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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Copy of Copy of Copy of GAME (2).png

    Namaste Community,
    This is Kirat Alreja - welcome to my LAB review! I am a 19-year-old YouTuber & Computer Science student from India. My immense passion for technology & creating videos always motivated me to apply for the LAB. With each entry, I learned new techniques which improved my skill set. Finally, the day arrived & I entered this amazing review squad myself.

    Would like to extend my gratitude to the OnePlus Team for providing me with the opportunity to feel what it's like to be a tech influencer - which is something I always dreamt of.

    Before we get into the quest of exploring "The Ultra", let me share my journey with OnePlus so far. I visited the OnePlus community for the first time when OnePlus 2 launched - in the hopes of grabbing an invite for a friend. While I couldn't get the invite, I got hooked to reading threads here. Forums led me to participate in local OnePlus events near me, such as Photowalks & Star Wars: Last Jedi premiere.

    Fast Forward to 2019, I joined the OnePlus India staff as a Student Brand Ambassador. It was electrifying to switch sides from being a community member to going behind it. I got to attend all major events & also visit the Indian headquarters multiple times. I vlogged all these experiences, you can watch them here (Although not in English, you can still enjoy them!) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUKpCxbKCnxlyiRYj508-UoT4WYUeE086

    My time with the team ended in May 2020 - but who knew I would embark on a yet another new journey! Back with the community, I am now a OnePlus Accessory Tester. Phew, that's quite a journey.

    Let's get this quest started now, shall we?

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    The Prologue: Unboxing & First Impressions

    Time to brew the T - enjoy the unboxing experience in ultra-high 4k resolution! I recommend you to watch with a pair of earphones with full screen as I have perfected the sound design to immerse you completely.

    The world collects coins & stamps; I collect tech boxes. Seriously - I have this weird obsession with packages. OnePlus 8T's box is definitely a perfect addition to my collection. When I showed the box to my family, their first reaction was "Wow"! Taking a break from generic design, OnePlus went rogue with this bright & bold red package. Do you dig it? I 100% do!



    Lifting the hood, you will see the first sight of this gorgeous device.


    Next, we get some pamphlets, including a Quick Start Guide, some Safety Information & a pack of stickers. For the Indian community, we have a Red Cable Club card. No, you cannot swipe it at a OnePlus Store for a free goodie pack (IDEAS Pro Max :p) - but it is a cool addition. Lastly, there is a letter from the man, @Pete himself. I feel this not only elevates the experience by adding a personal touch but also sets the "OnePlus Unboxing" apart.


    Digging deeper, we have a clear case with "Never Settle" inscribed on it. Look, the quality of this case is not the best - but at least it's there. I never use my phone without a case, so having a case out of the box gives me relief. I'm not too fond of the flap on this case. The flap might offer some level of protection, but frankly, it isn't a pleasant experience opening & closing it in my opinion.


    Lastly, we discover the dynamic duo: the all-new Warp Charge 65 Adapter & the versatile USB-C to USB-C cable. I absolutely love the fact that OnePlus made the shift to this cable - but also I understand the fret of consumers who aren't invested into the USB-C ecosystem yet. With the iPhone 12, even Apple is shipping a USB-C to Lightning cable - so it is safe to say almost all manufactures will make the shift.


    That is all you get inside the box! The lack of a 3.5mm adapter is still a disappointment. Don't have any complaints anymore about the omission of the headphone jack (embraced it) - but including an adapter should be a must. The fact that the OnePlus website doesn't have it in stock most of the time makes it even worse. I would suggest you to link your device on the website & claim the 250 INR (or 5 USD equivalent) coupon. That'll help you grab the adapter at some good discount.


    Enough about the appetizers - let's move to the main course. Sliding the paper wrap off the device, I glanced at the ever so calming "Aquamarine Green" colour. My first reaction picking up the device was - "Damn, this is SLEEEK". I come from a OnePlus 7 (182 grams), which is already pretty light & slim - even though the 8T is a couple of grams heavier (188 grams) than that, it feels lighter to me. I handed the phone to my mom & dad, who use an iPhone XR (194 grams) & OnePlus 7 Pro (206 grams) respectively. Even their first reaction on holding the device was that it feels very light to hold. This shows that the weight balance has been paid a lot of attention, which is highly appreciated.


    "Aquamarine Green" is yet another attempt at blue gradients, building on the legacy of Glacier Blue (7T) & Glacial Green (8). If you prefer a matte finish, pick the Lunar Grey because this one is as glossy as it gets. I was sceptical about the new anti-fingerprint coating OnePlus boasted about - but glad to inform that it does work. If I were to name this colour, I would call it "Nord Green". That's because the gradient conveniently switches from 8 Pro's Green to Nord's Blue. Don't believe me? : check this out -


    On the right side, you get the classic alert slider & a power button. On the other side, we have our volume rockers. All the buttons are high quality & satisfying to click - which is no surprise at this point. The bottom packs quite a punch (*cough*) - USB-C port, a speaker, a mic & the dual sim tray. We have another mic & speaker at the top & bottom respectively.

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

    Okay, let us finally address the elephant in the room now; the "new" (air quotes) camera module. I don't mind it - yes, I seriously don't. We are in a time where we see new camera configurations almost every week. The internet reacts strongly, but everyone gets used to it after a while. It happened when Apple launched the 11 Pro, when Samsung launched the S20 Ultra & now with OnePlus 8T. OnePlus seems to be experimenting with their T series, first a circular module with the 7T & now this rounded rectangle with the 8T. Which design do you like the best?


    You have completed prologue of the Game of Hertz! I hope you enjoyed watching the unboxing video as much as I did making it. Fun fact, it took me more than 4 days to plan, shoot and edit. The levels of this game only get even more interesting from here, so don't forget to come back tomorrow for the next round. Till then, let's engage in some discussions below!

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Ace of Spades: The Display
    Welcome to your first quest! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the Ace Of Spades. The legend says you don't have to look too hard - it's right there when you lift your OnePlus 8T for the first time.
    Lights, Camera, Action!

    Let's get all the fancy specifications out of way before we dive into this beautiful display. OnePlus 8T boasts a 6.55 inches 120hz display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. If you #DoTheMath, that's about 402 pixels per inch. The cherry on top - there is support for HDR10+, sRGB & P3 Color Gamut, which is enough to make any video nerd drool. A peak brightness of 1100 nits ensures comfortable viewing under any lighting condition. Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protects those 4.3 million pixels & saves the display from occasional scratches. If anyone still cares, yes - it is indeed a DisplayMate A+ rated screen.


    As I believe good visuals are nothing without good audio, let us talk about the speakers as well. The OnePlus 8T features a dual stereo speaker setup - which is surprisingly awesome. Stereo separation is accurate, which means you will have a truly immersive experience when watching movies or playing games. Dolby Atmos is present but I don't feel any "spatial" effects that it is supposed to create - nonetheless I do not think many users would mind it anyways.

    In my opinion, the display of OnePlus 8T is what makes it truly "Ultra". It borrows the 120hz refresh rate from its bigger brother, the OnePlus 8 Pro while retaining the 1080p resolution of its predecessor. Resolution or Refresh Rate - what should be prioritized? In theory, OnePlus could have given the 8T a QHD 90hz display - but, I feel they made the right decision by sticking to 1080p & adding 120hz.

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).gif

    Some might fret that 1080p is outdated for a "flagship" since all high-end phones have ditched it already. You see, on a 6.5-inch display, you really have to be looking for that tad bit of extra sharpness to differentiate between QHD & 1080p. While on the other hand, you will enjoy the higher refresh rate every single time.


    Before switching to the OnePlus 8T, I was using a OnePlus 7 - which has a 60hz display. I never really felt I needed a high refresh rate display - until I used one. I am sure you have heard this over & over again, but again, scrolling through anything on this display is a phenomenal experience.


    OnePlus 8 Pro's display is the best, but some users still prefer the one on 8T - why? Curves. OnePlus 8T answers the prayers of team anti-curve by sticking to a good old flat display. I have never used a curved display phone as my daily driver, so I don't have a strong preference. Although - whenever I did use a curved display, the only advantage I felt is that swiping from the sides feels natural. Other than that, it's just another marketing & advertisement addition to me. Which one do you prefer?


    Videographers, Photographers & Social Media enthusiasts out there prefer to tweak their display colours as accurately as possible. Having a colour-accurate display means that you can decide how your content looks on any display - be it phones, tablets or televisions. OnePlus 7's was good enough in this field to me, but 8T takes it to the next level. My brother, who is far from a display nerd, could easily tell 8T boasts brighter & "pleasing" colours compared to the 7. Here - check it out for yourself. OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 8T - you can notice how 8T handles the colours much better (both phones were set to full brightness & same calibration)



    There's a display mode & feature for all kinds of users! If you're someone who spends a lot of watching Movies & TV on your phone, the addition of features like Video Enhancer & HDR will greatly enhance your experience. If you're wondering how to take advantage of HDR, subscribing to the Netflix UHD plan will give you access to an entertainment library with hundreds of HDR titles. For gamers, there's a graphic enhancement toggle under the gaming mode - which works really well from my experience. E-Book enthusiasts can relax their eyes while binging through books with the new & improved reading mode. Here are the reading modes in action - Switched off, Mono Reading Mode (B&W) , Chromatic Reading mode (B&W except for images)

    ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

    In case you were wondering what does the video enhancer do, check this out -

    A previous couple of OnePlus devices have had severe manufacturing defects, including green tinting & hole-punch banding. Thankfully, the 8T is immune from any such issues. I guess OnePlus finally learnt from their mistakes & upped their quality control game. There was a "Rainbow Tint" issue with the OnePlus Nord, which is also non-existent on this device. Good job team, much appreciated.


    I tried hard to find shortcomings with the 8T's display, but honestly, there really isn't any catch here. It is, in fact, one of the best or dare I say "perfect", displays out there. That's the reason why I call my review "Game of Hertz" - the display of this phone elevates the experience of everything you do on it.


    I have one complaint though, which is the intentional omitting of the MEMC chip. No one wants to watch a Star Wars or Avengers film at 120fps, but it would have been nice to watch sports & documentaries at that silky smooth frame rate. I understand there needs to be a clear differentiation between the 8 Pro & 8T, but if OnePlus did go the extra mile to make this display so good - they could have thrown in MEMC as well.


    That's all for this quest "Ace of Spades". What is your opinion about high refresh rate displays? Let's discuss!
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Jack of Clubs - Battery & Charging

    Welcome to your next Quest for the Game of Hertz. Gone are the days when we used to wait a couple of hours for our phones to charge. The OnePlus 8T gives us a glimpse into the future of charging with its faster-than-ever 65W Warp Charge. Also known as the “Card of Future”, Jack of Clubs ships with the 8T - in the form of this rapid tech.

    Let’s start with the all-new Warp Charger. Ditching the good old USB port for good, OnePlus 8T ships with a USB-C charging brick. To accompany the same, we have a USB-C to USB-C cable. I absolutely love the fact that OnePlus made this switch since it helps me reduce yet another cable off my work desk. If you are someone who doesn’t own a lot of USB-C accessories, this might not look as pretty. You will have to use a separate/old OnePlus cable for data transfer & the brick itself would be useless when you want to charge non USB-C devices.


    “Warp Charge 65” is OnePlus’s latest charging speed & boy is it FAST! Being a video creator, my phone’s battery drains very quickly. My OnePlus 7 was serving me well with it’s 18W Dash Charge, but the 8T just blew my mind. As OnePlus claims, it can fully charge your phone within 40 minutes. I found out that the claim holds up pretty well in most cases. To my student friends here, you can now wake up 15 minutes before a class & not worry if your phone has enough juice or not! :p


    Enough fanboying about Warp Charge, let us talk about the battery life now. Before I share my OnePlus 8T battery stats with you, I’ll briefly share my experience with a couple of previous-generation devices. I got a OnePlus 6 in 2018 & upgraded to a OnePlus 7 next year. Initially, my OnePlus 6 used to push out 6 hours of SOT consistently, but over the months it decreased a lot. To be exact, the SOT reduced to just about 3.5 hours after a year - which is the primary reason I sold it off for a 7.

    I faced a similar story with my OnePlus 7 - where the SOT reduced from around 6.5 hours to 4 hours after any year. I am a heavy user, but my usage levels have stayed consistent over the years, so I am pretty disappointed with the long term battery performance of OnePlus devices.


    Talking about my SOT with the OnePlus 8T - It is pretty good keeping the 120hz display with AOD in mind. On the first day, with minimal gaming & normal (social media, 4g, browsing) usage, I got about 5.5 hours. On the paper, OnePlus 8T packs a hefty 4500 mah battery which should be enough to deliver this SOT consistently. Although, as I have already shared, long term performance is a huge concern from my side. Considering the phone holds up these numbers - I am satisfied.

    Untitled design (17).png

    I captured the battery stats on two random days & found out I was getting about the same numbers. I noticed that the standby drain of OnePlus 8T is pretty good - it doesn’t drain much battery overnight. If you’re an extreme user, although subjective, I guess your SOT would hover around 4 - 4.5 hours. In general cases - social media apps, some gaming, calls & 4G; you should get stats similar to my experience. If your usage shoots up, Warp Charge 65 has your back!

    Untitled design (15).png

    The lack of wireless charging at this price point is a bummer. I understand the omission of the same in devices like OnePlus Nord & OnePlus 8, but it is not justified here. I would prefer fast wired charging over mediocre wireless charging any-day - but it can be a deal-breaker for users who are switching over from iPhones or Samsung.


    That was my review of the battery & charging on OnePlus 8T. Charging speeds are evolving faster than ever & Warp Charge 65 makes me more excited about the future. I hope OnePlus has more such “Jack of Clubs” up their sleeves.
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    King of Hearts - Performance
    "Life moves fast - you need a phone that moves faster" - RDJ
    You want Fortnite to run smoother. Instagram to load faster. Camera to capture swifter.
    Everyone wants a faster phone & OnePlus knows it. Without any further delay - let's talk 'King of Hearts'!​

    When your phone runs games at higher frame rates than a freakin console!
    OnePlus 8T packs specs that can give The Flash a run for his money. The Snapdragon 865, based on a 7nm build, builds the foundation of this powerhouse of a phone. Graphics are driven by Adreno 650; which pairs perfectly with the SOC. On the storage side, you get to choose between 128GB/8GB or 256GB/12GB variants - my unit is the latter one. Unlike (most) other mid-rangers; this storage is UFS 3.1, which translates to speedy data transfer. Surprisingly the RAM is LPDDR4X instead of the newer LPDDR5, but I highly doubt it makes a noticeable difference​

    The Flash turns his head.
    As I have highlighted multiple times throughout this review - I have been using the OnePlus 7 for the past year. I need a reliable, fast phone so that I can depend on it for my content creation needs. My daily tasks include shooting videos, editing pictures, social media & light gaming. Honestly, I have 0 complaints with my OnePlus 7 - it handles anything I throw at it like a pro.

    When I switched to the 8T, I did not notice any significant jump in the performance - which is not a bad thing. I won't bore you with benchmarks, because clearly on-paper performance mostly never translates to real-life boosts.
    V12 vs 865

    For the community switching over from older devices such as OnePlus 5T, 8T is going to feel like a Porsche. One issue which I faced with my OnePlus 7 was that even a couple of apps did not stay in memory for long despite the 6GB RAM. With double the numbers, OnePlus 8T's RAM has impressed me - you can leave multiple apps in memory & they do stay there for quite a while.​

    Untitled design (18).png
    That moment when your phone has faster storage than your laptop.
    My creator friends here would understand the pain of waiting when transferring gigabytes of data on a daily basis. Rejoice, UFS 3.1 Storage is here to save us. I tested the storage speeds & the result speaks for itself. 502 MB/s sequential write, 902 MB/s sequential read, 32.7 MB/s random write & finally 16.8 MB/s random read. To put things into perspective, those sequential speeds easily rival some desktop SSD's out there. UFS 3.1 is something the average user might not take complete advantage of but will be highly appreciated by creators.​

    Flies without the airplane mode

    Apps launch with the blink of an eye & OxygenOS 11 helps you multi-task better than ever. To sum it up - it's truly an insane device when it comes to performance, but you won't really notice it coming from a recent processor like the 855. All that horsepower would really stand out only when you switch from those older devices as I mentioned.

    90fps Fortnite Machine

    When it comes to gaming, it is a different story altogether. You will truly appreciate the monstrous performance numbers when it comes to playing high-end games. I played several 120fps games such as Dead Trigger 2, Mortal Kombat & Real Racing 3. All of them run without any hiccups! Fortnite runs on the highest settings with 90fps - what more could you ask for?

    The cherry on top, OnePlus 8T has a pretty good cooling system which doesn't let the device overheat when gaming at a stretch. Overall, this device is a major-go if you're looking to do some serious mobile gaming.


    That's all for the performance! I cannot comment on the 5G part as my country, India, doesn't have it yet. Other than that, I can confirm "Ultra Stops At Nothing" :p.
    If I had to suggest an alternate tagline for OnePlus 8T, it would be '2 Fast 2 Smooth' ;). What would you suggest?
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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    Queen of Clubs - Oxygen OS 11

    You can put every fancy piece of hardware there is - but if the software ain't good, the hardware is not going to perform. The next quest is about a card which ties all our previous cards together; the Queen of Clubs. Known for its high intuition, knowledge & balance - it is a perfect representation of OxygenOS 11.

    The Ace, King & Jack bow down to the Queen.

    Everyone here would agree - the initial impression of Oxygen OS 11 did not look good. The similarities between One UI & OOS were something the tech community did not like. We can fight about 'who copied who' & 'who did it first' all day long, but let's get real. The radical design changes brought to OOS 11 are focused towards providing a better user experience - that is what matters at the end. With phone screens increasing day-by-day, a UI that focuses on single-hand usage is a welcome addition.

    The Mighty Eleven

    OnePlus seems to be pushing Google services & apps quite a lot since the Nord launch. The "iconic" swipe-left OnePlus shelf is gone & stock communication apps have been replaced. The OnePlus 8T comes with Google's own dialer & messenger, which quite a lot of users think was a wrong decision. I have noticed that the community (especially from India), appreciated the automatic call recorder. Now, with the Google app, you don't get that feature.

    On the bright side, when you try to record a call, it notifies the other person - which OnePlus should have done long ago. It is highly unethical to record calls without informing the other party. A left swipe now takes you to your Google feed - which the community has been requesting for a long time. I am glad that OnePlus finally added this!

    Canvas AOD in action!

    On the topic of most requested features, we can't finish without mentioning AOD. After years & years of requests, AOD has made its way to OnePlus with OOS 11. There are a couple of modes you can choose from, including two special ones. 'Canvas' AOD transforms any picture into a minimal illustration for a cool effect & 'Insight' AOD shows your phone usage in a creative way. I demonstrated the Canvas AOD to my family & they were blown away! Good Job, OnePlus - I think this feature is going to grab a lot of attention when OOS 11 rolls out to more devices.

    Let's talk about the one-handed UI in OnePlus apps now. Unlike One UI, the one-handed experience is not consistent throughout all "stock" apps. As I just pointed out, this phone uses Google dialer & messages - which obviously do not follow OnePlus's design philosophy here.

    The File Manager App - ugh.

    Gallery, Weather, Notes and all other apps are great; but I do not understand why OnePlus left out the File Manager app. It has not been optimized, which leads to another inconsistency. For once, I'd say fine; I understand why the phone app isn't optimized, but why skip even a single app that you developed in-house?

    Batman is upset.

    Then, I don't understand the "new" dark mode - it is not an actual dark mode like the previous versions. The UI doesn't go totally black, but it takes a dark greyish turn. Why not give the user a choice between black & grey? I would much rather use a black theme which looks better (in my opinion) & saves some extra battery as well.

    One of the weirdest additions to OOS has to be the Game Space. It started as a "launcher" for all your games (which is unnecessary in itself, when the OnePlus launcher has a games tag), but now it seems like a bloat pass-through. OnePlus pre-installed Instant Games & Epic Games into the Game Space App.

    No, thanks!

    I am pretty sure the inclusion of Epic Games is some contract in exchange for custom emotes/exclusive 90fps feature. Instant Games is again, totally beyond my understanding. When I opened it, a pop-up asked me to tick on "I agree to play for free & allow my personal data to be accessed via the SDKs". Seriously? This is the last thing I expected from a OnePlus device.

    Doesn't look OnePlus-y at all.

    A new feature called "mis-touch prevention" has been added to the Gaming Mode. It prevents you from accidentally opening the notification centre; pretty neat OnePlus! Another feature called "Gaming Tools" gives you a set of toggles through a simple gesture when gaming. While the feature is handy, the design of the panel is totally off. It looks to have been picked straight from an Oppo/Vivo phone - I refuse to believe that the team who designed OOS 11 made this! Have a look at it above - do you feel the same or am I nitpicking?

    Notice how I cant move the slider because the gestures interfere. Irritating :(

    When Android 10 launched, OnePlus added Google's navigation gestures but also kept their own ones. I have been using OnePlus's gestures for 2 years & in my opinion, they are the best of the bunch. Guess what; they have been completely removed from OOS 11. I have to use the new Google gestures, which are not that comfortable for me. In some apps, the back gesture coincides with the app's functioning (GIF attached), which irritates me quite a lot. I would have loved a feature to choose between the OnePlus & Google gestures.


    Phew! Don't let my criticism lead you to think Oxygen OS 11 is bad or a huge downgrade. As a LAB reviewer, it is my responsibility to be brutally honest & I should state every little issue there is. Apart from the above-stated problems, my experience has been amazing. The phone runs like butter all the time, not even a single lag or frame drop anywhere.

    One-handed design, AOD, new Gaming Mode & all the new additions are pretty good. You will take some time to get used to the new UI, but once you do, you will appreciate it a lot. OOS 11 gets a full thumbs up from my side; I hope the issues I pointed out are fixed sooner or later.

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    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    The Joker - Camera

    Welcome to your last quest of the "Game of Hertz" & also - the hardest one. Like the Joker, cameras of the OnePlus 8T are a wild card. Put on your seat belts, community; this one isn't going to be a smoooth ride!

    Another OnePlus phone, Another not-so-great Camera. With the OnePlus 8 Pro, the tech community thought that OnePlus is finally on the right track with their cameras - but well, how the turn tables. My issue with the OnePlus 8T's camera is not that it cannot capture amazing pictures or take good videos at all; it's that its nowhere near a "Pro/Ultra" setup OnePlus calls it. Let me show you why!

    Why don't we start on a positive note? Our first test is simple daylight photography. The good news is that the outdated Sony IMX 586 sensor is still quite good at capturing images when there's a good amount of natural light. The pictures are punchy, sharp & well exposed. However, the issues start to arise when using the new 123-degree ultrawide lens. By itself, the ultrawide lens is a solid performer - but when compared to the main lens, it is not upto the mark. I am totally fine with the ultrawide's quality - but the issue here is colour shifting between the lenses. Check these examples out! You will notice that as I said, the quality is great, but the preservation of colours (& exposure) is non-existent.





    Now, let us check a couple of HDR examples. For the non-technical readers, HDR means High Dynamic Range - which allows the camera to preserve both the dark & bright areas of an image. HDR mode works like a charm on both lenses, but again, there is no colour preservation - which irritates me a lot. Along with that, there seems to be green tint with ultrawide images.




    Notice the green tint

    Welcome to the dark side; let's test how the cameras perform at night. Nightscape mode allows you to capture some sick shots when even when there's terribly low light. The cherry on top, you can use the nightscape mode on the ultrawide lens - unlike the previous phones.


    Again, notice the green tint


    When you're in an artificially-lit environment, I would recommend against using Nightscape, since it can overexpose your picture. Check these examples of how the camera performs in this specific condition. Sorry for mentioning it the third time, but man, that shift is terrible!



    There's a portrait mode as well, which works as intended. The UI might fool you into thinking you can take portrait shots from the ultrawide, but that is not the case. By default, the portrait mode opens in a cropped-in format which might throw you off or give a "telephoto" impression. You can only do these shots from the main lens, which is not a huge deal since portrait shots won't look good using the ultrawide anyway. However, I noticed the software was having quite some issues when trying to detect the objects. Not only this, the pictures come out washed out with significantly lesser detail. Just look at this example, it is horrifying how much detail the portrait shot lost.



    Quality over Quantity? Our community brand seems to think otherwise when it comes to cameras. There are two extra lenses which do a much better job at marketing than clicking pictures. There's a 5MP monochrome lens which is supposed to click B&W pictures. I tried it out & well it seems fine. The question is, why wouldn't you just apply a B&W filter to a picture taken from the main sensor/ultrawide & call it a day? Why capture a less-detailed, inferior picture just because it is B&W? I understand that the monochrome lens can aid the main sensor to capture better colours & contrast, but well OnePlus isn't marketing it like that - they want you to take pictures from it. So here are some samples :




    Time to introduce you to the 2MP macro camera. I tried to avoid it, I really did - but well, let's embrace it. It's there, that's all it really does. The pictures are too oversharpened - to a point where it looks fake. The focus area is too little, which means a very tiny (or should I say, macro) part of the image is in focus. Be the judge!



    That was photos - let us talk about video now. There is nothing "Pro" about the video quality on this camera; it is average at best. You have a lot of modes & fancy features, but the software limitations don't let you take the full potential of this hardware. For starters, there is no manual video mode, which means you have to use a third-party app. External Mic support is missing as well, which is my biggest gripe with OnePlus camera app.

    You can go up to 4k 60fps, but there's a huge asterisk there. The video recording capabilities are limited 1080p 30fps most of the time, which is a terrible limitation to have. Selfie Camera works only at 1080p 30fps. Super Stable Mode, Video Portrait, Nightscape? Also at just 1080p 30fps. None of these new modes work on the front camera or the ultrawide one, which makes it all the worse. In terms of being a versatile, on-the-go quality recording companion, the OnePlus 8T is horribly limited.

    Anyways, check out some video samples. For our, first comparison we will compare the video stabilization & quality of the main lens with and without Super Stable. You can see that both the videos are stable, but the super stable mode helps reduce jitter further. Credit where due, the dynamic range of the videos is solid.

    Let's take it even further & test out the stabilization on both lenses. I ran a stretch & tried to hold the phone as snug as I could - here are the results. The super stable off & super stable on both look unusable to me, while the ultrawide is surprisingly fine. I guess the extra field of view contributed to EIS working more efficiently. Talking about the main lens, I am unhappy with the footage when it comes to faster, bumpier movements like running. The jitters are twice the worse if you switch to 60fps!

    The Nightscape mode works, but it isn't doing some optic magic. The phone simply tweaks the brightness levels of the footage & processes it in real-time - which means the quality is not exactly as you would expect it to be. Nonetheless, it is there if you ever need it for a quick video. Don't depend on it though; you will be disappointed. Here is a quick sample -

    Lastly, we have the new Portrait mode. I did not expect it to work well - but I am happy to say, it does! The bokeh does not look fake; the footage is stable & good looking - so overall a thumbs up from me. Subject tracking is solid, too. I did not face any errors at all. Take a look -

    I hope you have a good idea about how the OnePlus 8T's camera performs now. My aim wasn't to rant or bash this camera setup but to explore each & every aspect. To conclude, I would say that it is a perfect camera for someone who just takes their phone out, clicks a picture, takes a video & shares it on Instagram. However, for professional photographers & especially videographers, the camera falls short.


    My suggestion to the team is to please stop focusing on marketing gimmicks like macro cameras & start improving the current experience. I guess issues like colour shifting & heavy jitters can be fixed via updates, that would be highly appreciated - but as of now, there are significant downsides to this "quad" camera setup.

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  8. kiratplusone
    The Lab - OnePlus 8T Reviewer Oct 25, 2020

    kiratplusone , Oct 25, 2020 :
    End Credits - The Summary

    After five quests, thousands of words & 80GB of content :p - the Game of Hertz has finally reached its end. It's time for a recap of this review & my final verdict on this shiny new OnePlus 8T. I will keep it short & simple - let's end this in style!

    A very happy Diwali to the community from India!

    Pros -
    • The form factor & design of OnePlus 8T is very comfortable. If you are upgrading from something like a 7 Pro, you will feel a huge difference.
    • There is a glossy finish - Aquamarine Green & a matte finish - Lunar Grey. Both the colours are amazing; if you prefer a funkier colour go for the green & if you prefer a classier colour for the grey.
    • The display of this phone is the best I have ever used. As expected, colourful OLED & a fast 120hz refresh rate results in a deadly combination.
    • HDR 10 support is like icing on the cake, offering the best in class binge experience.
    • Dual Stereo Speakers are surprisingly loud & crisp. Stereo separation is great too, resulting in an excellent gaming & media consumption experience.
    • Fast charging has been doubled in comparison to the previous models, with a whopping 65W Warp Charge. Needless to say, it is insanely fast & a life-saver when you are running low on battery.
    • The charger ships with the phone, which is awesome - but what's even better is that it's a USB C charger, allowing for a more versatile experience.
    • Battery Life hovers around 5-6 hours SOT with medium to heavy usage which is decent considering the 120hz refresh rate.
    • Snapdragon 865, 12GB RAM & 256GB UFS 3.1 Storage make it one of the fastest phones on the market right now with bonkers performance for any heavy task.
    • Gamers can blindly pick this device up thanks to its advanced cooling system & high refresh rate experience. Fortnite runs at 90fps even on the highest settings!
    • The quad camera setup offers versatility for social media enthusiasts with some new & interesting video modes.
    • Video Portrait works surprisingly well & will surely impress your friends & followers.
    • OOS 11 retains the same fast and smooth experience but adopts amazing new features that will enhance the way you use your phone.
    • Always On Display has been implemented in a unique way which is one of my favourite features.
    • One-Handed usage is prioritized across the operating system
    Cons -
    • The box does not include a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter which the community has been asking for since forever.
    • If you're a heavy user, the battery life will disappoint you. On days when I used the phone a little too much, the screen on time dropped significantly below the otherwise consistent 5-6 hours.
    • The lack of wireless charging at this price point is a bummer. Wouldn't have cared for it 2 years back but today it needs to be included with the evolving trend.
    • Quad-Camera setup is straight-up disappointing for "Ultra" users. The fact that OnePlus used a Sony IMX 586 sensor again is very irritating. Although it takes decent shots, it is high time that OnePlus ditched this sensor.
    • The wide-angle lens has a weird green tint & colour shifting when compared to the main lens. The photos from both lenses look like they were taken from different phones as supposed to different lenses.
    • Macro & Mono cameras have been clearly thrown in for marketing purposes, with little focus on quality.
    • OOS 11 has some minor but irritating design flaws that have not been addressed yet. Should be fixed in the future but still, it is a con for now.

    My final verdict on the OnePlus 8T is that - To me, it is a perfect phone in almost every department but falls down significantly when it comes to the camera. Although, if you are someone who isn't a professional camera user - you wouldn't notice it for the most part. In that case, for 43,000 INR or 749 USD, the OnePlus 8T is a MAJOR GO!

    Thank you so much for sticking till the end & supporting me throughout this LAB review. Cannot thank @Zach X. @dsmonteiro @Loren Z. & @Leo X. for giving this crazy-after-gadgets kid a taste of what it feels like to be a tech influencer! This experience has definitely been one for the books to me. Special mention to all my forum friends @TheGadgetGirl (check her brilliant review here), @Starcommander, @AbhilashSaikia, @Rohitsen123, @Dhruv Kashyap, @anunayC for constantly motivating me throughout the process.

    You can follow me on the following social media platforms to stay connected :
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kiratalreja/
    YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/kiratalreja
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/KAlreja

    Until next time!
    Signing off,
    Kirat Alreja
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  16. Oreo.
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Oct 26, 2020

    Oreo. , via OnePlus 5 , Oct 26, 2020 :
    Great review Kirat, absolutely loved it. Your package was delivered late right. Still your review is on par. Kudos for that 😇

  17. TheGadgetGirl
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    kiratplusone , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 27, 2020 :
    Haha :) That's the fun part, isn't it?

  19. kiratplusone
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    kiratplusone , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 27, 2020 :
    Thanks man! Yes I did use that completely. Without it, the shots wouldn't be half as smooth!

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