[The Lab] OnePlus Nord 2 Review by Abhishek

  1. Abhishek654
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 11, 2021 :

    Hi Community,

    Let me introduce myself before we get into the story about the device.
    My name is Abhishek Sharma ( @Abhishek654 ), I'm 26 and am working in the IT sector as a JavaScript developer and I'm from Delhi, India.

    Well, I think that's enough for me, now just quickly move to the review piece.

    But before I begin this review:
    Thank you to @Daniel D. @Jade D. @Susie Liu @dsmonteiro for giving me this opportunity.

    Let's get started.

    The review will be divided into 7 parts
    2. Design
    3. Display
    4. Performance and gaming
    5. Color OS Oxygen OS
    6. Battery and charging
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  2. Abhishek654
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 10, 2021 :

    Now it's time to unbox the most awaited phone right now. Well before unboxing this you will surely gonna give your heart to the box itself. This box I tell you is a piece on its own, with the two-piece box on the OnePlus Nord.


    Now there we opened it and saw this absorbing Gray Sierra! colour with 12GB RAM + 256 GB storage variant. The moment I saw this phone I felt for it completely.
    That's the OnePlus Nord 2 in Gray Sierra!


    Other than the phone I got contents received.

    In the box, I find the WARP Charge 65 power adapter and its iconic WARP Type-C red cable (Support USB 2.0).


    SIM tray ejector


    A soft transparent case.


    The OnePlus Nord 2 also doubles up as an envelope and includes all the important paperwork, The NORD TEAM name card, the Red Cable Club membership card, a safety information guide, a quick start guide and especial OnePlus NORD stickers!

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  3. Abhishek654
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 10, 2021 :
    OnePlus Nord 2 offers a clean, straightforward exterior. In fact, with its flat display, classic sloping body shape and elongated, rectangle main camera assembly, I would even go as far as to call its look classic. said:
    The element is to appreciate is that the flat Gorilla Glass 5 surface on the front of the OnePlus Nord 2. It doesn't introduce odd corner bends and warps in your videos and will always be the preferred way of getting more control and better handling for things like gaming. Nord 2 has a slightly smaller 6.43-inch display, compared to Nord's 6.55-inch one.
    The phone also comes with a pre-applied screen protector, but I'm not sure the protector is the right word. It's more like a cheap film to keep scratches away but gets extremely smudgy, it's hard to clean and the OnePlus Nord 2 is not water sealed, at least officially.
    On the flip side of the curved display debate, I will admit that wrapping the display edges around the frame has become the more "premium" look of the day. Whether subjective or not, it has allowed, in some capacity, for narrower and easier to grab handsets. For comparison, the 158.9 x 73.2 x 8.25 mm body of the OnePlus Nord 2 is a bit narrow than the OnePlus 8T.
    The Nord 2 somehow manages all of this despite having a smaller 4,500 mAh (non-removable) battery a plastic mainframe also you can spot the main 50MP camera (Sony IMX766), 8MP ultrawide (Field of View: 119.7°), there are also a 2MP depth sensor and a dual-tone LED flash.
    The power/lock key is on the right with the alert slider (sound, vibrate and mute positions) is one of the OnePlus most unique features.
    Jack :'(
    At the bottom, we have one of the speakers along with the Type-C PORT, Dual-SIM tray and Primary MIC.
    At the top, a secondary mic.
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 17, 2021 :
    Copy of Red Blue Traditional College Graduation Banner (1).png

    OnePlus Nord 2 5G has a 6.43-inch Fluid AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. It has a 20:9 panel with the usual rounded corners and 2,400 x 1,080 pixels resolution (409pp). Gorilla Glass 5 is keeping the screen safe.it delivers in pretty much every other important aspect.



    Starting with image sharpness and resolution, you get the familiar FullHD+ (2,400 x 1,080 pixels resolution (409pp). an affair, typical for non-Pro OnePlus devices. Since the OnePlus Nord has a slightly smaller panel, its pixel density actually ends up being slightly higher than the OnePlus 8T(Currently using), at a respectable and perfectly crisp 408ppi. No complaints there as of now.


    The cutout for the front-facing camera appears to be bigger than expected for an OLED panel, and it's placed further from the corner too.


    OnePlus offers a few features to enhance the video experience though these are responsible for higher battery drain. The first is AI resolution boost - it enhances the resolution of low-quality videos up to HD which works on YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (2).png

    Another one is AI Color boost - it tries to boost the colours of my videos which works only in YouTube, MX Player Pro, and VLC. I've tried these AI enhancements, but honestly, we didn't notice much of a difference.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (4).png
    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (5).png

    The Nord 2 also boasts a smart ambient display, which adapts brightness based both on how bright your surroundings are and how bright the content on-screen is. While the phone was just about usable in very bright light, I can't say I noticed any big difference from other AMOLED phones I've used in the same situation.


    The Display is bright, with decent colour reproduction and good visibility in most conditions. The peak brightness of the OnePlus Nord 2 is 600 nits which are just above average. It supports HDR10 and HDR10+. But agonizingly Netflix and Prime video doesn't support HDR playback on Nord 2


    Keeping to a promise of a fast, smooth display, the Nord 2's Full HD AMOLED screen boasts a 90 Hz refresh rate. You can set the 6.4-inch screen’s refresh rate to 90Hz or 60Hz in the settings menu and that's it.
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 18, 2021 :
    Copy of Red Blue Traditional College Graduation Banner (2).png

    Nord 2 is powered by an Octa-Core MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI 6nm processor. It has 1x Cortex-A78 @ 3GHz, 3x Cortex-A78 @ 2.6GHz and 4x Cortex-A55 @ 2GHz. It has ARM G77 MC9 GPU. OnePlus has worked closely with MediaTek to collaborate on the SoC and enhance its AI-based features. While being the flagship MT chip, the Dimensity 1200 is comparable to Snapdragon 870 in terms of performance - meaning even if it is not the fastest, it is definitely part of the top-tier bunch.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(9).jpg
    The Dimensity 1200 is an octa-core chipset that has a Cortex-A78 core clocked at 3.0GHz, two Cortex-A78 cores clocked at 2.6 GHz and four Cortex A55 cores that are clocked at 2.0 GHz. The graphics of the chipset is powered by Nine Mali-G77 cores. The device also supports up to 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and up to 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(8).jpg
    Speaking of connectivity features, the chipset also has Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6, NFC and Bluetooth 5.2, with support for AAC, APTX, APTX HD, LDAC codecs.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(5)(1).jpg

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(7)(1).jpg
    Network Data Speed Test (AIRTEL)
    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(6)(1).jpg
    In AnTuTu version 9.1, the device was able to score over 614K points and also was able to hold a sustained peak performance in stress tests without throttling and not having the performance drop below 80%.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(1).jpg

    🧊 Temperature monitor while AnTuTu version 9.1. 🔥

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(4).jpg
    In GeekBench 5, OnePlus Nord 2 scored a single-core score of 805 and a multi-core score of 2554, which is on par with other Dimensity 1200 powered devices and falls a few points short of the scores of Snapdragon 870 powered devices. Interestingly, turning on the High-performance mode improves the single-core scores to 853 and the multi-core to 3278.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup.jpg

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(2).jpg

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup(3).jpg
    The phone gets a bit warm on intensive gaming or when recording 4K videos for a long since this doesn’t have any cooling mechanism, but it doesn’t too hot. Once I got a warning after shooting a 4K video for a long time in the sun. I didn't face any issues or frame drops in graphic-intensive games like COD, BGMI. check out some benchmark scores below.


    The device was able to run BGMI at the Ultra and HDR settings without any stutters and the gameplay was smooth here is the gameplay video.

    Call of duty

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    Abhishek654 , Aug 23, 2021 :
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    The OnePlus Nord 2 5G runs on the Android 11-based OxygenOS 11.3, and it is the first phone to boot this specific version. The company also said this is a change that you will likely not even notice since it’s happening behind the scenes well, that’s not the case all with the new Oxygen OS 11.3 on the OnePlus Nord 2, but that’s not a bad thing.


      • Android 11 out of the box
      • Two years of software updates, three years of security updates
      • Software merged with Oppo's Color OS software, but no bloatware

    The merger also should mean faster updates which is what exactly OnePlus needs right now as it is struggling to keep up with update timelines, thanks to the multiple phone launches. :p

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (1).jpg

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (2).jpg

    The majority of the UI, fonts, animations and first-party apps remain the same as previous versions. However, the camera app is now Oppo’s more on that in a while. The settings app has been revamped too, but you’d notice it only if you look closely or compare it next to other OnePlus devices. OnePlus also offers its own Gallery, File Manager, Notes and Weather apps. For everything else, you either use Google's or a third-party one.



    Some of the major changes are as follows the change in fingerprint icon animations, personalization, privacy, display, battery settings and notification UI elements. OnePlus has maintained its features as well like FPS meter, do not disturb, heads-up notification, mis-touch prevention, graphic optimization, and prioritizes signals to the game to reduce latency. The OnePlus launcher is still one of the fastest and simple first-party launchers I’ve used.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (4).jpg
    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (5).jpg

    It is also worth mentioning that there is a dedicated HIGH PERFORMANCE in the settings which push the performance at the cost of power efficiency.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (3.1).jpg

    App clone doesn’t work for all the apps this is due to the code merger and lack of features. But there were also some minor bugs and UI design inconsistencies which could be easily fixing with an OTA updates in future.

    I sincerely hope OnePlus maintains it for all future updates. The minimalistic approach and theme customisability of OxygenOS is always appreciated as is the lack of bloatware. OnePlus is extremely fast in providing software updates, so expect Android 12 to drop on the Nord 2 real soon. It remains to be seen, however, the extent to which ColorOS is going to be integrated on OnePlus devices going forward.

    CONS: Oxygen OS 11.3 you get google dialer in it which gives a warning while Call Recording “This call is now being recorded” but in previous oneplus phones, I could install oneplus dialer and even oneplus made sure that it worked on the oneplus phone on Nord 2 it is not possible.
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    Abhishek654 , Aug 26, 2021 :
    Copy of Red Blue Traditional College Graduation Banner.jpg


    The OnePlus Nord 2, similar to its flagship OnePlus 9 series brings a large 4,500mAh battery pack nearly 10% jump from the Nord. Not only that but the Nord 2 also comes with a 65W in-box charger (Type-A to Type-C). The battery life overall is slightly improved from the Nord but could be better.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (8).jpg

    In terms of charging, the OnePlus Nord 2 will blow your mind with its insanely fast 65W fast charging which charges the phone from 0 to 100% in just 30 minutes. I did run the test multiple times and every single time the phone managed to charge in or under the 30 minutes mark. 50% of the charge happens in the first 10 minutes which is amazing

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (6).jpg

    The Nord 2 did last us one full day without missing the mark on any given day. My usage included extensive social media usage, gaming, camera usage, calls, and emails throughout the day. I did manage to get about 5 hours on average on-screen on time while I also had a couple of days where I managed to hit the 6 and also 6.5-hour mark.

    OnePlus Nord 2 Mockup (7).jpg

    MediaTek 1200 AI isn’t a particularly power-hungry chipset from my usage of the phone, though it’s also not the most power-efficient that I’ve used. From my testing, it seems to be marginally better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 for battery life but still isn’t incredible. It’s been quite changeable, ranging anywhere from four hours of screen-on-time with heavy usage to up to six hours. Six hours is much higher than I’ve ever got on a Snapdragon 865 (OnePlus 8T) device

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    Thank you ;)

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    Thank you helder
    Review deep dive in a couple of days.

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