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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
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    ~ Welcome ~

    What is going on, everybody! This is trackstarMKVIII coming to you live from Maryland! First of all, I would like to thank Zach Xu, David Monteiro, Lauren Z and Leo Xie for allowing me to be a part of this review squad for the highly anticipated OnePlus 8T. I am incredibly honored to be a part of this team and especially proud to be a part of this splendid community. I cannot stress the amount of pride I take in being selected. Before we begin, I would like to tell you all a story…

    ~ My Story ~

    I first came across OnePlus when I saw one of my classmates in college with the OnePlus 5T. In shock, I asked: "WHAT'S THAT!?" He responded and told me a little about the company and how it is made with the user in mind. It has the best features of other smartphones at an affordable price and referred to as a "Flagship Killer." I was sold. See, at this point, I was relegated to a sorry budget android phone that lagged so much I got used to it. Seriously, I would open Snapchat and set my phone down and walk away. I would have taken any phone at that point, but I liked being an android user.

    I appreciated the freedom it brought, the ability to customize to my heart's content. Throughout my time in the smartphone world, I have been, let's say, "mocked" for my love of android and have been incessantly pressured to get an Apple device instead. However, I didn't want to sacrifice the things I came to love and appreciate from android. But the devices I had to that point didn't perform anywhere near where I needed them too. So, I went to the OnePlus website and went through the 5T overview page over and over and over again, and there written were those bold words: "Never Settle." At that moment, I knew this is where I belong. I realized that this community shared the same passion I had for smartphones, and with that, I triumphantly clicked the "Buy Now" button. Unfortunately, my pockets weren't as filled as I would have hoped, being a broke college student and all. So, I couldn't make the purchase. But not long after I walked the stage at graduation, the beauties known as the OnePlus 6 came to fruition. This was it; this was going to be my next phone.

    A little while later, as I was saving pennies for 6, the 6T was announced. Once again, I was blown away by the features and attention to detail. Then finally, in the winter of 2018, I purchased the 6T.

    I knew I was getting a phone that was the next iteration in a company's proud history, and I've never looked back. As I have the unique privilege to hold the 8T before launch, getting to this moment has been a long, rewarding process. I always desired to be a part of this community but didn't know it yet. So I share this story to lend you all the lenses to view this review and how I view this device. I view it as someone who loves the endless possibilities of smartphones and yearns to find a device that truly fits the definition of Never settling for anything less than ULTRA. I have genuinely appreciated the innovation and care that has been placed on this device before me. So, without further ado: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my humble review, and I would like to get you all acquainted with the OnePlus 8T in Aquamarine Green with 12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage! Shall we begin?


    ~ Table of Contents ~

    Chapter I: Unboxing & Design

    Chapter II: Display

    Chapter III: Battery and Charging

    Chapter IV: Performance

    Chapter V: Camera

    Chapter VI: OxygenOS 11

    Chapter VII: Summary


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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~ Chapter I: Unboxing & Design ~​

    You know when you're waiting for something, and you're excited about it, waiting is ten times harder. So waiting to get a phone that hasn't been released yet was brutal, but once it arrived, I was hype to open it up! As I was about to open the package, I was reminded of something I always tell people about OnePlus. They care about their user base, and that means a lot to me. The fact I don't have to pay extra for the fast charger; there's a pre-applied screen protector right out of the box. When I opened my 6T in 2018, I was blown away by the presentation and the phone itself. When it comes to the unboxing experience with the 8T, it was no different.

    ~ Unboxing ~

    Let's get into it! First off, check out this box! New logo design, so you know I took the time to appreciate the box! I will say I miss the old branding, BUT I have come to appreciate the rebrand and how there's a moving simplicity present.

    box shot 1.jpg box shot 2.jpg

    The box itself has a soft feel to it, and it's oh so satisfying to see it slide off.

    unboxing and desgin-20.jpg

    Looking at all the goodies in the box, we see all the manuals, brand stickers, and of course, a personal letter to me from Pete Lau.

    unboxing and desgin-22.jpg

    And hey, look at this me and Pete are best friends now! See:

    unboxing and desgin-24.jpg

    Just kidding, but the letter is meaningful and always appreciated.

    Along with the manuals and the lovely letter is the MASSIVE Warp Charger 65 brick. This joint is enormous. Doing a side by side comparison with the 6T Fast Charger brick, the Warp Charge 65 looks like the older brother that got all the good genes!

    unboxing and desgin-29.jpg

    This charger promises a full charge in 39 mins so we will definitely check that out later. But with the exciting prospect of the power brick comes something that a lot of people are excited about, which is new the power cord. The notion that we can have one USB C cord "to rule them all" is incredibly exciting. That was all that was in the box, no case in the North American variant. Also, no dongle for wired headphones as was found in the 6T box, but like many other users, I primarily use wireless earbuds, so no complaints from me.

    unboxing and desgin-12.jpg

    ~ Design ~

    Pulling out the phone, I immediately noticed how LIGHT this phone is! Comparing it to my 6T, the 8T feels like a bag of feathers, while 6T feels like a ton of bricks. This comes in handy when you inevitably fall asleep while watching a YouTube video, and your phone comes crashing down on your face. So, it's a welcome touch. Ironically, the 8T is 2g heavier, but the 8T is 0.2mm thinner helps make all the difference.

    But on a more practical note having a lighter phone does go a long way. It's less of a chore when recording a video or while scrolling through Instagram. Now when I pick up my 6T, I can't un-feel the weight difference. So when OnePlus says it's light. It's Light. The last thing to share on the feel of the phone: it is a bit slippery. It feels a lot like how my 6T felt when I had the red silicone case on it, so I usually have a firm grip on the device when I'm moving around. But with that being said, I don't mind doing that due to the phone's design. The rounded edges make it easier to grip and hold in hand, which makes up for the glossy finish.

    unboxing and desgin-35.jpg

    Now taking a look at the devices, the 8T is a tad taller than the 6T. With the 8T standing at 160.7mm and the 6T at 157.5mm

    unboxing and desgin-13.jpg

    Another thing that sticks out immediately is the housing for the cameras. On the front, as opposed to the 6T's teardrop notch (which I think is the best way to have a notch in my opinion), is a hole punch camera on the top left of the device. We have four cameras on the back: a 48-megapixel primary sensor, 16-megapixel Ultra-Wide Angle, 5-megapixel Macro Lens 2-megapixel Monochrome Lens; more on this later. As opposed to the 6T, two 16 megapixels primary sensor and a 20-megapixel secondary sensor, so you know it's a pretty nice upgrade.

    unboxing and desgin-8.jpg

    The camera module is also at the top left as opposed to the top middle of the phone. With this new placement, it does, unfortunately, create a slight camera bump, and it is noticeable only when taps are made at the top left of the screen. Simultaneously, the 6T has more wobble when finger taps are made on the device's top corners. The housing is a square as opposed to a circle or oval. In the long run, I think this works better aesthetically rather than a colossal circle housing.

    While we're on the subject of the phone being laid flat, I noticed that we have a flat display instead of slight curves on the corners. Me personally, I've never cared for curved displays, so I was quite relieved not to see one here.

    In typical OnePlus fashion, we have a pre-applied screen protector because, again, they care. After I turned it on couldn't help but notice the display. The 8T display is 6.55 inches in size and a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels 402 ppi. I will go more into this later, but it is quite impressive. Swiping around the device, I can already see the 120Hz at work, creating a smooth buttery experience. OnePlus promise that the display is easier on the eyes, so I'll be looking forward to testing that out since I do partake in a late-night Netflix binge from time to time.

    Taking the time to look at the device's sides, we can see that some things are rearranged. On the right-hand side, we see the one-piece volume rocker with the familiar clicky buttons.

    unboxing and desgin-26.jpg

    On the sides, we have the alert slider and wake button.

    unboxing and desgin-7.jpg

    Finally, on the bottom has the USB-C jack, Dual Stereo Speakers, and sim card slot. The Sim card slot is a new redesign. It's more compact than the 6T's, indicating that OnePlus used every opportunity to minimize phone parts.

    unboxing and desgin-5.jpg

    But I think the biggest thing for me is the alert slider. This is one of my favorite features on an OnePlus phone. This button is smaller and more comfortable to move up and down instead of the 6T, where I felt I had to squeeze the phone to get a good grip to position my thumb in the correct position, so it's an appreciated change.

    The 8T color finish is absolutely stunning and quite rewarding to look at and is in line with the step-up in lively colors we've seen from OnePlus over the past few releases. As the years have gone, we've seen OnePlus really push their design efforts to try and get the most out of their phones. I always enjoyed taking my 6T out and admiring the "S" shape that would appear when light struck it at the right angle. But looking back to the 8T's glossy finish, it definitely gets people's attention when you hold it in your hand or set it down on the table. I most definitely held the phone and moved it around in the light to see it shine. I usually like darker colors when it comes to my phones, but this Aquamarine Green, so I can roll with this.

    Few things that aren't present: no wireless charging and no official IP certification. But the phone is water-resistant under certain conditions. I will not be performing a water submersion test; I will safely take OnePlus's word on that one. :sweatsmile:

    Overall, I'm feeling pretty powerful holding this device. 😬 I can feel the man and woman hours that went in to make this phone not just dope on the inside but also the outside. If you stack it up to other companies' best flagships, the 8T will undoubtedly turn some heads. Well, that will do it for my first impressions and overview of the design.


    I'm looking forward to sharing the rest experiences with you all! Please check out the other posts from the rest of the squad as they'll bring their unique perspectives to their device, so be sure to check them out, and I will see you guys very soon! :blush:

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~Chapter II: Display~

    The screen on a smartphone is the eyes into the soul of the device. It cannot be something slapped on with careless disregard but meticulously crafted to invite the user into a unique encounter. I was satisfied with what the 6T's screen had to offer, and the screen looked much better when I added the tempered glass to it but straight out the box, the experience on the 8T is something different.

    To start, I would like to say: This. Display. Is. Beautiful. I mean, it is. Let's break it down, shall we?


    Size: 6.55 inches (measured diagonally from corner to corner)

    Resolution: 2400 x 1080 pixels 402 ppi

    Aspect Ratio: 20:9

    Type: 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED

    Support sRGB, Display P3

    Cover Glass: Corning® Gorilla® Glass


    Reading Mode

    Night Mode

    Vibrant Color

    OnePlus 8T reviewer's guide_Page_13.jpg

    You might have thought that all the hoopla about the new display and the color accuracy were just some excellent talking points to make the 8 series and the following T series more appealing. But let me tell you right now, the colors that this screen can produce is something spectacular. The A+ screen rating is legit. I had to assess it for myself because when I look at the spec sheet, I'm asking myself, "Yeah, but what does that mean?" Better yet, "how does this translate to everyday use?" Well, it translates aright! I used an app to test specific color reproduction on my 6T and the 8T, and the results are pretty startling. The 8T is brighter…but deeper. You're probably more confused than we started, so let me try again. The 6T's brightness is an aggressive bright while the 8T is subtle and more comfortable to look at in the dark. So, full brightness on the 8T feels like 50% brightness on the 6T, so when I talked about my late-night Netflix binges, they're on a whole new level now! Instead of having the brightness at 0% as I would on the 6T on the 8T, I can have the brightness at 10% and still have optimal eye comfort.

    Color test using Display Tester

    The OnePlus 8T's display is not a 4K display, to be clear, but, with the Fluid AMOLED FHD+ 2.5D Flowscape Display in effect, it helps create a more immersive experience. When you push the video to all the corners of the device, if you are watching 4K videos, you can observe accurate colors instead of oversaturated or high contrasty footage found on the 6T display. When you add the 120hz to the mix, you can enjoy all the smooth, crisp frames. Now I love watching movies in high definition but knowing that when I'm watching content on this screen, It's going to look magnificent is a pleasant feeling to have. Watching High-quality nature videos, action scenes, or HD movies/Tv is a delight, especially when the Vibrant color effect is on.


    Footage captured Youtube -COSTA RICA IN 4K 60fps HDR (ULTRA HD)


    Footage captured Youtube - COSTA RICA IN 4K 60fps HDR (ULTRA HD)

    Now to the 120hz refresh rate! Come on now! This screen is already dope then you add the high refresh rate. Bruh! Imagine being able to pair any plate of food with a warm flakey buttermilk biscuit!! Yep! Exactly like that! We're going with it! Generous flakey buttermilk biscuit display. #120hzbuttermilkbiscuit display It's an absolute joy to scroll through social feeds with a high refresh rate!

    Playing games like Asphalt is a blast with smooth frames and a great screen. People have said it before, but seriously once you've seen it, you can't unsee it. I've been jumping back and forth from my 6T to the 8T to compare different things, and guys: The speed is real. My eye can see the 6T screen take a split-second longer to respond to my finger touch. It's actually crazy.

    Shot on OnePlus 6T

    Lastly, we see a return of the features we've had before on OnePlus, like Reading Mode, which I use a decent amount on reading apps. There are two modes the Mono effect and the Chromatic effect. Mono is black and white and helps with immersion, and Chromatic offers more comfortable colors. Both work very well with this flat display. We also have the option for an always-on display! It will eat your battery, but again it's up to you!


    Now I've talked a lot about phone usage in the house, but how does this display workout outside!? Well, it works great! I was able to see the screen in sunlight and make out things on the screen. Naturally, the screen brightness adjusted well to accommodate the lighting situation as expected.

    8T in sunlight
    Alright, let's get into the nitpicks, shall we. The screen is a bit tall, so depending on what app you're using, you might have to make the pointer finger and thumb climb up and down the phone. But that does not apply to apps that don't have the touch of Oxygen OS, and I will detail that later. The hole punch. I was not a HUGE fan of the hole punch, to be honest. I prefer the symmetry that a teardrop camera brings to the screen, but the hole punch in specific scenarios isn't terrible, but it has its vices. I didn't use the hide notch feature on the 6T cause the notch wasn't that noticeable in practice. But with the hole punch, since the camera hole is not flushed to the top of the screen hiding, it looks a bit off to me, so I'll have it out. Lastly, I can't see as much notification information due to the hole punch placement, but the solution would be what I stated above, but I'm not doing that.


    Hole punch camera is hidden.


    Hole punch camera is visible.
    *A slight nitpick to slide in here I forgot to mention the fingerprint reader. It was a bit buggy not recognizing my finger saying it was dirty and it took twice as long to register all the fingerprints I wanted. it eventually got it but It was a strange 5 minutes of awkwardly moving my thumb around the sensor.

    So that will do it for my overview of the display! In conclusion, I really like it, and I can't see myself going back! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you guys soon!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :

    ~Chapter 3: Battery and Charging~
    Reliability. Sustainability. Rechargeability. Those are essential needs, duties, and demands we have of our smartphone batteries.

    Battery life was a huge reason why I needed a new smartphone in 2018. Charging overnight was always just a thing you did, and having to plug my phone overnight usually left it hot in the morning. Then I also had to bring a power bank with me to get an extra charge if needed. Depending on the phone model, if you had money like that, you could also have two batteries to swap out. Thankfully, the 6T Fast Charge added the ability to set a device turn off time and a device turn off time (One of my absolute favorite features because I like to listen to music when I sleep!) One can have their phone on through the night, plug it up while you get ready for school or work, and have enough battery power to last the day—immediate game-changer. But now, with an even bigger battery (4500mAh) and the twin-battery technology*, the 8T can be FULLY charged in just 39 MINUTES! Now the battery life might be what it is but with the legendary speed of the Warp Charge 65 well, things are a bit different.


    The best in the business

    *Instead of having a single 4500mAp battery in the 8T, we have two, both being 2250. The Charger will quickly charge both batteries faster, thus allowing for a quick charge without risk of complications.

    When thinking about all the features that come packed with this phone, especially the 120hz display battery life throughout the day was an area of deep concern, which raised the question: "Would this phone be able to perform at a high level and have enough battery life to last the day?" And the answer is…yes. When I unplug the 6T, its stats losing battery very quickly where I look down for a second, and it's already on 98%. While using the 8T, I can actually look down and see 100% longer than 30 seconds after charge. Lol, Using this phone as I usually do, is playing games, spending time on Instagram/Snap Chat/Messenger, and watching videos on YouTube and Netflix. I felt incredibly confident about my phone's battery life throughout the day.

    daily use.jpg

    My daily use

    daily use 2.jpg
    More daily use
    So it's reliable, and if you have a few minutes to plug it the Charger, that helps even more. I can't tell you how many times I've put my phone on the Charger and seen the percentage jump up in a matter of minutes; it's insane. Man, I love fast charging.

    Warp Charge 65 is KING!

    BUT! What if you're on E! You've played games, you've watched all of The Office, and your battery is at 0%. Will it really charge up in 39 minutes!!?! So, here's the test! I drained the battery to see if this claim can be believed! The parameters I've set for this test are to keep this screen off and the phone powered down as it charges and only wakes it to check the percentage. So, let GET READY TO CHARGE THIS BATTERY…okay go watch the video. Now keep this in mind! If you are using the phone while you charge, then the charge time will vary!!

    34:42:14!! INSANE!!!

    The next thing I wish to share with you all is how much I appreciate OnePlus, providing this community with "one cord to rule them all." OnePlus took steps to ensure that if you have, say, a Nintendo Switch, you don't have to have 2 cords with you when you travel or around your play area; you only have to have one cord. That's'… that's love right there! 😭 Now, if you want the cord by itself, you can buy that sperate as mentioned at the 8T announcement event!

    Does it work on the switch!?!?

    Okay, so nitpicks. The Charger is pretty huge, like humongous. So it might not be suitable for all setups. Next thing I don't really mind that there's no wireless charging; I know some people do. I will admit I've never used it, and it might be like having a high refresh-rate screen, and once you use it, you can't go back type deal. But this charger is too fast for me to care. 😂

    Warp Charge 65

    So in closing the beauty of The Lab squad, you will be hearing many different voices and different daily driver experiences. So my usage might not align precisely with yours. I was able to get about 6 hours of screen on time on average. This is a good battery, and the Warp Charge will make you feel invincible when it comes to battery life. Depending on what you're doing, you might be able to go a day and a 1/4th. But that is my review of the 4500mAp Twin battery on the OnePlus 8T; thank you guys for stopping by, and I will see you, beautiful people, very soon!

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~Chapter IV: Performance~

    Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 10.11.43 PM.png
    Performance is probably the most anticipated part of the review because the processor is our devices' heartbeat. It pumps energy and purpose through the phone, so as you swipe and tap, you feel its pulse. If there's one thing I demand from my smartphone, it's reliable performance. Being someone who used budget android phones for a time, there was always a trade-off, which usually ended being performance longevity. The phone would accomplish tasks reasonably quickly in begin of the phone's life cycle, and then before I knew it was a slugfest and became unusable. Some might call me getting a phone with 8GB of RAM an overcorrection; I call it a necessary measure. We are multitasking more than ever before; having a smartphone that can keep up with life demands has become imperative. OnePlus has taken it upon themselves to deliver just that. Personally, having the confidence that at any moment, I could open any app quickly was an ability I didn't know I deserved until I held my 6T in 2018. As I've been using the 8T, I have seen the same level of commitment to superior performance and then some.

    Oneplus delivered.

    As expected, this device is no slouch. The 8T is cradling the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 fused with 12G's of RAM and 256GB UFS3.1 storage, so you're getting one of the snappiest smoothest performance of any phone on the market. The speed and elegances permeate to all facets of everyday use. As I've already discussed in chapter one: watching YouTube videos, scrolling through Instagram, and playing games was already a treat on the 6T. The ability to glide from task to task gave me a euphoric sense of power and control, but the 8T takes that experience and goes further beyond…insert Dragon Ball Z joke here.

    Now, if the 8T is working as hard as Goku would be to go Super Saiyan 3, then you can bet the 8T is too. Immediately when I started using the phone, it screamed speed. From the fingerprint reader to opening and closing apps, it was indeed something special. The capability to have a catalog of apps open in the background and not worry about dips in performance is immensely satisfying. I believe gaming is where the 8T shines the brightest. I put the 8T through the wringer playing low-level games like Clash Royale and Archero to high-level games like Call of Duty, Asphalt and Genshin Impact; all the games run smoothly and responsive to all my inputs. It brings a level of confidence that whatever game experience you want, you can have it.

    That being said, there is a price to pay with everything you gain, and with the incredible power that dwells beneath the 8T glossy panel is its natural bi-product; heat. It's no secret that phones can get hot. Primarily when the phone is operating a massive task, for example, moving a lot of data, i.e., when you're setting up your phone for the first time. Here is where I got my first introduction to how the 8T deals with heat due to high performance. After I used the OnePlus switch App, which moved over all my data from my 6T (all 253GB of it) to have the 8T as my daily driver, it was quite warm once completed. I set it down for 3-5 minutes afterward so the phone could cool down, and when I picked it up, it was cold as if nothing happened. The Multi-layer Game-grade cooling is legit; it's a system of copper foil, graphite, and a new larger vapor chamber that helps pull the heat from the processor and other components so it can all run a high level delivering a steady, smooth performance.

    OnePlus 8T reviewer's guide_Page_28.jpg
    Multi-Layer Game-Grade Cooling
    So, in practice, as you play games or complete a demanding task, the cooling system is striving to keep the device at an optimal temperature. Absolutely brilliant. It's great that OnePlus took the time to put into this new system because nobody wants a hot piece of metal in their hand or complications to their phone processors. I will also like to add that you can feel the vapor chamber pushing hot air out if your hand is near the opening. It tickles. 😂 I looked forward to seeing this system improve in the coming phone releases.

    Here are benchmark comparisons:

    Compute Comparisons provided by Geekbench 5
    Cores comaprpsion_.jpg

    Core Comparisons provided by Geekbench 5

    OpenCL Score comaprison_.jpg

    OpenCL Score Comparisons provided by Geekbench 5

    *The 8T is fast and when placed next to the OnePlus 6T I'm shocked by the difference. So here is a comparison of the two in action to close this section out. Including the fingerprint reader!

    Moving to the sound department, two things I appreciate: the haptic sensor and Dolby Atmos sound, and yes, I count vibration as sound since it adds to the experience. When the 8T vibrates due to a notification, you can feel it from across the room. Instead of the motor in 6T that produces a harsh sensation, the 8T provides a complex vibration with weight and depth. It's a welcome feature in daily use, especially with games. Dolby Atmos sound is one of the main features for me that make this phone a flagship device. I was always annoyed by the easily coverable mono speakers on the 6T but not with the 8T. The speakers' immersive full sound as the phone rumbles in your hand is a festival for the senses. I don't miss the mono speakers at all. 😂 Two thumbs up from me! 👍🏾👍🏾
    Genshin Impact

    Call of Duty​
    Alrighty, yall know what time it is: NITPICKS! Now I've loved using this phone with its tremendous power. But I have to say sometimes it's too fast for its own good. A few times, I'll swipe up to close an app or open the recent apps page to scroll through to re-open an app, and the app or the screen will spazz. It will fly through a bunch of animation or just freeze. I'll have to close the app, go back to the home screen, hit the power button, and start over. It's happened enough to bring it up, and I'll touch more on this when we talk about Oxygen OS, but it spazzes a couple of times a day. Second, even though it has a great cooling system, the phone won't take long to get warm. I found that Call Of Duty had the cooling system working overtime or any time the game was open, so it was always warm.
    Well, that will wrap up my thoughts on the 8T's performance! Thank you guys, for stopping by, and I will see you beautiful people in the next chapter!

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~Chapter 6: Camera(s)~
    In the smartphone world, when there is a newly released phone, after initial questions about power and performance, the next thing that is always asked is, "How is the camera?" Let's be real; a moment has occurred where you and your friends want to take a picture, and they ask: Who's got the best camera or better yet, who has an iPhone?"During my time analyzing and observing smartphones' progression, this has been the feature that makes or breaks a smartphone legitimacy to everyday consumers. I can remember two distinct moments when I was with someone or a group of friends, and I took a picture, and they stopped and said: "Wow, hold on, let me see that!? Hey, what phone is this!?" For me, a smartphone's camera validity is two-fold: "How good is the sensor as a who? Does it provide an adequate amount of megapixels, aperture solid image stabilization, and how good is the photo processing after you hit the shutter? Can the phone's system bring the photo to life?" If you can answer yes with confidence, then in my option, you are on your way to having a sound camera system. Naturally, other companies' camera systems vary, with some touting Google Pixel and Apple iPhones as superior sensors. With all that being said, for the back end of 2020, where does the OnePlus 8T's quad-camera set up rank? Let's find out.

    unboxing and desgin-14.jpg

    OnePlus has made considerable strides in this department, starting from not emphasizing the cameras, later supplementing more attention. With every phone model, you can feel the unquenching desire to bring the best camera system possible to their user base, and the 8T is no different. The upgraded quad-camera system now carries the confidence to point and take photos with ease; let's talk through what we got here. As I mentioned before, we have 4 cameras: a 48-megapixel primary sensor, a 16-megapixel Ultra-Wide Angle, a 5-megapixel Macro Lens, and 2-megapixel Monochrome Lens. These are all unique in their function so let me go through them:

    48 Megapixel Lens
    So yeah, we are coming in with some 48 megapixels heat. 🔥 This camera has the Sony IMX586 with an f/1.7 aperture. The shots I was able to get with this lens were pretty spectacular, and they look even better on the color-accurate display. This lens is specifically for: "high-resolution shots in well-lit scenes," so I chose a lake sunset, and I was impressed with what I was able to get. The two things to note you can't zoom in or zoom out. Even though this is the primary sensor is set at a preset focal length. Also, the further away your subject is colors and details get a bit murky. This applies to all the Ultra-wide and video. So that was disappointing but that will, either way, it takes excellent photos.


    Wilde Lake
    16-Megapixel Ultra-Wide Lens
    Alright, so we have the ultra-wide lenses with upgraded viewing angle than before going all the way to 123 degrees. This is where you'll be spending most of your time; it's the "recommended" lens because it has a much greater dynamic range to photos. So I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when I heard there wasn't going to be a dedicated telephoto lens guess that's only reserved for the pro model. But in the 8T's defense. It has three focal lengths within the 16 megapixels lens: 1x (Normal), 2x (Telephoto), and x0.06 (Ultra Wide). So TECHNICALLY there is a telephoto lens; it's just not it's only in the ultra-wide. It works just as well for all intents and purposes, and the photos of the same scene looked respectable as well. There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes because the quality I'm getting is noteworthy. Here are some solo shots from the 8t, and some comparisons I found the color accuracy and preservation of detail was the biggest difference. What do you guys see?

    comparison 1.jpg

    The Founders of Columbia

    Comparison 2.jpg

    I have no idea what this is...

    Comparison 4.jpg

    Bear and her cubs


    The Lake Front

    *There been a lot of talk about the "telephoto" camera, so please take a look at this

    5-Megapixel Macro Lens
    So, between the color filter, this one is "more useful," but I am personally not into macro photography, so it's more of a novelty at best. The macro lens is 5-megapixels, and the idea is to get the lens super close, 1-1.5 inches, to be exact. To get a detailed image of your subject, here are a few shots of me doing so


    Moss trying to be an Evergreen tree

    It works well enough; you'll have to move it around to find the sweet spot, but once you get it, you can get some pretty cool images. I will say, though, sometimes subjects can give you some muddy edges/backgrounds, so it's something to keep in mind.

    2-Megapixel Monochrome Lens
    This is basically a 2-megapixel color filter for your photos (the image you take is not 2 megapixel's quality). If you don't want to edit your photos, later on, you can slap on a filter and have something cool to add to your pictures right out of the gate. This, in theory, would take a step away from, for example, posting to Instagram, but it's your preference at that point. It comes with 13 different preset filters: matte, vivid, then 7 diverse "O" selections that play with color Saturation, Hue, and Luminance, then 4 filters that deal with black and white 3 having the name "P" and the last one is simply called Mono. Here are a few shots with the filter on:


    This is the blue I was talking about...

    Quick note. It stays on until you turn it off, which is nice, but you'll have to turn it off if you don't want to use it anymore. It caught me a couple of times, and I was exasperated, yelling at my phone in public, demanding to know why it kept adding more blue to the sky. So to avoid concerned looks for passing bystanders: turn off the filter when you're done.

    Next, we have Portrait mode with focal lengths for subjects from 2 feet to 7 feet away and the second one for subjects 1 foot to 7 feet away. When you are in range, the icon that says "Depth effect" will turn green to let you know to take the picture. It works well, does a better job of blurring out the background and keeping the details on your subject. So it is improved from the 6T's depth effect. You will have to move back and forth, though; it won't work if it's not positioned right.


    I am vengeance... I am the Knight...I'M ON A ONEPLUS!

    Moving on, we have the updated Nightscape, which helps with low light photography. Nightscape on the 8T promises: "to and auto-adjust for more vivid color and cleaner details to get that perfect shot even with minimal illumination." Through my testing, I was pretty pleased with the results. The 6T also had NightScape, which was okay; it's definitely is better here on the 8T, producing more accurate color and details. As a bonus, we also now have a neat feature where the camera can recognize when it needs to switch over automatically, which cuts down on swiping through menus, and you can shoot and go.

    comparison 3.jpg

    Sharper details and vivid color on 8T


    Flower 🥰

    Lastly, we have the pro mode. I enjoy having this on deck whenever I want to flex on my friends or be a little more creative. It's about the same as it was on the 6T. You can change the ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Focus, and Exposure. You can now choose either JPEG, RAW, or JPEG48, which implies that the first two file formats will use the Ultra-wide camera and not the Primary sensor. A shame that there's no setting for the RAW file format for the 48-megapixel camera. If you use a DSLR, then you should be right at home.

    When it comes to shooting video, knowing you have a camera system that allows you to capture content in 1080p or 4K is pretty boss. Then also add the freedom of shooting with 30FPS or 60FPS is also great. I was already appreciative of the features on the 6T, but this Quad camera system on the 8T is pretty solid. A quick thing to note if you want to change the frame rate and quality of your video, you have to do it by opening the app. You cannot bring up settings if you do a short cut like the power button or drawing an O. Here different shooting modes:


    Let's talk about the new video features! As mentioned in the announcement video, we now can shot videos in night mode! Which is pretty exciting. I mad this came out now and not earlier with the 6T! I really could have used this when I went to New York! Imagine being able to get incredible footage of the New York skyline in all its majestic glory at night. But back to the present as I used it, I was pleasantly surprised by how much color and detail it could bring out. It worked better if there was a decent amount of light in the shot, though. The less light that's in the shot, the more artificial it becomes. Besides that, this is a lovely addition, and I can see myself using this in the future.

    Nightscape in action

    The next feature is Super Stable, a setting within the camera app that helps stabilize your footage if you're running or scooter, bike skateboard, etc. We saw this feature with the 7T with great effect, and it's even better here and works very well. The camera by itself is good a stabilizing video, but adding super stable is almost cheating. 😂

    First part of the video is to test video stabilization without Super Stable on later on in
    the video is a test to see how much Super Stable helps.

    Next, you can add filters just like your photos; here there are 5 filters: vivid, vintage, Yummy 😭, Night, and B&W. Like I said before if you know the look you want to go to, and you don't want to do a lot of editing you can go ahead and slap one of these on. The last feature to share with you guys is time-lapse and slow motion. If you want to capure a sunset or a project, time-lapse has you covered. Slow-motion allows you to shoot 1080p at 30FPS. It works as expected but also has an editor so you can adjust the slow-motion effect. Quick note: use a tripod of some kind makes for much better results/. There nothing worse than when you're trying to capture the setting sun; you step away for a moment and turn back to find your phone on its back looking at zenith instead. (Not everyone is going to get the corniness of that joke 🤦🏾‍♂️)


    Overall, I'm impressed with the additions and upgrades to the camera system but there still things that left to be desired. A few things left to go over; these won't have pictures since some would require my face. I apologize if you're disappointed, I'll give you guys an idea of what to imagine I am a cross between Killer Bee and Afro Samurai. 😂



    The front-facing camera is okay. I was really hoping for a bit of an upgrade here. Photos are around the same quality as 6T, but nowhere near the upgrade found on the back cameras on the 8T. Honestly can't tell the difference between the two phones. So the front camera gets the job done, but I would like to see more from the front camera sensor.

    The panoramic camera works as you would expect. The Ultra-wide worked fine for the spaces I was in, so I never needed to use it.

    That will do it for this chapter hope it was helpful and informative. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions! Thank you, guys, as always, for stopping by and see you beautiful people in the next chapter. Stay hydrated! 💦

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  7. trackstarMKVIII
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~Chapter VI: Oxygen OS 11~
    When you meet someone for the first time without hesitation, you make a first impression. An idea a hypothesis of who this person might be. Maybe you take note of their stature, their eye color, their hairstyle. Perhaps it's their sense of style; maybe they wear loose shirts with bold abstract patterns or maybe tight clothes with striking solid colors. Whatever they might be wearing, it's telling of how they chose to express themselves. Okay, a conversation happens, and you begin to understand how they move, how they talk, how they think. Then you get to start comparing the thing you observed with the things you are now hearing and bring those two truths together in our mind. Does their sense of style match their personality? Soon the seeds of their identity begin to take root, and your perception begins to blossom. If you're lucky, you get to see this person for who they are deep down. You learn their likes and dislikes; you realize their hopes fears. You start to see them. Now, why am I talking about first impressions and friendship in a phone review; well, this process is what we've been doing over this past week. We have gotten to know this little companion of ours named 8T, and we've made our initial impressions gotten to see how 8T gets down with style. How 8T thinks, moves, and interacts with the world. Now we will learn the expressive personality of 8T; let's call it: Oxygen OS 11.

    When it comes to android skins, none of them come close to Oxygen OS. The sharp and clean design language is what you want out of the skin. It melts into the phone's identity; it's present, but it's not overbearing; it doesn't intrude. Now OxygenOS 11 brings this to a whole new level. At first, to me, it seemed like more of the same, but I was so wrong. Yes, I was giddy to experience the raw power of the Snapdragon 865 with 12 GB of RAM playing any game I wished on the color-accurate panel at a 120hz refresh rate. But the creative adjustments to OxygenOS brings ALL the features I've talked about this past week together harmoniously. OxygenOS was always in the conversation of best skin but now, with Oxygen OS plus Android 11. The conversation is now over.

    OnePlus 8T reviewer's guide_Page_48.jpg

    Let's first discuss ease of use because a lot of the tweaks have that in mind. Now in chapter 2, I discussed the size of the phone. It's not small, so depending on the app and your hand size, you might have to climb up and down the phone to hit a particular button. But I mentioned unless the app "wasn't touched by OxygenOS," it didn't have the new design language. So, if we look at apps like Weather, Clock, and the Calculator, all apps made by OnePlus use the golden ratio to keep selectable icons at a finger length. At the same time, keeping the top of the phone clear of icons, instead of displaying information threading this philosophy through the phone. It brings simplicity and elegance to the phone; it's just wonderful to see.

    Comapri 2.jpg

    Out with the old...

    Comapriosn 1.jpg

    ...and in with the new!

    Walkthrough of Apps in Oxygen OS 11

    Another example of this is the use of bubbles icons. Now, if you use Facebook messenger, then you'll be very familiar with this. So let's say you're making a call, and they ask, "Hey, what was the video you wanted to send me?" you swipe up to leave the call screen and go to the home screen or use the navigation buttons, and the call turns into a bubble icon on the screen. Instead of having the call hide in your notification, it can be a nice bubble where you can access the sound output, send a message, and/or the end call. The caller page is also redesigned to where you can set an interaction setting for contact icons. It's a lovely addition that sticks to OnePlus's ease of use.

    ALWAYS ON DISPLAY! *boldface off* Finally! For most devices, being able to glance at your phone to get information quickly is indeed a luxury that I very much wanted on the 6T. Now powered with the new design language of OxygenOS, it now feels like a natural extension of the phone's personality. You have options, of course, but my personal favorite is "Insight AOD." Students from Parsons School of Design at The New School helped develop a design that is "centered around digital wellbeing" it "encourages users to spend more time enjoying life and less time unlocking their smartphone." It's definitely shown me I use my phone a lot, as you can see below. 😂 You have the option to AOD have it on all the time in light of your battery, or you can schedule it. So, you can have it off when you sleep or have it only on at work or after work, whatever fits you. It's a beautiful addition. Some other options, like Bitmoji and Canvas, use your Bitmoji or pictures to create personalized wallpapers. All very fun!


    Always on Display

    If you're not into any of that, don't worry; there are PLENTY of clock options to chose from and a new fingerprint sensor option along with the old ones. Unfotuently we don't see the Mclaren edition animation; it would be cool with each phone release you get a catalog of all the past fingerprint animations.



    Let's move to the camera; besides the camera hub's new redesign, Oxygen OS 11 has this great multitask feature. When you take a picture or a screenshot, if you hold the circle showing the recent pictures or the screenshot, a wheel will come around the selection giving you options to share the image. Brilliant. The crazy thing is I found it by mistake, but I've told you so now you know. 😁 We also have an updated gallery which is quite welcomed the gallery on the 6T was kinda bland. Besides the golden ratio also having an effect on app layout now the system brings your photos to you to quote the phone: "Like a magazine." Everything as a place your photos videos even you're memories too.

    Multitask Wheel

    The power button has gotten a nice new overhaul on Oxygen OS 10; if you held the power bottom, you would get icons that would allow you too: Shut down, restart, Lockdown, take a screenshot, Emergency, and my holding it for that long your google assistant is up as well. Oxygen OS 11 now brings up Emergency, Lockdown, Power (taping on the icon brings up restart), screenshot if you press the 3 dots, Lockdown, Google pay, and added options for device controls, which is only for Cats???? I not sure why this is here. I guess it's for cat lovers?? I don't know, but the choice to make the power button a more functional button is genius. I've used this feature to bring up Google Pay.

    Sidebar: I figured out the thing with the cats. Random cats wander into your phone as you leave food and water for them...YEP.

    Power button OOS 11 functionality

    I'm one of those users that get lazy and don't feel like typing, so I use diction a lot, and 50% of the time, I end up doing more work for myself because it never captures accurately. But now it's a little bit better. It still has some trouble but not as much as before.


    You guys have heard me talk a lot about Gaming mode, but a feature I wanted to save to now is the menu swipe down. Now we can swipe down at the top corners to reveal quick settings. This is crucial because it makes gaming mode feel more connected to the phone; you can still easily access apps within gaming mode like WhatsApp, Instagram, and the screen recorder while still being in gaming mode. It's the little things that help make the overall experience memorable. It also has excellent information like time battery and phone temperature.

    Gaming mode menu

    Lastly, I've only used Zen mode a couple of times, but it has an excellent refresh design with the Zen Room's added feature, where you and other OnePlus users can use all Zen together. Zen mode can be set from a minute all the way up to 120 minutes adding more flexibility to your zen breaks.



    It's that time of the show for that's, right you guessed it: nitpicks. This probably has been the only thing that has caused me frustration during my time using this phone: Notifications. Most of the notification I expect to see daily I get, except one: Facebook Messenger. I don't get. The FB website will ping. I'll look down at my phone: nothing. Sometimes I'll have it open on bubble mode. Another message will come in: nothing. I've to repeatedly go through the message/notification settings to make sure all the necessary boxes have been checked. Still, I get notification half the time. My theory is that maybe since both Oxygen OS 11 and Android 11 are fairly new, there's a bug because of that, but I ran out of possible solutions. Moving on, the live wallpapers are apparently supposed to change based on the time of day. I can honestly say that if they are, I have yet to notice. I've tried to change my background every so often, and I haven't seen anything yet.

    You have now come to the end of Chapter VI thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you all at the epic conclusion. Hey, did you tell yourself you're beautiful and that you matter today? Well, I'm going to say it then: You're beautiful, and you matter! ♥️


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  8. trackstarMKVIII
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    ~Chapter VII: Summary~
    Welcome back, my friends. We've come to an end, so how do all the things we've been exploring this past week come together. Well, let's find out, shall we?

    Looking at everything I've written has made me appreciate the 8T because it takes what I loved in 6T and pushes it further. The year 2018 was only 2 years ago, and when the 6T came out, I was jubilant to hold it because it was a meaningful step forward in innovation, and in 2020 that is also what the 8T is. It establishes a new standard of what a flagship could be. Here are the reasons I believe this to be true.

    ~What is loved...~


    The display on this phone is fantastic. Not only is it the most color-accurate display on the market, but it's also easy on the eyes, so you can look at it longer during the day and at night. Looking through your photo album of pictures and videos from your trip with friends and loved ones is an absolute dream. Kicking back after a day's work and watching your favorite YouTuber or lying in bed on Twitter or Instagram looking for the perfect meme to send to your friends happens effortlessly, and I relish that. OnePlus could have stopped at a 90hz refresh rate, which is serviceable, but they went the extra mile. Housing a 120hz refresh rate separates this panel from the competition. So, games that run at high frames become even more immersive, intuitive scrolling through Google Discover page articles at reduced latency. It's hard to argue that the 8T's display is quite distinct.


    Build Quality

    I love holding this phone, especially after I give the phone a good polish. The way it changes colors as light bends around the back panel; it never gets old. Now look, let me be clear: this phone is slippery 😂. I went to put it in my pocket, and is slid down my pant leg like a pig sliding through slick mud. But it's still a beautiful design, and I can't stress enough making this display flat makes all the difference. Lastly, the 8T is light. It fits in hand, just right. I find myself picking up the 8T no because I need to do something on it, but because I want to hold it again.


    Power begets speed

    Some if you haven't guessed it from my handle: I ran track and field. So, you could say moving fast has always been a part of my life experience. That's the only thing I would get in trouble for in middle school was: clanging and banging down the hallways (that's track lingo for running fast). So, it's really no surprise that I am most comfortable with a phone from OnePlus. If the operation can be executed quicker, it will be implemented, and then OnePlus matches that decision with the Snapdragon 865 with 12GB of RAM and fast 3.1UFS storage. Say less. Jumping from opening and closing apps to cycling through the recent app page is as swift as it is smooth. Taking a screen recording and quickly and editing and exporting out the video in the same breath. Sinking into a comfy chair while playing Genshin Impact, witnessing the screen react to the swipes of your thumbs with no lag. Then as you go through your day and realize you need a charge well, getting a full day's charge in a blink of an eye is easy with the Warp Charger 65. It's a delightful feeling knowing that your phone will work. That you will have a fast and smooth experience from end to end. In the end, the 8T boasts flagship specs through and through.

    unboxing and desgin-21.jpg

    Oxygen OS's Final Form

    If there were no more updates to Oxygen OS, I would be satisfied with what OOS11 has brought us. (Of course, I hope they'll keep updating; please keep them coming 😂) I found using the phone incredibly enjoyable in part to the newfound design philosophy. It's fast, clean, and thoughtful. Taking the time and care to provide opportunities to use the phone with one hand can't be asserted enough! It's such an obvious implementation, but after a while, your mind perceives it as routine. The journey of finding out new features was always a treat. I would smile when I saw the animation of the sun rising and setting in the weather app or the fact that when you use Facebook messenger, the bubble positions itself in the center of the screen. Even discovering a new feature like the multitask wheel or the swipe down menu in Gaming mode. Oxygen OS 11 teems with new life and exciting possibilities. Secondly, the addition of AOD helps define the 8T's identity and, by extension: yours. Whether you choose to use the observant Insight, the slightly abstract Canvas, or the always comical Bitmoji, your individual voice harmonizes with AOD.


    I wish I could say this phone is perfect, but that is just not the case. But y'all know the drill; it's time for some nitpicks!

    ~What is disliked...~

    As much as I love the display, some things drive me up a wall. The edges of the display are used for going back/canceling, and times when I'm on Instagram watching stories, I'll try and move to another person or move from the feed page to messages, and it will cancel instead; taking me back to the home screen. It's annoying and breaks the smooth experience and becomes clunky and rigid as I'm trying to go back to what I was doing. Hopefully, the sensitivity of the edges can be modified with a software update.

    The camera on the 8T has definitely gotten better, and I can't deny that. The improvements to Night photography, dynamic range, and normal portrait mode and video are notable. There are definitely some moments where I've been able to get some great shots that stop me, and I say "WOAH." Then there are moments where I look at a photo, and I'm like: "eh." Look, I watch the other phone releases just like everyone else, and I know what the competition has to offer in the field, and the Quad Camera system just isn't all the way there. It's good but it not exceptional. There are some shots that this camera will capture with expertise, but some shots that the camera will definitely struggle with it. For example, in this photo/video I took, the leaves get muddy, both detail and color-wise, if you look in the background. Sometimes the colors really pop, and sometimes the image has a muted look and feel to it. Lastly, the last two cameras I feel like they're just add-ons to make up for the overall package to look more substantial. Yes, the macro has more megapixels, so yes, the images will be better, but how often will there be a demand for it. The instances of use are few and far between, and the monochrome lens is a novelty. Plus, adding the fact that there isn't a dedicated telephoto lens makes the two cameras debut sting even more. So, within the conversation of what a flagship is supposed to be, the 8T camera system is only halfway there. It's not going to be able to trade blows with the likes of the Pixels, high tier Samsungs, and iPhones.


    If you look closely at the leaves they lose a lot of detail and color separation

    Missing Features
    Subsequent, these next points don't bother me as much, but I recognize that it is not the overall consensus, so I don't wish to alienate those users. In the same vein as my comments on the camera, OnePlus considers the 8T: a flagship, but that title entails having certain features. The first of those features is wireless charging. The simplicity of placing your phone down or propping it up on a charging pad to many is a natural way to charge. Most flagships have wireless charging as well as other products like wireless earbuds. It seems at this point; the feature is only reserved for the Pro models. The second thing s no official IP rating; as I mentioned before, there are water-resistant bands to prevent water damage, but some prefer that extra comfort level. Even though OnePlus has found a way to have that level of protection in their phones and have this available with the pro models again in the conversation of a flagship, it's missed.

    Oxygen OS 11 Bugs
    The last thing to talk about is the integration of OxygenOS 11 and Android 11. Some great things are happening under the hood, but there are some shortcomings underneath. A quick one is the loss of the shelf to the left of the home page. I know this change has been here a while, but there should be an option to arrange how information is displayed on your home screen. You either have the option to make it appear with a swipe down from the top of your screen or not having access to it at all. If you're like me, you would rather have easy access to your notification tray. But, the most egregious issue for me is notifications. It's really only with one app, as you all know (Facebook Messenger), which isn't enjoyable since I use it every day. Getting notifications half the really breaks the smooth, seamless experience 8T promises. Lastly, the phone has spazzed on me a couple of times; it wouldn't respond to my fingerprint or the wake button and was frozen for a good 2 minutes. After about an hour and some change, it happened again. So, almost there just have to work out a few kinks.

    ~The Verdict~

    So, is the 8T a true flagship? Looking at what this phone has to offer, it has a great design and premium built: check. Stellar battery life can last you the day, and Warp Charge 65 if you need it: half check. Great color-accurate easy on the eyes display with a 120hz refresh rate: check. Snapdragon 865 with 12 GB of RAM and 3.1UFS fast storage: check. Camera: Ultra-wide lens and a high-resolution lens: half check. So it's almost a flagship by looking at Build Quality, Display, Camera, Performance, and battery as parameters.

    Is it worth the buy? Well, it really depends on what phone you have. People who have the 7 series really like those phones, and since the 7 series has 48-megapixel lenses like the 8t, it's a bit harder to justify the upgrade. Internally there's more stuff going on in the 8T, but it's the same deal externally. The 7 Series and 8 all have high refresh rates, and with the eventual release of Oxygen OS 11, OnePlus devices will look the same as the 8T. The 7 and 8 series all have Fast charging to some capacity, so what would be the reason for the upgrade? Well, that's up to you. I prefer square camera housing rather than circular housing on the 7T, and then I also like the higher refresh rate and excellent screen. But I usually won't buy a phone unless it's two increments, so realistically you sit tight.

    Okay, what if you don't have an OnePlus, and you have a Samsung, Pixel, or an iPhone but looking for a new phone. Well, in my opinion, if it's not clear, I believe OnePlus makes the best android smartphones. Yes, the Samsung Super Ultra phones exist, but you would have to use One UI 🤮 , and glancing at the Pixel series is just not as smooth or ascetically pleasing. Now I also know that Huawei phones also exist, but if you are in North America, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to get one, so if you enjoy android, get the OnePlus 8T. Now, if you have an iPhone, this is a tougher sell. Since Apple philosophy is a closed system, you're probably accustomed to many of the ecosystem's benefits and so on and so forth. The iPhone 12 have great screens, but they don't have a high refresh rate, which I think is just unacceptable. But if taking pictures is super important to you, you're probably going to want to look at the OnePlus 8 pro model, and if that's not exciting, you might want to hold off on this one.

    Overall, If I had the opportunity to get the 8T, I would; it's been 2 years, and they're enough new things happening here to make it worth the buy. But as far as recommendations go, if you have an OnePlus device, see how much the buyback would be and go from there. If you've never had an android before and want to try one, this is your new phone. If you're tired of the same old same old and want something more: get the Oneplus 8T. If you wish to hold a device that has been molded by the voices of thousands of users yearning for a complete experience? Well, I couldn't recommend this phone enough. Don't settle...Never Settle.

    Now here's the epilogue…

    The OnePlus 8T is a genuinely remarkable phone. As I embarked on this quest, I arrived at many moments of me shaking my head and smiling, marveling at the innovation within every smooth swipe. As a smartphone enthusiast, it's has been an absolute blast that I had the opportunity to share this device with you all. As I mentioned before, I treasure this community of individuals who proclaim that we: "NEVER SETTLE!" I hope you appreciated this story. I can not thank @Zach X., @dsmonteiro, @Leo X. and @Loren Z. enough for the incredible opportunity; this has been a rewarding experience that I will cherish forever! Honestly, I am deeply honored that I was chosen. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, and or concerns? You agree with what I said; let me know you think I don't know what I'm talking about; hey, let me know that too! Anyway, thanks for stopping by my beautiful friends and till we meet again.

    Be Easy y'all. :blush:
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  9. trackstarMKVIII
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 14, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 14, 2020 :
    Here you will find commentary on firmware updates and features on the OnePlus 8T.

    ~10/30/2020 Update~
    An update was just released to my 8T (and probably all the NA variants) OxygenOS With this update, we get new features for AOD, power optimization, and updates to the camera. So, what does this update do for the overall experience? Well, here's the good, and here's the bad.

    I can finally use Canvas! 😂 whooooooo Still can not use Bitmoji, but I now have access, so I'm almost there! So, this is the beta version, but it works close to the final result will be. It's a hit or miss, to be honest, but there is some value to the feature! Keep in mind though if you use Canvas, you won't be able to use AOD Insight. It will use an AOD to best use Canvas's abstract background while displaying the time, date, and recent notifications. Personally, my face looks pretty ridiculous, so that I won't be using it, but it's here for my friends in the states.

    I now have access to Horizon Light. This is an exceptional feature. So, your phone's on the table, and you get a notification from Instagram or Messenger, then the phone's sides light up one of four colors: red, gold, purple, and blue. Starting from the center of the screen and reaching the screen's ends. That's it. I know it just lights, but it's very satisfying, and I love it. I believe it helps give your device more character. I, of course, chose the best color: BLUE. So there.


    Along the same vein of lights features, If you are using an app that uses a camera like Snapchat, a green light will circle around the camera and position itself at the right corner of the front-facing camera. Very cool.

    *There is now a charging feature where the phone will stop charging at a specific time of the day/night and then restart at a set time to help preserve battery life. This is excellent because these chargers are fast, and I still forget to take it off power once it reaches 100%. The obvious concern with Warp Charge 65 is that charging at this speed can, over time, affect the batteries' integrity. So it's nice that there is some software to help with this.

    The Camera app has a new overhauled hub. Now we can access the Monochrome Lens filters at the bottom right-hand corner, change the aspect ratio by hitting one of the buttons on the top row of icons, and changed from 12M to 48M from the three-dot options dropdown. Personality I liked having the megapixel swap as a designated button without going through a menu, but this new layout definitely feels more robust. You smoothly go to video mode within the Photo setting by holding the capure button and sliding to the left and to the right to zoom in and out and drag the cursor up to lock in position. Video also has some new features. We can now change the frame rate, resolution, and aspect ratio from the camera hub without going to the camera settings. In Slow-motion mode, you can tap the top icon to change from 1080p 24fps to 720 480fps, and finally, in Time-lapse, there is an icon to change shooting quality from 1080p to 4K with options to change from wide-angle to telephoto.

    Lastly, Nightscape has gotten an upgrade as well. According to the report, we should have better imaging quality. I went back to one of the spots I captured nightscape footage, and here are the results! Keep in mind the shooting conditions are a tad different; I find the updated camera did a better job of keeping some of the detail within the environment better than the previous camera test. So yay, night shooting!

    So good ole notifications are still a mixed bag. So with the new update, you can bubble messages now. So, I use Textra as my primary messaging app, so now, it can bubble over other apps very convenient. So if there's a text convo that I want easy access to, I can have it in a bubble, which is great. But as you guys know, the main app that I have bubbled on my phone is FB messenger, but I still get notifications half of the time. But I figured it out. Once the bubble is up, it stops sending notifications, but I get all the notifications if there is no bubble icon. Very annoying. So now that the bug needs to be fixed in terms of notifications.​

    If you are in NA, you need to get a case. I know they designed this phone to be comfortable to hold. I sis praise this early on. But this phone is slippery; please get a case if you don't get the standard gel one. This phone has silently slid off my bed, couch, and countertops more times than I can count.

    My phone has been bugging. A few times, I haven't been able to unlock my phone, and shuts off after a while. Animations freeze into other ones, and then the phone runs through all the past inputs.

    Well, guys, that will do it for my update hope yall enjoyed it! I will come back and edit this page as more updates come, so be sure to check this page out! Let me know if you have any more questions about the 8T and please let me know if you are thinking about getting the 8T! Stay safe!
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  10. ManishVishnuVarm
    Cupcake Oct 19, 2020

    ManishVishnuVarm , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 19, 2020 :
    Stop to promote your phones until u have good condition phone ,
    You give away faulty handset and you dare to tell people that you will repair the mother board of a brand new purchased phone,

  11. sumitMZ007
    Honeycomb Oct 19, 2020

    sumitMZ007 , via OnePlus 6 , Oct 19, 2020 :
    I doubt why no reviewer is pointing that OUT OF THE TWO LEDS AT THE BACK ONLY ONE WORKS OTHER IS JUST A GIMMICK!! OnePlus in OnePlus 8T just increased the camera space without adding significant addition to camera department..they Did it just to visually make it appear bigger but in actual reality it's the same sensor from OnePlus 7!!!

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  12. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Oct 19, 2020

    dsmonteiro , Oct 19, 2020 :
    Hi there,

    The reason why none of them is saying that is because that is not true. What you're calling a LED is actually a flicker-detection sensor, not a flash LED.

  13. IA_M_AI
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    IA_M_AI , via OnePlus 5T , Oct 19, 2020 :
    i am absolutely happy, while watching Netflix, with my OnePlus 5t, video quality, wow...8t... must be crazy good.....an....boom...12 gigs ram....that is your personal invitation, to the__--NEXT---___---CRAZY---__level!!, timeline;;;; future,,,,,,yesss.

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  14. WASIM OnePlus
    Gingerbread Oct 19, 2020

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  15. sritejkoduru
    Honeycomb Oct 19, 2020

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  16. Vasilyan
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  17. Nasir_Alam
    Froyo Oct 19, 2020

  18. Dipesh619
    Froyo Oct 19, 2020

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  19. trackstarMKVIII
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 19, 2020

    trackstarMKVIII , Oct 19, 2020 :
    I know! I haven't had a problem watching content on my 6T but it's very different on the 8T it's a subtle change that really makes a lot of difference! I look forward to talking to you about how the ram also plays a part in to the user experience!

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