 , Oct 14, 2020 :
    7 - Summary
    And here it is, the last part of this week review. I really hope that you liked it and that it helped you to learn more about this new device. Of course, before writing the last word, I'll do a little recap of this week with positives and negatives aspect.

    Unboxing and first impression :

    + Really cool experience

    + OnePlus cases and screen protector
    + The design of the phone

    - No USB C to 3.55mm jack adapter

    Display :

    + 120Hz of course

    + Small edges

    o Flat screen

    - No more led notification

    Battery and charging :

    + 65W fast charge

    + 4500 mAh batteries

    - No wireless charging

    Performances :

    + Very powerful

    + The cooling system
    + Smooth experience

    o The phone doesn't come with the last Snapdragon 865+. But the Snapdragon 865 is very powerful too.

    Camera :

    + The 48MP sensor

    - No telephoto lens
    - The macro sensor

    Oxygen Os:

    + Minimalistic design

    + Faster, smoother (stronger)
    + Android 11

    o Google discover replacing Shelf when you swipe left on your home screen


    Is it worth buying this device?
    (OF COURSE, don't forget that I'm a OnePlus tester 100% corporate)

    Well, it depends on your actual device. If you already have an OnePlus 8 / 8 pro or equivalent: well, you better not (unless the 65W charger makes eyes to you). Indeed, the 8 pro is still "better" because of its screen resolution and its camera.

    You are looking for a new device not so expensive but the Nord wasn't enough powerful for you? So definitely yes.

    For 600€ you can have a very polyvalent device that can handle all games, can take good photos and which comes with the new fast charge!

    This is it folks, the end of this review!

    I really enjoyed testing this device. After reading a lot of phones' review, I had finally the chance to try it by myself. Spoiler: it was a very cool experience!
    Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the phone and I'll answer it!

    And that's it, at 2:34 pm, the final word.
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    Oreo. , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 19, 2020 :
    @dsmonteiro again? App sucks now (Thumbnail issue)
    About the review:
    It was a great read. Anyone who wishes to know about the stuffs inside the box and the initial impressions, your review covered it all. Thumbs up for that.
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    dsmonteiro , Oct 19, 2020 :
    Sorry for that. Again, it doesn't seem to be related to anything specific to the posts. I'll share the feedback, thanks.

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