[The Lab] OnePlus Nord 2 Review

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    Cupcake Aug 12, 2021

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 12, 2021

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    americorloliveira , Aug 12, 2021 :

    The screen is Amoled 6.43 inches, with a resolution of 1080X2400 and has a 90Hz refresh rate, we have a fluid image that may not be as smooth as the Oneplus 9 Pro but it's a good compromise between smoothness and battery consumption and in reality the diference is very small.

    The edges are small on the sides but look bigger as the screen is not curved and slightly bigger at the top and bottom.

    It has good viewing angles and the level of brightness, despite not being the best, it's enough to see the screen very well in bright environments.

    There are two color profiles, Vivid (DCI-P3) and natural (sRGB), both of them are well calibrated and can be refined with the color temperature slider to each user's preference.

    The Oneplus Nord 2 is compatible with HDR10 and HDR10+ but for now, only Youtube can play HDR10 content, on Netflix and Amazon Prime we have HD but to have HDR playback, the device will have to be whitelisted in the respective apps, I think it shouldn't take long.

    There are also some enhancements Oneplus has made that can be used in some apps: AI Color Boost that can be used on Youtube, MX Player and VLC, it tries to give an effect similar to HDR; and AI Resolution Boost also compatible with Youtube, that tries to bring more detail to low res videos.

    These are two improvements that help but do not make miracles.

    It's not a high-end screen but for the price it fits well with this smartphone and this is not where we'll be disappointed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    In the Nord 2, we have a 4500mAh battery divided into two cells to allow 65W Warp charging, this technology charges this Oneplus super fast, from 0 to 100% in about 30 minutes, we don't have wireless charging but we have smart charging and as we use the smartphone it will learn our usage pattern and even if the Nord 2 is connected all night to the charger, to protect the battery, it will only charge up to 100% near the time the user gets up and can be adjusted to suit everyone, it's one of those little details that we don't even realize it´s there but it brings great advantages in terms of battery life.

    Even with the 90Hz screen we have battery for the whole day even with intensive use and for lighter uses we can go up to 2 days.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Nord 2's performance is close to the top, it's a very fluid smartphone that opens applications extremely fast, you don't notice lag, the Mediatek Dimensity 1200 AI has an arrangement of cores just like other flagship SOCs, with four high performance Cortex A78 cores: one running at 3ghz, three at 2.6ghz and finally, four very efficient 2ghz A55 cores, that will run most normal tasks while consuming very little energy.

    UFS 3.1 storage also helps a lot with this fluidity.

    The graphics component is ensured by Arm's G77 cores with a 9-core configuration that will also do well for all tasks, including heavier games, such as PUBG, which in the Nord 2 runs with ultra settings without much problem, and even with the very heavy Genshin Impact, it can run at 60fps on medium quality settings, overall we get a fluid experience that doesn't compromise gameplay at all.
    We have top-of-the-range specs, that won't leave anyone asking for more, not to mention on a smartphone at this price.

    In terms of comparisons with current SOCs, we have a set that is inferior to the Snapdragon 888 and very similar to the 865, maybe with more software optimizations it can get a little closer to the 888, at least the hardware has capabilities for that.

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  3. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 12, 2021

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    americorloliveira , Aug 12, 2021 :

    The camera is very good and this could be the point that will differentiate the Nord 2 from other smartphones of this price range. said:

    The main sensor, a 50MP Sony IMX766 Quad-Bayer, with optical stabilization and PDFA, generates 12.5MP stills, is an excellent sensor that is very close to the top of the range and is way above other smartphones at this price.
    Photos when we have light are very detailed with vibrant colors but still close to reality, with few artifacts and noise. The dynamic range is very good and we are able to keep the photos with controlled exposures without blowing up the image in the brightest points, keeping a lot of detail and clarity in the darkest areas.
    OnePlus only has to lower the oversharpen a little and then we have a main camera that could rival the best.

    When the light starts to go down we can also take very good photos that are perfectly usable, it retains some detail but is a little further away from the best in this aspect and sometimes the photo doesn't come out focused at first, especially when we have an object close to the lens.
    Auto - No flash
    Auto - Flash
    Night Mode

    The night mode does a good job, it manages to reveal more detail, improves the dynamic range restoring the highlights and at the same time, the shadows.
    The ultrawide camera is not as good, it's taking pictures with a larger field of view but the detail is not the same as the main camera, they are darker pictures that don't have as much dynamic range and at night, the night mode despite making a good job, it fails to recover the image up to the main sensor levels.
    The 2mp monochrome camera helps with portrait photos, which manage to look very good with few artifacts in the separation between the person/object and the background.
    The AI scene recognition optimizes the color and contrast in specific situations and can be used in video too.
    Zoom are only digital and is not one of the Nord 2 best features

    Regarding the video, this image system also does a good job, it can record up to a maximum of 4k at 30fps, it's a shame it can´t do 4K 60fps.
    The image comes out with lots of detail, colors are little over saturated but realistic, the image stabilization system does a great job and manages to compensate for movement without introducing large motion artifacts.

    Good light but very difficult scene with very bright highlights

    When the light is low, the camera does have a little more difficulty but still manages to record an good image for the price range.

    worst case scenario

    Overall this can be considered a great back camera.

    The Selfie is a 32Mp shooter with fixed focus and we have to position it right, in good light conditions, the photos come out with good contrast and colors and they are very good photos but in low light theres a chance for blurry photos and you should take more photos to increase the odds of a good picture.
    Portrait selfie
    Cat selfie


    I came out impressed by this OnePlus Nord 2 its a very good mid ranger with hardware that almost can rival the very top, the screen is great, the main camera is flagship grade and the performance is top notch, I din´t experience any problems with apps crashes or heating, the performance is rock solid and for 99% of the people this phone is more then enough.
    In the review I point it out some shortcomings but I was comparing it to flagships, I have tested Iphone 12, Samsung Note 20, Huawei P30 Pro and Oneplus 9 Pro and this Nord 2 compares very hell with this phones.
    I like it so much that I fell in love once again with Oneplus
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  6. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 12, 2021

    americorloliveira , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 12, 2021 :
    It was my first experience with a Lab Review.
    This type of initiatives separate OnePlus from other brands, I hope they continue with the lab

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    govi7 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Aug 13, 2021 :
    Bro my OnePlus Nord 2 I ordered it on the first day of sale and now my phone is little lagging .. I don't know how this is possible . And also I have only 60 gb memory and half of it is empty and I have updated my phone and I don't have any heavy apps .. but still it response late after touch can u help me out plz

  8. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 13, 2021

    americorloliveira , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 13, 2021 :
    You only have 60gb of free space, and no apps?
    Did you clone your old phone?

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 13, 2021

  11. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Community Expert Aug 13, 2021

    TibiTibi , Aug 13, 2021 :
    Could you check your storage? Which folder tooks the most of the storage?

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 13, 2021

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  15. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 20, 2021

    americorloliveira , Aug 20, 2021 :
    Sorry for the 😺 pictures but I love my cat.😃👍
    I understand the criticism

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  16. V1629432781568 , via OnePlus Nord N100 T-Mobile , Aug 28, 2021 :
    I am a dog lover. Cats are way too independent for me. I am also allergic to them. [e]270c[/e]️Huge fan of your reviews very well put together and information pact.

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    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 29, 2021

    americorloliveira , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 29, 2021 :
    Thanks for your comment and support.
    You are right cats do what they want and mainly came for food but I love mine any way.

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  18. A1627930476462
    Cupcake Aug 30, 2021

    A1627930476462 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Aug 30, 2021 :
    Very poor camera performance,the camera app is also full of bugs.Also after last update the camera performance ever more degrade, don't know what happened to oneplus nowadays.Oneplus mobile is know for its stable performance,better camera,but after Oneplus 7,all mobile series are worst compare to old oneplus mobiles like oneplus 6,7,8.Oxgyen OS is also no more stabel like before or even Oxygen Os is no longer pure Oxygen OS,color OS integration with full of bugs.

  19. americorloliveira
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Nord 2 Aug 30, 2021

    americorloliveira , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Aug 30, 2021 :
    I don't agree.
    The main camera is very good, the ultra wide is acceptable, nothing special but the main one is top notch.
    I don't have any performance problems my Nord 2 runs super fluidly with no app crashes.
    I know that there are some with performance and heating problems but I can only say good things with my experience.
    I configured my with a Google cloud backup from a Huawei P30 Pro the only app that crashed was the Huawei mobile services but that app is exclusive to Huawei after I remove the app everything was superb.
    Maybe other people configured there phones with backups from other phones and the problems came from there.