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    What is Milkyway?

    The Milky Way is a large barred spiral galaxy. All the stars we see in the night sky are in our own Milky Way Galaxy. / The Milky Way is the galaxy that includes our Solar System, with the name describing the galaxy's appearance from Earth: a hazy band of light seen in the night (Source: Internet)

    Already, my teammate and friend Mohan have shared amazing Milkyway pictures and more information about the Milkyway in his Camera review. Please check his thread for amazing Astro shots.

    Astro Photography with the Hasselblad Pro mode on OnePlus 9 Pro

    I have already shared Astro images shot on the OnePlus 9 Pro in my thread of Long Exposure Photography. It's been two months and I never got a chance to shoot Milkyway with my OnePlus 9 Pro. As I said in my last thread, that I will miss shooting Astro shots for the next 3-4 Months because of the Monsoon. But finally, I got a chance to shoot this beautiful thing - our Galaxy!

    Now, enjoy this beauty - These are one of the most beautiful, detailed images of the sky I've ever shot.

    "Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite universe - Rumi"


    FireFly in the Galaxy!

    While shooting the below image, a firefly came into the frame and created a beautiful light trail pattern. Such a beauty. This is a regular Milkyway picture, but Firefly accidentally changed the whole scene. That's why I captioned this picture as a Firefly in the Galaxy. looks like a Firefly is on the tour of Galaxy.


    As you can see in all pictures, the OnePlus 9 Pro has done a great job. All images are taken in RAW mode and Post-processed with Snapseed and Lightroom. ( RAW file developed in Snapseed and final color enhancement in Lightroom)

    Post processing is very important part in the Astro Photographs. I decided to edit with dark bluish color tones as I have always imagined the night sky beauty.



    Few more Milkyway images shot on OnePlus 9 Pro




    Settings used to Shoot Milkyway

    ISO: 2500 - 3200 depends on light.
    Exposure time: 30 Sec
    White Balance: Manual - 3700K - 4100K
    Focus: Manually set to Infinity

    Basic Tips for Astro / Starry Night Photography

      1. Look for a clear / Dark and full of star sky. ( Away from the city/town/ Light polluted area)
      2. Avoid shooting in hazy/cloudy weather.
      3. You must use a tripod to avoid shake and for better stabilization.
      4. Silent the notification/turn off vibration as these things cause shake in pictures.
      5. Use the Stellarium app to track Milkyway.
      6. Shoot in RAW mode for more details and the best post-processing.

    I am using the OnePlus 9 Pro for the last 2 months and multiple software updates have improved the Camera and overall device performance. I have covered various photography genres and all camera features. It will help you to understand every camera feature and how to use it for different genres of Photography.

    People who are waiting for a long time camera review to purchase this phone, please go for it, this is the best and beast.

    I hope you liked these stunning Milkyway pictures. Please comment your feedback in the comment section and feel free to ask the queries.

    Thank You!
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    Amazing shots

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    Hello Everyone!

    Today I am going to share my Monochrome camera review and images from the monochrome lens.

    Monochrome photography

    Monochrome means a single color or the various shades of a single color. It includes all forms of black and white photography. Pictures containing shades of neutral gray ranging from black to white are monochrome.

    Monochrome Camera on the OnePlus 9 Pro

    The OnePlus 9 Pro has a 2 Megapixel Monochrome camera. This camera doesn't capture the monochrome images by itself, but it works together with the main 48MP camera to add details and layering to produce Monochrome images.

    There is no direct option given in the camera UI to take monochrome images. As you can see in the below screenshot, you have to switch to one of the monochrome filters towards the last one called Mono.


    Screenshot_20210616-114547 (1).jpg
    Mono filter which uses the monochrome lens

    Monochrome while using the Super Macro mode & ultra-wide-angle lens

    While using the super macro mode, you will not get the monochrome option in filters. The super macro mode uses the Ultra-wide angle lens and monochrome assists only the main camera. So you have to disable super macro mode while shooting monochrome pictures.

    Also, if you are in the ultra-wide mode, you will get the Monochrome option, but the camera will automatically switch to the normal mode from the wide.

    Monochrome while using the Telephoto lens

    Same as the Ultra wide-angle mode, you will get the monochrome option. But
    the camera will automatically switch to the normal mode from the Telephoto.

    Monochrome while using the Video mode

    Monochrome doesn't support the video mode, but there is a B&W filter available for all video modes. Also, video mode has few other filters like vivid, vintage, etc.

    Images from Monochrome lens

    No edits


    Edited in Snapseed with Sepian tones





    Shot with P3 Monochrome filter


    Output from the monochrome lens performs very well. As you can see in the above pictures, I got detailed images from the monochrome lens.

    Apart from the dedicated monochrome lens, shooting with the other monochrome filters is fun. P3 is one of my favorite monochrome filters.

    Basic tips for Monochrome Photography
    1. Watch out for leading lines, shapes, and texture
    2. Better framing
    3. Look for contrast
    Monochrome Pictures has its audience, as it's more appealing than regular color pictures. As we use only tonal contrast to represent a subject, it makes images more dramatic.

    I hope my review and images will help you to understand the monochrome lens on the OnePlus 9 Pro. If any queries about monochrome or any other camera feature, please feel free to ask.

    With this 9th part of my camera review of the 9th series of OnePlus, I have finished all camera lenses with stunning pictures and helpful photography tips. Still, if anyone wants to know more about any other camera features on the OnePlus 9 Pro, drop your comment.

    Thank You!

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