[The LAB] OnePlus 9 Review : Nine is Mine!

  1. Vigneshxchan
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Mar 28, 2021

    Vigneshxchan , Mar 28, 2021 :

    Ding Dong!
    I woke up to the ring, brushing past my anxiety with my shoes going "thud. thud. thud." against the wooden floor, towards the door. Ah, I raised my hands, the doorknob felt like "sleek grrr creak krr pop" And "Sir, your delivery!"

    Hello Community,
    Born and bred in Chennai, India. Call me Vignesh Chan. I am a Device associate tester, a photographer by day, and a guitarist by night. I tune the software during the day, and I tune the nights with my guitar. I make sure all my moments are the evidence of my life through the lens. That's how my love story began with OnePlus.
    To break the Silence,
    I wrote the first para fantasizing sounds into my wordplay. Book reading is an addict, you know why? The author brings in the subject with all his classical description but no matter what, if the reader decides to place the characters at a different position the story still moves on. It's just all written. Everything else happens in the reader's mind. Imagination is the limit, and every story never fits itself for into one image. So dive into my review of the OnePlus 9 and put myself into your imagination. Always glad to be in your mind. Before I get into my foray, Special thanks to @Crystal Z., @Eric X., @dsmonteiro, and community members for making this possible!
    Let’s dive into the review!

    First second in mind
    Second minute in line
    Third hour in wine
    Forth time in vine Fifth day in time Sixth week in lime Seventh month in prime Eight year in rhyme Nine is Mine!


    Unboxing Red Dynasty

    BuildDisp Celebrity Sandwich

    Camera Hustle Hassel

    Battery & Charging Thunder


    Unboxing Red Dynasty :

    Sir, your delivery!
    OnePlus's Red dairy starts right from the package and continues to the daily juice up, for which now it's famously called Red Cable Club. The box cordially invites me in bold "OnePlus 9 5G" pouncing through my cravings, but I gently turned my palms facing above and rubbed the red box. The soft-touch was indeed when I knew the package was done right. "Swoosh swoosh" I touched the box. The red blended down with a shiny black "Co-developed with Hasselblad" triggering all the first steps back in the moon.

    Slit, Drop, and Pop. Never gets old right.
    A sleeky plastic slit followed by a really slow mic drop pops the moon on the table.
    Honestly, given the privilege, the black side profile procuring the partnership "H" - Hasselblad, with OnePlus on the reds simply appreciates the partnership even more.

    OnePlus Hasselblad

    Immediately the drop fades away, the shiny 'winter mist' glaring my eyes, replacing 2 large sensors as the center of attraction. I was not invited, I was pulled in.

    Hey -Pete

    Keeping the phone aside as it's for a later chapter, the box included

    Pete's Welcome Letter
    65W wall adapter
    Red Cable
    Never Settle TPU case
    Red Cable Membership Card

    I think at this point credentials can be skipped, replaced with a QR and a simple scan can bring up all the details. Food for thought.

    9 5G

    Red Cable Club

    Warp Charge 65T

    Casey Casey

    The Package

    Flat vs Red Curves
    "If one doesn't know what he wants to achieve in a presentation, his audience never will" - Harvey Diamond​

    OnePlus has infused this in design philosophy no matter it's a hidden design or a design of a box that lasts for a few minutes. It's all well designed.
    The touch of red sandalwood, swooshing the surface, tanking the weight of the package, the choice of materials, design implementation, credential spaces all directly defines the luxurious simplicity of the "Out of The Box Experience"
    Unboxing: it's all Lubb dubb and Lubb dubb, from Heart.
    Truly Commendable.

    BuildDisp Celebrity's Sandwich :

    Pop! the OnePlus 9 in my hands
    The looks, the touch, the feel, overall the presence feels like a present! OnePlus 9 struck the chord at the right edges keeping the build premium yet pre-premium. By saying at right edges, I did not fancy "polycarbonate" finish of the frame. No, I wasn't sarcastic at all!
    But does that all matter? No way OnePlus decided to give us a plastic frame but was still sure to give us the Gorilla glass 5 sandwich we all have been tasting for a while now. This time the sandwich missed the metal salt but still tastes pretty good.
    The 6.55-inch front, wasn't all about BIG as I thought, hefty isn't much. Credits to OnePlus the weight is balanced.
    A minimalistic punch hole in the OnePlus 9 is a Pluto grain in the solar system of notches. You will simply forget it existed.
    Bezels, where?


    The OnePlus Dairy continues here too.
    Coming to the crust of the sandwich, the housing of the clickers are bred well, Confidently clicky with every tactile that goes tic tic. Still missing the alloy frame tho, which goes tic tac tic tac.

    Power Sides

    The Front Bread :
    Morning I had bread with butter, went to sleep still feeling buttery in my hands. I did wash my hands well, but why?
    The grains of the front bread are made up of 120 different kinds of flavors coupled with 240 bread finger relationship (touch sampling rate), making every bite or glide, as we all say, a Laminar flow of falling water. Simply Smooth.
    The section is a 6.55 inch, fur of Full HD+ displaying the breakfast of a celebrity of the highest caliber. Goes bright and vibrant enough, shows the kitchen's quality it has been made. The in-baked signature fingerprint is crazy fast, with crazy illumination. It's so fast that the bread doesn't wait for the jam. Thanks to the faster animations. The Slice has to be good when served to celebrities right. So yes, We are celebrity worth to that slice of sandwich we were served by the display-chef OnePlus.


    The Back Bread :
    The back slice got the rise pretty well. It rose so well that on hands, the OnePlus 9 sits at the most comfortable position. The edges attract the palms, but the back will just not let go of the fingerprinty batter! The Chef decided to go all glossy glossy and glassy glassy. Add the matte spice Chef!
    Importantly, The two large beautiful stove like design is solid. The camera bump isn't heavy and I am still surprised by the fact how 9 handles weight. The cream on the top has to be Hasselblad branding.

    Winter colours


    BuildDisp: Chef's bread. Soft yet built.

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  2. Vigneshxchan
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Apr 4, 2021

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    Vigneshxchan , Apr 4, 2021 :
    Battery & Charging thunder :

    Zero to Hundred in 29 mins. My mind goes like, what are those things I can do only for 29 mins. Race a bike? a session of COD ? a quick bath ? a quick breakfast? Trust me I tried it all.

    Just 0 to 100

    The OnePlus 9 packs a dual cell design, and it's implemented so well with an amalgamation of 65 Watts charging speed. The time taken to charge 2 separate cells is a sure advantage but honestly, I have been skeptical about battery life since the beginning ages of Warp Charge. It sure packs a punch but is it all worth the longevity sacrifice?
    Yes, and Yes.

    Battery check

    I reason it all to the "time" I save, waiting for my 9 to get juicy. As always, all matters to the present. Tomorrow is all about innovation replacing the roots and causes of today.
    Optimized charging sure helps a bit, but to how extent, is still a mystery as it's all artificially driven inside.
    The battery life for me is pretty average for my daily usage I rake in about 6 hours of screen on time. But on days where I am jobless, I rake in about 4 to 5 hours as my 9 is pushed to limits. Gaming is a breeze but doesn't justify the temperature of the breeze as the phone gets a bit warm during heavy gaming which is common these days.


    Adapter are you in there, asks this generation! Absolutely, Says OnePlus.


    The included charger in the box is pretty unique for its defined specifications capable for its output. Wasn't expecting this at all. All in my mind was about the bulk it well generate due to the massive 65 Watts pulling power, but credits to OnePlus to keeping the minimal form factor in mind.
    As and when humans are breathless, doctors nasalize or provide them with an inhaler to breathe enough oxygen. That's how I see wired charging to be! But the technology hasn't given up either as we come accross a lot of developments in the wireless charging technology. Wireless charging should be like humans breathing oxygen. If not we are all patients to the wired inhaler. This time around, the Indian version of the OnePlus 9 patients to wired stuff, but believe me it's a fast wired stuff.

    Every time I see a drop of percentage falling, Do I fear?
    No dear, cuz I am backed by the 65 elements, racing against time.

    Traveling from Country to Country, admiring my pocket full of Battery, While in sleep I am in Sentry, Waking up to the creations of Mystery, and as time goes I capture the essence of Revolutionary, there goes my percentage to History, But worry not as Zero to Century is 29 minutes Lottery!

    Battery & Charging : 29 minutes of Everything
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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Apr 4, 2021

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    Vigneshxchan , Apr 4, 2021 :
    Camera Hustle Hassel :

    Human eyes are worshipped, cuz only when you see you touch, you hear, you feel and you take in! Else we simply refuse to interact.
    OnePlus 9 curated with Hasselblad's partnership, promised the eye to see what you see. I mean the right colors. Isn't that color science all about? To see what you see! Spoiler Alert: The Colours are natural, real-life I suppose, but aren't we all trained to fall for the opposite direction of Natural? Hear me out!

    Let's get the Pupil s9ecs out!

    OnePlus 9 houses 3 lenses in the back bread, and one embedded in the front punch hole bread.
    From a professional point of view, The amateur's capture is all loaded from the photographer's perspective. His mind is all set in the mindset of the actual lens, That lens at the moment is his eye. Open to professional editing, color graphs, mimicking the smallest detail, framing the flaws all molded into one creation.
    But does this all matter to the COMMON man? His mind is never set, his eyes aren't into lenses, his hands aren't stable enough, Everything is elsewhere. All his thoughts-boggling about Insta ready, like worthy, share spotlights and mostly the right moments being captured for future reminiscence.

    Capturing Moments, Rekindling Memories.

    #Primary Lens()
    Sony sensor IMX689
    Capable Resolution of 48 Megapixel
    Sensor Size of 1/1.43”
    Pixel Size of 1.12 μm/48M; 2.24 μm (4 in 1)/12M
    7P Lens Quantity
    Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)  Not present
    Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Present
    Focal Length of 23mm equivalent
    f/1.8 Aperture

    Pixel peeping here goes wrong from the first shot. This ain't the OnePlus 9 Pro to knit pick, I am constantly reminded. OnePlus 9 adapts the same primary lens from his younger brother OnePlus 8 Pro. Aren't genes from the same family passed on to? Don't get wrong, I loathe certain genes, but when it's worthy of a brag go for it then.
    Vibrant and well-saturated images from the OnePlus 9 are going for the brag! Large sensor appeal with 48 Megapixel count retains a lot of details by going in a bit far on the sharpness and tones. Its smooth focussing is a bang on as thor snap! Huge credits to the animation transition from one camera to the other as oneplus used to have this brickin' effect during the transition, but this is a different story. It's a glide-worthy mention. The images are contrasty in colors and manage to be on par with the color accuracy, but varies with Hasselblad's Natural Colour Science.

    Summer vibes

    [​IMG]Rag Colors

    Rich Colors

    Cold Hold

    Circle of life

    #Ultrawide Lens()
    Sony Sensor IMX766
    Capable Resolution of 50 Megapixel
    Sensor Size: 1/1.56”
    7P Lens Quantity
    Freeform Lens type
    Focal Length: 14mm equivalent
    f/2.2 Aperture

    With a click of a triple tree icon, zoom out a transition to Ultrawide is a chef's salt to the roasted beef.

    Hasselblad's ground into photography starts even before the first steps on the moon. And the first step into OnePlus and Hasselblad's partnership is about Hasselblad's foreplay into software yielding Natural Colours.
    Hasselblad's Natural Colour calibration is pretty hotshot on Ultrawide lens, and if at all Primary Vs Ultrawide happens to take place here, no doubt Ultrawide has it all. The color difference between the lens is so on the face, that it comes down to color preferences. The colourship happens to not be taken care of or at least evenly matched. I cannot appreciate this as much as I appreciate the transition between the lens.
    But all said it's the best Ultrawide camera in a smartphone I have ever used. (period). The details are astonishing, with a balanced frame and on the distortion, the freeform lens does a great job. I don't think I can go back to the fish lens effect that happens to be in every Ultrawide lens out there. And of course, the macro shots accompanied with the color science to make it look more natural is out of the cool box. Ultrawide takes the trophy no doubt.

    Ultra Tower


    [​IMG]Far Star

    Ultra Macro Veins

    Ultra Macro Breathe
    #Monochrome Lens()
    Capable Resolution of 2 Megapixel!

    2 MP, such a turn-off, but any detail is better than no detail. Added details from the monochrome lens add value but to what extent is the question. You guys be the judge!

    Mono Quilta

    Chrome Stone

    Selfie Lens()
    Sony Sensor IMX471
    Capable Resolution of 16 Megapixel
    Pixel Size of 1.0 μm
    Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Present
    Autofocus is Fixed Focus
    f/2.4 Aperture

    The Selfie camera does the job. Definitely above average. I find the skin tones to be naturally pleasing and in bright light the images Insta worthy. The background blur is naturally curated with close-up shots without the need for artificial blur. The colors aren't too smudged, instead, take ideas from Hasselblad's Colour Science.



    OnePlus has calibered 8K at 30fps and having an 8K shooter in my hands makes me go 888 rounds of high. You know what I mean! 4K at 30/60 fps is a charm and a sweet spot to capture the best moments. Super Slow Motion: 720p video at 480fps, 1080p video at 240fps is an added advantage. For a shooter, OnePlus has given the bullets. And it's time for you guys to shoot!

    OnePlus 9 Camera takes a bigger upper hand for its simple camera interface and not to forget Hasselblad's orange shutter influence, baked in its pro mode. The inbuilt camera settings influences customization and the use of one's potential are not limited. Specs are half the page right. If hardware is the husband software is the wife to yield the children of satisfaction and here Hasselblad being the wife has contributed real-life color creations, rekindling memories with a peek at the colors.
    Camera : Hasselblad colours OnePlus

    9 - The Conclusion :

    With all said, the sandwich got to survive the competition. The key soul has to be the 9 still breathing Oxygen, for a matter of fact, OnePlus lungs from China breathe Hydrogen. But the 9 in China is a different story. It's all Colours in the air!!
    (Chinese OnePlus Series comes with ColourOS)
    It's simply evident that the core of OxygenOS snappy experience with no bloatware, and most importantly advancements layered under simplicity. OnePlus 9 comes with OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11 and comes baked with all OnePlus Originals. Always on-Display is one such example. It's simple, well thought and well designed. Considering the close integration with Google, OxygenOS 11 is breath of fresh air. It is New, Refreshingly fast, and yet maintains all its core functionality.
    The Celebrity Sandwich straight from Chef's kitchen, showing traits of Red Dynasty of 120 warriors fighting every 240 seconds of rush, eyeing the Hasselblad's throne by shedding the blood of natural colors, but sometimes you got to trust the plastic shield covering you believing more in inner conscience, taming the dragon in the gates of 888, is not a hard recommend at all!

    It's fierce yet gentle
    It's soft yet built
    It's tall yet reachable
    It's hot yet cold
    It's colorful yet natural
    It's judgemental yet complimentary
    It's recommended yet recommended
    It's Nine yet Mine

    Recommended. 9/9 (Nine/Mine)

    Special thanks to TheLAB OnePlus Community @Crystal Z. @dsmonteiro
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    Vigneshxchan , Mar 29, 2021 :
    Haha Thank you and much appreciated. Stay tuned !

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    Seemed you had a lot of fun writing this!

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    Poet is a big word ! Haha

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  11. YRJ
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    YRJ , Apr 3, 2021 :
    Hey @Vigneshxchan it's been about a week since you posted the unboxing segment of your review, do you plan on adding more parts anytime soon?

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    Vigneshxchan , Apr 3, 2021 :
    Hey, It's a review man, so got to use it thoroughly before I can give my thoughts. Sorry for the delay tho, The full review Is on its way. Dropping the bomb, The packa9e is pretty soli9.

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    Cool! Looking forward to it ;)

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    I am sorry if you feel this way. Considering all the fellow LAB Reviewers have already wrapped up their reviews, it is more than fair for the community to expect you to follow up with the rest of the segments too. Cheers!

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    Totally understandable, But are you aware of the latest update for the camera ? I am all in after the update. stay tuned for today! Cheers!
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    Yes, I am aware of it. But that surely doesn't warrant a stop on the other aspects of the device, does it? Just like @Nipu_1998 skipped the Camera Section and continued with the rest of the sections, don't you think that's a good idea? All I mean to say is if others can find a way around it, so can you. Cheers!

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    Vigneshxchan , Apr 4, 2021 :
    Workin on it, Stay tuned buddy!

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    Hey, I see you posted the remaining sections of your review. But I think you may have mistakenly deleted the Operating System section from the Main Contents in your first post which was present earlier. Waiting for your opinion on it. Cheers!

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    Yup planning to infuse it on the Conclusion

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    @Venkat Depatla @SRD. @jlasensiofi @MosheG1 @YRJ @razzor228 and other community members Hey Guys, Thank you for all the patience, support and the push you guys have been giving here, I have updated my final review going through all the rhythmics.
    If at all you guys find my review, a Non Reviewer's type, I would like to say that's the whole point of this " The LAB " to recieve any user's perspective. Shoot you thoughts!