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  1. malidan
    Nougat Aug 13, 2021

    malidan , Aug 13, 2021 :
    What does windows have to do with Android? I don't hear users calling apps that arrive on the computers blaotware. So that is the end of that faitytale, don't you guys deal in anything factual?

    OP apps are bloat, that is what stock Android fans have been saying for years about Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi apps.

    Closed sourced apps can not be apart of Android as Android is Open source, so these are now third-party apps that also can not be removed and follow any and every rule that people used to define bloat.

    When ever you see any debloat script Google's bloat is always in there.
    There is just no getting around it.

    Sorry dude your rant is taking you everywhere, but what does playstore and the other irrelevant stuff you said have to do with bloat ? Again can you people deviate at every opportunity to make it look like you said something. Playstore was there and disabling an app was also there when fanboys said Samsung,Xiaomi, Huawei apps were bloat. So what's your point and what has changed now?

    A. OP now install their apps on the device ( OP buds is in their why?)

    B. Google have double their portfolio of closed source apps and forced them onto every device the has Google Android?
    Who can verify what I formation they leak from your device.

    The more I talk to some of you guys the more I realise your history with Android is shallow, so you make it up as you go along.

    OOS has plenty of apps I don't use and can't remove without root, that was a prerequisite of bloat. :cool:

    Anyway community expert.:rolleyes:don't derail the young man's thread, apart from the company BS, he's not doing too bad.

  2. Caomhin
    OnePlus 9 Series Expert Community Expert Aug 13, 2021

    Caomhin , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 13, 2021 :
    You derailed it, Windows is an OS on a computer, thought I would point that out to you as you seemed to miss that fact. Android is an OS on handheld computer that happens to be on a Mobile Network.
    And you say the preinstalled apps are not Bloatware on an OS provided by MS, even though those apps are also MS, but you think that apps provided by Google on their own Android system are Bloatware.

    Please stop contradicting yourself. Apart from what I left of your quote above, the rest of your text is nonsense. Nothing left to say, have a great weekend. 👍

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  3. malidan
    Nougat Aug 13, 2021

    malidan , Aug 13, 2021 :
    I simply replied to the youug man and his bloat statement.
    I didn't come to a ANDROID forum, discussing a ANDROID device, to talk about WINDOWS ( TWICE ) and the apps that arrive in it.
    Mr Community Expert.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  4. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 13, 2021

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  5. malidan
    Nougat Aug 13, 2021

    malidan , Aug 13, 2021 :
    Mr Community Expert sir it looks like you are making stuff up again, where did I say this?

    I said

    And you use the word nonsense? After you had to comeback and justify yourself by claiming I said something I quite clearly didn't.:rolleyes:

    Stick to telling people to clear their caches and to wait for an update.;)

  6. 0ANIKET13
    Gingerbread Aug 16, 2021

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  7. Athira A
    Donut Aug 24, 2021

  8. Nipu_1998
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Sep 2, 2021

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    Nipu_1998 , Sep 2, 2021 :
    ONEPLUS NORD 2 - Long term review

    I have been using the OnePlus Nord 2 for about a month now as my daily driver and in this thread, I will be sharing the sweet and bitter experiences from my 1 month long journey with the Nord 2.

    Let's first talk about the features which have impressed me.

    • The OnePlus Nord 2 has an overall good build quality and i haven't faced any issues with regards to the build quality of the device. The device feels sturdy and premium in hand. Even though the mid-frame is made up of polycarbonate material, the device feels sturdy and there are no weird flex or quality issues on my unit. The aluminium inner frame also adds to the overall structural stability of the device. The device owing to its smaller size fits perfectly in my hand and i was able to use the device using one hand without any issues. The matte finish of the grey sierra variant helps to hide the fingerprints and smudges and also it provides a premium look and a soft touch feel to the device. The alert slider is an added convenience which requires a special mention.
    • During the one-month period i felt the display on the OnePlus Nord to be of good quality with ample amount of brightness, good colours and contrast. The 90 Hz refresh rate makes scrolling the social media timelines and navigating the UI feel a smoother and i was not able to immediately notice any difference in smoothness when compared to the 120 Hz screen on my 9 pro. The display is not perfect either. The HDR performance of the display was not top-class. The display felt inferior in HDR performance and peak brightness levels when compared to the other devices like 8T and 9 pro.
    • The main camera on the Nord 2 is a reliable shooter. The camera was able to output good quality images with ample amount of detail in well-lit and low-lit conditions. The images had natural colours and were pleasing to the eyes.
    • The stereo speaker setup was loud and clear and offers an immersive media consumption experience.
    • The OnePlus Nord 2 offered me a tension free battery life. The device easily lasted me for a day with about 10-20% of battery left ( around 7+ hrs of SOT).The 65W warp charging was also a blessing when i needed quick top-ups.
    • The performance of the device was also good and i haven't felt any lags or stutters in the device during my use. The device also does not overheating during casual gaming and the temperatures are not alarming (were even better than the 888 powered OnePlus 9 pro).
    • The new Oxygen OS 11.3 offered a snappy and smooth experience without any major bugs except a gallery image deletion pop-up bug.

    The bitter truths

    • The camera system of the device is let down by the performance of the UW and the monochrome sensors. The 8 MP ultra wide sensor produces softer images with lesser details and there are also evident distortion along the edges. The Monochrome sensor is just for the namesake of a triple camera setup and it basically does the same job using an extra hardware, which an AI filter could easily do without adding any hardware costs. OnePlus could have upgraded the UW sensor using the money wasted on the monochrome sensor.
    • The front camera images are also not the best .
    • Oxygen OS still misses some basic features like text colour calibration in homescreen, ability to select multiple homescreen apps at a same time and move them.
    • The video recordings of main camera are limited to 4k 30 fps and the front camera videos are capped at 1080p 30fps.
    • lack of clear cache option in the recovery menu.

    Considering all the above mentioned factors and the price tag of the device, i feel like OnePlus Nord 2 is a good value for money device and is a perfect entry point to the OnePlus ecosystem.
    The device don't boast about its flagship specifications and is clearly marketed as a premium midrange device and delivers its promises for the most part. For what you pay, you get a good Amoled display with 90 Hz refresh, a powerful processor, reliable main shooter, stereo speaker, good battery life, support for 65 w fast charging, Ad-free android experience with 3 years of software support ( 2 android updates +3 year security patches) and strong 5G support.
    To summarise, i would call the Nord 2 "A jack of all trades, but the king of none".
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