[The Lab] OnePlus 9 Pro - Phase 2 Review - First Impression & Unboxing ; Pine Green

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    blueskywhale , Apr 25, 2021 :
    Cover resize.jpg

    Hi Community,

    Let me introduce myself before we get into the story about the magnificent device I'm holding now and its magical abilities.

    Who i am ?

    I am Arjun, from a beautiful state called Kerala in India. I am an IT professional working for an MNC, as i have my love to photography and its all started from a tiny 2 Mega Pixel smart phone camera ten years back. After upgrading to several phones as the technology advances, but the game changer was when i got switched to Oneplus 5T. The motive was to get the Oxygen OS which i want a simple clean UI to handle with, also to have a nice decent performing camera for my hobby to click photographs through smartphones. But it was a big game changer which brought my favorites clicks and fortunes till now including that im now a LAB reviewer of oneplus 9 series just because i have trusted the mighty Oneplus 5T for the last three years.

    some of our community members knows me not as Arjun but as @blueskywhale; also the same in instagram where i keep a decent gallery of photographs taken. I will mostly hooking up with photography related threads on the community and the most the favorite Shot on Oneplus monthly contest threads. And won Six of them till now and im proud of that to be mentioned in the Hall of fame thread of Shot on Oneplus. Seriously thats very exciting :D

    I'm super happy to be selected as phase 2 Lab reviewer of OnePlus 9 series. Thanks to @Crystal Z. and OnePlus Team for choosing me as a reviewer and for the opportunity to experience the very first big leap of Oneplus 9 series cameras co developed with Hasselblad.

    The Story Begins

    When i saw the announcement for The Lab with double opportunity with phase 2 reviewers which focusing on camera, I decided to give a try on both. A long wait after submission of the application, got a mail from OnePlus that I'm selected as phase 2 reviewer and the most exciting part was we are getting Stellar Black or Pine Green versions of the phone. I wish to get for the Pine Green when i saw it on the launch, truly a gorgeous variant of OnePlus 9 Pro.

    After 2 weeks I got my device and ends the long wait without any tracking of the shipment. Luckily my wish comes true received the mighty OnePlus 9 Pro 5G - 12GB/256GB Pine Green variant.

    Opening the

    Happiness is that we get a Tall and Thick red box; that means we get the charging core which is now in extinction. The box is as always with simple branding in minimalistic way. But for this time as the cherry on top we get the branding of the Hasselblad; which is classy and elegant with the H logo etched on the red box.

    _PP_7770  r.jpg
    Tall Red Box

    _PP_7809 r.jpg
    Hasselblad Branding

    Lets see what we get inside the box.

    🔴 The Oneplus 9 Pro 5G I Pine Green I 12GB/256GB.
    Welcome Letter, Quick Start Guide, Safety Information, Oneplus Stickers, SAR Value.
    🔴 65W Warp Power Adapter.
    🔴 USB 'Type C to C' Cable.
    🔴 Sim Tray Ejector Tool.
    🔴 Matte Finished Back Case - Green
    🔴 RED CABLE CLUB Membership Card

    Opening the box is most satisfying part of unboxing, sliding the box downwards feels like a curtain raiser with nice ambient music. i was thrilled to see the Pine Green variant which was wrapped on a protective plastic sheet, which have indications of Wireless charging and reverse charging area; where the circular coil placed also the warp charging indication. There is also Near Field Comminication (NFC) area indication


    Also the package indicted the Product Code of the device in collaboration with Hasselblab.


    Under the phone there lies the 65W Warp charger and Type C to C cable.


    Welcome letter and some instruction guides along with red Cable Club membership card and some cool Oneplus Stickers


    Out of the box we get these three; but wait for the real Surprise from Oneplus


    65W Warp Charger

    Really its a beast which power up the device from 0 to 100% in just 39 Minutes, and get ready for all day backup


    Lets jump into the surprise;

    Instead of having a clear case which we are having for a long with all packages among with every phones not only Oneplus also with other brands. But this time Oneplus surprises us with a premium matte case included in the box. Which looks simple with a Never settle branding with a Oneplus logo and feels like rubber case which gives comfy grip while holding the phone.


    First Impression

    Much satisfied with the Oneplus 9 Pro, such a beautiful device to own. Excellent sleek design with 6.7in QHD+ curved display which having LTPO technology and 120Hz refresh rate brings buttery smooth interaction over the display. Moreover the Hasselblad collaboration to brings True Colour to improve the Quad Camera setup.


    Co - developed with HASSELBLAD - The Camera

    The First collaboration of Oneplus with Hasselblad brings many expectations not only for this device also for the future upgrades and upcoming devices. Im sure collaboration with Hasselblad is going to be historic in mobile phone photography like the famous moonlanding . The Quad camera setup on Oneplus 9 Pro with a dedicated Sony IMX789 sensor.

    The Luring Pine Green

    Its the first time im having a phone which is not black, every phone i used was black. When i received the mail that im getting Stellar Black or Pine Green as hands on device literally i wished for Pine Green instead of Black. Because the Pine Green was too attractive and its a rare colour to own and shows its true beauty and elegance. Luckily the variant i received was Pine Green. And the most important part is it have smooth matte finished body and not a fingerprint magnet. Enough for now lets see how gorgeous it is; here are some pictures which lures you towards the Oneplus 9 Pro Pine Green variant.







    its not over yet i will be back with more exciting images taken with Oneplus 9 Pro. Stay tuned to this thread. see you guys... with the camera review.
    Get in touch with me ; Instagram @blueskywhale // www.instagram.com/blueskywhale
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    blueskywhale , Apr 19, 2021 :
    Leap to Hasselblad

    Hi All,

    Let's have a look into the Camera now, as we are all excited about the Hasselbald collaboration with OnePlus. Oneplus x Hasselbald brings true colour calibration to the camera module which results in natural colour tones to the output images

    The quad camera setup looks stylish with a chrome finished rings on the main camera and the ultra wide camera. The rest two are telephoto lens ans monochrome respectively.

    The Macro

    Let's see some Macro shots captured with OnePlus 9 pro also lets have a look into the multi functional ultra wide lens which is capable to capture high quality macro photos by switching to super macro mode bulit in to the camera. By bringing the camera close to the object the main camera itself switches to the Auto Macro mode by scene detection and the distance between the object. Nearly 3 to 4 cm close to the object enables Super Macro mode; but this mode can be turned off by disabling the Auto Macro mode menu in the settings or by clicking the third flower icon on the camera interface.



    Here is a normal image of a coin captured on pro mode and let's see how the Super Macro mode works with the object between 3 to 4 cm range

    Pro Mode : Normal Size Image of the Object

    Switching the mode to Super Macro we can capture objects which are close to camera in three modes; Normal Mode , 2x Zoom, Wide Angle.

    Super Macro Mode ; Captured in 2x Zoom

    The details are crisp and colors are very natural, i have kept the UltraShot HDR On

    Look who is chilling inside a flower, even tough super macro captures maintain better exposure and Shadows, also the focus is also better while moving close to the object

    Normal Super Macro mode

    Impressive that the very small details are also visible in the macro mode clearly
    Normal Super Macro mode

    Some Mustard Seeds
    2X Super Macro mode

    Normal Super Macro mode

    Normal Super Macro mode

    Normal Super Macro mode

    I have captured the same scene with the parimary camers with an additional 12x Macro Lens

    12x Macro lens used on primary camera

    Few more shots on using 12x Macro lens used on primary camera

    IMG_20210406_092847 (1)-02.jpeg 12x Macro lens used on primary camera: Might be an Ant poop behind ;P

    IMG_20210406_093501 rr.jpg
    12x Macro lens used on primary camera

    Much satisfied with the Macro performance with the ultra wide to capture excellent macros. Big thanks to Oneplus not having a 5 mp or 2 mp macro gimmicks. Auto Macro mode works perfect as it detects the scene. Colour reproduction and details are excellent even the subject is too close to the camera with better exposure

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    blueskywhale , Apr 26, 2021 :
    Wide World

    We have seen the Super Macro mode previously, happy that you all liked the Macro photographs. Now lets talk about the same lens which is an ultrawide lens capable of switching to both mode between ultrawide and Super Macro. The 50mp ultrawide camera having the Sony IMX766 sensor with f/2.2 with a 113 degree field of view.

    Lets get into a comparison between three modes of shots to understand better how a wide angle performs from the other two which are the Main camera and the Telephoto lens.

    I have taken three images in the above mentioned three modes, Moving on to the Telephoto lens first; the 8mp shooter which switches to telephoto mode when we zoom into the object more than 3.3x

    tele uwc_001.jpg
    3.3x Zoom Telephoto

    Personally i am not a user of telephoto lens because they are only just digital zoom rather than optical so definitely it will loose quality and details, i can only find the Telephoto images useful those images clicked with in 25 to 30 meters of distance range between the object and the camera. The below image is clicked with 10x Zoom were the object was away approximately 30 meters away from the camera also the subject was tiny to visible in a smartphone camera in normal mode.

    10x Zoom

    as you see the images are losing details and being mushy while zooming

    The same scene was captured in the normal mode with the main camera

    Shot from Main camera

    The third one is the mode we are talking about; the Ultra wide mode

    Shot on Ultra Wide Mode

    i am very much impressed with the ultra wide images, as Oneplus promised there were no distortion big kudos to the freeform lens. The the images are bit more contrasty and the blacks were high sometimes were the light directly fall in the the camera and was wondering whether the UltraShot HDR might make up with that as expected in such conditions.

    Ultra Wide angle shots bring the whole environment into the scene that normal camera was not able to.

    IMG_20210418_112645 r(1)_001.jpg

    Ultra wide brings a new perspective by adding more subjects to enhance the main object of the image as you can see the temple is highlighted by the tree branches and empty space in front of the the temple and the open sky.

    Having a different perspective will always stand out the image, prefer low angle images for wide angle shots which can cover the whole scene and bring the surroundings into the frame

    Yogi and The tree

    see the low angle perspective helps to blend the two subjects the man and the tree with the wide view.

    Low angle Shot (vertical crop)

    Also Negative spaces will come to play while shooting on ultrawide. the wide lens exaggerates the empty space not only the empty space it enhances the surrounding of the object too.

    Using the surroundings as a negative space

    Ultrawide mode be helpful to discover more perspectives like the POV shot below

    POV Shot using ultra wide camera

    Lets have a look into some cool shots taken through the Ultra Wide lens




    Here are some tips that i follow also you can suggest some in the comments for the community
    • Try Low angle perspectives.
    • Close to the object to capture the whole surrounding environment.
    • Use negative space wisely to enhance the object, Also helps for minimalistic photography.
    • Try to match the object in your frame. Align the subjects according to the frame; as Ultra wide brings many from the surroundings so keep it clean without any clutter. it helps to distinguish and enhance the object to stand out.

    The overall performance of the Ultra Wide camera is too good, moreover there is no distortion or blackened vignette over the edges of the images that is a big plus of ultra wide lens. also the images seems like normal than looking like a curved fisheye like losing the shape and perspective of the images. Only downside i had experienced is as i mentioned the blacks are high and a bit contrasty in low light conditions and sometimes in direct sunlight situations. Sharpness and detailing was on point

    Hope all are safe; as we are having strict restrictions in our country and in the edge of lockdown in out state due to exponential rise in COVID-19 with a new strain... STAY SAFE
    I will be back with more, hoping the situation will be okay so that i can go out and take pictures
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    blueskywhale , May 3, 2021 :
    Monochrome The True Colourless

    When i saw the Oneplus 9 Pro in leaks especially the quad camera setup co developed with Hasselblad, i never expected Monochrome camera as any of them among in the four cameras. My guess was it will be a dedicated macro lens or a depth sensor upgraded ones as we see in all smartphones nowadays. It was a surprise that 9 series is having a stand alone 2MP monochrome camera; and monochrome cameras are expensive.
    As we love photography we also have the love towards the million colours and also towards the single colour. Monochrome photographs are those images that shows different amount of light, but not a different hue. It brings out the life and essence of an image and totally change the mood of an image and the approach towards the image as a famous quote says "Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive.".

    When i got hands on the phone i was confused and was searching for the option for the Monochrome camera, but i failed to find it how to use the Monochrome lens. When i saw @Zain Ali came up with some awesome photographs that he took with the monochrome camera on his review post and i asked for his guidance for how to switch to the Monochrome camera, he helped me to unfold it for me. Fun part is I have already taking pictures without knowing it's the Monochrome lens and having a thought of having a cool mono filter 😝
    It was on the coloured overprinting circles,
    also the filter menu placed on the right bottom of the camera interface. Then we have to swipe to the last filter named MONO. Yesss you're now seeing through the monochrome lens.
    Mono (5).jpg

    Obviously you'll have the same doubt what i was having how a filter called Mono brings the Monochrome lens works; is that a gimmick to bluff me, then wait here is a trick for everyone to find the secret out

    • Open the camera app
    • Switch to the Mono Mode using the filter menu
    • Then just cover the tiny camera right under the Main camera with your finger.
    Mono (6).jpg

    • And yes it is you'll get a notification on screen. also you can notice the colour change while covering the lens.
    I will suggest to Oneplus please bring a custom mode for the Monochrome camera

    The Monochrome Mode can be easily fit in here. It would be great...

    Lets see some images taken through the Monochrome lens|

    Mono (2).jpeg

    we can see the image have better contrast and the blacks are high on the shadows as the light falls, the highlights and the whites are not over exposed on the image. Blacks and whites are well balanced throughout, Also the sharpness is good and way better than a 2MP sensor produces.

    Mono (1).jpg

    The details on the mono mode is finer; not an over sharpened image or over processed with enough details and texture. Contrast and texture plays a subtle role when the sensor having good lighting conditions

    Mono (4).jpg

    Here we can see that the tiny camera can get decent background blur and some slight bokeh circles over the highlights. Have a look at the texture on its body, the fur is not too sharpened or not too mushy, its seems as real as possible. The 2MP Monochrome tiny will turn into a beast in upcoming years.

    Some more Images

    Mono (1).jpeg
    Added some blur using snapseed

    Mono (2).jpg

    Mono (3).jpg

    Contrast is high on both images on direct light source but in low light situations not on dark or night conditions. The below image was taken on a cloudy day the contrasts and shadows were too high the scene was a bit darkened without having enough light over the shadows, were the face wasn't clear due to the shadow.

    Slight edit helps to fix the face, he was curious why I'm taking his pic.. yeah you can read it in his face ;)
    Mono (3).jpeg

    The tiny 2MP monochrome is worth to have as an independent lens, surprisingly good than a 2MP lens with better clarity and contrast, but i strongly recommend to Oneplus to have a custom mode for the Mono mode so that no one can scroll all the way down on the filters to find this gem.
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    Mohan_G , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Beautiful pictures

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    dom_k , Apr 13, 2021 :
    The last 3 photos are fantastic, the connection between the nature :)

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    puccellino , Apr 18, 2021 :
    Nice start.

    I loved the pic with the tree fungus/mushroom. Can't wait for your review of the camera, you photography skills are well known on this forum.


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    blueskywhale , Apr 19, 2021 :
    Thankyou ✌️ I'm on it

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    Mohan_G , via OnePlus 7 , Apr 20, 2021 :
    Last two is my fav 😍
    Gud work bro

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    Zain Ali , Apr 21, 2021 :
    Very interesting read,Arjun. I liked the unboxing photos, they are well done. Great macro shots! I'll try to take more of those

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    Amazing brother 😍

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    Thankyou 😇✌️

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