The Mysteriously Mysterious OnePlus 3 Beta Testing Program

  1. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Jun 22, 2016

    Adam Krisko , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Hello everyone,

    During her last Q&A thread, you may have heard Helen mention that I am working on a beta testing program. Well, it’s time to take a bit of the wrapping off this.

    So here is the deal: we need a few users of the OnePlus 3 ONLY to help us test some new software. We want active testers that will provide good quality feedback. We will ask that you not divulge what you are testing just yet, and will ask that you sign a NDA to make sure everything stays secret (for now). I will also require anyone helping to enroll in and use a program called slack (a group messaging program) to make sure I can keep in contact with everyone. If you are interested, please follow the Google form link below and fill in the required info. We’ll choose about 50 solid candidates to move forward.


    PS: We’re looking to start as soon as possible, and being a tester will require active participation over the next few weeks. This will require flashing custom software and can lead to lost info.

    [Click here for the Google Form]
    Edit: Thanks to all that applied, I might pick a few more than 50 people now with such a turn out. :eek: I have closed the form, and I am not accepting any new applications. I will start contacting people in the next few days.

    Thanks Everyone!
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  2. SoniaB
    Community Hero 2020 Jun 22, 2016

    SoniaB , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Great initiative Adam.

    All the best to the chosen 50! Happy flashing!

  3. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Moderator Moderator Jun 22, 2016

  4. jkb114
    Lollipop Jun 22, 2016

    jkb114 , Jun 22, 2016 :
    not to sound like a child but
    Pick me me me me me me me me me !!!!

    Love to see this sort of community driven development.
    It's the best part of my job to be able to visit our branch network and speak to the users of the system so they get their voice heard
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  5. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Jun 22, 2016

    Lancelot_69 , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Awesome! I love letting users being beta testers! I suggested that awhile ago, glad to see it implemented! Wish I had a op3

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  6. youbi
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Jun 22, 2016

    youbi , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Great Idea. :)

    And one more step to make the Oxygen OS an even better OS and with faster updates. :)

    Community FTW. :p :D

  7. Silviu
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2016

    Silviu , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Will be honored to participate but only if I am allowed to keep my OP3 rooted

  8. Joskezz
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

  9. iag584
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

  10. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Jun 22, 2016

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  11. NisseCool
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2016

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  12. aaron.hossain75
    Lollipop Jun 22, 2016

  13. Eduard953
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

  14. DragonCho_
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

    DragonCho_ , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Hunt for guinea pigs start here! Lol :D

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  15. crysen
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

  16. An.I.Am
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  17. Funk Wizard
    Moderator Moderator Jun 22, 2016

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  18. rarog
    Assistant Head Moderator Assistant Head Moderator Jun 22, 2016

    rarog , Jun 22, 2016 :
    I think that for proper testing the OS should be as is - without root. Else you might introduce false bug reports.

  19. DragonCho_
    Gingerbread Jun 22, 2016

    DragonCho_ , Jun 22, 2016 :
    Any initiatives for OPX users? Recall that Marshmallow hasnt come yet on OPX.

  20. EpicLPer
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2016

    EpicLPer , Jun 22, 2016 :
    "Are you willing to lose data"

    Uh, oh, at least I have TWRP so that won't be a big deal :) I can backup > test > flash back if something fails ;)

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