[The Lab] Oneplus 9 Pro - Pine Green - Unboxing & Camera Review

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    rasta_firasta , Jul 2, 2021 :


    Hello Everyone,

    I hope you all are safe and fine.
    Last week I went to Chandoli National Park, which is in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. In the last two decades, Western ghats or Sahyadri Mountain ranges are started getting recognized and visited by millions. Monsoon rains turn western ghats into a magical wonderland bringing every inch of it alive.

    All photos are edited with Adobe Lightroom.

    Ukhalu waterfalls, Chandoli nation park, Maharashtra - with 3.3x Telephoto

    It was my first monsoon trek in 2021. So I was very excited to capture the monsoon in western ghats with my OnePlus 9 Pro. Monsoon is always the best time to travel in the western ghats as it turns mountains into lush green and everything looks so vibrant.

    With Ultra wise lens

    Chandoli national park is a world heritage site and home to various wild animals like Tigers, Bison, Deer, Leopard cats, Panthers, Sloth bears, Barking deer, Mouse deer. And there are also around 123 species of birds in the forest. Unfortunately, the forest department does not allow tourists to camp or travel inside the core zone of the national park. So we decided to explore the Ukhalu waterfalls and the non-core zone areas of the park.


    Monsoon pictures are incomplete without the multi-colored umbrella. While shooting minimal or travel pictures in monsoon season, this is the best idea to shoot some beautiful pictures with this umbrella.


    As you can see in the above pictures, water streams and splashes look soothing through the OnePlus 9 Pro's lens. Due to heavy wind and water streams, water was sprinkling everywhere. In these conditions, the phone got wet multiple times. But thanks to the IP68 rating, as it's safe to use around water, and it can survive splashes.


    I used the OnePlus 9 Pro for almost 2Hrs at the waterfall. The phone got wet by moisture and splashes, but no moisture fog was observed in the camera lens.


    Capturing a thousand shades of the jungle with details and highlights is a difficult task. But as you can see in the above picture, the OnePlus 9 Pro did a great job with the details, colors, and highlights. The OnePlus 9 Pro has always surprised me with the results in different weather and lighting conditions.


    If you're someone who loves to capture with a smartphone, drop everything and get a OnePlus 9 Pro right away! As a mobile and travel photographer, I think the OnePlus 9 Pro became a perfect partner in my every journey in the last three months.


    Sharing, few more pictures from this Jungle safari. In this trek of the waterfall and few more sites, I experienced the wild and calm parts of nature. The OnePlus 9 Pro helped me to capture the essence of the jungle. No doubt, you guys will be experiencing the same after seeing these pictures.




    There are a lot of pictures to share, but I posted these few best from the journey. I hope you guys liked these pictures. Also, I will keep posting new pictures on this thread.

    It's been three months with the OnePlus 9 Pro, and I have clicked more than 8000 pictures on this phone. And my only conclusion is " This is the best smartphone camera I've ever used"

    I believe I have shared my honest camera review with good images and some useful mobile photography tips. Also, I am grateful to the community and staff members for this opportunity.


    Now, the community became a part of my daily life, checking daily photography threads, sharing my best pictures, learning from others, etc. Also, I won the last month's landscape photography contest. So overall, it's a great start at community, and happy to be a part of the community.

    Thank You,
    Chetan - rasta_firsta

    Never Settle

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    Mohan_G , Jul 2, 2021 :
    Lovely image bro, waterfalls & ultrawide with the tree are my favourite

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    rasta_firasta , Jul 2, 2021 :
    Thank you very much bro! ❤️🙌

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    Wow 😍

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