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    Night Shots & Pro Mode

    Being in a lockdown for last month its impossible to go out and click images for me and; as a person im not a guy who stick with home always. But situation is getting worse here, some how only i could go out for one day in a month. But luckily a week before the lockdown i got to click some night shots and few i have tried some indoor shots as well. Lets talk how Oneplus 9 Pro camera performs in night and how is the night shots using Pro Mode.

    Oneplus is having dedicated mode for night shots called the Nightscape and we all know its common in every phone now. In addition to that we have two options on nightscape, Tripod Mode and Starburst Mode the tripod mode is just like an automated Pro mode which adjust the shutter speed while detecting the scene how dark the surrounding is, were the starburst is and auto mode which we can shoot images using an external source of light.


    as we manually adjust the shutter speed in Tripod mode the app itself adjust the shutter speed automatically as we get the notification while we switch to Tripod Mode.

    Here is the image shot on Tripod mode.

    Tripod Mode.jpeg

    This shot was taken handheld on Tripod mode and the surroundings was pitch dark. it turned out a decent image but there was no moonlight for a little light source even though the image looks decent and details are well preserved with less noise. shadows and blacks were not that much good as that the image's contrast is bit high. i have noticed in every mode not only in night mode the contrast is a bit high on the shadow areas.

    The same scene was taken in Pro Mode using a tripod to try a long exposure image to attain the motion of the waves in the image. I have decided to shot it in both ways in JPEG and as RAW file.

    Pro Mode settings
    ISO : 1600
    WB : 3600
    Shutter : 15s
    EV : 0
    Focus : Manual Focus - Infinity

    sea promode .jpg
    Pro Mode ; JPEG

    Even it was pitch dark surrounding 15 seconds of shutter brought enough light to the sensor and choosing white balance nearing to 3500 keeps the image with a cooler tone rather than having auto white balance which brings almost a grey tone while night shots. Here i noticed the contrast was too better than every normal modes that is much satisfying and it brings the details over the shadow areas also well exposed. There were no visible noise in the image that's a big plus for night shots, keeping the ISO low will be an advantage to have less noise in the image but it depends on the lighting conditions.

    Now in to the same shot captured in RAW

    sea promode raw_001.jpg
    Pro Mode ; RAW Processed image

    as we all know RAW captures more details than JPEG. The 12bit RAW files are better in preserving details but in night shots there may be more noise than JPEG. But the details are crisp and sharp than the JPEG while looking into the rocks and highlights over the rock bed.

    Moving to some long exposure images. I used steel wools this time to get some warm line on the image. But be careful while dealing with steel wools. While composing and image in night or day the feature focus peaking was too helpful to get the perfect focus on the object, while focus peaking enabled there will be an orangish outline over the subject that indicated which all part in the frame is being focused, Obviously the orange indicates the Hasselblad collaboration as the new Orange shutter button.
    Long exposure Steelwool.jpg
    Pro Mode ; JPEG

    ISO : 100
    WB : 7500
    Shutter : 13s
    EV : 0

    Focus : Manual Focus - Infinity

    This time i put the ISO all the way down to 100 and WB to 7500 as i want a warm image and the ISO 100 for as much as low light sensitivity to the sensor to achieve a silhouette of the human subject in front of the burning wool. There were no noise visible in the image, exceptionally good in night shots.

    9 Long exposure.jpg
    Pro Mode ; JPEG

    ISO : 100
    WB : 7500
    Shutter : 8s
    EV : 0

    Focus : Manual Focus - Infinity

    This image happened accidentally while i was correcting the focus for the silhouette image with a phone flash after adjusting the focus i just tried a spiral movement of the flashlight towards the camera with covering the flash with finger tip to get the red colour. Hope there is a Nine visible in a closer look.

    As the lockdown continues the experiments continues inside and outside the home, Here is a long exposure image shot using a miniature scale model and a moving mobile wallpaper as a light source for long exposure. Focus peaking feature helped to get the right focus on the object.

    Long exposure Bike Pro mode.jpg
    Pro Mode ; JPEG

    ISO : 100
    WB : 3900
    Shutter : 10s
    EV : 0

    Focus : Manual Focus


    ISO : 100
    WB : 3900
    Shutter : 2s
    EV : 0

    Focus : Manual Focus

    I have tried some portrait using the Pro Mode

    Night portrait pro 1.jpg

    Night portrait pro 2.jpg

    ISO : 100
    WB : 6500
    Shutter : 1/100
    EV : 0

    Focus : Manual Focus

    Both images are shot as JPEG format and RAW. The JPEG images looks smooth and less noisy better to say no noise at all but a loss of clarity is visible. Even the face was in focus but lacks to bring details and textures a bit hopefully it may be the haze produced by the smoke from the sparklers. lets have a look into the processed RAW images of both Portraits

    Night portrait Raw 1.jpg

    Night portrait Raw 2.jpg

    As RAW images will be noisy but the ability to preserve details will help to enhance the image in post these two images are the RAW images process. Comparing the RAW with the JPEG shots the face become more detailed than the JPEG also the grains and haze are removed in the post by using noise reduction

    Moving to lowlight Images

    Low light images are also decent from the camera with less noisy. Noise reduction on Oneplus camera is exceptional
    Low light 1.jpg

    also tried a RAW image on low light situation

    Low light RAW.jpg

    The image took in RAW was too good in details and not much noise was found, playing with the white balance and exposure brings out an amazing ultrawide landscape image

    One of the image from normal mode turned mushy while the auto scene detection and adjusted according to the scene here is an image from Auto mode

    Low LIght auto.jpg

    This is a heavily edited image that i tried to bring back the sharpness of the image but not satisfied with the image. May be the scene detection and the cloudy lowlight environment made the image mushy and hard to recognize the scene for the app in auto scene detection. Anyway i loved the frame.

    Experiencing the Nightscape and trying Pro Mode for Long exposure images brought the full caliber of the camera and it was more than expected. Noise reduction is exceptional and the details are also decent in every images. True colour calibration maintains the natural colour in lowlight situations also.

    Hope all are safe now with the situation in India we going through. being in lockdown for a month last few images are the only images i could able to take when once i got a chance to go out for a day. Stay Safe
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    Wow man this are some impressive shots on that phone awesome job Mr 👍🔥👏

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    Thankyou 😇
    Thanks bro ✌️

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    No prob buddy , just proves if you set the shot up and use the setting and tinker you can get some great shots 👍🤙

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    True Colours

    The 9 series is famous for its True Color calibration co developed with Hasselblad. Hasselblad has its own color science to bring out the natural colors on the photographs as well as the collaboration with the Oneplus 9 Series.

    Color accuracy is the key of photography, we saw many other smartphone cameras colours are too punchy or over saturated than the real life conditions. Some may like it but personally it feels unnatural and unrealistic unless we are not looking for a dramatic result or mood for the photograph.

    Here are some images i have taken with the Oneplus 9 Pro focusing mainly on the colors.


    As the lockdown continues in my region, it is tough to get some cool shots and go out to take pictures. This image was taken with some extra lighting on to the freezer. its helps to bring out the blues from the ice. The shadows are little grainy because of the haze over the freezer and not having enough light. Colours are on point that looks natural.

    Lush Green.jpg

    Most of the images will have some kind of green in it while we shoot outdoors and the color of nature and its everywhere. Here is some shades of lush green after a week of rain, trees got some fresh shades of green and what not the true colors can capture it all with its variations. Using Pro Mode gives the flexibility to get more accurate focus with the help of focus peaking and i find its very helpful to foot the objects which is away from the camera. Personally i think Pro Mode brings more color accuracy than Auto Mode but only a slight difference.


    In between the the early monsoon and cyclone Tauktae, got a day with clear sky and with stars a bright stars. Was having a plan to capture a milky way but soon the night turned rainy. Some how for some time it was good to see those stars and captured this cool photograph which i like very much. This was shot on the Nightscape mode with the Tripod Mode on, also a handheld shot. The colors appeared here saturated than normal scene may be the exposure time played a role on that or the processing of nightscape image adding more saturation to it. Mostly Nightscape images tin out a little saturated and having a negative temperature towards blue. Some blur is added to the foreground trees to emphasis the background.


    A Pro Mode Shot which purposely done to remove the refection and from the water surface and to get a dark tone for the clear water by bringing the exposure all the way down. Which helped to pop the fishes color. The red looks natural as original color of the fish and more appealing in the dark background.


    Captured in auto mode and the image is edited to bring out the highlights to avoid the moody sky which will bring out the color yellow of the paddy field. Colour reproduction of the Auto mode is also good but always try to keep the right focus and exposure to get the right exposure in the frame.

    Summarizing about The true Colors, Oneplus Hasselblad collaboration brings big change towards the colour science of the device rather than an oversaturated image processing algorithm. I have experienced better difference in the 9 Pros True colour reproduction than the old devices i have used, they seems bit punchy and vivid colours than natural tones.

    Better lighting conditions are too good to achieve the real colour but low light situations seems different to bring out the real colors around, preferably the Pro mode has the better colour accuracy than Auto mode. Hasselblad tuning has helped the device for colour accuracy this time and looking for more in upcoming devices and the collaboration is promising in future
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    Star Lapse & Trails

    We have seen some night shots before in the thread, but unfortunately due to bad weather i was not able to test one of my favorite part of in photography ; to shoot stars. As i am very very satisfied with the night shot results of Oneplus 9 Pro and was waiting for a clear sky or some star around after the rain weather going on here.

    i have planned to shot almost 200 images and the idea was to create a star trail tor path of stars movement, not i have only managed to make trail just using 40 images, rest 160 images was ineffectual as the clouds entered in to the frame. due to white clouds and stars the trail wont be visible while stacking the images because the white clouds will be distributed among the background allover. But no worries i have a Star Lapse video using those 200 images.

    Lets begin with the preparation of the process.
    • Mainly a clear sky with full of stars are good to go with Star lapse or trail.
    • Use a sturdy Tripod always as we capture long exposure, a small shiver can ruin the entire frame.
    • Starstax app for stacking the images.
    • Know the conditions and lighting and adjust the settings on Pro mode accordingly. Patience is must as you have to take a huge number of images as i took it almost 2 hours, as use intervelometer or similar apps for continuous shots.
    I have used JPEG for stacking, why i haven't used the RAW is just because of the condition was not that good to shoot RAW which produces some grain on results as the sky was littlie cloudy and haze was in the atmosphere.

    Settings Used
    Pro Mode
    ISO : 1600
    WB : 3900
    Shutter Speed : 20s
    EV : 0
    Focus : Infinity

    Settings may vary according to the weather conditions and light available. This is the settings i commonly use also will try to keep low ISO as much as possible to avoid noise as we shoot in JPEG. And WB 3900 is my sweet spot to get a decent color tone for the image.

    Lets have a look into the results. Recommend Full Brightness for better view 😍


    Star Trail 4x5.jpg
    40 images stacked using StarStax app

    I have combined whole the 200 image to create a Star Lapse video. Video is edited and colour graded in Adobe Premiere Pro. Recommend to watch in highest quality.

    Also i have edited the above shots as i desired.

    Stars graded.jpg
    Edited in Lightroom Mobile

    Star Trail color graded.jpg
    Edited in Lightroom Mobile

    Star Trail CG.jpg
    Edited in Lightroom Mobile

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