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    rasta_firasta , Apr 7, 2021 :
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    Hi, Hello & about me.

    Hello Guys,

    My name is Chetan better known as rasta_firasta. I am truly honored to be a part of the - The Lab OnePlus 9 Series edition. Currently am working as a Sr. QA Engineer in the Automotive industry in Pune City from India. Also, I am a passionate mobile photographer & traveler who loves to explore and capture stunning images on Weekends.

    An interesting thing about me is, am into mobile photography for the last 10 Years. I have experienced a big revolution in mobile cameras from 2010’s 2MP Camera set up to 2021’s Quad Camera Set up. So definitely I am excited to review and test this new Camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G co-developed with Hasselblad.

    My favorite genre from Photography is Long-Exposure (Steel wool Photography & Astro Photography) So definitely you guys gonna see some stunning long exposure shots from this brand new OnePlus 9 Pro 5G.

    Before starting the review, I would like to thank @Crystal Z.@Eric X.@dsmonteiro and all other OnePlus community members for giving me this opportunity. Being selected as one of the 10 global members for phase 2 is a big achievement for me.

    As you guys already know that, I got the Brand-New OnePlus 9 Pro 5G 12GB/256GB - Pine Green and here is my Unboxing Review & first impression of the device. Now, without any further ado lets get started.

    • Box full of surprises.
    • Inside the Box
    • Protons & Electrons
    • Display & Design
    • Camera
    • Beauty of the Pine Green
    • Key Highlights

    Box full of surprises.

    The phone comes with the tall familiar red box. Box with multiple Oneplus and Hasselblad branding looks real premium. The OnePlus packaging has become a standard fare and the 9 Pro 5G is no exception. The successor to the OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a slew of much-needed upgrades, so that's why this red box is full of surprises.

    The OnePlus 9 Pro 5G retail box

    Inside the Box

    Contents of the Box
    • OnePlus 9 Pro 5G Pine Green 12GB/256GB
    • Pre Applied Screen Protector
    • Warp Charge 65W Power Adapter
    • Type-C to Type-C USB Cable
    • SIM Tray Ejector
    • Protective Case
    • Paperwork
    • OnePlus LOGO Stickers

    Inside the red box you will find the phone at the top layer with pre applied screen protector, followed by some paperwork like Welcome Letter, Quick Start Guide, Safety Instructions Manual, Red Cable Club Card etc. some amazing OnePlus LOGO stickers, SIM Tray Ejector, a protective case, the 65W Warp Charge power adapter, and the usual red Type-C to Type-C USB cable. As usual, there are no audio accessories inside the Box.

    Oneplus 9 pro 5G - Pine Green at the top layer of Box.

    Oneplus 9 pro 5G - Pine Green with retail box and some paperwork.

    Protons & Electrons

    The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with 4500mAh (Twin 2250mAh batteries) and supports Warp Charge 65W charging. And as the brand claims, it can charge the phone fully in just 29 minutes. Apart from the speed and power of the charger, I just loved the design and color of the USB Cable. I know it's a regular and very common design from OnePlus in almost last every series, but it looks unique as compared to any other brand/manufacturer.

    65W Warp Charge Adapter & Type-C to Type-C USB 2.0 cable.

    OnePlus 9 Pro 5G with 65W Warp Charge Adapter & Type-C to Type-C USB cable

    Display & Design

    The OnePlus 9 Pro 5G comes with a 6.7-inch Quad HD+ Fluid Display 2.0 with latest LTPO Technology which has higher refresh rate. Compared to standard LTPS displays, LTPO Technology cuts the display power consumption by up to 50%. So this adds bonus point in power consumption section.

    Stunning Display of OnePlus 9 Pro 5G.

    Because of its 3D Curved back panel and rounded corners,The OnePlus 9 Pro feels much more manageable and comfortable to use. Great things is, I could manage the whole tasks with my one hand. So this is the plus point.

    As you can see at the bottom, it has a primary microphone, SIM tray, Type-C port, and a speaker grille.

    Sharp design on bottom edges of OnePlus 9 Pro 5G.

    It supports the Smart 120Hz refresh rate, which automatically matches the refresh rate as per the user content. Also, it has a maximum brightness of 1300 nits which gives you the best experience in daylight while using outdoor. For the protection, it has Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

    Watching The Lion King on OnePlus 9 Pro was a great experience. Tell me what you guys are going to watch on your Oneplus 9 Pro?

    OnePlus 9 Pro with eye-catching Oneplus logo branding on retail box.

    The in-display fingerprint scanner is positioned at a convenient spot and is super fast and accurate.

    In-Display Fingerprint Scanner.


    For the first time, OnePlus has collaborated with Hasselblad for its cameras for more accurate and natural color calibration. Hasselblad is famous for its medium format cameras that captured the lunar landings during NASA's Apollo missions. You'll find the Hazzleblad branding everywhere, from the packaging box to the back of the phone. So no doubt this collaboration is going to be the biggest revolution in Mobile Photography.

    Quad Camera set up on the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G.

    It has a quad-camera system on the back, consisting of a 48MP Main Camera, 50MP ultra-wide, 8MP telephoto, 2MP monochrome camera and 16MP front-facing camera for selfies.

    Quad Camera set up with Hasselblad branding.

    I have started reviewing this stunning camera and taken some amazing photos. And let me tell you, as they said "Natural Color Calibration" is the real satisfaction on Oneplus 9 Pro Camera.

    Quad Camera set up with Hasselblad branding.

    Beauty Of the Pine Green

    Okay! That's it for the unboxing and first impression of the OnePlus 9 Pro. Now it's time to enjoy the Beauty of Pine Green. I was hoping for this color. When I finally received my courier and read on the box that it's pine green, I was so happy. Okay! now you guys are thinking "Why so happy?" You will find it. Just check below images ..The Beauty of Pine Green!

    I took some images of Pine green back at indoor and outdoor and let me tell you this color looks so good in different lighting conditions. The matte finish on Pine green gives the premium feel of the flagship.

    Beauty of the Pine Green
    Premium matte finish on Pine Green

    OnePlus and Hasselblad branding on back side of device.


    Key Highlights
    • Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 888 Processor
    • 120Hz Fluid Display 6.70-inch (1440x3216)
    • OxygenOS based on Android 11
    • New Camera Co-developed with Hasselblad
    • 4500mAh battery with Warp Charge 65W fast charging.
    • 12GB RAM With 256GB Storage
    • 5G Enabled

    I am totally satisfied with the first impression of the device. There are many things which I wanted to review in unboxing, but I guess there are some best in detail reviews that have been posted by our fellow teammates from Lab Phase 1. (Please Check)

    So there is one update, in further threads we are going to only discuss the Camera features of the OnePlus 9 Pro. I will test and review one by one every single camera feature on phone and will share some amazing photos and useful photography tips. So stay tuned! (Next thread will be continued under this section...)

    Also, please feel free to ask any queries related to the device.

    Thank You!



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    rasta_firasta , Apr 21, 2021 :
    OnePlus 9 Pro: Camera Review by rasta_firasta

    Hi Everyone!

    After using my Oneplus 9 Pro for two weeks, I am ready to share my Camera review and experiences with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Due to the COVID pandemic, my city is on lockdown and curfew. So I decided to travel to rural India. For the last ten days, I was exploring the western ghats of Maharashtra with my OnePlus 9 Pro. As I wanted to test the OnePlus 9 Pro's Camera in True Colors, the countryside was the best option.

    I was testing and reviewing the OnePlus 9 Pro's camera for the last two weeks. I have captured more than 2000 No's of pictures on this device. OnePlus has done the perfect job by collaborating with Hasselblad, which gave us the chance to capture the true colors.

    As I already told you, my favorite genre is Long Exposure Photography. So I was excited to capture some stunning long exposure shots. As everyone is excited to see how much the image quality has improved on the camera of the 9 Pro with this new Hasselblad partnership, so it's time to share some of the best pictures taken on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Before starting the review, let's have a quick look at the Key highlights of the OnePlus 9 Pro's Camera.

    • Rear cameras: 1) Main Camera: Sony IMX789 48 MP, 1/1.43", f/1.8, DOL-HDR. 2) Ultra wide angle/macro: Sony IMX766 50MP, 1/1.56", f/2.2 3) Telephoto: 8MP, 3.3x zoom up to 30x Max.zoom, f/2.4. 4) Monochrome: 2MP.
    • Front camera: 1) Sony IMX471 16MP, f/2,4, fixed focus
    • Video Features: 1) Normal Video record at 8K @ 30fps & 4K @ 30/60/120fps. 2) Super Slow Motion at 720p @ 480fps and 1080p @ 240fps. 3) 4K time-lapse. 4) Nightscape Video 2.0
    Long Exposure Photography by using Pro mode

    Pro Mode:
    Let's start with the Pro Mode on OnePlus 9 Pro. As you can see in the below picture, the camera app now uses a new shutter button which has an orange color shutter button like a Hasselblad Cameras.


    OnePlus 9 Pro's Pro mode offers to shoot in different formats like JPEG, High-resolution JPEG & RAW mode. At the bottom, you can see the multiple settings options like ISO Value, White balance, Shutter Speed, Exposure Value and Focus to get your best shot.

    Steel wool Photography (Long Exposure)

    Okay! What is Steel wool photography? Steel wool is a bundle of fine and flexible steel strips which is used to smoothen and clean working surfaces by jewelers or woodworkers etc. When you are spinning the burning Steel wool, long exposure captures the stunning spark pattern that the motion creates.

    Shooting these types of pictures is a little risky. But in the end, feels worthy. Watching the pattern of every single park is thrilling.

    Check out the stunning Steel wool photos shot on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Reflection Steel Wool photography: Shot on OnePlus 9 Pro mode with High Resolution.

    Shot on Pro mode of the OnePlus 9 Pro

    Every single spark is worth to watch

    Update on: 11.05.2021


    Settings used: ISO 100, White Balance: 3800K, Exposure time: 8 Sec.
    Post Processing: All images are slightly edited on Lightroom for little enhancement.

    Things required for Mobile Steel wool Photography
    1. Pro Mode
    2. Fine grade Steel Wool
    3. Mobile Tripod
    4. Steel Whisk
    5. Lighter
    6. String
    7. Dark & Safe Location (Nearby waterside is a safe option)
    8. Safety gears & equipment like Hand gloves, Hoodie or jacket, and Cap, etc.
    9. One or more people for help
    Basic Tips to get best results in Steel wool Photography
    1. Always keep the ISO 100 or 200, so the image will not expose
    2. Plan to shoot in the evening or early morning blue hour, because the blue sky background creates the perfect composition.
    3. Set exposure time between 6 to 10 seconds, as it's enough time to capture the spinning motion.
    4. Lock the focus on the object by using a light indicator.
    5. Set White balance on Auto mode.
    6. Shoot near the waterside for reflections.
    7. Do creative things by spinning Steelwool horizontally and vertically.
    8. Use self-timer or shoot remotely to avoid shake in images.
    Creative Astro Photography / Starry Night

    I am a huge fan of Astro Photography. When I was a child, I use to watch Discovery/Natgeo Astro programs. Collecting Planet, Galaxy, and Milkyway pictures from newspapers was one of my hobbies.

    Now we're living in the 21st Century and many thanks to this amazing technology. I never thought of capturing this Astro beauty just from our mobile cameras. But as we are experiencing a huge revolution in mobile cameras, technology made it possible.

    So talking about Astro Photography, this is one of my favorite genres of photography. I always try to shoot some creative Astro shots with torchlight. Now it's time to show some beautiful creative Astro shots taken on my OnePlus 9 Pro.

    A sky full of Stars: Shot on Pro mode of OnePlus 9 Pro

    Lost in Stars: Creative Astro Photography

    Settings used: Image: 01 - ISO: 2000, White Balance: 4200K, Exposure time: 30Sec
    Settings used: Image: 02- ISO: 1600, White Balance: 4200K, Exposure time: 30Sec

    Update on: 11.05.2021


    The greatest painting you look at is a sky full of stars.



    +9: Creative Astro for OnePlus 9 Series

    Settings used: Image: 03 - ISO: 2000, White Balance: 4200K, Exposure time: 30Sec
    Settings used: Image: 04 - ISO: 2500, White Balance: 4200K, Exposure time: 30Sec

    Settings used: Image: 05 - ISO: 1600, White Balance: 4000K, Exposure time: 30Sec

    Post Processing: All images are edited on Lightroom for color enhancement.

    Basic Tips for Astro / Starry Night Photography

    1. Look for a clear sky.
    2. Avoid shooting in hazy/cloudy weather.
    3. Use Torchlight to shoot creative astrophotos.
    4. You must use a tripod to avoid shake and for better stabilization.
    5. Silent the notification/turn off vibration as this thing causes shake in pictures.
    6. Use the Startracker app to track Milkyways or Planets and Intervalometer for Star Trails.
    7. Try to shoot in RAW mode for more details. ( Disadvantage: Grainy Images). Also, you can shoot in High resolution which gives you good details and grain-free images.
    Also, you can check my thread on Astro Photography for more details.
    ( Check below link)

    Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad

    The main purpose of the collaboration with Hasselblad is Natural Color Calibration. Just check out the below image and tell me what you see? The first word that will come to your mind is TRUE COLORS! Below posted picture is taken on the main camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro with the high-resolution mode.

    Yes! Look at the colors, sharpness, details everything looks so perfect. I am totally satisfied with the color processing of the Camera. I must say this is the best smartphone camera I've ever used.
    Below posted picture is taken on the main camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro with the high-resolution mode.

    Sunflower: Shot on OnePlus 9 Pro's main 48MP Camera with High-Resolution mode.

    Post Processing: image is edited on Lightroom for shadows & highlight work.

    Guys, I have a little surprise for you. Never Settle wallpaper, which is 100% shot on the OnePlus 9 Pro. (To download this wallpaper use the below link)

    Never Settle Wallpaper by rasta_firasta.jpg

    This is for the day. Hope you guys liked these amazing photos taken on the OnePlus 9 Pro. Please comment your views on these photos.

    Also, feel free to ask any queries about camera features.

    In the next thread, we will discuss other amazing features of the Oneplus 9 Pro camera.

    The next topics will be,
    1. Natural Color Calibration
    2. Super Macro Mode
    3. Ultra Wide Angle ( To be Continued.....)

    Thank You
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    rasta_firasta , Apr 29, 2021 :
    Part 2: Camera Review of the OnePlus 9 Pro


    There is discussion over the hype of the Hasselblad collaboration. There are questions like Does the phone's camera worth this price? So I am going to share my experiences with the OnePlus 9 Pro to help you to understand the camera performance.

    After taking few stunning long exposure shots, I took the Oneplus 9 Pro on the little trip to the Mountains, Golden mornings, Blue Sky, and the thousands of shades of Nature.

    So let's have a look at some best ultra-wide images took on the OnePlus 9 Pro. All photos are edited with lightroom, except the unedited samples.

    Imagine Wide: Capture Wide

    We have already discussed the Specs of the Ultrawide angle camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro. The 50MP Ultrawide sensor can deliver the best wide-angle photos possible from the smartphone camera. Which has a Sony IMX766 sensor with an aperture of f2.2.

    As we know, Wide-angle lenses of mobile cameras create distortion, this time OnePlus has come up with a freeform lens to avoid the distortion at the edge of photos. Kudos to the freeform lens.


    After capturing a few images, I was surprised by the performance of the Ultra-wide camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro. Apart from distortion-free photos, details & colors looks pretty impressive.


    The above picture is from the western ghats of Maharashtra. I choose this place just because of the natural colors. As you can see in the above image, the OnePlus 9 Pro has performed very well with detailing and color processing.



    Shooting these straight trees with an Ultra-wide angle lens on the OnePlus 9 Pro was a different level experience for me. As you can see, there is no distortion in these images. Again, the colors of the golden hour captured perfectly.

    Experiencing true freedom with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Shepherd from the western ghats of Maharashtra.

    By using the ultrawide angle lens, you can capture images from a different perspective. As you can see in the above pictures, I've captured these images from a low angle and covered the whole view with the main object to make it more creative.

    Unedited Samples from Ultrawide angle lens

    Here are some unedited samples from the Ultrawide camera.





    As you can see in the unedited images, Ultrawide performs very well with details, sharpness, colors, and mainly distortion. But sometimes, I observed a bit more shadows or black in the photos. Otherwise, this is the best Ultrawide smartphone camera I've ever used.

    As this time I was shooting with the OnePlus 9 Pro in daylight, I observed the heating issue with the device. I got the notification of the high temperature of the device after using it for around 30 Minutes. When I used the phone for long exposure photography for more than an hour, I didn't face this issue.

    Overheating might be caused due to heavy usage of the camera with high brightness, high outdoor temperature, and direct sunlight. As in a recent system update, Oneplus has worked on a temperature control strategy. So I will monitor this issue on the device and will update the same in upcoming threads.

    Comment your views on this issue if still, someone is experiencing the same.

    Tips for Wide-angle Photography
    1. Try to shoot low angles
    2. Try to shoot vertically, as vertical results are better than horizontal.
    3. Watch leading lines.
    4. Avoid distortion by keeping the camera perpendicular with lines.
    5. Always keep the human element in the middle of the frame.
    Long Exposure Photography with Pro Mode

    Thank you for the overwhelming response to the recent thread on long exposure Photography. As it's pre-monsoon season in India, I got a chance to shoot these stunning lightning strikes. Both images are captured by using the pro mode and edited on lightroom to meet my expectations.

    Pro mode Settings : ISO: 250, Exposure Time: 5 Sec, WB: 4600K and Focus; Infinity


    I've captured these photos at 5 sec of exposure time, but I'll recommend increasing it up to 10-20Sec. By using more exposure time you'll not miss the lightning strike.


    Also, I am very impressed with the Pro mode of the Oneplus 9 Pro. While doing long exposure photography, most of the phone delivers smoothen images. Especially while shooting lightning or steel wool, the focus is the main issue. But I am amazed by the detailed and sharp output from the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Basic Tips to capture lightning pictures
    1. Track lightning by using weather Apps.
    2. Safety first! Find a safe place to shoot lightning. (Building, Car, Window, etc)
    3. Avoid overly exposed location.
    4. Use a tripod to avoid shaky/blurry images
    5. Set phone on a tripod with given Pro mode settings.
    6. As lightning covers most of the sky, so I will recommend using 70% of the sky and 30% of the ground for better composition.
    7. Experiment with ISO & WB to get better results as per lighting situation.
    8. Try to shoot in RAW mode for more details.

    Hope this review and pictures will help you to understand the Camera quality and performance of the OnePlus 9 pro. I will come back with another feature of the camera and some best photos.

    Also, if there are any queries related to the device or the camera please feel free to ask.

    Important: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, we have strict restrictions for traveling as per new rules & regulations of the lockdown. So I will try to create some good content at home in this time of crisis.

    Hope all are safe and fine. Take care of yourself and your family.

    Thank You!

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    Hello Everyone!

    This week I am going to share some colorful portrait pictures shot on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    We have already discussed a lot about the OnePlus collaboration with Hasselblad. So it's time to enjoy some true colors from the OnePlus 9 Pro’s lens.

    Portraits & Natural Colour Calibration

    A portrait is about capturing the person's character, identity, and attitude that evokes feelings in the viewers. Most people think the portrait is a just photograph of a person's face. But in my opinion, a portrait could be something about the person you are photographing.

    Below pictures are taken with Ultra-wide mode of OnePlus 9 Pro and edited on Snapseed. As we have discussed in my last thread, there is no distortion from Ultra-wide pictures. Color processing looks so perfect, which is the result of the OnePlus-Hasselblad collaboration. Kudos to Hasselblad – OnePlus collaboration.

    Portrait with Ultra-wide camera



    As you can see in the above pictures, the girl is expressing her love for flowers. Her dress, pose making a perfect composition that represents her personality here.




    I Choose this background and dress color on purpose, as I wanted to see the color processing of primary colors. The good thing is Ultra-wide has performed very well with colors same as a primary lens of the OnePlus 9 Pro.

    Portrait with dedicated Portrait Mode

    The OnPlus 9 Pro uses a primary lens to shoot portrait images. When we open a portrait mode, by default it goes to a 2X zoom. You can switch it to full view if there is more than one person or you want to shoot a portrait with more field.

    Captured with full view or group Portrait mode

    As you can see in the above picture, the OnePlus 9 Pro does an amazing job here with isolating the main object with a bokeh effect. Details, color processing looks perfect (especially a skin tone.)

    Captured with 2X Portrait mode

    I liked the details at the edge of hairs and hands, as subject isolation from blurred background done perfectly by portrait mode. But, sadly there is no option to adjust the depth/blur effect.

    Captured with 2X Portrait mode

    So as you can see above images, portrait mode gives good details, natural colors, and the best subject isolation from a blurred background. Except, there is no option for adjusting blur strength, portrait mode performs very well in this segment.

    Light and shadow: Portraits with the Main Camera

    The 48MP main camera has a custom-built IMX-789 sensor which is co-engineered with Sony. The main camera manages to click amazing shots with the perfect balance of exposure and natural colors.


    This picture is taken with the main camera of the OnePlus 9 Pro. The picture is clicked at the time of sunrise, so low light performance is very good. As you can see, the picture is noise-free in low light. Also, using HDR helped to recover shadows and highlights to produce detailed images.




    I used natural light to shoot all these portraits. Shooting in morning or evening natural light allows you to play with composition without expensive set-up. And of course, natural lights are totally free. Right?

    Captured on the Main Camera

    Observation and conclusion

    While shooting in daylight, I didn't face the overheating issue this time.

    The camera switching time from Ultra-wide to main to telephoto feels laggy and slow.

    Also, while shooting with the low-resolution mode you will observe little noise in images. But if you are shooting in Pro mode at the same resolution, you can fix this by lowering the ISO value.

    I am satisfied with the performance of the camera while shooting these portraits with different modes. By slightly playing with Pro mode settings, you can shoot Pro-level portraits. Also, portrait mode is capable to click some detailed portraits with blurry background.

    Tips to shoot good portraits
    1. Shoot in good lighting condition (I prefer natural light in the morning) .
    2. Look for a good background as per your theme or subject.
    3. Always focus on your object.
    4. Make unique composition with light and shadows or model cloths and background.
    5. Shoot with an HDR mode to get detailed pictures.
    6. Direct / Guide person for posing.
    7. Good post-processing.
    Hope these portraits will help you more to understand the Camera of the OnePlus 9 pro. I will come back with few more amazing pictures of another genre of photography. Till then, be safe and take care of yourself and your family.

    If any queries, feel free to ask and comment your views on these portrait pictures.

    Thank You.
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    Hi Chetan!!
    I am a big fan of your photography. The way you capture pics it's astounding. I found the link of this post from social media.
    Its a Nice review of Nice smartphone. I can see the awesome creativity level in the pictures used in the review.

    I think pictures can be used by OnePlus team for the promotion too.

    By the way Kudos to you for your in-depth reviewing skill and photography too which can’t be left without talking.
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    Thank you Pulak bhai ❤️🙏

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    Really nice piece of work! Looking forward to see your pictures taken on the 9 Pro! :)

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    meatandy , Apr 12, 2021 :
    Is it me or does the camera bump cover look to have a touch of a blueish tint , Also do you find that the camera bump adds to or detracts from the aesthetics of the phone's back ?

    Thanks for your review.