The Lab Review - A OnePlus 9 Pro Review

  1. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Mar 25, 2021

    jlasensiofi , Mar 25, 2021 :
    g76Ybj8 - Imgur.jpg

    Hello everyone. My name is José Luis, I live in Spain and it is a privilege for me to have been selected for The Lab. There were many requests and this makes that honor even greater, especially when the news of being one of the lucky ones I received on my birthday. It was a double celebration. And I would particularly like to thank @Crystal Z., @Eric X., @dsmonteiro, OnePlus Staff and the Community components that have chosen me for this especially important work.

    If you will let me, I am going to talk a little bit about myself. User and member of the Community since 2014, I will soon be 7 years old with OnePlus. I am currently retired, allowing me to enjoy those fissies that I left when I started working. Afitions like technology and mobile phones that allowed me to discover OnePlus.

    But my great love is photography. Since I had my first mobile, the OnePlus One, I set out to take all the photos with my mobile. We already know that, not comparable to a photograph taken with a mobile than that made with a DSRL, at least for the time being, the quality that is being reached would be denied if we had been told a few years ago.

    For that reason, mobile cameras are one of the reasons, I would say the main one, why I choose the mobile. There is more, as you can imagine, but that is fundamental to me.

    And precisely, the new OnePlus model, the 9/9 Pro, has reached a milestone in the field of photography this year. The agreement with the iconic Hasselblad camera brand has marked a starting point in what mobile photography can be from today. And what better chance than to have the chance to do a review of a OnePlus 9 Pro.

    So, without further ado, here we go. I will seek to be as objective as possible and to make a review that is true to what is expected.


    Product Design
    Oxygen OS



    As we are already used to, the packaging of the OnePlus is incredibly attractive and elegant. That red case, soft touch, is a jewel of design with a premium material. With the legend OnePLus 9 Pro 5G at the top, at the bottom reads Co-developed with HASSELBLAD.

    3kUfOlA - Imgur.jpg

    Hl9nmcG - Imgur.jpg

    This time it does not come with the plastic that the previous models have brought, something that I find novel and I find a good initiative in the care of the environment.

    And it is time to open the box.

    MccPT3J - Imgur.jpg

    Shall we give him some animation?

    Oh, that looks nice at first glance. Even with the factory protection and it's already attractive. The color of the model I've been sent from OnePlus is the Morning Mist. It is beautiful, something not only do I say, but my wife, just seeing her was what she said: How beautiful.

    Once the box is opened we can already see its contents. The first thing is a small folder.

    FMCTr9O - Imgur.jpg

    Containing documentation. The welcome to which accompanies the seal of Hasselblad.

    CKod8QL - Imgur.jpg

    And on the other side it has the motto of OnePlus, Never Settle, along with the SIM card ejector.

    a8rWF4b - Imgur.jpg

    Opening on the die-cut side, we came across Pete's greeting. It indicates that this OnePlus 9 Series is the achievement not only of OnePlus, otherwise also of the Community. It also refers to camera technology based on Hasselblad's iconic legacy, among other things.

    Eqo5G7x - Imgur.jpg

    We also come across the Safety Information and Quick Start Guide.

    XxQkpQa - Imgur.jpg

    And finally, when it comes to documentation, we have the Higest SAR Value card that has on the back side contact addresses.

    gUcpAOK - Imgur.jpg

    And since it couldn't be otherwise, yes, comes the charger and the corresponding cable. I was always struck by the way the cable is presented, with those clips that I always keep and allow me to roll it well when I carry it in my backpack.

    sDaBsnN - Imgur.jpg

    And now comes the best. The mobile already in hand, in all its splendor. The color is 100 percent striking, with different reflections depending on the light you expose it to. Be careful with every detail, you can see and notice a very well-crafted finish.

    wPQclwC - Imgur.jpg

    It does seem to attract footprints, it's normal on these types of surfaces, but I hope I can protect it well with the case. One very important thing is that it already comes with the factory pre-installed screen saver. That used to happen on almost every model. I say this because in my OnePlus 8 Pro it was not placed. It is true that the box had two protectors, but it was impossible to place it. But I have to admit, I got used to not wearing it in time. The screen looks much more and if you are careful, as my case, when it comes to where I carry my mobile, it is like the first day.

    Here you can appreciate it, but I have always noticed that it attracts a lot of dust, is stored on the edges and I do not like how it looks.

    FnKFwGu - Imgur.jpg

    And speaking of case, that's all that's left to get out of the box. And when I see her, I have to say she's disafled with the phone. A mobile like these needs, in my opinion and for my taste, a transparent case.

    GSExyp7 - Imgur.jpg

    This accompanying holster gives him a lot of desscriptor and makes him lose all his splendor. Don't you think so?

    iuPD1Kf - Imgur.jpg

    wzSIqqo - Imgur.jpg

    I hope I can get one, although I also have to say that it has always caught my eye that OnePlus does not have such cases in the Store. I hope they incorporate it.

    And so far, has come my unboxing that I hope you liked. There's a lot to do and I get to work with the next Subjects.

    I am at your disposal for all that you need, and you want to ask me.

    Never Settle.
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  2. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Mar 29, 2021

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    jlasensiofi , Mar 29, 2021 :
    Product Design

    The OnePlus 9 Pro is manufactured in three colors: Pine Green, Stellar Black, and Morning Mist. As you have already seen in Unboxing, this last color is the one that OnePlus sent me.

    Before going into details, I allow myself some technical data about its construction. With dimensions of 163.2 mm high, 76.6 mm wide, a thickness of 8.7 mm, and a weight of 197 gr., accustomed to previous models, it is even somewhat lighter and smaller than my current 8 Pro. I like big phones, I have to confess, so I think it's perfect.

    The display is 6.55" in size with a 3D Corning® Gorilla® protection glass, as well as the back, both joined by the 2.2 mm aluminum frame. The perfect combination and integration of the two elements give it an elegant look and a premium finish.

    XyvgNUZ - Imgur.jpg

    Compared to the OnePlus 8 Pro, the OnePlus 9 Pro's curved display has been carefully optimized to minimize discoloration and false touches on the edges of the screen.

    bMYTJjs - Imgur.jpg

    In the hand, it feels incredibly good, incredibly soft, so soft that it can slide easily by hand, so I advise that no one wear this jewel without a protective cover, and to be transparent to be able to admire its beauty.

    ZF1xLSg - Imgur.jpg

    This Morning Mist model shines from silver to black, like fog in a bright mirror.

    SsedKMD - Imgur.jpg

    On the back, the OnePlus logo and the camera module stand out in the central part. Perfectly integrated with the body, the lens arrangement, and the module itself, I think it is elegant. It does not stand out too much and the HASSELBLAD logo gives it a unique character. The truth is that I love it, although I must admit that I would have liked it more in the central part.

    This is a personal appreciation, as when thinking about the placement of the neutral density filters that I use for long exposure photography, the central location allows for better placement of these, and I can ensure that there are no light leaks. Being on the side, it is possible that the filter protrudes from the camera module and enters the light. All will be to find a solution that surely exists.

    oQIPjcD - Imgur.jpg

    On the right side we can see, placed in an excellent ergonomic position, the on/off button, as well as one of the elements that, since its incorporation, is something that today is essential for me. The slider button on the alert control. This button allows you to put your phone in vibration or silence in a second, something that is necessary for many moments. Its special design makes it impossible to get it wrong with the on/off button and can be operated blindly. Quite a luxury.

    InrypFY - Imgur.jpg

    On the left side, we find the volume button, located in a particularly good position, at least for my hand.

    PXkU4k7 - Imgur.jpg

    When it comes to sound, the OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with dual stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos® sound, support for noise cancellation, and the call speaker located between the edge and the frame of the top.

    x6NbHrZ - Imgur.jpg

    The USB-C connection is in the center of the bottom edge.

    lViriwC - Imgur.jpg

    Where the nano-SIM dual card tray is also located.

    xFjD1Aw - Imgur.jpg

    AQMkSrN - Imgur.jpg

    All that set of elements at the bottom of the mobile are arranged harmoniously, or at least that is my impression.

    lEeRRuW - Imgur.jpg

    All this while not mentioning the IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. It's something I consider to be of paramount importance. Although I am not going to submerge my phone, you can always fall or have splashes of water. Even when I go out to take pictures, the fact of this classification reassures me to the point that I do not have to abandon a photographic adventure underwater.

    TBYMSh4 - Imgur.jpg

    And I do not want to finish the design review if you mention any questions about the screen.

    On the one hand, say that the same design is maintained in terms of its placement of the front camera.

    G1kIqcC - Imgur.jpg

    In this model, OnePlus has taken a big step with Fluid Display 2.0, a new generation of advanced mobiles, with a display that integrates LTPO technology, which allows the display to vary from a refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz, depending on the content, you are watching.

    c0UwtN2 - Imgur.jpg

    But if those features, among many others, make the screen look fantastic, with incredible smoothness, no less fast is the fingerprint sensor. I am striking that you have placed in a lower position than your predecessor, but it is still just as fast and with an immediate response.

    cbF7KuT - Imgur.jpg

    And this little screen recording corroborates it.

    My conclusion when it comes to design is that we are facing a very elegant mobile, with a premium finish, first-class materials and it lives up to the philosophy that OnePlus has been following.

    I cannot agree more with the words of Pete Lau when he talks about the Design: "The OnePlus 9 Pro continues the brand’s vision for burdenless design, offering an integrated, unified and stylish look and feel". I participate in it one hundred percent.

    And so far, comes my review of the design of the OnePlus 9 Pro. I start the next subject on the camera.

    I hope you liked it.

    Never Settle.

  3. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Apr 2, 2021

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    jlasensiofi , Apr 2, 2021 :

    And finally comes the moment that I have been waiting for a long time. The camera review.

    First, I will take the liberty of making some personal observations. When OnePlus began publishing the photos from the camera co-developed with the iconic Hasselblad brand, I could see, not without amazement, how the veracity of these was called into question. Any criticism, good or bad, is always necessary. But to be credible, it must be founded on a foundation that supports it, and those criticisms, in my opinion, were not. I am a person who trusts everything, or almost everything until they show me otherwise, and more than criticism, they would be what I call reckless judgments.

    On the other hand, come the comparisons. What if the camera is better or worse than that of this other phone if it is not worth it with how expensive it is compared to... In my country, and I do not know if, in others, we say that the proverb is very wise and we have the saying that "Comparisons are hateful." Personally, I do not like comparisons and I think that everything would be much easier if it were indicated that the OnePlus 9 Pro is like this, it takes these photos and it has these pros and cons. If you think you like it, you can buy it for this price and otherwise you can look for these other brands. And there the matter would end.

    And why do I say all this? For a simple reason, because I ask myself the following question. Does the OnePlus 9 Pro camera, co-developed with Hasselblad, make photos that accurately reflect the colors we are seeing, and is the Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad real? Now that I have the necessary basis, my answer is a resounding "Yes". And to be prudent, at least with the one I have in my hands.

    And as we say in Spain that "One button is enough to show," here is mine.

    LcwVpZh - Imgur.jpg

    This photo reflects exactly the colors you were seeing. So, here ends my review of the OnePlus 9 Pro. Just kidding, a little humor always comes in handy and I get started.

    Everyone who knows me knows my passion for photography, but I am not a professional and therefore my opinions can be considered subjective. That is not to say that I will not dot the i's, if necessary.

    On March 31st, I finished taking the review photos and when I got home I found a system update and major improvements to the camera software. Oh no! Well, I will have to try them, and later I will update the post with new photos if necessary.

    On the other hand, I want to say that all the photos I usually take are edited with Lightroom and/or Snapseed on mobile. I adjust the histogram, if necessary, and other small basic adjustments, as I am very bad at editing photos. But I consider that it is always necessary because the cameras do not capture one hundred percent of what our eyes are seeing, in addition to other technical issues due to the sensors of the mobile phones. Here I have edited some of them except those that, due to the type of the photo, I do not consider necessary.

    And another important point. Due to the restrictions due to the coronavirus, I have not been able to move with the freedom that I would have liked. I have escaped somewhere or other, but with fear and suspicion. For that reason, the photographs I have taken are not what I would have liked.

    I start with the cameras that the OnePlus 9 Pro carries and what they are...


    The interface of the camera in all the modes that we have, except in the Pro, is the same that we have had in previous models, a comfortable interface that allows you to easily select each of them. Once some aspects are configured, such as the 3x3 grid, we also have the button to access Google Lens and this is the aspect.


    Entering Settings, in the upper right corner, we access the configuration options where we can adjust a series of parameters.

    And getting into the matter, here are some photos in the different modalities. To say that both the focus and the shot do it in a very fast and effective way. And the shutter sound, the Hasselblad sound that OnePlus has wanted to capture, although not identical, I love as well as it is color inherited from the brand.

    Testing the main camera, both in its normal resolution and in high resolution, produces clear images, with sharpness and color that reproduces what my eye is seeing. Here are some unedited samples.

    oyyLu8l - Imgur.jpg

    ZaYioJA - Imgur.jpg

    jAZ63NB - Imgur.jpg

    Lemonade girl

    OUodg7w - Imgur-01.jpeg

    HhIVpQG - Imgur.jpg

    Yes, just a door, but very red.

    dkCPfjs - Imgur.jpg

    urEIn3m - Imgur.jpg

    wlGf9GR - Imgur.jpg

    They are different scenarios, colors, days, and times, I think they are all well represented and in my opinion with enough quality to say that it is an excellent automatic mode. Yes, it is true that I still see some artifacts in the sky of the second and third photos. Something recurrent that I commented on with colleagues from the Community and that, if I remember correctly, they told me is formally called Semantic Segmentation, whose solution is complex. On the other hand, doing a lot of zooming shows visible noise in the entire lower part of the third photo.

    The latest system update states "Improved noise and white balance issues with the rear camera" as well as "Improved image quality of the rear camera, when shooting at night" so I will have to go back to try since I took that photo around 9:00 p.m. when it was getting dark. So for now I remain with reservations about the statements I make in this regard.

    And I do not finish this section of the Automatic Mode without ceasing to comment on how good I think the green areas look, where I do not appreciate the watercolor effect at first glance, nor the noise that appeared in the Camel colors, like the hair of the dog that I could photograph. The color of the last photo, the texture of the trees, and in general the whole scene is an exact reproduction of what was in front of me.

    As a summary, my opinion is that the level of detail seems very good, excellent in certain lighting conditions and depending on the scene, as I think is normal, natural colors without saturation and also having a very balanced histogram.

    On the other hand, the zoom behavior has seemed incredible to me. I who do not have a good pulse, I have been able to take these photos with a 2x zoom and I cannot say more than it has left me speechless. I have not edited them so that what I am commenting on is clearly seen.

    sOgF4Bg - Imgur.jpg

    EtYKvcu - Imgur.jpg

    And let's not say the 3x zoom. Amazing!

    t4n13EK - Imgur.jpg

    9EmgxXm - Imgur.jpg

    WpxxSK4 - Imgur.jpg

    Same as Telephoto (3.3x). Superb!

    ofI7KFT - Imgur.jpg

    Working with the zoom or Telephoto, being done without a tripod, I do not see any jitter and a more than acceptable level of detail, in addition to totally natural color preservation. The work that has been done is truly amazing.

    When I started testing with Portrait Mode, I was delighted. The photos I took were taken from different points of view and distances. In all of them, the profile is perfectly preserved and they have an excellent finish in both color and texture. Here you can see some samples that have not been edited, I think they don't need it, and they speak for themselves.

    1EcTs40 - Imgur.jpg

    zxDSky7 - Imgur.jpg

    If anything, in the next photo a bit of blur on the upper part of the shoulder, but I think it is more due to the distance from the foreground. In any case, it does not seem to me to be of much importance.

    72gkeKd - Imgur.jpg

    5oZO8e6 - Imgur.jpg

    And if we talk about the work that has been done with the Wide Angle Mode, then they are big words. Respecting the colors, textures, and detail, I think the result is excellent and it is worth taking a lot of photos with this mode.

    I do have to say that in some of the photos I have taken some distortion is noted on the side edges, but having such a wide view allows you to edit and crop the photo somewhat, still leaving a sufficiently large view so as not to lose the purpose of this Mode.

    I have also noticed that in some dark areas some noise can be seen, but it is still solvable from what I commented previously.

    So, for example, in this first photo, I see that the steps on the left are blurred. They are photos that I have edited, but I have not wanted to cut to show what I mean. As you can understand, cutting that area a little is not going to affect the final result of that spectacular vision.

    3RQ7tby - Imgur.jpg

    It behaved very well in the next scene with a lot of light, with some noise being able to appear in areas of shadow that are difficult to perceive.

    M7TN5JS - Imgur.jpg

    And in the last one, I think the result is very striking. The barks of the eucalyptus trees are perfectly visible as they rise towards the sky.

    yVFIZHE - Imgur.jpg

    There are many camera features and the Night Landscape Mode is another one that has given me great results. It is true that I had a problem taking these photos. In the city where I live we have a curfew at 10:00 pm. And with the time change, it starts to get dark around 9:00 p.m., so I haven't been able to have much time. Still, I have tried my best not to leave this Mode unrepresented in the camera review.

    This Mode solves low light situations very well, as you can see in these photos.

    dcmX5Wx - Imgur.jpg

    This photograph is quite resistant to zooming, but if you zoom in too much, details are easily lost and a lot of noise can be seen.

    Cj5Bcbh - Imgur.jpg

    And in this other, when you bring the upper part of the shield closer, shadows of its profile are seen.

    Ut8hOUz - Imgur.jpg

    lVWLDT1 - Imgur.jpg

    And finally, this is one of the scenes that I always try to repeat to check the operation of this Mode. This corner is totally dark as can be seen in the following photo.

    yW11Cyc - Imgur.jpg

    And applying the Night Mode, the result is the following.

    Uj4dE4h - Imgur.jpg

    As you can see, Night Mode does an excellent job. And even more so considering that, having taken a few seconds, there has been no shake and the photo has come out perfect.

    And of course, we have another mode that works wonderfully. Super Macro has seemed excellent to me, without the shake problem that I have when taking photos from such a short distance, with incredible sharpness and respecting colors faithfully.

    These two photos, unedited, demonstrate the incredible work.

    K7QQtAD - Imgur.jpg

    Z2GkCTx - Imgur.jpg

    And these other two, also unedited and made with Super Macro 2x, confirm the wonder of this mode.

    0ZjL1vI - Imgur.jpg

    tanKiGC - Imgur.jpg

    And I have to confess one thing. It is the first time that I manage to make a Panorama as it should be. Until now they all came out badly, with faults in the seams. And instead, with the OnePlus 9 Pro, I have achieved this panorama that has come out perfect.

    W2TbRrS - Imgur.jpg

    I think I am extending myself too much, but the occasion is worth it. And even more so when we talk about Pro Mode. The experience with that mode has been incredible.

    Its interface has given a notable change, with sliders that are much more comfortable than circular ones and that vibrate when you slide them.

    In addition, it has a new manual focus system, Focus Peaking. It consists of highlighting the area in focus with a color that indicates a better focus with greater intensity.

    Interface Pro.jpg

    You can change parameters such as ISO, color temperature, exposure time, focus, and exposure compensation. In addition, it is possible to take photos in RAW mode, a mode that contains all the image data as captured by the camera's sensor and allows subsequent retouching to be optimized with an editing program.

    As I said at the beginning the mobility limitations, also in my city there are not flashy or colorful places, where I can get a hundred percent performance of the characteristics in this way.

    Except for the photo I was able to take of the doll I found on one of those getaways, I have no choice but to walk around the city looking for alternatives. And those alternatives went through looking for striking scenes. So I spent a lot of time window shopping until I managed to find one. It has been hard work, but I think I managed to get some eye-catching photos.

    So here the sample of the photos that I can say confirms the Hasselblad Natural Color Calibration, because those colors are a faithful reproduction of the scenes, in addition to a sharpness that I had not seen until now in that mode. And I include the photo with which I opened this review.

    LcwVpZh - Imgur.jpg

    vEKVqdu - Imgur.jpg

    rKAmhXF - Imgur.jpg

    tmrc8p7 - Imgur.jpg

    fFZaFDU - Imgur.jpg

    Pokf3Mi - Imgur.jpg

    But I have also managed to ensure that, in other scenes with less lighting and color, the result remains a luxury in my opinion.

    c3Hy6IU - Imgur.jpg

    Although in the next one it does not resist much magnification with the zoom. So everything has allowed me to take the photo with an ISO 100 and the result, not being excellent, for me is more than satisfactory.

    bCW6iOw - Imgur.jpg

    I would not want to leave the camera review with a question that I consider essential. Whether we take the photos in Automatic Mode or in Pro Mode, we can know their information by going to see their details. And within this information, we have the possibility to check if they are well or badly done. To be more specific, I mean that we can see the histogram of the photo, as well as other information, and thus know if it is correctly exposed.


    I consider this information of vital importance, although in my case the Exposure Time information is missing, which I have already reported to OnePlus. It is the essential information and I am sure it will appear in the following versions of the software.

    I had not used the Pro Mode on my OnePlus 8 Pro as much as I wanted as I did not get the results I would like. But I see that the path that OnePlus has started with Hasselblad has given the result that I have been waiting for many years.

    And for the record, the dreaded artifacts I mentioned earlier reappear in the sky of those two photos. I trust that with the new updates of the system they will be solved.

    And to finish, I leave you some of Hyperlapse in 1080 at 5x quality, 1080P 240FPS slow motion, and 4K 60FPS normal mode. Not that I make a lot of videos in my day-to-day life, but you had to try them. I did not like the normal video very much. I notice how when walking there is a movement in the lower part as if it did not have enough stability. Slow-motion and Hyperlapse seem like they do a great job to me. I will continue to test and update if necessary.

    My conclusion is that the OnePlus 9 Pro camera is, without a doubt, the best I have had since I started my journey with the brand. The fact of having chosen and achieved the co-development of the camera with Hasselblad has marked the beginning of a new career whose first steps have been a camera of extraordinary performance, fast focusing, and shooting in any of the modes, a sharpness that I've been wishing for a long time and an indisputable color reproduction. On the other hand, it has great stability that has allowed me to take practically all the photos without any problem.

    As I mentioned earlier, some photos still have artifacts or noise, but I have to test the camera with the new software updates that have been released after this review.

    This is the camera I've been waiting for a long time.

    Congratulations to OnePlus for that great job.

    I hope you liked it.

    Never Settle.
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  4. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Apr 5, 2021

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    jlasensiofi , Apr 5, 2021 :
    Oxygen OS

    I am not a development or programming professional, so my degree of demand is much lower than colleagues in the Community who are experts in this field and therefore have a vision that is surely very different from mine.

    The Oxygen OS is one of the reasons for my predilection for OnePlus. Already when it began its journey with the OnePlus One and Cyanogen, this brand conquered me. Over time, the OnePlus developers manufactured their own Operating System and have brought it to life to this day with the invaluable collaboration of the Community that OnePlus is continually aware of.

    This entails the possibility of having all the Android security updates, although there are complaints of delays in them. In the OnePlus 9 Pro, with the Oxygen OS version I have the one dated March 1, and I will check how the successive ones go.

    One of the things that have made the OnePlus operating system different was the possibility of uninstalling third-party applications and even their own, although we cannot do the same with any of Google's that will only allow us to disable. And I say that it was possible because in the 9 Pro I cannot uninstall its File Manager or Netflix, for example.

    OxygenOS 11 has repositioned the touch controls closer to the thumbs so that the mobile can be used with one hand. I understand that all possibilities should be considered for all circumstances, but I confess that beyond the issue of accessibility that I think is necessary, from a design point of view I don't like it at all. Spaces are lost, having to handle the screen to see everything more compact and, also, if fortunately, you can use two hands, it is reckless to handle such a large phone with only one. Sometimes with both of them, he slips and falls to the ground, so with just one, I don't know. Just in case I haven't even tried it.

    The haptic vibration motor that it has is very good and they have implemented the vibrations in some functions that the previous models did not have, such as at the time of varying the light of the screen.

    Oxygen OS has the peculiarity of incorporating OnePlus own applications, with a good performance in what I have been able to test in the new model. I am talking about the applications like Shelf, Weather, File Manager, Photo Gallery, and the one dedicated to the Community which I will talk about later.

    For some time, OnePlus removed a feature that I always thought was very good, the Shelf, giving us only the ability to use the Google Feed. I was one of those who asked OnePlus to replace the Shelf and fortunately, they did. In it, we can find quick access or shortcuts to see the time, recent applications, and contacts, to Zen Mode, Parking location service, or the Step Counter, among some more.

    ddIHTF8 - Imgur.jpg

    It is a utility that in my opinion is essential. I don't have the shelf set to one hundred percent, but it would look like this.

    QWzT6hk - Imgur.jpg

    When accessing the screen settings, by long pressing on it, we access the options that will allow us to select the wallpapers, Widgets, or its own settings.

    hjQXfNo - Imgur.jpg

    Special mention to the possibility of Launcher Design and Hidden Space. The first one will allow us to configure how the Home Screen and Shelf are displayed, as well as the Design of the home page about the grids, the size of the icons or to hide the names of the applications.

    oygAGXI - Imgur.jpg

    The second, the hidden space will allow us to hide applications, for example, those that may be sensitive that someone could be too interested in them. This space is protected by fingerprint or PIN.

    9m9ZYfW - Imgur.jpg

    Time gives us enough and detailed information. On the other hand, we have access to the 15-day forecast that directs us to the Weather.com website where we can expand information on the matter.

    uOAWOKf - Imgur.jpg

    And of total utility is the File Manager. A well-made tool with perfect performance as far as I have been able to use.

    T4pQzSH - Imgur.jpg

    In addition to classifying the content of the device by categories, it allows us to access the internal storage and see the content of each of the folders we have. When you get used to some things and then you don't have them, you miss them. I mean, I don't have access from File Manager to Google Drive or the ability to share files with nearby devices, via FileDash. Through this feature, I could quickly transfer files with my wife's OnePlus 8 Pro. I also trust that they will implement it at some point.

    The Photo Gallery may very well replace Google Photos in essentials, although Google Photos may be more comprehensive in some ways. With it, we can see our photos by dates, grouped by categories to which they belong (camera, videos, WhatsApp images, etc.) as well as activate the hidden Collection that makes the photos or videos not seen in the Gallery but other apps.

    zHeH3cl - Imgur.jpg

    On the other hand, we also have the intelligent categorization, using which we can see the photos grouped by different classes, such as people, types of objects, or even by the place where they have been made, logically if we have activated the location option in the camera. I do appreciate that some category calls it the wrong way, but it will surely be fixed.

    11JOzTh - Imgur.jpg

    And we also have what is called Smart Editing. Continuously combine your favorite moments into videos. The Weekly Recap feature generates a video with the highlights of the week. Also, it offers the option to re-edit the background music and apply filters to the images.

    qCEv6JR - Imgur.jpg

    And we also have an option that I particularly think is great, I would say essential, and that Google Photos does not have. When the details of a photo are displayed, it is not only possible to check the photographic information of the same but, also, the location can be seen and, most importantly, the image histogram can be displayed, as we saw in what relative to the camera. Congratulations on this option.

    UgN1wdx - Imgur.jpg

    About the different menu configurations, access to Settings is comfortable and well structured.

    t8trtDw - Imgur.jpg

    Within the Display menu, I would like to mention a function that I find really useful. This is the Environment Screen, where you can activate when and what to show on the screen, among others, such as, for example, Picking up the phone to see or touch the screen to view without having to turn it on.

    A6jiqNz - Imgur.jpg

    A very fashionable function is called Always On Display (AOD), which allows you to customize the lock screen to show the time, date, battery status, or notifications, for example, while the screen is off.

    And within the Personalization Menu, we can find options to establish characteristics of the lock screen and the ambient screen. So for example we have Canvas AOD, which draws a wireframe image based on a photo of the lock screen that draws contours and the effect will be created.

    OIGeEBm - Imgur.jpg

    In the Clock options on the ambient screen, there are two options that I especially like. On the one hand, we have the Insight AOD.

    OnePlus has partnered with design students from New York's prestigious Parsons School of Design, who designed a dynamic AOD that transforms time into a visible color bar. The usage data generates the pattern and each time the phone is unlocked it leaves a groove in the bar. The more the mobile is used, the wider the groove.

    fY79Ls3 - Imgur.jpg

    And although the version I have installed is not yet available, OnePlus has partnered with Snapchat and also announces the possibility of using the Bitmoji AOD. With a Bitmoji personal avatar, it is updated throughout the day according to the activities or what happens around us. Here I send you a greeting with my Bitmoji.

    hVSjgV6 - Imgur.jpg

    I don't know if at my age I'm a snob or a geek, but I admit that I love it and I'm looking forward to implementing it... hahahahahahaha.

    In the Personalization menu, we can also configure Wallpapers, Accent Color, Font, Clock Styles, Fingerprint Animations, or the type of Horizon Light.

    pwaAhHP - Imgur.jpg

    As a curiosity, to say that Horizon Light is the system that OnePlus introduced as a luminous notification system when the well-known LED disappears. It works very well but perhaps you should try to keep it on while the notification is active, since at the moment it is only displayed when it is received. Indeed, this permanent activation could negatively influence battery consumption since there are bright lines on both sides of the phone. For the record, this is just a conjecture of mine and I have no certainty that this is the case.

    One of the options that I like the most is in the Buttons and gestures menu. In addition to being able to configure the Alert Slider, we can do it with the Navigation Bar and Gestures or Quick Gestures, in addition to some other option.

    dJa8q90 - Imgur.jpg

    Once you get used to the navigation gestures it is very difficult to return to the bar. And within the Quick gestures are two of my favorites. The three-finger screenshot is a must, and the double-tap to wake up the phone is a must as well. This together with the ones we saw before allows you to block it and activate it without having to go to the physical buttons.

    2OlykVl - Imgur.jpg

    Lifting or touching the screen to show the ambient screen or the gestures to access, scroll and close the windows of newly opened applications, is a luxury.

    Within corporate social responsibility, we have a series of applications that allow us to control the excessive use of our phones. So Google has its Digital Wellbeing and OnePlus its Zen Mode.

    BgskbwQ - Imgur.jpg

    When activated, you can configure times of 1, 20, 30, 40, 90, or 120 minutes, during which it will not be possible to send messages, open applications, browse the Internet or browse social networks, but it is possible to receive calls and contact with the emergency service if necessary. The times that I have used it, it works perfectly, having 5 different themes and with the possibility of activating sounds for each of them.

    47vEvnt - Imgur.jpg

    On the other hand, we have the Utilities menu.

    YoR63Ro - Imgur.jpg

    In it we find options to be able to duplicate applications, if we want to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile, for example, block applications to protect them with encryption or simply use Pocket Mode to avoid accidental touches and turn on when you carry in your pocket.

    But if we talk about Oxygen OS customizations, the OnePlus Switch is one of those utilities that blow your mind.

    With OnePlus Switch it is possible to transfer the data from your old phone to the new OnePlus device, including contacts, messages, and photos. The sequence of the people we see in the video, passing data from one to another, is most striking. One of those Utilities that cannot be forgotten.

    And we cannot forget the OnePLus Laboratory.

    InvC94M - Imgur.jpg

    The OnePlus Lab is a place of experimental features like Ultra Motion Smoothing that causes the video frame rate to increase to 120 fps to have smooth graphics. It has the disadvantage that it can cause additional power consumption and, at the moment, it does not support QHD + resolution.

    1po3MvL - Imgur.jpg

    And if we are finishing with the best options for customizing Oxygen OS, the System Menu offers us some interesting ones.

    csLSeha - Imgur.jpg

    From here we can access the Backup option that allows us to view the backup data in Drive, the Recovery options where it is possible to recover Wi-fi, mobile network, and Bluetooth, application settings, or return to the status of the factory that does a hard wipe of the phone.

    We will also access the Experience Improvement Program in which we can customize OnePlus Notifications, the User Experience Program, the System Stability Program or the Integrated Applications Update.

    6OJwDKs - Imgur.jpg

    As well as the RAM Acceleration. Obviously, with 12GB of RAM this seems like it might be unnecessary, but activating it makes the device anticipate the applications to launch, as well as the data to load, and take full advantage of its ability to speed up performance. It all adds up, and if optimizations are added to a factory power, you get a mobile that is not fast, it is much more than that.

    JOtL68J - Imgur.jpg

    And before I forget, there is another feature that I think is impressive. I am referring to the Screen Recorder, customization that cannot leave anyone indifferent. It will allow us to record the actions we perform on the screen, show touches on the screen, all with or without internal and external audio, being customizable in almost all its options. An essential utility, easy to handle and that will allow us to record everything we want to be played on our screen.

    lNw7tIM - Imgur.jpg

    And already finishing, since it was implanted, I have to say that I love the way the information on the phone is presented.

    chrfBAj - Imgur.jpg

    From it, you can access all the characteristics of the device, check the Android version, and see details of the security patch or kernel, status of the SIM / s and its IMEI, legal information, and something that cannot be forgotten.

    I mean the tribute OnePlus pays to the Oxygen OS Contributors. It is well known that OnePlus would not be the same if it were not for its Community, unique and that it has the advantage of being highly respected and listened to by the brand. And among its participants, some people collaborate in the improvement of the operating system in the Software Beta Programs since 2013. And to all of them, OnePlus grants them an Award consisting of their mention in the corresponding section. I do not know, and sorry if I am wrong, any other manufacturer in that complicated world of mobile phones that pays tribute as OnePlus does.

    mlTZgU6 - Imgur.jpg

    In my opinion, the winners should feel very proud that their names are all over the world and they should be very grateful to the OnePlus team.

    And precisely for the Community, OnePlus incorporates the application to access it from our mobiles.

    J6NitxI - Imgur.jpg

    With access to the Home screen, we can also see the contents of the Forums, everything related to notifications, messages or activity, and our profile. In it, we have an interesting section that is My comments. From here it is possible to send our comments, both suggestions and error reports. It is a section that I consider of vital importance.

    hKxtYqY - Imgur.jpg

    And now yes, I finish with the last personalized section of Oxygen OS consisting of a section of Tips and Support of frequently asked questions about the use of the device.

    ysib8P5 - Imgur.jpg


    In conclusion, I can only say that we are facing an exceptional mobile, fluid, with a screen of unique quality, a speed that surprises anyone who wants it, with premium materials, and that delights those who are lucky enough to have it. It only lacks some protective shells that do not hide its beauty. It is necessary transparent protection covers to be able to wear it in all its splendor.

    When it comes to the camera, the co-development with the iconic Hasselblad brand is a milestone. I personally think it is the best camera of all the OnePlus models that I have owned. It lives up to the Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad in the tests I have been able to do. As I already mentioned in the camera section, upon receiving updates after the publication of this review, it remains to go back to take photos and continue checking that everything continues on the same path.

    Obviously, there may be other drawbacks, improvements that in my modest understanding should be addressed and some I have commented on in the review, but nothing is perfect no matter how good it is. Oxygen OS is for me the best of the solutions that we have today on Android. Still, OnePlus must streamline the issue of security patch updates, which is fundamental and cannot get out of hand. They have to rectify quickly. Issues such as the unification of design, styles, icon sizes, or texts without translating into the corresponding language, which may be of less importance, is not without importance for the image of the brand and I verify that I do not perceive them as I see other people do it. It's not that I don't care about them, it's that many times I don't even notice them.

    But I also have to say that there are multiple occasions, that problems are reported that I am unable to reproduce or have never occurred to me. "This fails me, the other fails me, one thing does not appear, etc.", and I without any of those errors. Logically, you would have to check many things about the configuration of those mobiles to be able to know if we are in the same scenario and therefore they are comparable. If I have the OnePlus Launcher, and someone else has a different Launcher, for example, in my opinion, it is impossible and useless to confront problems and find solutions. I think that in many cases we lack that information and we stay at the door but closed.

    Of course, I know that OnePlus listens to us, that it cannot pay attention to all of us who ask for improvements, that we do not always all agree with some decisions it makes, but that between them it has been possible to reach a level that, by except me, I would not have imagined.

    Possibly there are many things missing or over, but in my modest understanding, this is what I think I should do as a review. I trust that you have liked it and that it has responded to the demands of such an important task as The Lab has been since its implementation. At least I have tried.

    Never settle.

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