[The Lab] OnePlus Buds Pro – A much-needed upgrade?

  1. alucardrellik
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Aug 24, 2021

    alucardrellik , Aug 24, 2021 :

    First of all I’d like to thank @Daniel D. , @Jade D. and the rest of the team for this amazing opportunity. I applied for the Nord 2 5G and OnePlus U1S TV as well, but wasn’t lucky enough. This was my third attempt for Lab program and I was so fortunate to be a part of the team.
    Let me Introduce myself. I’m Amudhan from Tamil Nadu, India. I’m a freelance web developer. I spend most of my time with music. While doing projects I listen to concentration music / white noise. On my free time I listen to music and on weekends i watch movies and web series. So, Headphones are my GEM. I use them for 9 – 12 hours per day. I use wired headphones for most of the time. Because, for my heavy usage I can’t use Bluetooth headphones.

    About 3 months ago I switched to OnePlus Buds Z, and my experience wasn’t that great. OnePlus Buds Z had some really annoying issues. So, I switched back to my wired headphones. I use OnePlus Buds Z Every once in a while to watch TV, but not so much.

    With that being said let’s get into the topic: OnePlus Buds Pro Review

    OnePlus Buds Pro comes with a slightly larger box than OnePlus Buds Z. As usual unboxing part was so satisfying. Just pull the pull tap and rip the plastic and it’s done.
    Buds Case looks so classy with glossy finish. I’m not a fan of glossy design though (It’s a finger print magnet). But most of the people likes it. I like matte finish. I was hoping to get black one. Since, It came with matte finish. So, If you’re not a fan of Glossy looks go with the black one.

    OnePlus Buds Pro box contains, Buds, 2 sets of additional eartips, charging Cable, User Guide, Safety and Warranty card and Red Cable Club card.

    I was learning about the Photoshop to edit the Photos for the review of Buds Pro, But the Buds Pro Box looks great and Instagramable. So, I’m using the box as a Background for this Review.

    Product Design

    Buds comes with matte finish. But, Since it’s white You can notice dirt after sometime. If you’re living in a dusty environment or traveling to dusty environment, Constant cleaning will be required. Since It’s a windy season, my buds collects dirt in few hours of usage. So, I had to clean it every once in a while.
    As I’ve already said White Buds pro case comes with a glossy finish hence you have to clean it every once in a while as well (High maintenance LOL). Buds Pro fits perfectly in your ear, you can even dance with it. But, don’t do some serious head banging while listening to rock music it will fall off.
    Buds Pro case is slightly wider than Buds Z case.
    So, you can’t put it in your Jeans ticket packet. But, It’s lighter than Buds Z case. So, No problem with carrying it in your packet.
    Setup button placed inside the case, it’s much better than the OnePlus Buds Z setup button. I don’t have to look for it once i open the case. Simply open the case hold the setup / reset button for a while to perform the action.
    Only Buds Pro case have OnePlus branding on it. Buds don’t have OnePlus branding on it.

    OnePlus Buds Pro also have a proximity sensor but this time OnePlus Calibrated very well. Buds Pro has 3 microphones but only 2 on the outside, one mic placed inside the buds for Audio ID and Buds fit measurements.


    Gaming with Buds Pro is not bad. Buds pro have low latency than Buds Z. But, If you’re playing games like PUBG and Free Fire it’s not good. You have to turn off your microphone in order to listen to the game sounds. When you turn on the microphone to communicate with your teammates game sound’s gone. So, you have to keep that in mind.
    Microphone’s quality is really good. It cancels almost 70-80% External noice when you’re calling someone. But, as far as I’ve tested almost 50-70% of the time microphone and one side of the headphones stops working during the call. So, had to disconnect the call and call them once again to fix that issue.

    OnePlus Audio Experience
    I’m Impressed with the audio quality on OnePlus Buds Pro. Adaptive Noise cancellation is good but not that great as i hoped it to be. I can still hear my ceiling fan’s noise. Once I play some music I can’t hear it any more.
    OnePlus Didn't give enough credit to Transparency mode. I love that mode. You can't use any type of headphones while you're driving or cycling but with this mode. you can enjoy the ride while listening to the music.
    OnePlus introduced a new feature called Personalised sound boost in Bluetooth device settings (for OnePlus Devices). If you’re a non- OnePlus user you’ll find it on HeyMelody app. It performs a small test and boost the audio as per your test results.
    Screenshot_20210819-140134.jpg Screenshot_20210823-220817.jpg
    You can manually do this with Equaliser or other audio amp apps but personalized boost is a nice touch. I’ve asked whether the Personalized settings stored on Phone or Buds, but there’s no answer from the R&D team. So, I guess the personalized settings are stored on the mobile as of now. But OnePlus could try and find a way to store the personalized settings on buds. Since, Buds Pro have enough memory to store Zen Mode Air music on it. They could find a way to store Personalised boost settings as well.
    OnePlus also Introduced a new feature called Earbud fit test. with this test you can find the ear tips that make a good seal with your ear canal for better noise cancelling.

    Final thoughts
    If you're a music lover like me who's using wired headphones for music and fan of Oneplus products like OnePlus Buds and Buds Z, You'll love this one.
    OnePlus fixed all those issues with their previous products and gave us a much needed upgrades like an option to disable proximity sensor, Active Noise cancellation, Transparency mode, Audio ID (Personalised sound boost) and Zen Mode Air. With this one you'll forget about using your wired headphones once and for all. Buds Pro is a beast. It has longer battery backup, charge it for 10 minutes and it'll last 10 hours (with case of course). Buds will last for 5 hours with ANC on and last even more for 7 hours with ANC off. With charging case It'll last for 28 - 38 hours (that's huge).
    I'll suggest this headphones for those who love music and have enough money to purchase Noise Cancelling headphones or wanted to explore the world of noise cancelling headphones.

    update 19/09/21:
    I'm changing my Review thread title from "OnePlus Buds Pro - A much needed upgrade" to "OnePlus Buds Pro - A much needed upgrade?"
    1. Noise cancellation isn't really that good. If you've read my review, I've mentioned "Adaptive Noise cancellation is good but not that great as i hoped it to be. I can still hear my ceiling fan’s noise. Once I play some music I can’t hear it any more." But it doesn't stop there.
    A week ago I was traveling to a city on a bus. what I've found out about my Buds Pro is shocking. I was hearing Annoying noises like horn honking noise and Engine noises even with Smart noise cancellation turned on. I've changed it to Max noise cancellation still, there's no change i was able to hear those annoying noises around me.
    when i was asking about this issue with my fellow reviewers, they've told me they're also able to hear the horn noises but not able to hear the engine noise while listening songs.
    If you're living in a city (especially in India) and commuting on a bus you'll regret about buying Buds Pro for sure.
    I also wanted to point out that my fellow reviewers who can't hear the engine noises are in updated firmware version(467.467.410) than me(467.467.400). So, MAY BE they (OnePlus team) tweaked noise cancellation in the latest firmware.
    which brings me to the next issue. OnePlus Buds Pro only have Auto-update firmware.
    So, I can't manually update the firmware and check whether the latest firmware fixes the issue or not.
    OnePlus Buds Pro make some annoying static and voice breaking sound when you're moving away from the source / when there's two walls blocking the signal. So, I can't able to enjoy the music while washing dishes in the kitchen and charging my OnePlus 6 in my hall. I had to carry my phone to the kitchen to avoid the annoying static voice breaking noise. (PS: OnePlus Buds Z doesn't have this issue)
    The static voice breaking occurs regularly when I'm listening or watching videos on my laptop (BT 4.0) even though i was sitting in front of my laptop. I've tested about this issue on other laptop (BT 4.0) as well. So, if you're using a laptop with old bluetooth hardware you're not gonna enjoy the music or video experience. (PS: OnePlus Buds Z doesn't have this issue)
    I've also read some people complaining about their Buds Pro cases being loose. So, I decided to move the lid sideways while the case is being closed and guess what? my buds pro case is slightly loose as well😅.
    Honestly, after facing all these issues I won't suggest you to spend Rs. 9,990 ($149) for this OnePlus Buds Pro. I've switched back to my wired headphones after facing all these issues with my Buds Pro. So, Think twice before purchasing OnePlus Buds Pro.
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  6. S1604132641051 , via OnePlus 8T Aquamarine Green , Aug 26, 2021 :
    I will buy it when my phone OnePlus 8T will get LHDC codec support, or else it is a waste. I can't listen to lossless audio(24 bit, 48 kHz) on aac codec. It is a shame that OnePlus 8T supports sony's proprietary codec LDAC and not its own codec LHDC. Till then I will continue using sony headphones and earbuds.

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Aug 26, 2021

    alucardrellik , via OnePlus 6 , Aug 26, 2021 :
    Not actually, have you checked the prices for other headphones with ANC?

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    Such a perfect review that covers almost every single aspect I personally look in a TWS. 👏🏻 The gaming xperience (CODM, PUBG) is better than Buds Z?? Curious to know when a lazy person like me feels hard to equip the on-ear headphones.

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    I have checked already & if you buy OnePlus product. If any problem occurs with in 15 days they will not replace the item they ask to visit service center but they have a policy that they will change if any problem is their in the product.the worst service ever ever.i think .only cheat & loot money

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Aug 26, 2021

    alucardrellik , via OnePlus 6 , Aug 26, 2021 :
    As of now there's some issues with calling. Sometimes one side went silent for few seconds. Sometimes mic's not working. Had to disconnect the call and call again to fix that issue.

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